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Dear Ann,

This is not the first time we’ve recommended one of Kristy Glass’s rollicking YouTube interviews as entertainment to knit by, and surely it won’t be the last.

Kristy gets around. Someday, I believe she will have talked to every knitter.

This conversation is a good one. Kristy sits down with Dana Williams-Johnson, aka The Sweater Whisperer (credit for that brilliant coinage goes to @ggmadeit), aka the blogger behind Yards of Happiness, aka the author of the Dana’s Edit column on this here online magazine for knitters.

It is a joy, and a blast, to spend an hour with this woman of humor, passion, and substance.

Great quotes abound, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Suffice it to say you’ll get: laughter, tears, and tips on keeping tabs on your own Knitworthy Circle.



P.S. OK, just one quote: “I’m not going to be a crazy dog lady.” RIGHT.


  • Great interview with Dana and Jellybean. Dana is an inspiration to continue knitting and now knitting complete sweaters for humans and dogs!

  • I watched this yesterday. Dana and Kristy are entertaining, inspiring, and charming.

  • I so enjoyed listening to these two ladies…encouraging conversation to help me get to knitting & make it a priority since I love all the sweater possibilities I see being completed & worn

  • I love her style–and that smile lights up the world! Plus she makes the best sweaters, and so fast. Keep it up, Dana, you inspire me.

  • I didn’t know about Dana before today. Now I’ve friended her on Ravelry, and subscribed to her vlog/blog. I have so much gratitude for her inspiring optimism.
    Thank you, MDK, for giving this gift to me this weekend.
    ~ Peggy, “Peggity on Ravelry”

  • So very nice to hear about someone who knits, & so beautifully, in something other than wool. There’s more to knitting than just keeping warm. That she loves brioche, too, is just gravy. More, please.

  • Thank you for the Dana introduction! i cannot wait to follow her!

  • So beautifull. Where do you get the time to FINISH your projects. I have 2 sweaters to SEW UP and one sweater that has been on my needles for 3/4 YEARS… How do you do that. Joyce.

  • Dana has the most beautiful smile, loved listening to her fibre story with Kristy. I now seriously follow Dana’s “knitworthy “ advice.

  • This video is so full of joy. I laughed out loud about dealing with yarn stashes after you pass.
    I have an Executor of the Sewing Room in my will who will deal with all the yarn, fabric book and supplies should I shuffle off unexpectedly. It made my solicitor smile!

  • DWJ is an amazement. She has the amazing gift for design and sizing and the incredible eye for color and texture. The combination of those gifts is awe inspiring. I first saw her when there was a blog about her dog sweaters. I follow her posts closely because everything from her needles is new and noteworthy. She and the other yarn goddess, Nora Gauguin, are my idols when it comes to knitting. I aspire to get to their level of craft one day. Time and dedication have gotten them there. Hard to believe that DWJ has been knitting for just the last several years. It truly is a gift. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview. BYW I loved hearing the other dog walking through the room during the video. It made me giggle!

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