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Dear Ann,

Every once in a while, knitting makes the news. Typically, it’s a breathless slow-news-day report that “knitting is back!” This type of thing sets me ranting on social media that knitting has never gone away, so it can’t be back. But right now, knitting is in the news because it’s relevant to actual current events.

This past Thanksgiving weekend, a website appeared announcing the Pussyhat Project, founded by Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman. The goal of the project is for everyone who marches in the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017, to wear a handknit pink hat with pussycat ears. Kat Coyle designed the first of several free knitting patterns, which is available on the site. Ravelry runneth over with Pussyhats.

The idea behind the project is to create a strong visual statement of people wearing hats at the march, and also for supporters of equal rights for women to connect with each other through knitting, giving and wearing hats. The hats are simple, with a square-cornered shape that when placed on the human head, suggests cat ears. They are mostly pink, in every shade of that beautiful and stereotypically feminine color.

The project has taken root in many knitting communities, to judge from its Instagram feed. But only recently has it made the news, reported by New York MagazinePortland Now and CBS News, and on a New York City local TV station featuring my LYS, Knitty City.  (I’m personal friends with the Pussyhat-sporting doggo, Meringue, who stars in the video; I hope she will still socialize with a peasant like me after sitting in the lap of local news queen Magee Hickey.)

I’m heading to Washington on January 21, to march with a group of friends. We’ve rented a bus, and the knitters among us gathered in December to knit hats. I think we are a long way from outfitting all 55 people on the bus, but we are going to knit as many as we can. I’ve read that there are going to be marches on that day in 200 US cities and even overseas. I look forward to seeing all the hats, on what I imagine will be a long and challenging (please let there be port-a-potties), but uplifting day.

Celebrity Spotting

Here’s Patti Smith. Pussyhats are punk. (Photo credit: the Internet.)


And here are my friends Rosanne Cash and Lisa Fox the other night, showing that it’s not just a statement, it’s a cute hat.





(Art by Aurora Lady.)



  • Knitting, knitting, knitting. Trying to make them for friends, relatives, and friends of relatives. Was amazed at how much pink yarn I found in my stash. I have also noticed a decrease in the amount of available pink yarn at my local LYS. A good sign!!

    • Hello ANN any chance that you could get me a hat. I’d be happy to pay for the yarn ,your time and of course the shipping. I would like the traditional one in pink and even if I can’t get it in time for the March I want to have it so that I’m there in solidarity and spirit henceforth.
      Barbara Safran

    • I have made 4. One to wear locally and 3 that I mailed to marchers. They will represent friends here who cannot attend. If you can’t attend, you can were your hat that day in solidarity. We’ll give knowing glances to each other while we make the Target run.

      • Depending on the weather I am hoping to drive up. But if not, I am mailing those hats I have made to my daughter who lives there. She and her friends will wear them. But I am hoping to finally participate in a march. One of our local churches is holding a watch party for those who cannot make the trip.

      • Hats are definitely everywhere! I have also made 4 hats so far, two for marchers in my small town in Oregon. One is for a Portland, OR marcher, and one for my partner, who will be at a library conference in Atlanta that day. (The librarians are marching there, too!) I will continue to pussyhat—yes, it’s a verb—until march time. Oh, and if you can’t march in a parade big or small, hats-in-solidarity are important, too!

        • Laura any chance u can get one to me in Michigan. I will be happy to pay for the yarn and the mailing I want to wear it every day in support of this movement and this display of solidarity.
          I know it’s late but if you can get one to me I’d love you to mail it to me .
          Just let me know the cost of the shipping in anything else involved in terms of a donation or the yarn and I will give you my address .
          Thank you and keep on trumping !

  • Thanks to MDK for telling us about the Pussyhats ❣ Four fabulous women from SC will be wearing the pussyhats I knitted – so proud of them.

  • I’ve knit seven – three solid, three striped and one color blocked as stash allowed. All but one will be riding what’s affectionately known in RVA and on Facebook as Wendy’s bus. Extra cool: one is to be aquisitioned post-march by Richmond’s history museum, The Valentine.

