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I noticed recently that The Outfit—a movie that came and went from movie theaters with virtually no fanfare this past spring—had popped up on Amazon Prime. It’s the kind of “mystery/thriller” I like—talky, just a few people, limited physical space—and it’s fun to watch its (admittedly slight) puzzle plot fall together. It’s a hell of a lot more fun than the recent glossy (that’s my code word for tacky) CGI-drenched Agatha Christie reboots, which might as well have been called Murder on the Hard Drive.

The Outfit is super-scaled down; someone should try and stage it live. The whole movie takes place in three rooms in a Chicago tailor’s cutter’s (there’s a difference!) shop and there’s a bunch of Macguffin nonsense about a tape recording and dueling mob families or something. It’s one of those plots where there’s A Thing and Everyone Wants the Thing but the Thing doesn’t really matter. It could be a tape or a croissant or a flower pot, whatever. Eventually, everyone points guns (and scissors!) at each other and that’s what we were waiting for.

It’s really all about Mark Rylance and he’s the main reason it all works, but it’s a pretty big main reason. He’s in every scene and if you watch the movie a second time, keep your eye on him at all times to see if you can catch him giving anything away (the answer is: no). It’s just as much fun to watch him chalking and cutting wool or sewing on a sleeve as it is watching him … well, you’ll see.

There’s a tantalizing turn of the plot at almost the last minute that gives Nikki Amuka-Bird a fantastic entrance and even fantastic-er monologue, and a bit of me wanted the movie to be about twice as long so we could have more of her … but I’ll take what I can get.

By the way: the title is an absolutely terrible pun, and I do love a pun. But it’s forgivable.

About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • Your review was spot on. I loved the movie. A movie with such quiet subtle moments as you edge to the end. We turned it on for Mark Rylance. He is a great actor. But I sure would like to know whose hands did that stitching-wow!

  • Love Mark Rylance.

  • I love watching Mark Rylance in anything!

  • Ditto to all previous. He is ab fab and the movie is a small perfect gem. It was the only movie we have seen in the theater since Covid began. Watching this little movie on a big screen was wonderful. Mark Rylance uses his face as his mail acting tool and boy does he have it down!

  • Love watching Mark Rylance. A study in quietude … showing inner thoughts.

  • Check your local library, that’s where I found it. It was wonderful!

  • Agree with all the other comments, this was an excellent film and Mark Rylance ewas outstanding! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Do you have a movie/TV/book review blog? If not, you really should! Your reviews are the most entertaining and insightful reviews out there!

  • I appreciated the fine acting in this movie but I must say it was just too violent for me. I got hooked by the story so I watched to the end but can’t say I enjoyed it.

  • I just love Mark Rylance. Thanks for reminding me of this film!

  • I’m tempted to watch this, but for many months have found it impossible to veer away from Kdramas — which I was introduced to right here. I think Crash Landing On You was the recommendation. I’m forever grateful. Other shows I’ve tried to watch pale in comparison to the Kdramas.

  • Just watched, thanks to this post. Really great! Thank you! More please.

  • Watched it last night, well worth it. So great that one of my best go to sources for cultural gems is also my favorite knitting blog! Can you folks offer weather reports too??

  • I finally watched Outfit tonight and enjoyed everything. It would have been nice to have more of Nikki Amuka-Bird, but her scene was perfect here. As someone who did a fair amount of sewing in the past, I loved watching Rylance work. Marking the pattern directly onto the fabric and cutting without the pattern (so much more accurate), and the pad stitching is gorgeous. Thanks for this one!

  • Thanks for the movie info and review, it’s on my watch list!

  • My husband and I watched this last night – totally based on your review. We loved it. Hubby was even willing to stay up past his bedtime to see the end of it. Be sure to let us know the next time you find something this good. Thanks!

  • Knit to This!! I don’t think so! Enjoyed it a lot, but knit two stitches and gave up. Perhaps if it was plain knitting, but it is mosaic pattern and too complicated to watch and follow the pattern.

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