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Dear Ann,

This week, I propose that knitters looking for something fun to listen to while they’re knitting, knit to—us!

Well, not just us. I’m leaving out the best part: a week ago, you and I were guests on a Vogue Knitting Live talk series hosted by Felicia Eve, owner of Brooklyn’s String Thing Studio. In addition to owning one of the most beloved knitting shops in New York, Felicia is co-founder of the Wool & Folk festival in Kingston, New York, an event for which MDK was among the proud sponsors this past October, its second year. Felicia is a genius at coming up with new ways to take knitting outside traditional venues to spaces we don’t often see it. She has a way of connecting and organizing that is inspiring to behold, and makes good things happen for knitters and people who don’t yet know they’d like to be knitters. Felicia gets people excited about knitting like nobody else.

In the Fridays with Felicia series, Felicia draws on her network to talk with people playing various roles in the fiber world. She’s a great conversationalist, full of curiosity and good humor. Chatting with her was one of the best times ever, one we didn’t want to end. In fact, we kept on for a good while after Felicia started wrapping up. The best conversations leave you wanting more.

Our chat, linked up top, ranged beyond the MDK story, which Felicia was kind enough to ask about, to topics near and dear to all of our hearts: What do we want to see more of in the knitting community, on-line and in-person? What’s missing? How can knitters and knitting businesses make it happen, together?

I know MDK readers think about these questions a lot, too. Settle in with your knitting, listen, and leave your thoughts in the comments if you’d like to add to the conversation.




  • I loved listening to this!

  • This sounds great. I need help finding the link please☀️

    • I think if you click on the arrow on Kay’s photo up top it should take you to the recording on Youtube

  • Loved this.

  • This was so much fun! Thank you all!

  • This was a joy to listen to!

  • This was wonderful, such good energy amongst you 3, made me smile a lot!

  • I listened to you and realized I can now add another word when I describe why I’m impelled to knit…discovery. It is a lab for discovery. Look what I discovered today! This was great. I’ll always be looking to eavesdrop…in case you feel someone hovering.

  • Listened with my Sunday coffee, knitting socks for my son-in-law. You ladies made my day! Thank you.

  • It was great. Just be yourself & knit. It’s all good.

  • Fun interview! Felicia is so right…I have always said that knitting shops have a very different business model than other types of small shops. This is a relationship sell, more so than any other shop. The shop needs to build and then center around it’s knitting (& crocheting) community.

    After having had the privilege of being a part of thriving knitting groups and shops, at one time, I can underscore that being part of a knitting community is a wonderful and irreplaceable experience. I learned so much from other knitters. We made a practice of it being a place of peace…no stressful or hot conversations around negative world events or politics. We sometimes discussed religion/spirituality, but from a very open, positive and interested perspective. I miss it.

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