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Last Monday, Hélène Magnússon zoomed in from Iceland to celebrate the publication of MDK Field Guide No. 26: Moss. Absolutely no new volcanoes erupted during the conversation but for an hour, inspiration bubbled up like lava.

Bring your easiest knitting and relax into Hélène’s mossy, rocky, and thermal pool-y design landscape. As an added bonus, you can spy one Ann Shayne simultaneously modeling all of the knits from this Field Guide. We hear that’s how all of the big houses will showcase their lines in the spring. Click right here to watch.

What’s a Launch Party without a door prize?

To keep the celebration going, enter to win three Field Guides of your choosing.

Only two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for MDK emails, right here. External Link. Opens in new window.. External Link. Opens in new window.. If you’re already signed up, you’re all set. We have a new option for texting, so when you sign up for those, you’ll get a coupon code good for 10% off your next MDK order.

Step 2: Which is your favorite design in MDK Field Guide No. 26: Moss? Let us know in the comments.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, February 25, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

About The Author

Adrienne Martini, the author of Somebody’s Gotta Do It, would love to talk with you about the importance of running for elected office or about all of the drama of holding a seat on the Board of Representatives in Otsego County, New York. Adrienne blogs when the spirit moves her at Martini Made.


  • Hello, I simply love the blanket (moss field throw).
    I also absolutely love all your little posts – I recently signed up to your newsletters and I’m delighted every time one of them pops in my inbox . Please keep them coming!!

  • Just watching the video and I love all Hélène’s patterns
    I’m knitting Utivist right now in pencil roving made in PEI where I live! Thanks for all you do!

  • Knit Mitts! Short, sweet and fluffy yet warm. Gotta make’em!

  • Most definitely the beautiful blanket.

    • I love the moss throw

  • I love Love Story Shawl!

    • Crowberry sweater for me. I’m leaving for Iceland today and plan on stocking up on Plotulopi.

      • Hope you have a wonderful trip, ( I’m Moss Green with envy!!)

  • I can’t resist the Crowberry Sweater, vest version!

  • The moss field throw is my favorite. I love the subtle coloring!

  • The Love Story Shawl is my favorite.

  • Here’s a vote from another Lynn for the Crowberry Sweater. Waiting for the yarn which is back-ordered. After visiting Iceland a few years ago and getting a kit from Helene, I knit what may be my favorite sweater Frjokorn using Plotulopi, Love Story Einband and Lettlopi. So warm and light as a feather! Love Story Einband is so much softer and finer than regular Einband and it reinforces the Plotulopi as a bonus.

  • The Crowberry Sweater is my #1 favorite, but I love all of the designs!

  • I love the love story shawl and the colors in the sample are wonderful!

    • The Reindeer Mitts, hands down (groan).

  • The Love Story Shawl is my favorite

  • Definitely the moss field throw – although the mittens are beyond cute as well 🙂

  • I cannot wait to work with both of these yarns, held together even more so, thus it’s the Tam for me!

  • Every pattern in this field guide is beautiful so it’s hard to choose a favorite. I especially love the look of the Lopi yarns for the Crowberry Sweater and the Moss Field Throw.

  • My favorite is the Crowberry Sweater. Looking forward to banging it out.

  • The Love Story Shawl is so beautiful! That’s my favorite but it’s hard to choose just one.

  • I love the Love Story Shawl with the Reindeer Mittens.

  • Moss Field Throw! Beyond gorgeous!

  • I love those Reindeer Moss mittens. They remind me of latte art!

  • Crowberry sweater is just lovely.

  • Knit Mitts, but love the blanket too!

  • Love them all. I think the Moss Throw is my favorite. I imagine a life where I wear that, and just that, all day long.

  • The crowberry sweater. I love a nice colorwork sweater. Even though I live in the southern US and can only wear it once or twice a year. Maybe one day I’ll wear it to Iceland, it’s on my bucket list.

  • My favorite are the one’s Ann modeled

  • I love the soft, subtle colors of the Moss Field Throw.

  • The Moss Throw

  • My favorite is the Crowberry sweater. Very stoked to get started on it!

  • Reindeer mitts! Warm hands, warm heart ❤️

  • That amazing blanket

  • My absolute favorite is the Crowberry Sweater!

  • The throw.

  • Crowberry sweater – the ultimate in coziness.

  • The Love Story shawl for certain.

  • Love them all but will cast on Crowberry Sweater, vest version first.

  • Crowberry was my favorite right out of the gate. I dropped the guide and ordered the yarn. Loved Moss Field Throw…but I was concerned about how the yarn and I would get along. Now that I’ve played with the Plotulopi ( say that three times fast!!), I am waiting for the bundle restock! Thought I was going to stop there…….until the Launch party!…..and Ann’s cumulative fashion show. She wears the field guide so well!! I want that look! Guess I have to keep going if I want to start a fashion trend in my town!!

