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As you’ll see if you comment otherwise, I love disco and will defend it until the late Donna Summer politely asks me to shut up about it. So I ain’t shutting up about it.

You might not actually knit to Jessie Ware’s That! Feels Good! But you will do just about everything else to it: jog, wash the dishes, cook dinner, dominate the club floor, enter international disco dancing competitions, etc etc. All the things you do on a daily basis, in other words.

It’s Ware’s second disco-centric album (after 2020’s What’s Your Pleasure?—equally disco-rrific) and she manages quite the trick: it sounds like it’s both lifted from a late-70s peak disco playlist and also created like five minutes ago just for you, just for right now.

I have not quit listening to “Pearls” since it came out back in February, and I was goose-bumpingly thrilled when the rest of the April-released album rose to the same level. “Shake the Bottle” (it’s about champagne, mmmhmmm, I swear) is deliciously, hilariously borderline-dirty and I’ve been caught singing “that’s the way to make my bottle pop” everywhere from a hospital waiting room to the grocery store to a wake over the last few weeks. Sorry, not sorry.

However, if you’re one of the anti-disco-sorts (there are meetings you can attend to correct this and they’re still called discotheques and yes, I might still think it’s 1978), Ware also cohosts an absolutely delightful podcast (with her mother, Lennie!) called Table Manners

Jessie and Lennie invite a celebrity (sample guests: Ramy Youssef, Yotam Ottolenghi, twenty-five percent of ABBA, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dolly Parton) over for lunch (sometimes leisurely, sometimes not) and all sorts of hell (occasionally) and laughter (often) breaks loose (it depends on the number of drinky-drinks) while they chit chat in an amusing and prickly mother/daughter way about everything from the celeb’s latest project to their own family to oh, tooth veneers or whatever. It’s an idea that I am kicking myself for not thinking of first (though I think I did beat Jessie Ware to disco singing). Table Manners might not be a disco song, but it’s just about as utterly addictive.

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Step 2:  Tell us the title of your disco album (if you fantasize about recording one) … or your food-lover’s podcast if that’s more your thing. Or if you prefer to make a disco album or foodie podcast recommendation instead, go for it. Leave your answer in the comments.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, June 4, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.


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About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.


  • I am a fan of food blog The Splendid Table…great for road tripping as it makes the hours tic by…also a disco fan! Loved The Ohio Players, Donna Summer, etc back in the day…thanks for this recommendation I’ll definitely tune in!

    • “Baby Bootie Shaker” by the band Mom Jeans

    • Sigh… I missed the disco era while I was growing up in a Christian cult, so maybe “One More Time For All the Cult Kids”

      • I think I would do a podcast something like: ‘the healing power of food; don’t forget the chocolate!”

    • I grew up with ABBA always playing at our house… still sing dancing

      • My mom has ABBA records. I loved Xanadu the movie and music does that count as disco?

  • I’m not clever enough to come up with a disco title at 5:55 on a Sunday morning (was having the weirdest dream, ever). But a favorite food podcast would have to be called Everything Chocolate!

    • Saturday Night Fever! Thanks for the memory.

      • Yes, definitely Saturday Night Fever!

  • Kylie has new music out!! She’s definitely the princess of disco (obviously Dolly is the queen) 🙂

  • My podcast would be Dishing It Up. And I am sure that there is one called that or should be!

  • Making old recipes new again!

    • As a 70s kid, I grew up with disco, Saturday Night Fever et al. My parents LOVED cranking the stereo up on Sunday mornings! All time fave disco track is Ami Stewart’s Knock on Wood – sounds extra good when turned up LOUD in the car.

    • My food podcast would be called Simply Delicious!

      • I’d go with Monday Morning Fever. I have small kids…

        • “I’m trying to survive!”
          Since “I will survive” was a hit.

  • My sister and I drove from NY to FL a few years ago and sang along to every Donna Summer CD we owned. At the top of our lungs by the way! Made us feel young again!

    • My album would be called ” Not Dead Yet”. I

      • DJ Digs it up!

    • My food podcast would be about eating, since I don’t love cooking: Sitting Down To It.

  • It’s too early to dream up a disco album title of my own, but I wore out my “Saturday Night Fever” album. Glad to know there is at least one other disco lover out there!

    • Favorite disco song – Brick House- makes me want to dance!

