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Dear knitters,

We’re already dreaming of next summer, and hope you will join us for the 2024 Knitting Getaway at Shakerag Workshops in Sewanee, Tennessee, to be held on June 5–8, 2024.

Tomorrow—Tuesday, August 22—is the final day for pre-registration.

In other words, now is the time to head over to the pre-registration page right here. You’ll find a complete description of the weekend, and a form to fill out. Payment isn’t due at this point.

If we have more registrants than places, there will be a lottery for the 100 or so places available. We’re expecting a lottery this year, as we’ve had for the past five years.

What Is This Knitting Getaway?

If you’ve never attended the Knitting Getaway, we really hope you’ll come—it’s a ton of fun.

Folks often come solo from 30 or more states, and the vibe is best described as extremely, massively, joyfully welcoming.

The food is legendary: fresh from local gardens, always delicious.

The classes are designed to be like summer camp: quick, fun, with brilliant teachers.

There’s hiking, yoga, hangout time, fresh air, and swimming in a clear, cool lake. Do it all, or do a little—the schedule is totally flexible.

On-campus housing for 2024 will be in dormitory rooms at St. Andrews-Sewanee School, a progressive boarding school 85 miles south of Nashville.

Only double rooms will be available, so either grab a friend or know that you’ll be making a new friend. (Fun fact: some amazing friendships have been born because of a shared room at the Knitting Getaway!) You can request a specific roommate or let fate have its way.

Those selected in the lottery and registering before September 15 will be guaranteed a place in a double room on campus for the Knitting Getaway. Alternatively, registrants may choose to stay off campus, in housing of their choice.

If you have questions, the Shakerag team is ready to help: just contact them via this link.

The Teachers

We are over the moon to be welcoming the following teachers!

Samantha Brunson. Our favorite self-proclaimed Elderly Millennial, Samantha will be bringing her massive crochet skills to her class. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for an endless stream of hilarity.

Fatimah Hinds. Of Knit Stars fame, with designs that hit the sweet spot of knittable and full of clever bits, Fatimah will very likely to be teaching something related to socks. Or cables. Or both. Her website is here.

Lorilee Beltman. If you attended our Dishcloth Camp with her in July, you know what a superb teacher Lorilee is. And her skill as a pickleball teacher may come into play, who knows?

Wow, we’re already pre-nostalgic, looking forward to seeing everybody next June.


Ann and Kay

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  • I don’t see anything about the cost of this retreat?

    • If you’re on a phone, click the little “in this section” arrow and then Tuition and Fees. If you’re on a computer, click Tuition and Fees out to the right.

    • Hi! Tuition info is here:

  • How much is it ?

    • Hi Marika! Tuition is $1,100 for the workshop and meals. Housing is $100 for a shared double room. Links in the post will take you to more detailed information.

  • As a former Shakerag camper I can attest that it is super fun. I’ve gone by myself and been so welcomed. And the food is absolutely out of this world!! I’ve signed up this year and hope I get in, but if I don’t, I will feel good knowing someone will get a great experience. Highly recommend !!

  • What is the cost? Can it be put into an installment plan?

    • Is this for knitters only? Or does this also include crochet?

      • If you look again at the letter above, it does mention that Samantha Brunson is a crocheter.

    • I’ve been before: I don’t think there’s a true payment plan, but you have time to come up with the payment: this sign up is just for the lottery.
      If your name is chosen, you have (a week or two?) to make the payment. If you read all the pages on the Shakerag Workshop website you’ll learn a lot about cancellation timing, and what fees are charged if you need to cancel. And I can tell you, the team puts in the hours year-round.
      For 2023 I got in from the waitlist in March after somebody else cancelled.
      I loved it: I signed up again!

  • I went for the first time last year and it was so fun! I didn’t know anyone in advance and got a lovely roommate. The classes were good but equally wonderful was the food including happy hour every night, camaraderie, evening events (some hilarious), morning yoga, lake swimming and just a beautiful campus and experience. Can you tell I highly recommend it? I hope I get in again next year, looking forward to it!

  • Cost?

    • If you click on “Right Here” in red type in the 3rd paragraph above you will be able to see another page with all of the details including costs.

  • Is this for learners only or for everyone even advanced knitters & crocheters

    • I have been several years and attendees have included people with all skill levels. What I enjoy is learning from the instructors and the attendees. Everyone shares and offers their own tips and tricks.These experiences have made me a better knitter and introduced me to other fiber arts I would not have tried. Don’t feel you will be overwhelmed or not challenged. Relax and enjoy the camaraderie (and the food, and the frogs).

  • I’ve thrown my hat in the ring! 🙂

  • I live in New Zealand do you accept over seas people

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