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Get ready, friends, because today we’re heading out for a season of graceful knitting with one of the knitting world’s most popular designers.

Joji Locatelli.

With all the joy in the world, we welcome you to MDK Field Guide No. 22: Grace.

Order your copy right here. Available in print plus ebook as well as ebook-only editions.

Four Exquisite Designs

This brand-new collection shows Joji working at the height of her skill. For more than a decade now, she has created designs that knitters love to make. She has a knack for knowing what’s fun and engaging.

With this collection, she specifically aimed to build a collection of designs that have a certain polish to them, a refinement that makes us feel great when we wear them.

We’ve created a shopable lookbook to show you the designs and the yarns that Joji selected for her designs. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

Click here to view the lookbook. Or click on the cover.

We hope you have fun seeing what Joji has created for us all. One thing’s for sure: this Field Guide means we’re going to end up with effortless new pieces to wear.

New and Limited: The Recoleta Bag

A few years ago, Joji founded a leathergoods company, Joji & Co. To celebrate the launch of Field Guide No. 22: Grace, we’ve brought in a limited supply of a sleek suede tote, the Recoleta Bag.

It’s on the smaller side, a tote that’s just the right size.

Nobody around here has been able to pick just one favorite color.

What’s Ahead

A Conversation with Joji! This Monday, September 19, noon Central time, we’ll visit with Joji, all the way from Buenos Aires, and explore all the designs in the new Field Guide. It’s free; find us here. As always, we will record the Zoom, so be sure to check Snippets for the event recording link after September 19.

An Epic Knitalong! This is going to be good. Get ready for Monday, October 10, when we kick off our knitalong of Joji’s Field Guide designs. We’ll have some juicy Zooms where we really get into the details of these designs, so watch for more news about that.

Beautiful Yarns! We’ve stacked the MDK Shop with new yarns to pair with these four designs. The lookbook shows you all the bundles and options. We hope you’ll enjoy figuring out your project and yarns.

As ever, we’re so grateful for your interest in our Field Guides. Here’s to a lot of Joji joy together in the coming days.


  • So excited. Joji! Have made three of her Felipe baby vests years ago – before I was even aware of designers’ names – all well-received. The Hipster scarf pattern is bought and waiting for just the right color. And now Grace with that delicious vee-neck. Yes. Very excited.

  • Congratulations on the Field Guide, I can’t wait to get started, scarf or vest which first? I’d just love to try your Atlas. Please do let us know when you ship to Australia.

  • Question: Ann/Kay, I am interested in ordering the Recoletta Bag but need to know if the suede is “soft” or “sturdy”. I prefer soft.

    • It is definitely soft.

  • Love the Colours of the bag !! can’t wait to order the field guild – Question when will you be shipping the bags to Canada??

    • We ship to Canada!

  • I have more Joji patterns downloaded than any other designer.
    Her patterns always win when I’m deciding what to make next. Shes the best.

  • Beautiful FG with a talented designer, so exciting! Question about the bag, does it have a zipper or any kind of closure and the yellow isn’t listed, is that not available?

    • It does not have a zipper.

      • Thanks Kay and DG

    • We have the yellow, just scroll down the color drop-down menu, and it’s the fifth entry.

  • Another great Field Guide. I want one, or more, of everything! Starting with the Gossamer sweater.

  • I love this FG! I started the Cuatro Wrap as soon as I got the early release of the guide. 🙂 Went for a bold edition!

  • This collection is GORGEOUS … and a bag!!!! Wow, just beautiful, Joji.

  • Oh, baby.

  • Jojo is one of my fave designers ever.
    That sweater!!
    I’m already set with yarn and needles to make.
    I hereby promise I will swatch and wash.
    You saw it here.

  • I ordered the bag in Eggplant I LOVE it so much I also just ordered it in Pacific Blue. It is soft but at the same time sturdy and holds its shape. I don’t like to carry a large bag and this is not large but is still such a very convenient size. Beautifully done. There is a small zippered pocket on the inside. Just wish I could order it in all colors.

  • I started the sweater and just simply love it – but I moved last weekend and have yet to figure where the packers packed it so far! It’s here somewhere. I can report that the bag is simply divine. I love her patterns and bags and am so delighted to have an MDK collaboration!

  • This is Awesome!! I love Joji’s designs.

  • How size inclusive is the cable sweater? It’s gorgeous! I would love to knit it and have it fit.

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