      • Hot Chocolate – works for music or food!

  • How about favorite disco song? She works hard for her money. I still catch myself humming it.

  • Nan must be my twin, & Pat my sister, so I’ll use their answers

  • After living the disco years, Boogie Mornings instead of Boogie Nights!

  • Donna Summer’s album On The Radio (greatest hits) is my favorite. But, the Salsoul Orchestra’s Magic Journey (Run Away song) album is right up there on my all time favorite chart list. Thanks, DG, for starting my day off with happy music and dancing!

  • My food podcast: chewing on it. And the line to segue to commercials would be we’ll get back to you.

  • My one and only disco album: Saturday Night Fever. Haven’t pulled it out in years, but I’m sure I still have it in my vinyl collection. I know, I know, so unoriginal!

  • Is there anything better than the Ethel Merman Disco Album?

  • I enjoy listening to ABBA , as do my 14 and 10 year old granddaughters. Otherwise I enjoy knitting podcasts . Happy Knitting , all !

  • Hidden Brain podcast – always something interesting

    • I like The Splendid Table podcast!

  • Favorite food podcast is The Sporkful.

  • Any time I hear a Bee Gees song, I am transported back to high school mode. Saturday Night Fever forever!!

  • I can’t NOT do the John Travolta strut when Saturday Night Fever plays! ABBA, Donna Summer, all joyful and require dancing! Food for Thought would be my foodie show.

  • DG Strong, now I know why I love you so much! You made a time warp by bringing together my current knitting craze and my disco craze from the 70’s. Like Kitchener stitch for 2 halves of a century!!

    • Not disco, but a good anthem anyway…”I get knocked down but I get up anyway” This song fixes (just about) anything.


  • I like Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street radio podcast. I always learn something interesting. Disco is here to stay!

  • Saturday Night Fever- wait- is there something else???

    • I loved The Muppet’s Saturday Night Fever Album! My toddler had all the right moves.

  • The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 hands down. My album would be: Needled and Tangled

  • My food blog would be Jackie Tastes It and Makes It. I usually follow a recipe once, then add my personal spin on it in subsequent tries. I’m also pretty good at swapping out ingredients to what I have on hand.

  • My disco play list would be half Chaka Khan, half Earth Wind and Fire! (No name needed for my disco album since I’d be too busy dancing to the good stuff that’s already out there!)

    • My food blog would be called “Bacon and Mixed Veg”.
      Whenever people in my house complain that my food is too good (and affecting waistlines etc), I gently suggest we could eat barely cooked bacon and frozen mixed veg (a favourite meal of a friend). Usually silences the in house critics.

      • Hot Chocolate – works for music and for food!

  • Boogie Woogie Disco would be my fantasy title

  • AT my age, the album would have to be called “Help Me Up So I Can Dance!”

  • I am old enough to remember disco when it was new! No podcast or album recommendations but I do love disco fashion!

  • This Boston girl is Donna Summer all the way as the main course and Earth Wind and Fire as dessert!

  • On the Radio by Donna Summer. My children thought for a number of years if you turn on a car, you hear Donna Summets!

  • It would be “Never enough Dirt”,because food starts in the garden, and that’s where I’ll be digging it up with Pearls today

  • Donna Summer all the way!

    • For food influencers both Smitten Kitchen and David Leibovitz have kept me enthralled for years. There rare intermittent Instagram live video installments from each but I mostly just read the blog posts religiously, as I do MDK!

  • Maybe not truly a foodie podcast, but I love SoulFam with Diana and Lexi. Full disclosure: Lexi is my daughter.

  • Is Abba disco? If so, that my favorite.

  • Bad Girls – Donna Summer is quintessential Disco. Donna 4 evah!

  • Oh I LOVE this. DG, you always come through! How about a disco album called Is It Kismet…or Electric Love?

  • Milk Street with Christopher Kimball

    • When I think of disco I think of Jane Fonda’s first exercise videos and those hairdo and exercise clothes. Favorite podcast is Poetry Unbound.

  • My disco album would be be “I can still hustle”. Thanks for the “Do the hustle” ear worm as I set about gardening this morning.

  • Favorite food podcast – Burnt Toast from Food 52. Described as snackable bits.

  • Food podcast: It’s a Cookbook…for Humans!