    • Awesome!! I’m a Norfolk, VA resident and go to Richmond a lot; will look for the hat later this year after it’s installed

      • Aww, thanks, Rose! The Valentine has an extensive costume and textiles collection, so the hat isn’t likely to be on view anytime soon – but who knows!?

  • Hooray for you! I’m on my 12th and just ran out of pink. Re-stocking today, the hats are a very quick knit and I can usually get one done in 2 sessions of after work knitting.

  • Hmmmm… maybe I will give it a try for the March in Nashville. Desperately seeking sink yarn.

  • I love how they couldn’t/wouldn’t say Pussy Hat, but modified it to say Pussycat Hat. Ha!!

  • Wahoo! Knitters unite! This is about the only thing that would get me to touch a skein of pink yarn.

  • Unfortunately am stuck in ny at my nephews bar mitzvah that weekend. Where can one send hats to be worn so I may be there in spirit?

    • There are details on the website or if you like, send it to me for my bus. Or you could always wear a pink hat at the bar mitzvah!

      • Yes, a pink hat at the bar mitzvah was my first thought, too!

    • Pussyhat Project
      12033 Lake Newport Rd
      Reston, VA 20194

      (go to for all the info)


  • Awesome, Go Kay! Somewhere in that crowd I’ll be marching with you. A knitting friend from the internet has promised to equip me with extra hats to hand out to as many as we can.

  • Yay! We are driving up from Charlottesville with pussy hats! Knitting is part of the resistance!

    • Hi Lou, I have a group of 4 ladies here in cville who are looking for hats- will cover all expenses- do you know where we could get some? Thanks!

    • Lou, a good friend of mine who lives in C’ville will be going, and I’m knitting a hat for her. Please pm me (jcwellesATgmailDOTcom) so we can find out if you know each other.

  • I will be there in spirit! While I am not normally much of a marcher, I do wish I could be there to march for my daughters (actually, I wish I could bring the 10 year old to see it). Kay and the others, please march for a better tomorrow for all of our children, boys and girls. Many of us will be with you in spirit!

  • Thanks for putting a spotlight on this campaign (and the march)! My mom and I have each knit a hat. I hope the march day is not too cold or wet.
    (I was trying to think if I had ever previously knit an adult item in pink …)

  • March on, Kay! I learned of the Pussyhat project from Ravelry, natch, and am knitting away to outfit friends going to D.C. Also will make two for my daughter and for myself, to wear to the New York demonstration.
    Thank goodness I didn’t Marie-Kondo the Jaeger Luxury Tweed that never worked out as the pink sweater for which it was intended. These are warm hats!
    NPR also had a piece on the Pussyhats yesterday.

  • YES I am going to the march too! SO EXCITED that you’ll be there!!!

    • I’m about halfway through with my first hat, hoping to make at least two more for my sister and friend, and if time allows more to hand out on the bus.

  • Any details regarding the marching overseas? Interesting.

  • Yes we are knitting hats in England too. Just about to go to the post with a donated hat. My hat will be on the match even if I am not! We will march in London too so watch the news. Keep warm!

    • Thank you!!! I am pleased to see London cares.

  • Second try at leaving comment, so forgive me if there are 2!
    I’m making Pussyhats for a friend who’s going to D.C., and for my daughter and me, who’ll join the NYC marchers. Thank goodness I didn’t Marie-Kondo the Jaeger Luxury Tweed that just never made it as the pink cabled sweater I thought it wanted to be. These will be warm hats!

    NPR had a piece about the Pussyhat Project yesterday, too.
    March on, Kay!

  • Rawr backatcha

  • Never been a big marcher, either – but this one! I am SO EXCITED. I cannot wait to join the sea of pink.

  • I’ve got one on the needles for the sister of a friend–she’ll be at the D.C. march. But every woman I know is going to the march here in Portland, and so next up I’ll be knitting more hats for me and anyone who needs one. I’ve got to knit faster!

