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Today we dive deep is into the realm of Sweaters. This is a category filled with subtlety and cleverness—we love these inventive constructions and thoughtful use of yarns.

Here, listed in alphabetical order by designer’s last name, are 16 designs that are all winners, as far as we can tell.

Dive in by clicking each pattern name to see more details over at Ravelry.

Remember that Round 1 voting for MDK March Mayhem begins on Thursday, March 15.

Here is the MDK March Mayhem bracket, so can get the full view of all four categories.


Livin by Ankestrick (Berlin, Germany)

Artful details abound in this cozy turtleneck. Tiny cables, ribbing, and an easy fit are all things to love about this pattern.


The Wild One by Kate Atherley (Toronto, Canada)

A moto jacket for knitters. This epic pattern includes beautiful finishing details and a killer silhouette.


Moth by Amy Christoffers (Vermont)

Artfully draped, this cardigan is almost a cocoonigan—the most unfussy, minimalist cardigan imaginable. Really lovely.


Miromesnil by Cléonis (Avignon, France)

A simple top-down sweater, with elegant options for changing the sleeves, the length, the fit. A real beauty of a sweater to wear all the time.


Cranberry Gose by Thea Colman (Boston, Massachusetts)

A delicious match of tweedy yarn and pared-down shape. Includes Thea’s typically clever details to keep the knitting full of fun and surprise.


Veronika by Shannon Cook (Victoria, Canada)

An inventive construction, worsted weight yarn—a recipe for a supercozy cardigan.


Bobble Shrug by Gaye Glasspie (Clifton, New Jersey)

Bobbles! Superbulky bobbles! We love the joy built into this fast knit. We all need more bobbles in our lives.


Stillwater by Marie Greene (Salem, Oregon)

The open front on this cardigan makes it a fresh take. Classic and clever at the same time.


Ranunculus by Midori Hirose (Germany)

Fingering weight yarn on really big needles makes this inventive pullover fast to make, lovely to wear. So many details to admire here.


Tailfeather by Heidi Kirrmaier

An origami-like construction, this cardigan knits up almost as a shawl—until it’s time to add sleeves. This is a beautiful bit of minimalist engineering.


The Weekender by Andrea Mowry (East Lansing, Michigan)

Slim arms, boxy fit—this is the silhouette that feels great to wear, every time. A daily sweater full of construction cleverness.


Anker’s Cardigan by Mette Wendelboe Okkels (Midtjylland, Denmark)

The subtle yoke, just a gorgeous piece of design work. This is a cardigan most elegant.


Wheat by Alina Schneider

A cable down the arm is a beautiful idea—the minimal elegance of this design is lovely.

Big Sister by Hinterm Stein (Austria)

Oh, this is a good thing: a long cardigan, no buttons, with cool pockets. To wear all day, every day.


Kykuit by Michele Wang (Las Vegas, Nevada)

We are suckers for a tangle of gorgeous cables. This worsted-weight pullover takes cables to a supremely snuggly place.


Hummelo by Martha Wissing (Texas)

That texture pattern! This is the kind of cardigan we adore—easy, drapey, flattering.

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  • Well they all just hit my Favs – the ones that weren’t already there, that is!

  • I made the Big Sister cardigan for myself last year and I just LOVE it. Just the perfect swacket (sweater jacket – thank my 14 year old for that term). And the Weekender is on my list – it’s like you guys are reading my mind over there!

    • I felt that compelling urge ( which I’m sure you all know) to buy this pattern as soon as I saw it. I’m really hoping I can make it from something in my stash. Time to start digging . . .

  • Can’t wait to start Hummelo by Martha Wissing. Love all that texture!

  • Have yarn and have Weekender as probably next garment. Stillwater is also making me swoon!

  • A list of sweaters through which I learn that I am Very Picky About Sweaters. “Oh, I like this detail!” followed directly by “Oh, I don’t like that detail”. Too much this v. not enough that. When it comes to sweaters, it appears that Goldilocks is my Bestie. Still, I enjoyed looking at all the pictures + what folks on Ravelry posted on their interpretations…and there are a couple that I could actually imagine making. Baby steps.

  • The weekender by Andrea Mowry is my favorite!!! Fellow Michagander and she’s adorable and clearly a knitting queen!

  • I would love to try knitting Wheat, but I have no idea what yarn to use as a substitute? Any suggestions?

  • Still working on Anker’s Cardigan…I had to leave off to finish holiday projects. Can’t wait to wear it!

  • Martha Wissing has another winner in Hummelo! Thnx, Martha…great TEXTURE, FUN to knit and GREAT 3-season sweater (4 if you count summer air conditioning!!)

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