  • It’s not disco, and it’s not really a food podcast – but I’ve subscribed to Smitten Kitchen for years and years and love the way she writes – I wish I knew her in real-person! I also have to say Stanley Tucci’s book Taste, my life in food – I listened to it in the car on a long road trip and had to get it to try the recipes.

  • Wanna Get Wooly!

  • What a “Flash” back! Now to go feed the goats and do some field dancin’.

  • The Priscilla Queen of The Desert soundtrack is a fantastic sampler of disco

  • Do the hustle podcast with the topic being fitness

  • Saturday Night Fever

  • Aerobics Forever! I’m sure it will be a runaway smash hit.

  • Food podcast: It’s a Dill of a Pickle!

  • Not exactly according to rules (but isn’t that sort of how this particular game plays?), my favorite game right now is the little deck of cards called Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Last night it had my 7 y/o grandson, my daughter and me laughing so hard we were all three in tears.

  • Thanks for the intro DG Strong. There is always room for more disco, the driving rhythm and playful lyrics.

  • I once did an entire spin class to BeeGees music- oh that was fun!!

  • What’s ready! A garden to plate podcast.

    Disco Album

  • The Weather Girls classic It’s Raining Men

  • Pop To Go
    My fantastical title. If it’s not taken!

  • Doin’ the Purl Bump

    • Wins the internet!

  • Anything ABBA or BeeGees will get me out of my seat dancing not matter where I am or who is watching! My disco album … Cats on the Waterbed. Favorite food blog is Splendid Table.

  • Donna Summer

  • Milk Street is a wonderful food podcast. It’s hosted by Chris Kimble, who was previously with Cooks Illustrated.
    I may have to rethink disco.

  • I really like the podcast off menu with British comedians Ed gamble and James acaster.

  • Thanks DG, have had Ring My Bell earworm for the last hour! Fortunately on a YouTube so I can get it out of my system!

  • How about “Al Fresco” for a food podcast!

  • “Vegan Recipes from Bonnie’s Buffeteria. Food with a Green Soul.” My husband loves disco, and he must listen to it in the car, whether I’m enjoying it or not. I’ll stick with food.

  • My album would be Knitting Queen! (Because I’m having the time of my life….)

  • DG-I cannot think you enough for the video in this entry. So deliciously campy and over the top but with great vocals!!!

  • Now I realize I should have a few food podcasts in my pocket – I do follow Smitten Kitchen and The Modern Proper on Instagram and find lots of great inspiration. But this morning you all have me wondering if I should get back to cooking to disco (which would be a great podcast name too)

  • Anything ABBA. Actually, everything ABBA.

  • My food-lover podcast would be ‘Follow the Recipe??’

  • my disco album would have to be, Swing It like You Mean It.

  • When Mama Mia came out I loved it so much my kids got me the movie for Mother’s day! If only all the actors could do ABBA justice…

  • When do we eat? That’s I title that resonates in our household.

  • Sesame Street Fever! With the inimitable song, Rubber Duckie and so much more.

  • Bee Gees ‘Stayin’ Alive’ and Chic ‘C’est Chic’

  • I’ve never caught disco-fever, but watching Mama Mia! With my aunt when I was little has made ABBA a permanent fixture in my brain!

  • I will have to go with Glitter Ball

  • My fantasy album would be Lautrec.

  • From now on I’m naming everything “I swear.”

  • Home Cooking. Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway hilariously cooked through the pandemic. Her laugh is like food for the soul.

  • Forever and always, ABBA❣️

  • I would love it if there were a food podcast with recipes and ideas for meals, snacks and treats for those with food intolerances and allergies.

    • Not a podcast but check out food blogger Cook Nourish Bliss. She has a lot of allergy friendly recipes heavy on veggies, etc. I haven’t made a ton off her site but what I have made was delicious.

  • I loved the BeeGees on Saturday Night Fever

  • Love disco! Saturday Night Fever says it all!

  • Always ABBA! I’ve got them on vinyl (from the Columbia House subscription I had in HS, paid for with babysitting and horse stall cleaning $$), cassette (mix tapes recorded with friends and a few purchased ones), CD (for car karaoke like when my husband got orders for Alaska-YAY!- and we trekked from MD to Anchorage in our minivan with 5 kids, 2 cats, an 85lb black lab and tent camping gear; even my 18 mth old could sing Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia by the time we entered Canada!) and iTunes on my ancient iPod. I’ve seen Arrival from Sweden (ABBA approved tribute band) twice at Red Rocks Amphitheater and both times it was a massive sing along, dance along, glow sticks and LED rainbow lights flashing, all ages, joyfully exuberant outdoor disco party like no other.

