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This Saturday I’m spending a few hours learning a new knitting technique: brioche stitch. I have no idea how it works. My brain is hurting a little, in a pleasant way.

Keeping me company this weekend is Desert Island Discs, the long-running (since 1942!) BBC Radio 4 program in which a celebrity “castaway” tells the eight records he or she would want to take to a desert island. Excerpts of the music are played, and much is revealed about the castaway’s life in the process. There are a lot of episodes (3090!), and many look enticing. (Judi Dench! Three times!)


I picked Tom Hanks, because he’s such an interesting, genial talker. (He’s also given more thought to being cast away than most people.) Mr. Hanks did not disappoint. Good company, and even a few tears. Big thanks to our friend Jen Arnall-Culliford for the suggestion.

Have a wonderful Saturday. May you know some solitude, perhaps, but not loneliness.



  • Thank you Kay for this marvelous tip! It was a 45 minutes chunk of joy to hear the Tom Hank episode 🙂 you made my evening just that much better yesterday. Now I just have to find time to scroll through the archives and hear some more… probably a lot more!

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