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Dear Kay,

As you know, one of my favorite insomnia cures is to wander around the world looking at people’s houses.

When you’re kind of zoned out and delirious, there’s nothing better than imagining yourself, say, off the coast of Australia renovating a wooden cottage.

Come with me today on a trip to a remote bay of Bruny Island, Tasmania and an architect’s dreamy project to restore a sea captain’s cottage built in 1830.

What would Captain Kelly make of his cottage now?

Here are details about this project, including photos of what a dismantled cottage looks like.

The architect is John Wardle Architects. The project is beautiful. And the little movie up top is a delight. Spoiler alert: there are sheep.




PS While we’re at it, here’s another project by John Wardle Architects: Shearers’ Quarters.

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  • Spectacular!

  • What a beautiful way to showcase sheep! Lol. Lovely.

  • I liked it so much that I watched it twice.

  • Can I come a spend a week here. Such peacefulness in our chaotic world

  • Stunning, but I’d never get my border collies’ nose prints off those front room windows!

  • The beautiful palate of evolving light underscores the timeless quality of the building and site. Truly magical!

  • I don’t have the words to express how beautiful that was. Gorgeous loneliness is all that comes to mind seeing the views… Thank you for this!!!

  • Love the way it’s set up in vignettes of nearly still photos with changes for moment throughout. Such clean lines in the building and in the landscape. Keeping the actual human presence to a ghost like quality. Then, there are those lovely sheep. Ah!

  • Zillow should adopt the format.

  • Where do you find these things? I’ve watched it twice, looking for a spot to store yarn. Those shutters are genius.

  • Oh my goodness…I want to Live there!

  • Absolutely beautiful! Beautiful house, beautifully composed presentation. It transported me to somewhere else that I can’t even describe.

  • Totally love it, but where would I store all my yarn?

  • I love those curtains!

  • I really like this. It’s a lovely video, and the renovation seemed both sympathetic to the historical house and practical in a minimalist way for the current owners. I think that I may have been watching too many episodes of Ghost Hunters, The Dead Files, My Haunted House etc., while knitting this month, however. The camera jumps to show movement and shadows made me think of the video evidence of paranormal activity on those shows!

  • May I go, now, please? What a lovely video! Thank you!

  • What a gorgeous side trip you took us on. Thank you. The wood, the peace, the sun purposely let in through the filters creating patterns. More? May we have more?. I’m assuming you know of Andy Goldsworthy?.

  • Every part of Tasmania is magic. I know, because it’s where I live.

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