  • Has to be Donna Summers! Any album will do!

  • In 1979 I was a single parent, a student at university and a lover of road trips. Never ending ABBA on the VW bus tape player. I am sure my kids could sing all the words even now. Happy memories!

  • I loved this music, makes you want to rise out of a funk and glide around!!
    How about this album for a giveaway?1

  • What someone else cooked!
    My favorite food!

  • If I had to make a food – related podcast, I’d probably call it Afternoon Tea. And the host(s) and guest(s) would drink tea and talk about whatever. Maybe with the appropriate scones and sandwiches to make it an afternoon tea…

  • ABBA is great. I toured their museum in Stockholm last summer

  • Can’t help dance around when disco is playing! But Food Lover podcast is more my thing, titled Every Little Thing You Cook is Magic!

  • My disco-era guilty pleasure is anything KC and the Sunshine Band. Such a bop!

  • Delectable Seafood

  • Love ABBA, and Donna Summer (Queen of the original disco!). As for food, Alexandra’s Kitchen is my fav. She’s written the best bread book ever.

  • Saturday Night Fever

  • Saturday Night Fever

  • The best late-disco-era entry is “Upside Down,” by Call Her Miss Ross. Voting might as well be closed!

  • ABBA though I think of them as pop also. Have always loved them, then daughter’s amazing high school theatre did Mamma Mia! then we went to Iceland and of course I had to go to Husavik, from Eurovision fame…as you can see I have a problem. 🙂 Thanks for the very fun recommendation!

  • Any Tina Turner music is my dance music of choice.

  • My food podcast would be called My Husband’s Cooking.

  • I have been *delighted* to sing and dance along to Lucius’ disco-licious “Next to Normal” recently. It also feels both brand new and straight from the 70s/80s.

  • I Dare You!
    (to be still while listening)

  • How can Saturday Night Fever be topped?

  • No specific disco recommendations, I danced happily to anything playing in the 70s when I was in high school.
    As to a food podcast, hard to narrow down, I like trying different things, but have a special spot for things Eastern Mediterranean (very broadly speaking, like into the Caucasus), maybe The Hungry Traveller?

  • ABBA!

  • Everything To Dance To!

  • Cookin over a Campfire

    Sorry DG, not a disco fan. Ever.

  • Earth, Wind & Fire was the first band I saw live. Then it’s a toss up between Donna Summers and Gloria Gaynor. My food pod cast would be Avant Tout, it might be about food history, or it might be about trying new techniques, or maybe ideas for apetizers…under development.

  • The closest I can come to loving disco is ABBA… I’m more the classical type, currently dancing to Waltz of the Flowers. But I love the suggestion from Nan for a food podcast called Everything Chocolate. My all-time favorite wedding reception nosh was the chocolate covered bacon treats served at a friend’s son’s wedding. Delish!!

  • My Disco Album name would be: Flipping Disco

  • Disco is the best! I love Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry. Makes you want to dance every time.

  • Do i want to feel good, Donna Summer!

  • Food + disco = Cookie Monster’s Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco

  • “I Dig Disco!!!” That’s it…. That’s what I’d call my album!

  • My food podcast is: Because you can’t eat Wool.

  • My grandpa owned a local grocery called Hall’s Market. My folks owned an antique store called The Hall Closet. If I owned a yarn store, it would be the Yarn Haul. So, if I had a food podcast, it would be The Great Hall, Where Good Food is Served.

  • So fun!
    My brain immediately went to a compilation album that I bought back in the 90’s as a very poor single mother of 4 (so cut me some slack): Ultimate Funk. To this day it’s the album I play to get my body up off the couch. Brick House, Get Down on it, Superfreak, She’s a Bad Mama Jama, You Dropped a Bomb in Me, Play That Funky Music, Freakshow on the Dance Floor—I’m getting antsy just thinking about it!
    Thanks for the motivation, DG!

    • Oopsies! The title of my disco album would be, “Hot, Tired Mama on the Dance Floor.”

  • Oh boy, I don’t do podcasts so I don’t have a title. But I did see Donna Summer live at Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Great show!

