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I told you I had another Rhinebeck sweater in my sights this year, and hoo boy, it’s a good one. Fresh and hot, from the fun-loving, sweaterrific mind of Jen Geigley, here it is: Cider Mill. 

A souvenir of the designer’s first time at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in 2021, the yoke features beloved Rhinebeck elements: coffee cups, pan flutes, apple cider donuts and the fall leaves of the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. I am utterly charmed by the sweet simplicity of these motifs.

The yarn is MDK Atlas, using Truffle as the main color, with Cedar, Cork, Pebble, and Shale in the yoke.

Instant fall festival outfit—all you have to do is knit the sweater!

Bonus: Colorway Play

Jen’s photography sample may be the ultimate autumnal colorway. And the pattern includes a handy page for the knitter to play with color choices and placement. The possibilities are endless and SUCH FUN. So much fun, Allison, Hannah, Ashley, and Chris teamed up to dream up two alternate colorways.

Merlot (Main color) with Mouse, Pear, Skyline, and Leek
Peat (Main color) with Pebble, Seaglass, Lapis, and Barn Red

If you want to cook up your own Cider Mill palette, download Jen’s Cider Mill Coloring Sheet PDF here. The pattern is here.

Surely I have time for a third Rhinebeck sweater this year—with its top-down, in-the-round construction, Cider Mill won’t take but a minute.

Images @figment art photo; sweater illustration by jen geigley


  • Another Atlas winner from Jen. This is beautiful, and will be fun to knit.

  • In the most recent Fruity Knitting episode, Andrea interviews Georgia Farrell and they talk about the book A Dictionary of Color Combinations. Based on a six volume set published in the 30’s by a kimono designer. I’m not great a selecting colors and this little book is amazing with two-, three-, and four- color combination pages. There are even sample colors in the back where you can snip and play with your own ideas. It’s less than $20.

    • I watched that episode yesterday and the yellow accents she used reminded me of Jen. In my mind Jen “owns” that yellow. The author’s name is Sanyo Wada.

      • Wada Sanzō

  • Thank you for the sample color combinations!

  • It’s so hot here I can’t imagine it will ever be cool enough to wear this beautiful sweater.

    • Same here, I got out of breath just putting my clothes on this morning. T O O H U M I D

  • Another winner! And a coloring sheet – so much fun!

  • The sweater and the color combinations look great! But three Rhinebeck sweaters, before Rhinebeck? Olive, be a dear and take Mama out for a walk every now and then.

    • Needless to say I will take this as a personal challenge. I’m really thinking Cider Mill will come in for 2023….but hope springs eternal.

    • @ Anonymous, Too, Funny! I agree, all 3 color combos are beautiful.

  • Darling sweater. This is knit in what size to fit what measurements?

  • What a beautiful sweater!

  • I have faith in you that you will finish all three sweaters for Rhinebeck weekend.

  • Jen, another smash hit pattern! It’s downright beautiful!

  • SO GOOD!

  • Beautiful design. Stay ambitious.

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