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Fair warning: this little movie is deceptively moving.

My Scottish Friend Matt, who finds cool things often, sends along “Moving On,” an animation by Ainslie Henderson, a Scottish singer/songwriter/maker of short films.

This one won a British Animation Award recently, and the jury citation says: “A perfect combination of music, lyrics and medium, using something so simple to such striking effect and emotional impact: a truly inspiring winner . . .”

This beautiful song sent me into a deep dive into the beloved band James, whose song is featured.

First we had Yarny, a creature made out of red yarn—the star of Unravel, the video game that I wrote about not long ago. Now this. I can’t even believe there are two movies with wound-up characters like these.

If you’re jonesing for more wool-based animation, here’s a good roundup.



  • Made me cry…

    • A wakeup call of note!!

  • Oh, my gosh! This is so powerful. It pulled all of my “heartstrings”!

  • Wow! That’s powerful. Especially since i had a very vivid dream of my mom in the early hours of this morning. She spoke to me twice, both times saying she wasn’t dead, and it’s been 5 years since she passed. I knit because of her.

  • Watching this tonight, knowing Cat Bordhi’s time is so very close……..makes this even sadder than was perhaps even originally meant. I’m also a little extra sensitive right now as I am remembering the 7th anniversary of my mother’s passing. It’s still quite hard.

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