  • I Left the Cake Out (in the Rain)
    Album and foodie podcast, both imagined!

  • My favorite “foodie” blog is “Smitten Kitchen.” It’s not a podcast, but it’s really terrific, lots of free recipes. I learned how to make my own vanilla extract from one of her recipes (it’s better than store bought. Just put vanilla beans in a glass bottle of vodka for a month or two, shake once a week, and voila! That’s my kind of cooking. Thanks for the wonderful video of disco music. I love it!

  • Prince 1999!

  • That’s the Way of the World – Earth Wind & Fire

  • The Sporkful by Dan Pashman; he devised an entirely new pasta shape (made by Sfoligni) that is terrific. I also enjoy The Splendid Table.

  • Plate This – food podcast

  • My podcast would be Put An Egg On It! There’s very little that is not improved by a fried egg on top.

  • Disco: Ain’t too proud & you know it”…so just dance or food blog: also from disco time, “1-800-callMom” as my kids, their friends *and* my friends have continued over the years from undergrad through dissertations & food safety crises.

  • A remake of “I Love the Nightlife” to something more middle-age “I Love the Daylight”

  • Saturday Night Fever!

  • Oh Splendid Table. So wonderful

  • My Disco album title is waffling between “Boogie Knits” and “Saturday Knit Fever”. My food podcast would be “Cooking with Blue Language” and yep, that is how my cooking tends to go!

  • Any of those Bee Gees tunes, love them!

  • Saturday Night Fever may be the only disco album I have. Most of my albums are earlier than the disco era. I love to cook but all of my podcasts are knitting and gardening. I never thought of following a cooking podcast and I never watch the cooking channel. (I had a catering business back in the 80’s for 10 years.)

  • I can’t imagine making a disco album, but I do love disco music.

  • Anything from Saturday Night Fever gets me and my best friend from 4th grade up on our feet and dancing. We love food podcasts too….all kinds.

  • I think my disco album would be “Electric Slide” – which can also apply to my Addi Turbos. I love podcasts. For history buffs, BBC “A History of the World in 100 Objects” is a good one for car trips. Also the BBC’s Friday Night Comedy podcast.

  • My disco album would be called The Biscuit Tin (or The Cookie Jar, depending on location) because, like disco, it’s irresistible. The radio here has been playing Jessie’s new songs and they are fabulous.

  • Saturday Night Knitting Fever

  • Sunset Stitches

  • The chatty late 90s film, The Last Days of Disco, set in the early 80s, has a particularly fabulous soundtrack. You don’t have to like one to like the other, but if you don’t enjoy disco, I agree with DG that there’s a cure for that and it might just start with a couple doses of these tunes.

  • I loved her 2020 album, so I’m excited to check the new one out.

    My cooking podcast would be called “By the Book,” where I would cook recipes for one of my dozens of cookbooks exactly as written their talented authors intended (I look through them all the time, but really only for inspiration).

    Disco album? Maybe “Drambuie Dive Bar,” to honor the scene from the movie Airplane where I first heard the Bee-gees!

  • My food blog could be “stuff my kids will actually eat,” though it wouldn’t have much content!

  • My food podcast will be called Bakin’ and Shakin’.

  • The Sporkful is a fun food podcast.

  • Donna Summer Last Dance, Michael Jackson off the wall, Any thing food, Jacques and Julia.

  • My foodie podcast would be called “One More Bite.” Growing up, my dad always said that you should finish your meal thinking “I wish I had just one more bite.”

  • Saturday Night Jive Fighting at the Carwash in the Rain with the Cake!

  • I read a few ruth reichl books … closest i have come ! I appreciate Abba but they are more pop? I am one generation from really enjoying disco on the dance floor as my daughter did. I am more a rolling stone rock fan.

  • Saturday Night Fever!

  • Adore the Home Cooking podcast (and all things Samin)!

  • Love the vibe of The Bee Gees. My album would be named “Friday Night Frenzy.”

  • I’d have to call MY album Disc-Go ‘Round—let the 70’s beats live on!

  • Who is more disco than Donna Summer? Makes me feel like going to Skatetime USA with my bestie…

  • My food lovers podcast would be Cooking Without Recipes.

  • My album would be called,” Knitting Fever” and would contain music guaranteed to help me finish all my WIPS!