  • The colors of the Crowberry sweater got me. I’m getting my materials ready!

  • The Crowberry sweater is gorgeous!

  • My favorite design is the moss field throw!

  • I love the crowberry sweater and vest, not to mention the blanket.

  • The reindeer moss mittens have captured my eye and I have placed them on my queue.

  • The Moss Throw is my favorite, followed by the mittens.

  • The Love Story Shawl is lovely.

  • The moss field throw is my favorite.

  • Definitely the Moss Field Throw

  • The Crowberry sweater is my favorite!!!

  • One favourite?? I have to pick ONLY ONE favourite?!?!?!?
    (( Sigh ))…
    OK, if it has to be ONLY one then, Heads it’s the Crowberry Sweater & Tails it’s the Love Story Shawl…

    (Flips a coin)

    Are you SURE I have to ONLY pick ONE?!?!?!?!?
    (( Sigh ))

    The coin says I picked the Love Story Shawl, but I seem to remain on the fence.

  • I love the reindeer moss mittens.

  • Crowberry is lovely. Looking forward to working with the plates of Plotulopi.

  • The crow berry. I love the look of the vest, but would need the warmer sweater. Just beautiful.

  • The crowberry. I love the look of the vest, but would need the warmer sweater. Just beautiful.

  • I love the moss field throw! Not only gorgeous but perfect for a snuggly nap.

  • Absolutely the blanket. With the sweater coming in as a very close second.

  • Wow! That’s like asking which one is your favorite child or what’s your favorite episode of Murder She Wrote!!! But if you’re going to force me, I’m going to go with the mittens.

    • “Death Takes the Bus,” duh.

  • Lots of beautiful designs, but I plan to make the Crowberry sweater. I just need to figure out yarn colors.

  • I’ve wanted to knit something that captures the colors of Iceland since I was there in 2021. So I’ve already ordered yarn for the Crowberry Sweater (not sure if I’ll do sweater or vest) and the Love Story shawl, and am eyeing the blanket as well. If I really have to choose a favorite, I think it’s the shawl.

  • Without a second thought, the moss Field Throw!

  • Absolutely love Love Story shawl!

  • Moss Field Throw is my favorite. There is something about those particular greens which sooth and point to the hope of spring

  • My fav pattern in moss is the crowberry vest

  • I love the sweater and will be knitting it Match 1
    I really love the whole field guide one of my absolute favorites.

  • The throw!

  • The Crowberry vest.

  • So difficult to choose! I love the mittens, I just received yarn for Crowberry, but I think the shawl, in the colors of Helene’s earrings and sweater at the Launch Party, would just be the top!

  • How is one to choose? Love the
    Crowberry for being most useful to me right now!

  • I absolutely love the Crowberry Sweater!

  • Love Story Shawl is my favorite

  • Love the Crowberry sweater!

  • I love the Cloudberry sweater, that’s my favorite, but truly want to knit all the patterns!

    • *Crowberry!

  • I like all the patterns, but I can’t wait to make the Crowberry sweater vest!

  • I love all the designs, but the Crowberry Sweater is my favorite!

  • All are lovely, but Love Story shawl is the dreamiest!

  • Love them all, but since I’ve completed the Love Story Shawl, I’ll say that one today. I’m really intrigued by the Moss blanket. Have some plotulopi on hand which I have yet to play with so am thinking I’ll try a block, or strip and see how I like it.

  • I’m torn between the tam and the love story shawl so I am making both. I ordered the yarn yesterday!

  • I just finished Helene’s pattern for an Icelandic Sweater. It taught me so much. It introduced me to new yarns and color working.

  • The first thing that grabbed me was the adorable Tam but I truly want to knit almost all of the projects. I’m so excited to try knitting with the unspun yarn!

  • Oh, the Moss Field Throw! Although the Crowberry Sweater is a close second.

  • I love the look of the mossy blanket. I can’t wait to start knitting it because I am intrigued by the method as well as charmed by the look.

  • The Moss Field Throw is my favorite. I love it!

  • I’m loving the moss field throw. The beautiful colors and the design blend beautifully together!

  • The Mitts! Already have the Field Guide, which is amazing.

  • Moss Field Throw is the one I want! I went to Iceland last year and this field guide takes me right back. I can’t decide if the moss field throw will become a blanket, or if I will make three shawls, one for myself, and one for each of the friends on Iceland Trip.

  • Tough choice but I pick the Love Story shawl, its enchanting and I’m enjoying thinking of the color combos that are possible.

  • Favorite – that lacy lovely shawl.
    Eagerly waiting to see other color combinations.

