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A day we’ve been anticipating is finally here: Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 1: Stripes is now available.

We have three big ideas at work in this new series, and we hope you will find something intriguing in all this.

Idea 1: Patterns with That Certain Something

Kay and I have a few Big Topics: British TV series, an ongoing gin argument, and an unresolved debate about the correct way to SSK. One of our most enduring conversations is the question of what makes a good pattern. Easy, hard? Big, small? Intricate or simple?

At this point, we believe that a good pattern can be any of these things. The beauty of knitting is that there’s a project for every moment of life. When you’re feeling like a genius, you’re making a cobwebby shawl. When your brain is a pudding, a stretch of garter stitch feels like a gift.  

The question took on a new relevance when we began planning the new With hundreds of thousands of patterns available to knitters, how do we make sense of it all? What’s good? What’s fun?

The goal became to find the few, the proud, the great patterns. We contacted designers whose work we have admired for a long time—designers who are really crushing it when it comes to creating patterns that have that certain something that makes them hard to resist. We wanted every pattern to be something we really, really wanted to knit ourselves.

So far, so good. In Field Guide No. 1: Stripes, here are the patterns:

Mary Jane Mucklestone’s uncanny color sense explodes in the Station Wagon Blanket. (Dog sold separately.)


Antonia Shankland’s understanding of yarns makes her Breton Cowl a lush extravagance.


Ann Weaver’s love of the unexpected makes her Squad Mitts a chance to play with color.


In the days to come, we’ll be introducing all the creative minds at work on the Field Guides—a large part of the fun is hearing how these folks think. They are thinking a lot, just saying.

Idea 2: Yarns to Love

We’re not a typical yarn shop. We’re focusing on batches of yarn that go with the patterns in the Field Guide. (Plus special yarns we’ve managed to get hold of!) When it came time to pick the yarns to use for the Field Guide patterns, we went with our basic concept: Right Yarn for the Right Project. (Remember, we are the people who think dishcloth cotton is a brilliant yarn. For a dishcloth, that is.) A blanket needs something sturdy; a cowl needs something delicious. The yarns are splendid, every one of them:

Shibui Drift and Silk Cloud.

Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted.

Hazel Knits Artisan Sock.

And if you have a stash the size of Montana, or a yarn shop nearby, we think these patterns are going to give you ample opportunity to work through your own personal inventory.

Idea 3: It’s about Knitting

Kay and I are going to knit everything in these Field Guides. This is not a stunt. We just want to make these things. (Also, it’s kind of a stunt. You can totally call us out if we miss a project.)

We’re curious about these patterns. We know there’s fun to be had, and we crave the finished object. The Stopover knitalong back in February showed us that knitting with likeminded people is maybe the only thing more fun than knitting itself. We learned a ton from everybody who was so generous in sharing ideas, wisdom, techniques, photos and commiseration. We’d like to continue this sort of fun with each pattern we make.

To that end, we’ll be getting The Lounge furbished so we can all knit together—replacing the shag carpet with something superclassy from West Elm, maybe, but we’re keeping the busted-out corduroy sofa because we love that thing.

A warm hug of thanks to the kind readers who reserved copies of Field Guide No. 1 back in August. We see your orders coming in, and we can’t wait to see what you make.



  • this is a great idea!

  • Congratulations ladies. I love the station wagon blanket. Can’t wait to see all of it!

  • Surely I preordered back at first mention. Is there a means to confirm beyond searching my un-KonMaried mailbox? Can’t wait! Such fun!

    • We can’t wait, either, Maggi! Your preorder was a reservation, but no payment was needed until now. So get over to The Shop and get your copy there.

      If you’re buying a print edition, when it arrives you’ll find a Ravelry digital download code on the inside back cover. You’ll be able to download the ebook using that code.

      If you’re buying the ebook, you’ll get an email confirmation with the download link. And (we hope you like this): any patterns you purchase land in your account here at MDK. If you click on the little human icon in the top right corner, go to “Digital Patterns and Books,” you’ll find your Field Guide there.

      Thanks for hanging out! x00x

  • Oh, I cannot wait to hold this treasure in my hands! It is just beautiful <3

  • It’s all beautiful. Love the patterns. My little book should be on the way!

  • Those fingerless mitts are very cute. The photo of them is also great and very clever. Lookin’ good!

  • Love all three! Congratulations!

  • I can’t wait to open my mailbox and find new inspiration in there!!!!!

  • I love the Field Guide idea, and I can’t wait to see where you take it. I’d really love a print copy, but it looks like you don’t ship to Canada right now? Will that change soon, or shall I just go ahead and order the digital copy?

    • Jane,

      International shipping is at the top of our list of ecommerce improvements once we get going. So sorry to disappoint anyone, especially someone who wants a good old-fashioned print book. Bear with bear with! And thank you.


      • I will be patient, then 🙂 Thank you!

  • Oh, it’s beautiful. I especially like page 12.

    • That page has a story, Vineeta! We love page 12 so much.

  • Your new site – and all the goodies – are brilliant. Thanks for making it happen!

  • How frequently will field guides be released-quarterly?

    • Next one is December! Trying to stay on pace. So much fun putting the Field Guides together.

  • It’s all so exciting. Thanks for all of the effort put into MDK, I am so enjoying poking around. Looking forward to digging into Field Guide patterns. You two are the best!

  • So excited! I’ve been looking forward to this book.

  • Be still my field guide loving heart. This will probably live with my knitting books and not my field guides, but it sorely demands a whole new wacky book arrangement policy!

    Will we be able to snag physical copies at Rhinebeck or our LYS? If not then we will all flock to your online store. 🙂

    Congratulations! Just in time for crisp air and long nights!

