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Welcome to the August edition of MDK Gems, our moment when we show you a beautiful yarn, a beautiful design from one of our Field Guides, and—the special offer part—give you your very own free ebook of that Field Guide when you order up the yarn.

The yarn: Mohonk by the divine Jill Draper. We’ve carried this yarn for many years—when we can get it—and it vanishes from our Shop like an Aperol Spritz on a hot day. Jill’s subtle-shifting dyeing style is a favorite, as is the beautiful lambswool that she has custom spun.

The design: Sail-Away Shawl, the absolutely delicious design by the extremely clever Julia Farwell-Clay.

The Field Guide: It’s that yacht-rock favorite, Field Guide No. 7: Ease. Four breezy, easy, lemon squeezy designs by Julia.

Sail-Away comes in two versions, small and big. One skein each of two colors will set you up for the small one, and two skeins each of two colors will give you the full swooshy experience of garter stitch stripes made in an artful way. Choose your colors here.

This will be a quick Gem, due to our limited stock. We’re sorry not to have more of it, but that’s kind of how it goes when working with a very special yarnmaker like Jill. If this looks like your kind of a thing, you’ll want to jump right in.

serving suggestions from the top: Midnight + Bone, BArnsides + Mourning Dove, Vintage Denim + Black Cherry, Manzanita + Bering

Order your Mohonk by end of Tuesday, August 22, and we’ll send you a free ebook download of Field Guide No. 7: Ease, a $9.95 value.

This is the sort of project that makes the best summer knitting. I made my Sail Away during a super-hot summer, and truly loved it. I think you will, too.


  • I love the Mohonk and Mohonk Light yarns, but I also remember with great happiness summers spent at Mohonk Mountain House. Jill Draper has needed her yarns after places near where she lives and makes her gorgeous yarn!

  • Beautiful I wish to buy everything but at this moment IMPOSSIBLE THANKS

  • I knitted Petula and Bottom Line sweaters with Mohonk and Mohonk Light. I enjoyed each pattern as the yarn was perfect for each.

  • I have been eyeing Mohonk and Atlas for some time now. They both look like great yarns, but alas, I have to knit more of what I have before another purchase. Wish I could KNIT FASTER!

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