    And – what sweater was Helene wearing??

  • Thank you for this! Something came up and I couldn’t join the live zoom. I absolutely love the Moss blanket. Such a beautiful piece!!

  • Love Story Shawl

  • Thank you for this! Something came up and I couldn’t join the live zoom. I absolutely love the Moss Field Throw. Such a beautiful piece!!

  • I’m smitten by the Crowberry vest, the idea of knitting top down and stopping after finishing the body. How many yoke sweaters have I tried on at this point and never thought to omit the sleeves?!

  • The moss throw!

  • The moss blanket is my favorite.

  • I live the Crowberry sweater. Can’t wait for my yarn to arrive.

  • I’m already knitting it. The Moss Field Throw!

  • I’m a shawl girl through and through

  • I’m loving the reindeer mittens

  • I like the two sweaters and the mittens.

  • The Crowberry sweater in the beautiful palette shown!

  • I lover the Love Story shawl! It looks so soft and airy.

  • The crowberry sweater, but those mittens!!! Be still my heart!

  • I just love the Tam.

  • I love the Blanket!

  • This Field Guide is stunning, love especially the Crowberry sweaters and the blanket, wow.

  • I love all of them but I have started the Love story shawl so right now it’s my favorite! I have ordered some colors to make the mitts and am pondering already what to use leftovers for!

  • The blanket for sure!

  • The Tam!
    I adore tams, they look like a wooly halo

  • +I love the cowberry sweater (and vest), interested in knitting with the plotulopi yarn.

  • The Reindeer Mittens for the Win!

  • The reindeer mittens

  • That blanket is calling my name.

  • I am enchanted with the Miss Field Throw and even ordered the kit. Now I am in love with the plutolopi.

  • reindeer moss tam is my favorite guide 26 pattern

  • I love the Love Story shawl. And the vest!

  • Love story shawl! Would love to try her lace weight yarn.

  • I have yarn for the Crowberry vest on the way, so I guess that’s my favorite. The throw (wow!) and the scarf are great, too.

  • I’m ready for the Crowberry Sweater but really like the throw as well. I guess I’ll flip a coin.

  • That Moss Field Throw looks as cozy as cozy can be! It looks like it’ll be a pleasure to knit, too.

  • The Moss throw!! Swoon. What a work of art.

    I’m just trying to justify the budget outlay for it.

  • I am in LOVE with the Crowberry Sweater and have already, in my mind, put it together with the clothes hanging in my closet. Can’t wait to actually make and wear! And then the blanket. Wow. So stunning. May do that, too <3.

  • The Crowberry sweater! I really love the black/white/gray version, though maybe with long sleeves. I imagine I could figure it out, but wonder what you all think about yarn amounts for doing that? And maybe someone else wants the multi-color version with short sleeves?

  • I love the Love Story Shawl, although very hard to pick a favorite.

  • Love story shawl!

  • I really love them all but if I have to pick one, it’s the mossy, witchy blanket.

  • I love the blanket! Second, the shawl.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • My favorite is the Crowberry Sweater. I’m looking forward to checking out all the Icelandic yarns in person when I’m there in April. Can’t wait to touch the Plotulopi myself.

  • I Lilie the mittens for a fun,quick knit,but my heart is drawn towards the blanket,!!❤️

  • Love Story shawl!

  • Moss Field Throw!
    I really enjoyed watching the zoom chat with Helene. When I received the field guide (my first as a new subscriber), I liked the designs, but green isn’t my go-to color so I wasn’t immediately excited to jump into a moss project. After listening to Helene, I was completely enchanted and now appreciate the thoughtfulness and meaning behind the designs, the yarn, and the color palate. She’s brilliant. Thanks for the zoom and I am now very much looking forward to creating some “moss” of my own.

  • I love the crowberry sweater. I bought some yarn while visiting Iceland a few years ago and this will be perfect. I think my yarn has been waiting for this pattern. It’s calling me…

  • Can’t wait for my Field Guide to get here! Lovely designs – I’m going to work up a miniature version of the blanket design – in a scarf. In the Zoom I kept noticing the scarf Kay was wearing. Is that from the Field Guide?

  • CROWBERRY sweater!! It has all my fav colors.

  • Thank you so much for this nice. opportunity. The Love Story Shawl without a doubt is my choice. I really enjoy lace knitting. Can’t spend for a while but as soon as I can, I’m getting the yarn to make it.

  • I love the reindeer mittens!

  • I would love to make the lace shawl using my cone of Shetland lace from stash! It’s beautiful.

  • The Love Story Shawl would be my first choice but all are gorgeous!

  • I love the whimsy of the reindeer mittens. All the patterns are beautiful!

