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The Shima Shima wrap is a love story with a happy ending. Two crazy kids (Ann and I) fell in love with a yarn, Woolfolk Tynd, once upon a time when Cecelia Campochiaro chose it for MDK Field Guide No. 19: Marls.

We’d also fallen hard for designer Olga Buraya-Kefelian, who has an extraordinary ability to surprise and delight knitters—including venerable workhorse knitters who think they’ve seen it all. As the Shima Shima triangular wrap demonstrates,  even garter stitch stripes become a delightful surprise in Olga’s hands.

This is a simple—and simply luxurious—project, and it’s just for you.

The Yarn

Woolfolk Tynd is in a class by itself. The tenderest merino, with fibers so fine that it has been mistaken for cashmere.

Tynd is a whisper of a yarn, fingering weight, two ply, in sophisticated, lustrous colors. My maiden voyage with Tynd was with the Swarf, a marled dickie that Cecelia Campochiaro designed for Field Guide No. 19: Marls. I loved every minute of knitting my Swarf, but soon had a problem: the project ended but I wanted to keep knitting Tynd. To get enough Tynd, I ended up knitting a very long, very luxurious, very marled scarf.

I still dream about knitting that scarf, and every time I see it, wrapped around the neck of the friend for whom it was a present to mark a milestone, I think: Dang. Why did I give that away?

Was bringing in these special Shima Shima kits an excuse for me to run off on another fling with Tynd? Most definitely yes.

The Pattern

You could stare at Shima Shima for a long time trying to work out the puzzle of its construction. On the surface, it’s simplicity itself: familiar garter stripes. But how did Olga get the stripes going in the directions that they are going?

I give no spoilers, except to say that the pattern is as straightforward as can be, and will surprise you. Here’s a hint, you start by knitting the small triangle. Does that hint increase the puzzle factor for you? Good!

Things knitters will want to know: this design is seamless, knit in one piece, modularly. Techniques you’ll need to know: simple increases, picking up stitches. You’re in safe hands on this one.

The Kit

Each kit includes seven skeins of Woolfolk Tynd (enough to make either of the two sizes in the pattern) and a postcard with a link to download the pattern on External Link. Opens in new window. for free. We’ve put together two colorways:


This is the original colorway used for Olga’s photography sample—warm and grounded.


A gradient of blue-grays that is dedicated to people who love blues and/or grays. (Me!)

If you’re looking for a soothing, indulgent project that you can knit on the go this holiday season and wear forever after, this is it. Get your Shima Shima kit while supplies last.


  • It would be amazing to knit two of these with the colors mixed up and seam them into the cuddliest lap blanket ever.

    • I was also just thinking “Blanket!”

  • Please use happier colors

    • Hi, Sandy! While the Shima Shima kits with a free pattern download do only come in the two colorways we’ve shown you, you can always go rogue and make a Shima Shima using whichever colors speak to you. Open stock of Tynd is available right here. The pattern is available separately for $7 over at Ravelry.

  • This shawl was my number two pick from the holiday look book, right after a subscription to the field guides for next year. I LOVE how it looks. I am so excited to make it!

  • Olga does it again! Just when I think I’ve seen it all, Olga delights me with another beautiful and intriguing pattern. Her work is always fresh and inspiring.

  • A huge plus for me (but maybe not for you, depending) is Woolfolk Tynd is *not* superwash. Love that MDK is stocking this luscious yarn!

    • It’s a big plus for me as well! Superwash has its place but for me that place is the feet. Tynd is truly special due to the micron count of this breed’s fleece; you feel it immediately.

  • Love this and would love to knit it in Tynd (hooray for real wooly wool). Green, though? Will there be green sometime in the future?

    • Hi Nancy,

      To my surprise, there is not a single green in Tynd’s range of colors! We can always hope it will be added one day….


  • Oh, yes, how I ADORE Tynd! I bought a few skeins many years ago at Stitches West and saved them until I found a shawl pattern that would show them off. This one will be so cozy.

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