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Dear Kay,

Really struck by the dignity and calm of the Italians who talk with us in this short video produced by The Washington Post.

What an exquisite city. I’ve never had the chance to visit Venice, but from friends who have visited in recent years, I’m told that it has been so crowded that it’s hard to navigate.

Such a dilemma for this place—the lifeblood of its economy is tourism. Yet tourism was making it impossibly expensive for locals to live there. And now, the lack of visitors for the foreseeable future puts the city in desperate straits.

My heart goes out to the hat shop owner, the owner of the small restaurant, the young man who’s living on a boat for the duration.

Resilience is the vitamin we all need to be taking.




  • Thank you for this lovely, inspiring, hopeful video. Scary, but hopeful. All will be well in the end.

  • I love their attitude that they need to come together to work towards a better future for themselves and their community. They acknowledge that their increasing loss of full time residents had become a problem and they now can hopefully shape their future into one that is more sustainable.

  • Have had good fortune to have visited several times. A beautiful, very unique place despite tourists, of which I was one. There is a small, sweet yarn shop there with friendly proprietors. So hope that it doesn’t fold.

  • Thank you for sharing this hopeful video; I once lived on a boat with my cat, but the circumstances were completely different. My heart goes out to Venice!

  • Thank you, Ann, for this bitter-sweet video about Venice 2020. I am lucky to have had a few opportunities of visiting this jewel of a city, that continously keeps defying the elements. I hope you too will be able to see La Serenissima when life returns to some normality… eventually.
    But above all, I keep my fingers crossed that Venice will not succumb to the rising waters as sea levels go up bit by bit every year due to the global warming…

  • Thank you for sharing this Venice is still on my bucket list to visit and one day I will

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