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Dear everybody,

You may have noticed, the two of us are more in love than ever with all things Alabama Chanin.

To know Alabama Chanin is to love this way of sewing—it’s soothing, it’s zen, it’s a moment of uplift to start your day off right. It’s slow fashion at its finest, with an ethically sourced supply chain of beautiful materials that last.

We’ve been honored to collaborate with Natalie on workshops at MDK World Headquarters in Nashville, and we hope for more events and projects to come, in person and online.

And now we’re thrilled to offer you a free shipping code when you order from Alabama Chanin and The School of Making.

It’s simple: use the code MDKFREESHIPPING at checkout on the School of Making website.

When you shop with The School of Making, you’ll be supporting two small businesses at the same time; MDK will receive a commission on orders using the free shipping code.

Where to Start?

If you want to dip your toe into Natalie’s mesmerizing world, you can do so with the most minimal investment: a sewing needle, a spool of Button & Craft thread (that’s important for strength), and a few old t-shirts or cotton jersey yardage.

The fastest road to the most beautiful result is a kit. You can start with a scarf, a journal kit, or a simple square top. But we recommend beginning boldly, with a Swing Skirt Kit. With just four panels, it comes together quickly, and it’s a garment you will wear, and wear, and wear.

Between the two of us, we’ve made at least half a dozen skirts. The Swing Skirt is the universal donor of handmade garments. It looks good on everyone.

A Trio of Books

We have spent countless hours with Natalie’s books.

In a series of beautiful books, she generously shares every bit of technique that goes into her distinctive designs. It’s all there—the keys to a beautiful handmade wardrobe, or maybe just a top, skirt, or accessory to pair with your handknits. They’re available individually, links below—and there’s a bundle of all three books, which will really set your imagination afire.

Offering an encyclopedic overview that includes stitches, appliqué techniques, pattern-making, stenciling, garments, and projects for the home, this series is ideal for both beginners and experienced sewers alike.

Alabama Stitch Book

Alabama Studio Sewing + Design

Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns

If you love to knit, you will love the same mesmerizing thing that happens when you work with Alabama Chanin.

Thanks as ever for sticking with us on our adventures in handmade.



PS If you’re in Nashville tomorrow, Friday, August 11, we’re having an open house starring special guest Natalie Chanin, and we’d love to see you there.

PSS Remember that code when you check out at, MDKFREESHIPPING. : )

ALL Images © Alabama Chanin

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  • Every time I see an AC piece I start thinking – which one to do next. I have 3 skirts, I’ve made 4. May be time for a top or dress.

  • So looking forward to the event tomorrow!!!!! I’m in

  • Darn, I ordered the square top kit last week, before this generous offer. I’ll save it for my next order, the designs are so unique and addictive!

  • I made their car jacket after you initially introduced us to Natalie Chanin. I love wearing it and am so proud of the coarse topstitches by hand/ The layers of dense fabric were hard to sew through, but so worth the end result.

  • It would be lovely if AC would extend her size range to be more inclusive. And if MDK partnered with more size-inclusive companies for projects like this.

    • Hi Amy! Although the kits aren’t super size inclusive, her books give in depth tutorials on how to COMPLETELY adjust all the included patterns… and any other patterns you may already own. I have also found it more cost effective to buy the books and make my own clothes from them.

    • Ditto.

    • My first Alabama Chanin project was the bird t-shirt. I will say that one of the problems (for many this would be a feature I’ll grant) with their kits is that they are precut. So it is harder to make alterations for however your body isn’t “standard”. I was proud, when I made the bird t-shirt, to have the idea of adding gores to the slim fitting body so it fit as nicely over my hips as my chest. And the Alabama studio book gave instructions on how to do that. My next project, I plan to make a (machine sewn) “muslin” of cheap jersey so I can fit the dress I’m dreaming of to the body I have. I already have the fabric. Maybe I can use your free shipping code to get the stencil and thread I’ll need.

      How long is the MDKFREESHIPPING code good for?

  • I saw Alabama Stitch Book when I took my grands to the library this book. My first thought was, Kaye and Ann taught me about this. I’m enjoying leafing through it between catch-up math sessions and constant snacks.

  • Does the free shipping extend to Europe?

  • I was excited to see this offer. I adore the Alabama Chanin concept and would love to make a garment. I was disapointed to see that their top size on the simple shirt I chose was a 44 bust. Do they have plans to be more size inclusive?

  • Yay! I made my first AC scarf in a beautiful peacock blue color (and seamed it into a double wrap cowl) from the kit offered by the MDK holiday store. Now working on a white scarf following the Geometry of Hand-Sewing book for inspiration. So Excited about the new AC/MDK offerings! Hurrah! Stitch On! I am working up my courage to make a garment. Maybe the skirt. Maybe the tunic. Oh wait, that jacket! Thanks MDK!

  • Wish I could be there! Just saw this—way too far from California! But I just bought all the books—I’m on it!

  • The meditative nature of the running stitch makes me think of the Japanese sashiko embroidery and Indian kantha quilts

  • Watching from the sidelines. After a torrent of Very Easy Very Vogue and other basic sewing patterns in my 30’s, I closed my sewing machine for good. Although I loved wearing what I made I never really enjoyed the process. Ironically I am not as good a knitter, but enjoy it far more.

  • P.S. I realize that Natalie does HAND not machine sewing. It is fascinating to watch, especially now that she has added more color, but I am still happier on the sidelines. Glad you are adding other needlework and fabric crafts. In this computer age we need all the active, meditative handwork we can get. I find that even young people,such as TV anchors, stumble with word order in their sentences as I do. I think it is because our fingers can type faster than our minds can think (personal theory). Thank you for helping everyone to…Slow Down.

  • You have brought up a very excellent details , thanks for the post.

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