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Dear Ann,

Hit the Kleenex rations; this one may cause a few tears to fall.

It’s a brand-new song by John Paul White and Rosanne Cash, “We’re All in This Together Now.”

Yes, we are. The song is extraordinary: sad and uplifting in its truth.

If you love the song, streaming and sharing it (Spotify and YouTube included) will generate funds for Music Health Alliance, a nonprofit that assists musicians in need.

I’ve been meaning to start my Stay At Home playlist, and this will be the first song on it.




  • This is just wonderful. I’m weeping.

  • Beautiful. Tears flow. Thank you for sharing..

  • One of my team lost his brother in law this week after a month long battle with virus. My heart is sad. This morning your post was just what I needed, as are your Saturday Snippets. Thanks

  • I kept it together until Rosanne Cash started singing . . .

  • I refuse to listen to the songs because it’s almost 6a and I cannot begin my day in that manner. What I was thinking was of a divorce of 20 years ago. Why ? I’m in love with the new book and the project I would order will have a wait until I have the money . I MDK

    • Should have included the emoticon for ❤️

  • Thank you for this. What a lovely reminder about gratitude, hope, and the power of togethering.

  • It took about thirty seconds for my eyes to start watering, then the picture of the elderly lady behind the glass at the nursing home came up. After that I just let the tears come.

  • Well, I might as well listen. So many things bring tears. Don’t even get me started on the current HONY series.

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful and timely song. My husband and I watched together this morning over our coffee. Brought tears to my eyes. Has been such an emotional time for us. Surreal as we wait three days for covid test result for my sister.

  • The first time I’ve cried.
    I hope I can stop .

  • So lovely. Thank you for sharing.❤️

  • So beautiful! Yes, I cried too!

  • It’s not really crying, it’s more like when the ground is so saturated that the water leaks out from the cracks in the basement. We’re all sodden with sadness, waterlogged, soaked in it.

    I’m so grateful to everybody who comes here with a joke, a thought, a smile. It is what gives me hope that we can ride this out.

    Sending love to you all.

  • I am crying because it is so beautiful and should touch everyone’s heart – I cannot wait to share this! and thank you MDK for sharing to all of us! Hugs to all !

  • Thank you, I think. This made me bawl.

  • Beautiful. Roseanne Cash communicates a beautiful depth of emotion. Thank you

  • Late to the party, as this is Sunday. Tears in my eyes nevertheless.

  • Thank you….loved there song and the video had me crying…

  • Beautiful… simply beautiful,
    I now want to hang a “Heroes work here” banner at work & play this song for my team.

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