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Welcome to a new edition of MDK Gems: everybody’s favorite feature of the month, where we spotlight a beloved MDK Field Guide design and give you special savings on a yarn we think you’ll love.

For April, the yarn: Isager Tvinni.

The offer? Save 10% on all Tvinni for a short time—through Monday, April 25, use the coupon code TVINNI.

The Yarn

I’ve admired Isager Tvinni for years. Lambswool, in a fingering weight. Rustic versus slippery, nonsuperwash, the pride of Denmark!

The colors with an S in the name are dyed on a gray base; the others are on a white base. It’s matter of whether you prefer clear color or a heathered effect.

See all the details and all 20 colors up close at our Tvinni product page. Remember: 10% off through next Monday, coupon code TVINNI.

The Spectra Sweater

For our MDK Gems project of the month, we turn our sunbeam to the Spectra Pullover, a design by Cecelia Campochiaro that is a highlight of Field Guide No. 19: Marls.

Read all about the design here. And order your copy of Field Guide No. 19: Marls here.

How much of the five colors will you need? You’ll find all the size and quantity details here, on Ravelry.

I really, truly, completely loved this project. Working marls—holding two strands of yarn—is a whole new party. Combining colors with marling is my kind of catnip, and we’re hearing from other Spectra makers that this is a great pairing of pattern and yarn.

The minute I finished it, I started wearing my Spectra and kept wearing it.

I went extra wide because I was craving CozywearTM, and let me tell you, I am cozy.

The marled strands of Tvinni knit up to a lofty and very lightweight fabric, really great.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing this project and thinking wow that would be fun to make. You’re right: the side-to-side construction is cool, and the result is one you’ll wear all the time. It’s one of my favorite sweaters, ever.

Hope you’ll hop on the MDK Gems bandwagon—ask me anything about this project in the comments, and I’m happy to help. And scroll down for links to posts we’ve published about our experience with the Spectra Sweater and Tvinni.

What’s that coupon code again? TVINNI, good for 10% off all Isager Tvinni, through Monday, April 25, 2022.


  • Greetings Ann,
    Your Spectra sweater is lovely. What size did you knit, and did you order extra skeins to accommodate for the longer sleeves.

    • Hi Dawn! I didn’t need extra skeins for the longer sleeves.

    • On the Tvinni page, where it talks about how many skeins per size, it’d be helpful to know what the sizes are.

  • I am confused. This says that the sale is good through next Monday April 18, but that is today. Is this good for today only?

    • Fixed it! This offer is good until the end of the day April 25.

    • In the last paragraph of the article it states good through April 25.

  • I totally agree with Ann. I’ve been knitting for 12 years and this is hands down my favorite project ever. The day I finished it I immediately chose & ordered colors for a second one.

  • I am glad you love this sweater: mine is too itchy to wear. I guess I am just not a wool girl. On the other hand, I did love knitting the pattern. Both the marling and the side to side construction were fun.

  • That is a beautiful sweater Ann – I really like the fit and the colours you chose. Just one question: the pattern calls for two strands of sport wt to get worsted wt, but you’ve used two strands fingering to get DK. Obviously that turned out very well…but I’m not so great at substituting yarn.

    • Sorry – I should have read the pattern more carefully – Tvinni is sport wt not fingering. I guess I got confused reading the intro to this post…Tvinni is mentioned as fingering wt..but on closer look at the actual yarn description I see that it’s sport wt. I’m hoping to combine a DK with a fingering, to get gauge. Lots of swatching to do!

  • OK, OK, I will knit this sweater after all! You’ve caught me between big projects, stitching on an Alabama Chanin T. But I’m also wearing my swarf in this weird weather and have enough leftovers that need somewhere to go … I also copied your mid-blue, Ann, to be marled with the light gray for MC.

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