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Well, Beata Jezek is driving me crazy.

Beata is the proprietor of Hedgehog Fibres, a yarn dyeing enterprise in Cork, Ireland.


(When can we go to Cork? I’m building quite a list of places we need to visit. Iceland, Cork, the entire coastline of the Baltic Sea . . .)

This yarn jumped out at me amid the madness of Vogue Knitting Live, one little skein, greener than green can possibly be, all slashed up with bits of brown and red and aqua.

Why is Beata Jezek driving me crazy? It’s because I came across this skein yesterday, dropped pretty much everything to wind the yarn, and started knitting whatever pattern was in front of me—the Alegria Shadow Shawl I just finished knitting in that sunshiney Manos. I don’t know when I’ve been so in thrall to a ball of yarn. I don’t care what I make with it; I want only to watch the colors show up on the needle.

Please poke around the Hedgehog Fibres site. It’s such a brilliant explosion of color. I mean, if it can make a gray-lover like me cast on, it’s very powerful stuff.


Also: I am finding that I need a wardrobe of Fringe Supply Co. Bento Bags. Each project needs its own little knot-tied bag. I’m going with chambray for my Hedgehog Twist Sock, shade Pod.

How did Hedgehog Fibres get its name? Well, back in Beata Jezek’s home country of Slovakia, jezek means . . . hedgehog.


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