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Leave it to superstars Arne & Carlos to come up with something brand new for knitters and music lovers.

In The Sound of Knitting, Arne & Carlos teamed up with Norway’s Grammy-winning chamber group, Trondheimsolistene, for a magical concert in a historic music museum. Although two of the performers on the stage are playing strange string instruments that are connected to balls of wool, the concert is heavenly.

It’s a Knit to This, in which Arne & Carlos are literally knitting to this.

Attendance at the live performance was limited by pandemic restrictions, but Arne & Carlos worked with filmmakers to produce a program that knitters all over the world can enjoy. They’ve just released The Sound of Knitting, and we’re honored that they invited us to share it with MDK readers.

The music is amazing, the behind-the-scenes segments are good fun—and the concert part of the program is delightful. Did you peep what’s on Arne & Carlos’s music stand during the concert?

One thing is certain: Arne & Carlos know their audience. So in addition to the full concert, the program includes Arne & Carlos’s superb masterclass on how to knit the famous Selbu mittens, using their own design. Plus: a mitten-centric tour of Selbu, guided by locals and featuring scores of mittens, a tour of the 400-year-old farm that is now the Ringve Music Museum, and a conversation between the Trondheimsolistene’s artistic director and Arne & Carlos that explores the connections between music and knitting.

It’s a trip to Norway with our favorite Norwegians.

Arne & Carlos have a special offer for MDK readers. Use this affiliate link to get $10 off the price of The Sound of Knitting.

Thank you, Trondheimsolistene and Arne & Carlos! If The Sound of Knitting is the start of a whole new genre of entertainment for knitters, we’re here for it!


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  • I wanted to give this to a friend but couldn’t see how to do that so I bought it and gave her my login info. I’m sorry but I knew she would love it.

  • Incredible! I cannot wait to experience this ingenious idea.
    I am looking forward to a weekend with Arnie andCarlos in April

  • Wow, that looks like a great combination of things! I just love the mitten/mitt pattern, might be worth it for that alone. What a cool idea! These guys are always a lot of fun.

  • The description was intriguing and so I dug a little deeper and found this video by Arne and Carlos announcing the project: Within 5 minutes I was hooked and while I got my credit card in hand I patiently waited until the end to be sure it was the right purchase. And it is! What a lovely gift to myself – music, knitting, travel and all that creativity and good will – forever mine. I need a big dose of those these days. Happy knitting to all!

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