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Dear Kay,

For anybody who missed our conversation with Joji Locatelli on Monday, you can catch up with our video up top. (Yes, there’s a special coupon code in there for those of you in search of savings.)

In this delightful visit, we talked about her designs in Field Guide No. 22: Grace—including a fair amount about the Grace Notes pullover.

It’s the design that flew to the top of Hot Right Now on Ravelry.

Grace Notes is full of Joji moments: a clever top-down construction, cables that wander from the back to the front, a V neckline that fits well.

In Atlas, Pebble

Joji likes to to show samples of handknits in gray and neutrals, so that knitter can imagine them in whatever color they like.

The yarn here is Atlas, our worsted weight Rambouillet. Joji said a number of kind things about Atlas, to the point that we tried really hard to keep our cool. So happy that she likes our yarn.

In Atlas, Skyline

So it’s time for a little reverie: what’s my Grace Notes going to be? I’m having a hard time figuring out what color to pick, so I decided to Phone A Data Friend and check out what Atlas colors knitters are ordering in Grace Notes quantities right now.

Interestingly (not surprisingly), the top two at the moment are the colors that appear in the Field Guide, Skyline and Pebble.

But look what happens next: all kinds of colors, dark and light.

No. 3: Truffle.

No. 4: Mallard.

No. 5: Seaglass.

No. 6: Shale.

No. 7: Peat.

No. 8: Merlot.

No. 9: Mouse.

Well, I’m down from 22 to 9 colors that I like. These all make sense to me, still pondering! What color is grabbing you?



PS Our Knitalong for Joji’s Field Guide designs will launch on October 10, so watch for news about that coming soon.


  • Peat would be perfect!

    • I bought pear! Love.

      • Pear is the colour I have my eye on. But I’m going to swatch in some Rowan yarn I bought which need to be assigned to a project

  • Merlot for me!

  • Seaglass

  • Skyline! Just ordered – as I wanted a lighter color to show off the beautiful stitch work. Whisper is calling my name in the future, hard to choose….

    • I bought Skyline too. I thought it would go well with darker denim, and, lighter colors are easier for me to knit.

  • Not to put a wrench in your choosing but I’m knitting it in Tutu and it’s gorgeous! Just saying.,.

    • I agree with Tutu. I do not normally choose pink. But I have some soft pink sweaters that work so well with so many other colors. Especially browns for autumn, cozy winter whites, and crisp navy in the spring.

  • Well if I were picking a color for you I would choose Pear. It just screams ANN at me. If I were picking for me it would be Whisper. Is it purple? Is it neutral? Is it both and or is it neither? I love it.

  • I’m knitting mine in Cork, and Pear is calling my name for something…Peat too.

  • Lapis has been my favorite since you first introduced Atlas. This will finally be my chance to use it!

  • I’m between cork, shale, pebble, and truffle. So hard to choose.

  • Oh, I’ve only made two sweaters and I haven’t loved either one. I really, really want to try this, but I have so many WIPS!

  • Whisper or Tutu or Skyline. Peat would be lovely, too.

  • Seaglass. Always seaglass

  • Seaglass always calls to me, but Cedar would be beautiful too!

  • Peat would be perfect! t would go with so many other colors.

  • Ohh!!! Wintergreen!!!!

  • Let me say that, in general, I am a Lapis person. For this sweater, however, Atlas in Natural keeps calling to me. I think that the Grace Notes Pullover in this color would work from fall all the way to early spring. It would be equally attractive from casual to dressed up. With a change of accessories, it could take you from the office to a night out, especially as the holiday season approaches. Ithink that it would go with a variety of colors and styles, from blue jeans to cranberry velvet, to Alabama Chanin.

  • I’m team Mouse – after ordering a skein for the Erika Knight entrelac bag awhile ago. It’s a neutral, but in real life you can see the lovely, cool, subtle lavender-ish undertone. It did take me a bit to get over the name, though — mouse?!? I’m choosing to call mine “deer”. And my Grace Note Sweater, “Bambi”, is coming right along!
    (P.S. To whom do I address my strongly-worded letter as the self-appointed Mouse-to-Deer advocate?)

    • I’m really glad I’m not the only one who has trouble with a colour named “Mouse.” It might be because I live in the country and we don’t have a Cinderella-like relationship with mice. I love browns, so maybe I can adopt your concept and call it Fawn or something. I think this is related to my inability to knit a pattern with “Moth” in the name. 🙂

  • I’m on team Seaglass!

  • Heaven must be yarn in every color and one can take what they want/need without worrying about money

  • Mallard…choose mallard

  • Mallard or Merlot for me.

  • I bought Mallard and it’s already been delivered.

  • Seaglass!

  • Love the construction now that it has been outlined by Kate. Mmm…at this moment Merlot or Peat. But might be wiser to go with a lighter color …mallard? Lapis? Right now leaning toward one of the last two. Chloe

  • On page 23 in Shape Shoulders and neck, look at short row 2: I believe it should read p1-tel, k1. I almost missed it because I was reading my knitting.

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