  • I’d gave to go with a gluten free podcast since my very recent diagnosis of gluten intolerance that wreaks havoc on my GI system. Still trying to adjust to this new way of living.

  • MC Hammer “can’t touch this”

  • C’est Chic always gets me up on the dance floor!

  • I enjy listening to The Splendid Table and America’s Test Kitchen. Although I would much rather knit than cook dinner!

  • For music, I cannot be unhappy when I hear Earth, Wind and Fire. Their music makes me want to break out the sequins and fringe and dance.

    For food, a podcast called :Yes, You Can Rescue that Recipe!” It will give you fixes and substitutions for recipes that haven’t gone right.

  • Donna Summer Bad Girls album.

  • My album would be titled, “CPR to this!” since one of the best rhythms for CPR is “Staying’ Alive” Most Disco tunes would serve as well.

  • The Electric Skillet for either!

  • The Sizzling Skillet, for both!

  • Donna Summer, baby! Any album!

  • ABBA all the way!

  • My car is nicknamed “Disco”! Miss Soul Train.

  • I’m a fan of anything Joanna Gaines puts on the table.

  • My favorite food lovers podcast I’d Pack Your Knives!

  • Oh…IDK…”Never Can Say Goodbye to a Good Yarn Buy” 😉

  • I like watching Mama Sue’s Recipes and Miss Annie’s Kitchen. I am from Alabama and they are, too.

  • What can I say? Anything BeeGees puts me right there

  • Reading these comments is like a trip down memory lane…Donna Summers on the right, BeeGees on the left…ABBA over there…too many choices. Disco till the end!!!

  • Not a fan of disco (sorry, not sorry) and I prefer to read food blogs and listen to knitting podcasts. My favorite food blog right now is HowSweetEats. Her recipes never disappoint me.

  • My disco album would be titled “Glitter and Roller Skates”. My podcast “What’s for Dinner?”

  • What a Fools Believes on Dooby Brothers Minute By Minute album is as disco as I can do. Sorry !

  • Food blog fan here! But I do love ABBA!

  • Let’s Dance (Donna Summers)

  • I may have been caught singing along to ABBA in the grocery store…

  • “We Are Family” was a favorite — I have 5 sisters so it made perfect sense to me.

  • I had to go say, way back. The 70s were not a good time for me. An unfortunate marriage, divorce, huge health issues (aggravated by stress, I’m sure!), worked full time plus while going to night school, etc. I had to search the internet for disco albums! Probably my fav was Natalie King Cole’s “Unpredictable.” My husband was, and so I always had to be predictable. Hard times, but got through them to a better self and better life.

    • Amendment: I forgot ABBA! Seeing the comments… sheesh! Never without ABBA, in some form-whatever the media of the time. I had Mama Mia on a CD when my niece came to visit. It was the only thing that would sooth her newborn and they’d left their copy behind. They were so relieved I had it – and so were we!

      • Saturday Night Fever

  • I am all about Saturday Night Fever! I can listen to it forever!

  • Disco album: Groovin’ with My Oldies, because we’re still moving but not jumping!

  • Funky Music: my COMBO disco and food blog!

  • I love The Splendid Table, it always leaves me with new cooking ideas!

  • OMB I already had to live through the disco era twice—once here in the states and the following year when I lived in Peru as a foreign exchange student. Our trends took a little bit to make their way around the world back then…just long enough to annoy me twice. Aaarrrggghhh! My album would be Disco No More.

  • The Splendid Table

  • LOVE JESSE! She has a great voice – been a fan for awhile. DISCO is fabulous; always was and always will be… “Shake it!”

  • I’m not good at turning a phrase, so naming an album or a food podcast is probably not a wise idea! I agree with others that ABBA and the Bee Gees sum up disco for me. I love Milk Street and The Splendid Table. Is someone else good at smashing that all together?

  • Bee Gees. Earth Wind and Fire.

  • I am ashamed to say that I never go out of my way to listen to disco, though I always find it delightful, nor do I listen to food podcasts, though I love eating and cooking. However, at my age, if I had a disco album, it would probably be called Disco Nap, a delightful term I learned from Carrie Fisher’s one-woman Broadway show.

