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Dear Ann,

We share a love of Maira Kalman’s work. Earlier this week,  I enjoyed knitting and listening to this recent interview, in which Maira mentions in passing that in college, she knit sweaters for her boyfriend. (More empirical evidence, if any was needed, against the mythical boyfriend curse. If you are moved to knit someone a sweater, go ahead, I say. Whatever happens, good or bad, will not have much to do with the sweater, and in the meantime, you should express yourself.)  Maira also talks about losing your partner, getting a dog, finding strength you didn’t know you had, and other important things. I always feel better after reading or listening to Maira. Life is beautiful. Don’t waste your time.

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(If you don’t know Maira Kalman’s work, her blog for the New York Times is an excellent place to start. Her latest book is Beloved Dog.)

Have a happy Sunday. Here in New York, it’s full-on spring, and glorious.




  • “I always feel better after reading or listening to Maira.”

  • Springy here in MA too! Enjoy the day.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I had not been familiar with her work, and it’s wonderful!

  • Been a fan since before Tibor died. I remember going downtown for a show of his/their/M&Co work. I bought _Max in Hollywood, Baby_ before I was a mom, and _What Pete Ate_ is our favorite alphabet. And of course we went to see her favorite things a year ago! XXO

  • Thank you so much for sharing this interview with the divine Miss M. I’ve loved her since her NYT blog, which I read religiously, even though I still had dialup. Then the idea that you could illustrate White’s Manual of Style sent me over the brink. Now we’re to have the Autobio of Alice B. Toklas. Oh thank you, thank you.

    • oops. That’s Strunk and White, Elements of Style.

  • Love her so much. She’s a national treasure.

  • I will be checking out Maira’s blog. Thanks. And here, in Ontario, not quite “full on spring”. But it’s coming…..

  • Thanks for this. I love Kalman’s work and will enjoy the interview.

  • Thanks for sharing Maira’s blog. I’m not familiar with her writing, but look forward to reading more. Happy Spring Sunday to everyone!

  • Quinkydink? I have been thinking about Maira Kalman all week. I was standing in line at Lincoln Center behind a woman who absolutely stepped out of one of Maira’s books—extremely bobbed hair with short bangs, pointy nose, little spectacles, huge wonderful balloony black dress, couldn’t stop staring and wondering if she were going to pull out a giant red cigarette holder or champagne glass from the folds of her garment—and then Friday I snagged a compilation book of all her Max stories at Housing Works. Love. love, love her and didn’t know she had a blog. Thanks for this great news.

  • LOVE. HER. !!!
    She is a gift.
    Thanks, Kay, for a heartfelt Sunday morning!

  • i “discovered” maira kalman through the lemony snicket book “13 words”, which i bought for my then 2-year old daughter. still a firm favourite. a despondent bird! a hat shop! (ok, you call it a haberdashery.) a messosoprano! i know she didn’t write the words but combined with those images, that’s incredible staying power. she’s a knitter? why doesn’t that surprise me?

    • p.s. i’m about to embark on the second sweater for my husband of 15 years. a sweater every 7.5 years seems fair.

      • The seven-year itch-to-knit-a-husband-sweater? 🙂

  • Once again, my life has been enriched after reading your blog. Thank you.

  • Hi, Ladies:

    Every time I open the email notification that you havea new post, there is a “subscribe banner” that pops up. I have to close it to see your blog. I have subscribed to your newsletter at least twice. How can I get rid of that very annoying banner/pop up?

  • Love love love Maira Kalman.

  • Just finished listening to this interview. Amazing. Now I have a new favorite podcast to enjoy. I also started listening to “On Being” after you mentioned it. I have spent many pleasant hours listening to that one. May I beg for a blog post with your podcast recommendations? #addicted (@britta_germanshepherd on Instagram!)

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