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Dear everyone,

For as long as we’ve been publishing our little books about the big world of knitting, knitters have asked us to offer a subscription. 

Well, the time is now.

By popular demand, we’re pleased to introduce a subscription plan for the three MDK Field Guides coming in 2020.

  • Subscribers will be the first to lay eyes on each new Field Guide. No need to remember to order—Field Guides will just magically appear in your mailbox.
  • Subscribing is the best way to make sure your collection of MDK Field Guides is always up to date.
  • It’s a great way to support what we’re up to here at MDK: 365 days a year of Nobel-Prize-worthy content, free of ads and free of charge to all knitters.
  • Field Guide No. 14 is coming soon—and it’s a beauty! Subscribe before March 30, and we’ll make sure you’ll receive it first. 
  • Print and digital download. Your subscription includes the print edition plus a free digital download at Ravelry—your unique download code is on the inside back cover. In addition, when you check out via your MDK account, we’ll download a digital edition to your MDK account as well.
  • Subscriptions available in the U.S. only at the moment. We hope to expand this soon.
  • Become a charter subscriber, and you will be on our honor roll of knitters forever.

Click here to sign up and get all the details.

A Beautiful Collection

The Field Guides are a vital part of what MDK is all about. Knitalongs, tutorials, yarn talk—each Field Guide generates a lot of fun. 

With the legendary Melanie Falick as Editor and Creative Director of the series, we’ve assembled a dream team that crafts each Field Guide to showcase the best in design for handknitters.

The Designers

Each Field Guide features three to five designs from an extraordinary knitting designer. No spoilers, but to get an idea of the sort of designs to expect, here’s the roster of designers who have been featured so far:

Mary Jane Mucklestone, Antonia Shankland, Ann Weaver, Véronik Avery, Michèle Rose Orne, Ann Budd, Dianna Walla, Kirsten Kapur, Sue McCain, Kay Gardiner, Cecelia Campochiaro, Amy Christoffers, Julia Farwell-Clay, Thea Colman, Norah Gaughan, Isabell Kraemer, Wendy Bernard, Jen Geigley, and Kaffe Fassett.

Build Your Collection

Just discovering MDK Field Guides?

The first 12 Field Guides are available in Trio bundles at a savings of 20%. Get your trios here.

Thank You!

We love hearing from you, knitting with you, laughing with you. If ever there were a time to knit on through all crises, with hope, this is it.

If you feel like hanging out, we have a new conversation started in the Lounge, “Let’s Keep Each Other Company.” Among the early posts: Jennifer’s bananas with googly eyes. This is what we all need.


Ann and Kay

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  • Great idea! I’m all signed up!

  • I’m very interested; however, I have no more room for hard copies of books and magazines after downsizing. Is a digital only subscription possible?

    • I’m with you I would subscribe in a heart beat if there was digital only.

    • Why not donate the hard copies to a senior center or some other knitting collective, where they can share and enjoy them?

  • This sounds wonderful. I hope subscriptions for the UK and rest of the world will be available before too long. Your Field Guides are fab!

    • Hi Deborah–We’re working on it! Thank you so much for your interest–we appreciate it so much.

  • That gives me something fun to anticipate. Terrific!!

  • SQUEE. I am still bringing my hard copies to Rhinebeck for your autographs though. 😉

    • We are counting on it, Laura!

  • Hi, What a great idea. How about a digital subscription for those of us who love your field guides but do not live in the USA? Stay safe and healthy, take care of others.

    • We are working on it! You stay safe, too.

  • I just signed up. I love your field guides! They really have helped take my knitting to the next level!! Thank you!!

  • This is a wonderful idea, I wonder if there is a way we can look onto what the previous field guides have in them. I have 2 thus far ,from Knit Stars I knew what I was purchasing. IS there a way to get a feel on what each of the others contain?

    • Click on each title to see details and pictures of projects.

    • You can find them all on ravelry and see the patterns. Probably also here if you search for each one.

  • Hooray!

  • THANK YOU!!! Such a great idea!!!

  • I have several Field Guides and they are not in order. I have ….5,6,7,11,12…I know others must be the same. So if I order pre grouped sets I will end up with duplicates. Is there anyway for me to fill in ordering 3 at a time and finish my set and still get the 20% off? I will understand if this would not work but worth asking. Thank you for all the great knowledge.

  • I have bought several of the Field Guides but not in sequential order. Is there a way to “make your own” trio? Also echoing the request for a digital subscription. 🙂

  • Hey Ann,
    Thank you for your response. I was confused I am clear. Thanks, I didn’t realize subscription was for new 2020 field guides.
    Exciting. I love all MDK does.
    Thanks again, stay healthy.

  • Thank you!!!!!

  • Well, I would love to be on the honor roll. Plan on ordering my subscription soon. Very exciting!

  • The $60 price tag includes the 2020 field guides only? How many do you think you’ll be publishing for that price?

  • I wish you would offer an option for a digital subscription. I tend to lose small books and prefer to use my tablet for patterns when I can, so having a digital subscription would be better.

  • I’m a charter subscriber to the Field Guides – love them!
    Question – do I need to sign up for the 2021 guides, or will I automatically be charged for them?
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

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