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If you’re just joining us, welcome to our newish monthly feature, MDK Gems. This is the moment that we point you toward one of our beloved Field Guides and offer you a tasty, quick deal.

The Field Guide This Month?

Say hello to Field Guide No. 11: Wanderlust with designs by Wendy Bernard.

It’s all about socks, in an easy-to-use format. Wendy Bernard distilled her love of socks into this little guide that really works, every time.

We have heard from a lot of knitters who have used Field Guide No. 11: Wanderlust as their guide to learning how to knit socks.

It’s not every sock pattern in the world; it’s the elemental sock patterns that will set you up for a lifetime of sock-knitting glory.

We ourselves have made piles of socks using the 12 mix-and-match stitch patterns.

The Deal? Save 10% on Three Sock Yarns

From now through Wednesday, March 30, activate your swiftness and order yourself these three sock yarns at a savings of 10%.

These dyers are magicians at creating color that is particularly suited to socks. Quiet or wild, match your mood!

Lichen and Lace 80/20 Sock. Semi-solid colors drawn straight from nature.



Barnyard Knits Fingering. New, delicious colors are here—you don’t want to miss these.


Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio Sock. Karida Collins is legendary for her color sense.

A Bonus!

We’ll include an ebook download of Field Guide No. 11: Wanderlust with your order of the three sock yarns shown above. Note that this bonus (a $9.95 value) applies only when you’re ordering any of these three sock yarns, through March 30. The download will appear in your order confirmation email.

This is making us sock feverish all over again. We hope you enjoy taking a break with these beautiful yarns.


  • I won the Wanderlust book & a hank of Barnyard sock yarn in one of your recent giveaways. The book is one of the few field guides I didn’t already have & the yarn is ah-mazing. My only complaint is that it took forever for me to decide which pattern to cast on for! That Guide has too many fantastic options. Highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have it yet. Thank you, MDK.

  • ooh – thanks for the reminder that I need to pack my field guide for my next trip!

  • Socks are absolutely the best portable projects. I have a go bag just for socks, and Wanderlust is in it. And who doesn’t need an extra pair of socks?

  • I would love it if you listed the percentages of each fiber on the buying page. Thanks!

    • Me too, thanks!

      • Thanks, Beth and Marilyn. We’ve updated the Specs and Details boxes for Barnyard Knits (75% / 25%) and Lichen and Lace (80% / 20%).

  • I love this feature! Brings the joy back from when we first receive the field guide and dream about the possibilities. It is a wonderful way to keep the field guides relevant and useful!

    • Yes! My thoughts exactly! Sometimes the shiny new thing is a previous thing that still shines when it comes back into focus.

  • The need to create socks drove me to learn magic loop so I could make 2 at once.

  • It would be so delightful if MDK sourced some non-superwash sock yarns for the shop. I love the MDK sense of color, but the preponderance of superwash precludes me and others from purchasing!

    • I believe that the Organic Studio Sock yarn is non-superwash. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?

      • That’s right. You can read more about Neighborhood Fiber Co Organic Studio yarns here:

        • ETA “you’re” in this context meaning “all of us humans participating in capitalism”, not MDK specifically!

        • I don’t know how I missed this, look at those colors! Stoked. Just emailed the NFC to confirm that the wool is all mulesing-free. From what I’m seeing, the vast majority of merino wool comes from Australia, which allows mulesing under its GOTS certification.

          Anyone else a little downhearted at how challenging it is to find yarn that a) doesn’t destroy the environment and b) doesn’t rip strips of skin off sheep’s butts? I know you’re always going to have lots of the toxic/cruel options in a free global marketplace- that’s the world we live in- but given that there seems to be a not-inconsiderable overlap between knitters and the environmentally-conscious I’d think there would be a little more of that consumer influence exerting some pressure on the producers.

  • I am teaching a sock class this month! Gotta share this!

  • Question- how much yarn to qualify for the free field guide. One of each, for a total of 3, or pick only one?

  • Hi. I saw in a recent post that in2019 you had a kal with socks are you doing that this year 2022

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