    • Hi Charlotte! You will be marching for me — I’d be there in a heartbeat, but we long ago made a commitment that will put us in the car heading north on march day. I’m knitting hats like crazy!

      • Judy I’m not marching but I’d love to be there and solidarity from now through the next four years . Is there any chance you could make me a pink hat and I will be happy to cover the cost of the yarn your time and shipping whenever I get it will be great since I am coming into this a little late but it would mean a great deal to be able to wear it henceforth
        Thank you Barbara Safran

  • I LOVE the solidarity ❤❤❤❤!

  • Will be going to Minnesota march sporting bright pink. Per his request, my husband will be wearing a dark fuchsia pussyhat in support. Happy the hats are heavy wool because it’s 9 below here at the moment.

  • I’m so hoping to make it into DC for the March, with my daughter and several of her friends (I’m working on her because I think this is historic, and the potential ramifications will probably have more impact on her young self than on my old self). Haven’t knit our hats yet, though, so I better get started! Maybe I’ll see you in the crowd 😀 heh

  • Hi all:)

    Six done here…well truthfully doing the seaming today to complete and then mail them off. They do knit quickly so intend to try and get as many more done.

    Yes, finally making the news…including Rachel Maddow the night before last.

    Happy knitting all….

    • I looked and looked and couldn’t find the Rachel Maddow link!

      • I didn’t hear Maddow mention the Pussyhat Project but she did a nice story on The March. We should send her a hat. 😉

  • A group of us have been knitting hats for my mother and her group of feisty feminists who will also be marching in D.C. I don’t think we’re the only ones knitting the hats, though; my favorite LYS has NO pink yarn left in the shop!

  • Must knit my hat …
    see you there! my sewing group is going on a bus from our town …and we will be wishing for portapotties as well 😉

  • If you are running out of pink yarn, a clever way to get a pink hat using it just for the brim and the ears.

    • CUTE!!!!
      Virginia chose purple as our color to help spot each other in the crowd, so i’m knitting hats with orchid/lilac/hollyhock. It’s going to be beautiful to see all of these hats together!

      • This is a good idea, but be aware that you may also see those who simply don’t like pink. I don’t get it personally, because I think all colors are beautiful, but I am knitting a purple-ish pink hat for my pink-averse partner!

  • Male knitters are knitting pussyhats, too, in support of our sisters, mothers, wives — all humans, actually. I’ve knit two, so far. Have a great march, my friends!

  • Representing in Tokyo. Will wear it proudly.

  • I’ve made 6 hats–4 for my marching group and a few to give away. We are coming from Silicon Valley to add our voices to the song in DC — it’s going to be a great day!

  • Love it! Will make mine this weekend!

  • I’m in my 6th hat! Mailing them in soon!

  • SO glad to hear you are going to D.C., Kay! I will be there, with my husband and friends from all over the country. Hope to connect with you there. I am on my 5th hat. I make each one a bit different (sometimes by stranding in a bit of stash laceweight) just to keep it interesting. I’m on #5.

    As for outfitting your bus, I had a knitter on IG tell me she had one to give away. I bet if you put out a call in a post for a few hats, you will get them ASAP.

  • I’m about to finish my second one, and then I have to move into High Gear for the other four I have committed to make. Here in Portland, OR, a group called Nasty Women Get $hit Done is having a big sew-in to make hats out of fleece, which of course is faster than knitting them, but I’m a purist. Wish I could be there myself!!!

  • Haven’t knit a hat yet but dropped off some godawful pick fuzzy yarn at KnittyCity yesterday. I don’t suppose there are any seats left on your bus, are there? I was planning to go with a friend but she’s had surgery and may not feel up to it and now I’m wondering how best to get down there as I hear things are booked up.

  • I’m finishing my hat today to be worn when I march in Seattle! Going to try and quickly knit a second one for my mom in Portland. <3

  • Who DOESN’T look great wearing a Pussy Hat ? A question only answered with another question: who doesn’t FEEL great knitting one? Love the roundup here. Can’t wait to see the sea of pink knitted ears on the mall Jan 21st. xoxo

  • I’m knitting hats for my two daughters and myself. We are also leaving from Richmond for the march. Great to hear that one of the hats is going in the Valentine Museum!

