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What is an MDK Gem?

It’s the moment where we celebrate a favorite MDK pattern and yarn, and offer a special deal for a quick minute.

Today, we’re celebrating two great sweaters from Isabell Kraemer and a new shipment of  two rare yarns that live atop our Great Yarns list: Jill Draper’s Mohonk and Mohonk Light.

When you order any quantity of either yarn, now through August 31, we’ll include an ebook download of MDK Field Guide No. 10: Downtown—you know, the one with Isabell Kraemer’s two fan-fave sweaters.

Please settle in, take a break, and enjoy a bit of dreaming with us.

Petula Pullover

This is such a favorite over on Ravelry, using sport weight Mohonk. Here’s Bone and Barnsides.

Pick your yoke color, your main color, and it’s going to look beautiful. Jill Draper’s colors all play well together. When you gaze upon the Mohonk gallery up top, you’ll see all sorts of possibilities.

Another combo: Charred Coal and Bering.

Bottom Line Pullover

The subtle shifts of Jill’s hand-dyed color really sing with this design. Mohonk Light is the yarn here—it’s the fingering weight version of Mohonk, light and lofty. This is Barnsides.

Kay’s version in Dark Roast led to a moment where a lighter skein resulted in a beautifully subtle yoke effect.

“I love this thing like a baby,” Kay reports.

To Recap

This MDK Gems offer runs through Wednesday, August 31. Order Mohonk or Mohonk Light, and we’ll include a free ebook download of MDK Field Guide No. 10: Downtown. Please note that your Field Guide download code will appear in your order confirmation email.

Supplies are limited, due to the artisanal nature of these yarns, so please be sure to order enough to complete your project. We hope you have fun with Isabell and Jill!


  • Beautiful sweaters! Thank you for this offer!

  • I have made both sweaters. The patterns are easy to interpret and both a joy to knit. When it comes to designing and writing a pattern I feel no one else does it better. They are the only ones I prefer to knit

  • Wow Kay — you look fabulous in that sweater! I get why you love it.

  • Mohonk is the yarn I would want to have if I were marooned on a desert island! I never get tired of it running through my fingers.

  • I am knitting the Bottom Line Pullover with Jill Draper’s yarn. It”s fantastic yarn to work with. I’m hoping to have it done before the snow flies…

  • You look gorgeous in both the Dark Roast and Bottom Line. Thought it yesterday and again today. The warm colour and the dark shade, so striking. The simple lines.

  • It’s a nice sweater, but the pattern doesn’t show up well with that yarn, at least in the picture.

  • Kay, That sweater is gorgeous on you! Love the colors you chose, so chic! Added to my “hope one day to be able to knit this” queue.

  • I love the Petula pullover and it’s a dream of mine to knit a color work sweater for my mom. However, she lives in Arizona where it never gets cold enough for a wool sweater. Could anyone recommend a yarn that would be cooler but still work with this pattern? Maybe a cotton/synthetic blend?

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