  • La Pitchoune

  • oh the splendid table has long struck such a chord

  • Love your products and blog!! Hope you both enjoy your summer,

  • Earth, Wind, and Fire It Up

  • My fantasy “food” blog:
    Flower-Power Drinky Drinks —
    Herbal love, with a kick.
    (Thanks to DG for suggesting part if the name!)

  • “Dance as if your hip doesn’t hurt”

  • Untangle Me, Baby! AH, the disco years ❤️

  • My future disco album: Solar Disaster

  • I remember Donna Summer-“She Works Hard for the Money” because I worked for her record company when the album came out and my office was directly across from the head of Black Music and I heard that record a lot. Did it help my contract drafting ability? Who knows? But it made the day pass nicely.

  • I love disco but don’t have any tapes. I now listen to the Tubi channel programs and love them. I love mysteries and thoroughly enjoy a whodunit.

  • My sister once shared a meme for teachers: your signature dance move is the name of your hometown + the comment you write most on student papers. She teaches elementary art, so her dance move is the Akron Good Job. Sadly in my history department, we had the Akron W.C. (short for word choice), the Manchester Passive Voice, and the Findley Awkward.

    I’m pretty sure there is a disco album worth of track titles to motivate teachers for grading in all this . . .

  • Foodie podcast…”Forget Love, I’d Rather Fall in Chocolate !”

  • I definitely recommend the Scissor Sisters’ album Ta-Dah as a great modern disco album!

  • I also love The Splendid Table, just recently (re)discovered it on one of my runs and I couldn’t wait to get home and eat 🙂

  • I would do podcast about gluten free recipes that are affordable!

  • Not strictly disco: Queen. Okay, not disco at all. But “Fat-Bottomed Girls”? I remember cooking a holiday dinner while belting that out. We make the rockin’ world go round!

  • Donna Summer’s “it’s raining, it’s pouring “. Not sure that’s the right name. ❤️

  • Gloria Gaynor I will survive is my go to disco motivator

  • Splendid table for sure for all
    Foodies all the time.

  • I recommend The Novice Chef blog spot: only if you love easy & butter.

  • My disco album would be “Like No One’s Watching” ’cause that’s how I dance!

  • Food Podcast entitled: “Lick My Spoon.”

  • Saturday Night Fever FOREVER♥️

  • I’m enjoying The Genius Recipe Tapes podcast.

  • I love the Splendid Table as my food lover’s podcast. Love Francis

  • Sorry DG, I cannot go back to that world of harvest gold and dark green. The 70s are gone and I’m glad. But I would never deny you the right to enjoy it to the hilt!

  • Oh I love a good food podcast – Desert Island Dishes is a favorite

  • How about “Last Dance Dancing Queen”??? Donna and ABBA combo!

  • Reading this just reminded me of a Sesame street disco record I had when I was a kid- wow, I would love to find that now!

  • I don’t know the name of any disco albums! As for food podcasts, there are many. Lately I’ve been enjoying the BBC’s The Food Programme

  • While in general I’m not very disco, I do really enjoy Donna Summers.

  • KC and the Sunshine Band is a guilty pleasure for me. And I will forever have a place in my heart for Earth Wind and Fire, even though they’re a bit more funk than disco.

  • Bad Girls by Donna Summer

  • “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge!

  • My favorite food podcast is actually The Nutrition Diva, in which a nutritionist talks about nutrition research, myths and facts. (A cooking website I like is Budget Bytes. All the recipes I’ve tried have been good.)

  • I’m afraid you’re out of my league this week. I’ll just hope you pick my name anyway:)!

  • The BEE GEES!! Stayin’ Alive

  • Donna Summer’s 1979 Bad Girls is my favorite disco album. I was in 5th or 6th grade at the time, and the roller rinks were blasting her tunes on Friday nights!

  • I saw Mama Mia on Broadway and it was just the most most fun. Highly recommend it.

  • Love Hangover by Diana Ross has been stuck in my head for the past few days!

  • In my humble opinion the best Disco album ever is Saturday Night Fever, closely followed by any Donna Summer album. It’s great to see other people appreciate disco.

  • Disco?!?! Haven’t thought about disco since the 70s! But when Saturday Night Fever was a hit I played the LP over and over!

  • You Make Me Feel by Sylvester is a given 🙂

  • “On the Right Side of Love”
    B-sides are called “On the Wrong Side of Love”

    My record would be divided into upbeat grooves on Side A and slow jams for a broken heart on Side B. Haha

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