  • I mailed the one I made to Reston today. Wish I were going

  • I just popped into Knitty City for more pink yarn- never thought I would run out! I’ll be heading down to DC as well, and will be marching with friends- I’m working on knitting for all of them (including a friend’s 8yo daughter, who will be marching with us). Also knitting one for my mom, who will wear it in solidarity up in NJ.

  • So happy you are knitting hats too! I’ve been waiting for some famous knitters to chime in. I’m going to mail a few to DC but also have some for the Portland, OR March.

  • I’ll see you in D.C., Kay! You’ll be the one wearing the pink hat…oh, wait….

    Adding my voice to the hope for port-a-potties (for fear we’ll need Depends otherwise).

    • I’ll be marching in Oakland with assorted daughters and friends; other friends plan to march in Paris. I suspect that only black or tasteful grey pussy hats will be seen there, but the sentiment remains true.

      • Good for you!

        And yes, I can imagine black being the dominant color in Paris. The important thing is showing up. 🙂

  • This sounds like D.C. Is in for a surprise with the number of marchers! I’ve just finished my 4th hat to send to D.C. Then 2 more will be made for marchers here in San Jose. I hope we have an awesome turnout. Good luck to us all and to our poor country.

  • I am a new knitter and the patterns were a little confusing to read so I just did a plain ole stockinett stitch rectangle and sewed the edges. I’ve made 7 for my family! Knoxville (and one in Savannah) will represent! Even my 85 year old mother will be sporting hers!

  • cute hat design and I love pink, but the name has a vulgar connotation and I don’t believe abortion support called healthcare is in the best wholistic interest of women.

    • Just shows women can step into the gutter with offensive slang as men. Too many serious issues to be dealt with than promoting this as an ID for women.

    • The connotation of the hat is a direct reference to the infamous bragging by our president-elect that he can “grab women by the pussy” because he’s a star and he has power. Well, we are taking that word back and using our the power of our knitting needles and our marching feet to show him we are, and will continue to, watch how he uses his power in office!

      • Using this word does not embrace power, it is a lowering term that brings you down to the level of those using it in a negative way. If I was to use this logic, the we would all be using the disgusting “N” word as empowerment.

    • Right on!

      • Jen, are you agreeing with me(?) and if you are, we look like we are alone here.

  • In solidarity with our American sisters, we have organized a march near Niagara Falls Ontario. We have a great afternoon planned and hopefully you will feel our spirit along side yours. So far we have about 50 hats made, we plan to ship 100 hats to Washington with a friend who is attending the march, and we plan to have 100 hats for our marchers to wear as well. It has been amazing to see so many women gather together for a common cause, knitting, crocheting, sewing hats, donating yarn and offering to speak at our demonstration.

  • I love this! A wonderful way to demonstrate and show confidence in one’s gender. Go Girls Go. Nan booth

  • I have made 6 and have more requests. Our local yarn store has run out of pink and are working overtime dying more yarn!

  • Six done here, ready to send out to a friend who will be marching in DC. Now to make some for our local march here in Kansas City!! UNITE—Let’s have a sea of pink all across this nation!!

  • I am energized after reading your comments. I quit a FB site last night after pictures of hats were forbidden. I am knitting for a cousin in Pittsburg who is taking the bus to the D.C. march. So, casting on more hats until I run out of pink yarn. Knit on!

  • Just binding off my fifth hat. One is going to going to DC, three to the march in Boston and the last is for my granddaughter to wear when she goes to the march with her mother in Madison, Wi.

  • I just learned about this last night. I am frantically knitting, but time is short. Is there a place I can send directly to marchers, so I could have a little more time to knit rather than sending it in to arrive on the 14th?

    • Hi Meghan! I’m going to the march and don’t know how to knit. I am going on a bus leaving from Hilton Head SC – if you want to mail some to me I will be happy to give to people on the bus and will be happy to pay you the postage! Jill

  • I sent off six for the Washington march last week. Since then, I made one more — for myself. I won’t be marching on the 21st, but I will be showing my support.

