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Dear Kay,

You may recall that you and I embarked on a re-watch bingeout of The West Wing not long ago. I even Knit to Thissed it.

Significant ingredient: Rob Lowe as White House speechwriter Sam Seaborn.

And you may recall that I recently came across Out of Africa while wandering the Sahara that is Xfinity cable.

Significant ingredient: Robert Redford, elephant hunter/biplane pilot.

So, in what is surely karmic payback for my wallowing in the splendor of these two shameless binges, I discover Holiday in the Wild, now showing on Netflix.

In which Rob Lowe plays an airplane pilot/elephant conservationist in Zambia. Who runs into Kristin Davis, a veterinarian who has escaped Sex in the City for this rom com.

Throw in a little Eat Pray Love (Kristin Davis arrives in Africa having just been dumped), a little English Patient (flying is just so dangerous), many elephants, and a lot of khaki.

It ought to be called Holiday in the Mild! I don’t know of a movie I’ve watched in the last twenty years with less drama. It is stunningly straightforward—irony free. I don’t watch Hallmark movies, but I suspect that this one would be too gentle even for that.

Mind blowing! I recommend it if you’re still shaking off that other Netflix drama, Marriage Story. Gives one hope, knowing that Rob Lowe can age in such a fantastically awesome way.



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  • Perfect flick for re-re-knitting a doomed neckline. It was reassuring to see actual wrinkles on screen!

    • I read your comment (and review) to my spouse and his response: does she mean wrinkles on Rob Lowe or the elephants?

  • Yes!! Loved it.

    • It was a teensy-weensy too mild for me.

    • Just watched it last night. Very much like a Hallmark movie but the scenery and the elephants are reasons to watch!

      • Just watching the trailer I’d say this could definitely be a Hallmark movie!

  • Thanks for the suggestion! I’m sitting in the airport about to board a flight to Palm Beach and I’ve just downloaded the movie to my iPad to watch on the plane. I love Rob Lowe, looking forward to his new show starting this January!

  • So true. I watched both of these movies in the past week as I knitted away finishing Christmas presents. If you aren’t an elephant lover before you watch the not-wild Wild movie, you will be!

  • I suggested it to for my granddaughters because of the beautiful scenery, and the eco message.

  • For all the makers out there. “How to Make an American Quilt”. I also love all of the things listed here (and, of course, I watch Albert Finney’s “Scrooge every year at this time, but “How to Make an American Quilt” is my All-Time Favorite. Knit to that!! (…no matter what holiday your are celebrating!)

  • Rob Lowe in Beyond the Candelabra was hysterical. This sounds like the perfect mindless knitting movie.

  • I cried so hard when Robert Redford crashed his plane, over 30 + years ago…

    • I STILL, to this day, get choke-y just hearing the music. Don’t remember crying as hard in a movie as I did in that one. But, of course I love it!

    • Yes…..(sigh) the movie, the music, Africa…..the best!

  • LOL re Lowe aging. If had had all that work done I’d age well too.
    Not to mention the private chefs, the truly personal person trainers and a an infinity pool in my backyard. (Well, I’m not sure his pool is an infinity one…) Happy Holidays!!!!
    (I just discovered Watchmen. It’s fabulous! Tho quite a different experience.)

  • Wow – thanks for the suggestion. I am a dyed-in-the-wool Aaron Sorkin fan – and my husband and I binge-watch all the series he’s done when we’re at our weekend place – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The West Wing and The Newsroom – now, if only he would do a new series. Look forward to seeing this movie. Merry and happy holidays, and thanks for a wonderful blog/website – everything!

  • I might have to watch this since I can’t knit anymore this week having nearly chopped the tip off my finger in the car boot this morning. Really wish I’d blocked the Christmas gifts yesterday now. Anyway I’ve got to learn how to stop now I can’t do much. This sounds like the perfect film. I love Rob Lowe too. And I’m attracted by the idea of a film with older people in the lead roles.

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