  • The patterns are lovely – but only the Love Story shawl really appeals to me.

  • I really like Love Story Shawl.

  • I love the Crowberry! The colors of the yarn are amazing.

  • Hard to decide! i do love the blanket, but the mittens are up there too. I’d have to call it a tie.

  • I love the Crowberry Sweater and am trying to decide on which colors of the gorgeous yarn to purchase. This will be my first sweater and I’m very excited by the yarn and design!

  • I love the Crowberry sweater, vest version…..but need to figure out colors.

  • My favorite is the Love Story Shawl. I ordered the yarn and can’t wait for it to arrive.

  • My fave is the Moss field blanket – I’m hurrying to finish a WIP so I can start working on it. But the sweater and tam are also on my short list – I’m eager to make them all! I love Iceland, I love the lopi wool, and I love Helene’s patterns – I have two more on my wish list, Halfmani shawl and another sweater.

  • It’s that Moss blanket, of course!

  • Love Story Shawl is my fave.

  • My favorite design is the throw.

  • Love the love story shawl

  • It’s a toss-up: The Crowbery Sweater or the Moss Field Throw. I think I’ll cast on both! Does that count?

  • The mittens! I’m all about the mittens. Maybe I love these especially because the olive-y color choice is absolutely in my wheelhouse.

  • Moss Field Throw

    • Crowberry sweater. But I do love all of them!

  • Crowberry short sleeve sweater.

  • Reindeer Moss Mitts! They look like a fun adventure in knitting. I was at a used book shop yesterday and found Helene’s book on Icelandic Color Knitting. I had to snap that one up immediately! Now I’m planning my Rose pattern sweater!

  • My favorite is the Crowberry Sweater/Vest

  • the shawl

  • Crowberry sweater is my favorite. Reindeer mitts a second choice. Lynn

  • I think the Moss Field Throw is simple perfection!

  • Oh, that Crowberry Sweater gets all the hearts from me!

  • I’m most excited for the crowberry sweater and am jazzed about banging it out in March!

  • Here’s the thing, I love the moss field throw. Visually it is exactly what I like. But, I don’t like garter stitch except as an occasional thing; for me it’s a bit uncomfortable to knit and I prefer the look and feel of stockinette. Which means there are a lot of blankets I admire but don’t knit!

    I am seriously considering making the Crowberry sweater my first ever knit-along so it’s all good!

  • So many beautiful patterns in this Field Guide! The one I’m most drawn to is the Love Story Shawl.

  • I love the design and colors of the beautiful Moss field throw. A work of art.

  • I’m loving the Crowberry Sweater the best! But love all the patterns in this book!

  • I especially like the Moss Field Throw blanket!

  • I love the mitts!

  • The blanket is stunning! Of course all the designs are beautiful!

  • I love the Corwberry sweater!!!! All of Hélène’s patterns are gorgeous!!

  • Everything is gorgeous – it’s so hard to choose! But the Crowberry Vest is calling my name!

  • Crowberry Sweater, vest version is the winner for me! Wouldn’t have much use for the other designs in Texas, lol. I love how it’s a modern take on the Lopi sweater (or so it seems to me).

  • The Love Story Shawl is my favorite!! The history and Helene’s work to make Icelandic lace knitting accessible make this project so special.

  • I love the Moss Field Throw!

  • I love the blanket

  • The Moss blanket. I just finished the Temperature blanket in January for 2023. Working on sweaters now. In fact it is one of Helene Magnusson’s. But the Moss blanket is on my list now.

  • The Moss field throw does it for me.

  • I love the Moss throw – the colors, the texture, the motifs and the yarn.

  • Love Story Shawl is beautiful….

  • My favorite pattern is the blanket. It just beckons me to wrap up in it.

  • Moss Field Throw! Saving my pennies for a restocking of the blanket kit. And I rarely buy kits.

  • Love the colors and design of the Moss Field Throw.

  • The projects are all wonderful but the blanket makes me swoon!!

  • The Crowberry Vest.

  • All! I would use the absolutely stunning glacier blue in each of them!
    Thank you for sharing the Zoom!

  • I love the blanket. My finger hovered on the Add to Cart button many times but I have so many WIPS. Soon.

  • Reindeer moss mittens: so sweet

  • I am eyeing the crowberry vest. Love the design and I really been wanting some vests. Then I want to try to knit a shawl based on the moss field throw. That should be fun to figure out how to knit that. Then on to love not shawl!

  • Definitely the Love Story shawl.

  • The Crowberry Sweater is my favorite design in Field Guide 26: Moss.

  • All of the designs are exquisite. I am a sweater knitter above all else and love Helene’s design in the new field guide.

  • I love the Reindeer Moss Mittens

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