  • So is that the hat that I knit to wear on January 20th – the day that can not come soon enough for so many of us, when we will joyfully celebrate the inauguration of Donald J. Trump!!! Just saying this makes me happy.. Only 11 more days..

  • I love these hats – I will get one too from a friend – I will march with an other friend on January 21st in Seattle – Good luck for all of us – Love Dagmar Schroeder-Hildebrand, Victoria BC

  • Late to the knitting, but planning to knit 2 hats for a couple of MA gals to wear in DC at the march. I cannot attend, but hope to knit myself a hat to wear as we drive to D.C. The day of the march. We Shall Overcome!!

  • I’ve made one for my friend and am working on one for me to wear – we are making the trip to DC for the march as well – hope to see you there!

  • Knitting like mad…This started for me and my friends when I didn’t’ want to see the inauguration. So, I set up a “girl’s night out” in Boise (2-hours away). Then, my son’s b-day is the 21st and someone posted the pussycat project and march. I can’t wait.

  • This group is working to help keep protesters of the women’s march safe and successful. Definetly worth a donation.

  • My head is big, so I cast on 58 stitches and knitted to 17” length. Knitted straight through binge re-watching Season 1 of The Americans. Oh, those wily KGB agents. Oh, those one-step-behind FBI agents.

    Uhh-ohh, the hat was bigly huge. If I’d worn it as was, it would have covered my eyeballs. Quite inconvenient for watching Season 2.

    So I felted it. One cycle in a front-loader with Eucalan on warm/warm. Worked like the proverbial charm. Faded enough to plausibly call it dark pink, not red. However, felted mattress stitch is really strange looking.

  • A belated comment to say I’ve knit 2 pussycats and am working on #3, I’ll be joining the nearest march here in Orange County, CA – in Santa Ana on Fourth St. One hat for my head, 2 to give away to anyone there who needs them. There is strength in numbers!

    • That’s hats, not cats, although there may be a few cat hairs in the mix!!

  • as i spin my own yarn and sheep are not pink, i’ve been using up scraps of anything pink…woo hoo…you should see some of my hats!

    a quicker way to knit them is to use a small, size 8 circular needle….then LOOSLY bind off the top and that’s all you have to sew…

    btw, are all pussy’s pink? think about it.

  • I have five daughters who are marching in the various Parades for Women around the country, including one in Nashville! I found the PussyCat Hat pattern several days ago and knitted it in what used to be called ‘Shocking Pink. Sent it to my daughter in Nashville, Wish I’d had time to knit them for each of my feminist daughters! I consider them to be as very political statement for wearing on one’s head! Kathleen Rouse, Cape Charles, Va.

    • I was too ill to go to the march in Nashville, TN. BUT I would love to have a hat to wear all winter to show my support. I would be happy to pay you to make me a hat if you are willing. Thank you!

  • I hope we all keep on wearing these hats. Well you know why, just because……

  • Time ran out on hand knit pussyhats. Necessity being a mother, I went to the local goodwill and got a great pink sweater with a nice rib waistband, cut it up and machine sewed several hats from it on Saturday morning. My first hand knit one was more like a lynx hat-big ears- and went to a wonderful older friend who’s been politically active forever.

  • Vulgar representation of genuine issues. Derogatory term for women is not elevated by this hat. Demonstrates women are no better than men in adopting their negative slang about women.

  • Today pink p-ssy hats, tomorrow chadors. Thank you for paving the way for the most misogynist “religion” / “culture” in the world to literally get away with murder, beating women and girls, female genital mutilation and gang rape (kids included). Not a peep girls! It’s happening all over Europe, right now, and the USA is not far behind. Where’s the “female empowerment” in making us cover up and sit in the back of the bus and eat the leftovers from the men’s table? I’m sure you’re making lots of $$ tho on the heads of these (mostly white) misguided ignoramuses. (Dare you to publish this)

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