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I’ve held off talking about HBO’s Somebody Somewhere until I could watch the final episode because, while I was in love with it from the start, I wanted to make sure that they could stick the landing, and I’m pleased to say that indeed they did. If a six-episode comedy were an Olympic sport—or vogueing!—we’d be seeing 10s across the board.

Offbeat from almost the opening shot, Somebody Somewhere outlines a definite sense of place (Manhattan, Kansas) in just a few strokes and then spends its six episodes filling in the lines to almost unbearably beautiful effect. Focusing mainly (but not exclusively) on how long-term grief (the death of a sibling) affects standardized-test grader Sam (played by actress/singer/comedian Bridget Everett in a performance that’s alternately heartbreaking and barn-burning), the series takes the time to work in issues of sibling rivalry, addiction, secret “choir practice,” lifelong dreams of owning a Vitamix, and the healing powers of a purple party bus.

It also manages to have a fairly large cast of extremely well-drawn minor characters and it works hard at making you allllmost like even the ones who seem (at first) to be the most despicable. I particularly enjoyed the wonderfully vicious multi-episode attack on what can only be called the “Live, Laugh, Love” crowd, but even that eye-rolling cynicism ultimately settles down to a prickly sort of affection.

Somebody Somewhere is easily my favorite show since Hacks and even if it didn’t come back for another season (no worries: it’s coming back), it would go on my all-time favorites list. It’s just really, really good, y’all.

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DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • I loved this series! I think yy favorite moment of the series was during the tornado episode when Joel bonded with the small dog he had impulsively adopted.

  • Agree. Gets pretty raunchy at times-just a warning if that bothers you. Did music remind you of another great show? Schitts Creek
    For Kansas people, notice her sister wears an Alma’s Creamery(truly in middle of nowhere Kansas), tee shirt in the barn scene. BEST CHEESE you’ll ever have.

    • Yes, raunchy DOES bother me. I immediately stopped watching “Ghosts” when the Viking guy complained that he wasn’t getting blow jobs anymore from the hippie girl. The show “Nancy Drew”, which I assume many girls and women turned on to experience a “blast from the past” about our once favorite heroine, opened with a sex scene. Why? It was disgusting and totally unnecessary. These are shows in prime time for family viewing. No, it is not acceptable.

      • Each episode of Somebody Somewhere originally aired on HBO – a pay cable channel – at 9:30pm (eastern time) and each was clearly labeled “TV-MA,” but (the non-profit) Common Sense Media – which basically exists to advocate for the appropriateness of media in the lives of children – labelled it with a “14+” for its readers. The information and guidance regarding whether a particular show is appropriate for “family viewing” is plentiful and HBO itself certainly didn’t advertise Somebody Somewhere as such.

  • I devoured this season one day, yep, I said one day, while knitting my Daytripper. I give it rave reviews! Definitely the best show I’ve watched in some time. It has everything. I tell everyone about it. I’m so glad to hear it’s coming back! Thanks for the recommendations. Kept them coming!

  • DG- I thank I could visit you for a weekend and just watch TV. Loved this, Hacks, and so many others you’ve mentioned. Thanks. Loved the new pillow at the store.

  • Such a great, great show! The NYTimes Sunday Routine of Bridget Everett was an added delight to the season. I will be watching Life & Beth if only to catch more Murray Hill.

  • Thanks for the great info,
    I must put it on my list!

  • Thank you for a needed new show. I’ve been laid up after surgery and can’t concentrate enough to knit as much as I want. Actually I knit only to discover I screwed up so have been ripping out a lot. Boredom is intense and soul sucking so finding anything to occupy my mind for a bit until I can think and do again is very much appreciated.

  • I loved this show so much and was gutted that it was such a short series.

    BTW Bridgette Everet did a pilot for a show called “Love You More” that was amazing but that didn’t get made. I hope that changes now. It was even bigger and more quirky than Somebody

    • I was so sad that Love You More was not picked up as a series.

  • I devoured the first 4 episodes at once then made myself save some for the next night. It walks such a fine line, brilliantly.

  • Will do! You recommended Hacks, and we can’t wait for new episodes. Great taste!!

  • Just in time! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • You had me at “Manhattan, KS” – my husband and I met at and earned our bachelor degrees from KState, some 30+ years ago. It will be fun to see how the show depicts the Little Apple!

    • I’m a KState grad too!!! (You’re a few years younger than I am – ’82). He had me at Manhattan KS and purple party bus. Was Swannie’s Back Door still in existence when you were there? I miss donuts fresh from the fryers after beers in Aggieville.

  • This show is so good, I thought I’d learned about it here. Because you all are one of my prime places for new ideas of things to watch. Now I wonder who did suggest it? I love shows that honor the value of ordinary, life-broken souls. And make you laugh. My husband and I loved it.

  • My comment was lost, though now I’m guessing it’ll appear to embarrass me when I post this one. This is such a great show. In fact, I thought I learned about it here, because it’s just THAT kind of show (and also you are where I get my best recommendations). I love that it values its ordinary life-broken souls so much. And makes me laugh.

    • yep, it did 😉

  • Like @Traci, you had me at Manhattan, KS. My son and DIL met while stationed at Ft. Riley and got married there. I like to tease that they got married at the Hilton (Garden Inn) in Manhattan. Definitely need to check the show out.

  • I think I might have to watch it again. It was that good.

  • I watched the whole season tonight. It was so fantastic. Funny enough at moments to bring me to tears, sad enough at moments to bring me to tears. I love shows with actors who look like ordinary people, living their ordinary lives. It gave me vibes of both Schitts Creek and Joe Pera Talks With You.

  • Thanks so much for the recommendation. You have never been wrong. I’ll be watching this one today.

  • Thanks for the recommendation, DG; I’ve started watching it and am so glad to have found it! I’m deliberately spacing the episodes out to really appreciate them

  • You’re making me want to subscribe to HBO

  • This is such a beautiful series. I’ve been proselytizing about it to everyone I know since The first episode. So glad it’s getting another season.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I watched the entire season in one sitting. Loved it.

  • It’s so so good. Beautifully filmed. Quirky family stuff but not all explained at once. The challenge of moving back to your home town where everyone thinks they know you. For me, I know it’s my kind of series when I anticipate the “grief” of arriving at the last episode and pining for the next season when I midway thru Episode 1. I felt this way about Hacks and Ted Lasso. All just such good series that unfold their characters.

  • Great recommendation. I hadn’t heard of this show, tried it and loved it. Keep the recommendations coming.

  • I just started watching, it’s FAN-TAS-TIC!

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