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In our wide-ranging, knit-focused internet wanderings, Ann and I recently started seeing Florence Spurling’s Scout Shawl.

The Scout Shawl has been popping up here and there, on the needles—and shoulders—of the most prescient and stylish knitters we virtually know. They are onto something with this one!

We were instantly smitten. The Scout Shawl is a cool idea, elegantly executed—and we haven’t been able to get it out of our minds.

Reminiscent of quilts, stitch samplers, vintage rugs, and boho needlepoint cushions, the Scout Shawl is an opportunity for a knitter to be a total showoff. To strut, to preen, to pretend to be Dries Van Noten’s sister.

To create the faux patchwork effect, Florence Spurling combined two colorwork techniques: intarsia and stranded knitting, for a skill workout that’s exhilarating yet manageable in scope. This is the kind of knitting that keeps you saying “one more row” until—quicker than expected—it’s done.

And when it’s done: whoa. A finished Scout Shawl is a style upgrade for any season. All eyes will be on you at the fiber festival—or at Trader Joe’s.

We’ll wear our Scouts as a scarf, but then we always wear shawls as scarves. It may be predictable, but it works!

The Preorder Window Is Open

The biggest challenge of the Scout Shawl, truly, is picking the colors. We’re here to help!

To create the Scout Shawl Bundle, we asked the artisan hand dyers at Madeline Tosh to recreate the palette of lush Tosh Merino Light shades that Florence Spurling chose for her photography sample for Scout Mini Shawl. The bundle has enough yardage to knit either the Scout Mini Shawl, shown above, or its sumptuous big sister, the Scout Shawl.

This palette has everything: it’s spring! It’s autumn! It’s warm! It’s cool! It’s bright! It’s neutral! Simply put: it’s perfection.

Predicting demand for yarns is a perennial challenge of our small business. This time, by golly, we’re going to get it right! We’re launching the Scout Shawl Bundle as a preorder. If you want one, we’ll get one made, just for you.

Dyers Are Standing By

It’s a preorder, but the turnaround will be quick. The preorder window will close on March 31, the dyers will get cracking, and your Scout Shawl Bundle will ship from Nashville the week of May 6, 2024. Just in time for the Scout Shawl to fulfill your dreams of a summer knitting project.

Preorder your Scout Shawl Bundle here. The Scout Shawl Bundle qualifies for free shipping in the United States.

And remember! Field Guide subscribers save 10% when using the monthly subscriber coupon code that was emailed on March 3.

The pattern is not included in this yarn bundle; it is sold separately on Ravelry. There are two versions, regular Scout and mini Scout. You can make either version with this bundle.

And if you like this bundle, stay tuned—we might do it again. We’re bundling fools!

Photos of Scout Mini Shawl courtesy of Florence Spurling. For photos of the larger version of the Scout Shawl, visit the designer’s website here.


  • I knit the shawl a couple years ago. The designer is wonderful! I even took a zoom class with her and it was also very informative and she’s a very good instructor. If you’re new to intarsia this would be a good piece to start with. You only have to carry two colors for each section. Good luck!

    • Good to know! Thanks for the feedback–Florence really is wonderful . . . stay tuned!

  • I bought this pattern about a year ago…maybe one of you commented on it? Or maybe I just heard it rattling around in the ethers. I just love it and then …”bright shiny thing”…or “squirrel”…. I got distracted. It looks fascinating. Thanks for thinking of this!

    • It really is cool–I keep studying the patterns and seeing what she’s up to.

  • What a terrible job you guys have – trolling Ravelry, et al for all things knitterly. How can you stand it?? …thanks for introducing us to Florence Spurling and her innovative ideas. Knitting that looks like embroidery, for heavens sake. Another one of those people who you wish lived next door.

    • Rough work . . . ; )

      I know what you mean about wishing all the knitters lived next door to each other. Wow, imagine that!

  • Thank you for the reminder of this beautiful shawl which is in my WIP pile 2/3 finished. This has given me the motivation to pull it out and finish!!

    • That’s what I love about WIPs–what a bonanza when you find some delightful project halfway home. Good luck! You’ve only got a third to go!

  • I would love to do this as a lap blanket. I have about 7 million yards of Felted Tweed. This might be a fun way to use it some of it.

    • Gosh that would be gorgeous.

  • I have had my eye on this pattern for years….it is so beautiful. I have always thought I would use my leftover felted tweed collection, or my Jamieson’s bits….there are so many beautiful colours. But why use stashed leftovers when there is this beautiful bundle……

    • Go for it!!!!!

  • So excited about this shawl and looking forward to making it. Beautiful pattern.

  • Would be great if you could get Florence to do a class on this shawl for your subscribers. Just saying…..

  • I’m all in! This pattern had been in my queue for a while and I could not pass up this kit! Colors are simply perfect!!!!

  • This is so exciting. I have the pattern and fortunately yarn awaiting the time to knit it. So happy you are shining a light on this designer and pattern. ‘As a quilter, this combines that scrappy look I love into a great scarf (I’m doing the mini version).

  • Oh, my goodness, I may be in love with this pattern (the little or the big – doesn’t matter)! And I have a yarn stash you wouldn’t believe and a queue of to-be-knit projects as long as my arm, and now you’re tempting me! Must not start another project…must not start another project…maybe.

  • I’m thrilled that you’re featuring a local dyer’s marvelous yarns in this bundle. Several years ago, when MadTosh had a brick and mortar store, I was blessed to live only a few blocks away.

    For those of your readers who have never tried her yarns, you are in for a treat!

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