    • The Library of Congress needs to get on this thing.

      We WILL be at Rhinebeck–I’d love to see you in real human life. Please come see us at the book barn 11-3 Saturday and Sunday. Free little MDK tote bag with purchase at Rhinebeck only!

  • Hi Ladies! Are the wholesale details available yet? xo

    • Thanks for asking, Amy! We’re cooking up the details for ordering wholesale–please stay tuned.

      • Thanks, Ann! I bought the e-book to get started on the patterns! Great projects!

  • Will you be selling the books at Rhinebeck?

    • Yes we will, Susan. Find us in the book barn from 11-3 both days. And we have a free gift with Field Guide purchase while supplies last!

  • Hi! I had reserved a copy in August, but I just bought my copy from Fringe Association (was buying “Within” so I grabbed your book, too). Is that okay? Do you need to release the one you were holding for me?

    • Maureen,

      That is perfectly fine! Fun fact: Fringe is our neighbor at Taylor Street in Nashville. She got her copies hand-delivered. Thanks so much for the support.


  • Hi! I was hoping I was the first order! I got the email yesterday it was available and hit “Add to Cart” right away. Those mitts look like great stashbusting Christmas gifts.

  • Beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Just ordered my reserved copy – is there any chance you will be adding PayPal to the options? So excited to get the “real” book in my hot little hands!

    • Lots of people are asking for Paypal and we are looking into it.

  • I “reserved” a copy, but when I tried to order a print version it seems that it can’t be shipped to Canada, unless I messed something up? Can you process international payments if I order the e-book version instead? It won’t be the same, but I’m sure I can survive.

    • Hi Alison,

      The easiest path would be to get the ebook on Ravelry. We are working on international shipments and payments but in the meantime, Rav is your best bet. So sorry not to be able to ship print copies across borders at the moment.


      • Thanks for getting back to me. I can imagine international orders are more complicated. The good news about getting the ebook is the instant gratification! Congratulations on this exciting adventure.

  • I’m a Tanqueray gal. Stock vermouth. The new website is stunning. Well done.

  • Now I can’t stop wondering about the gin argment. (G & T emoji needed)

  • Can’t wait to get my copy of Stripes. But in the meantime, who takes your wonderful photographs???

    • Sara Remington–still can’t believe our good fortune.

  • This inquiring mind wants to know: Gin the card game or gin the adult libation?

  • I’m ordering a copy of the Field Guide, but…please, please add PayPal to payment options. I don’t like using my credit card on multiple sites, and PayPal is always just a click away. Unlike my wallet!!

    I’m really looking forward to starting my first Field Guide project!

    • Yes, please become PayPal friendly!!

  • Thank you for putting such beauty and inspiration into our days! 🙂
    I know I really appreciate it and continue to enjoy the (mostly) daily posts from you both. Plus now I get guest posts as well. What a joy!
    Must go make my MDK book purchase…

  • Love them all, want to knit them all, apparently can’t quit my job to spend all day knitting, because then how will I pay for the yarn? Also, crossing my fingers that the lounge will have some way to facilitate regional meetups. I have yet to find My Knitting People outside the computer and would really, really love to….

  • I would LOVE a field guide about felted bags/purses. The combined talents of your knitting cabal is amazing!

  • I promised, I bought, I downloaded, I delighted! Lovely, lovely stuff but I just have to comment on the CAKE! The neighbor lady behind us made this cake often. I loved it. I still do. But my mother being the mother she was never said, as i found out when I was older, was that it was a great cake for people who didn’t know how (or care to) bake. Mrs. W, wherever you are, I will always remember the Icebox Cake.

  • Excited to receive my first ebook from you. I did send in my payment on Thursday but nothing’s appeared in my mailbox yet. Can you check my account? (Or send that glorious pooch!) Thanks so much.

    • Hi Luise,

      I sent you an email letting you know that the ebook is in your account. You can access it anytime by clicking on the little person at the top right of the screen, and then clicking on “my digital patterns and books.” Handy!

      All best,

  • We look forward to ordering our Field Guide No. 1!

  • I have tried to order but Canada is not on your list. Am I missing something?

  • What is the gin argument? Need to know! Broker’s is a good’un, and British.

  • Is there any chance of getting more color palettes for the station wagon blanket? I need to knit a blanket like I need . . . well, I don’t – but I like it. Also, I seem to be commenting from my account now, which is fine, except in my excitement at your new web site, I mis-typed my OWN name when I set up my account – It seems permanent. And now a permanent embarrassment. Argh!

    • Hi – wil you please email us at describing the issue and we’ll try to resolve it for you! Thanks!

  • I will have to join the other Canadians who have commented and wait until you can ship international orders. Well, its not like I don’t have anything else to knit! Can you please enlarge on the SSK question?

  • Congratulations. Can’t wait to try these patterns, all of them.

  • I had reserved a print copy, so I’m another disappointed Canadian. I’ll have to do with the e-book for now.

  • I ordered mine this morning. Oh happy Saturday!

  • This is wonderful! I wasn’t sure I needed a small book of stripes patterns back in August, but I was wrong! I’ll never doubt you two again. Love the direction you’re headed with this!

  • Love it all. Looking forward to seeing you at Rhinebeck and getting my copy there.

  • I ordered my copy while a howling hurricane was showing a warning of what was to come here in Jacksonville. FL. Our house got smacked around pretty good but we are ok and I did get my order in before the power went out so who can complain. (: Can’t wait to see this first book and already see lots of ways to use up some of my stash. This is all so exciting!

  • Congratulations! And thank you very much for adding a less expensive yet still great yarn to the mix!

  • Question about the e-book version…I don’t see any info on what that is. Is it a PDF or a Kindle version or something else entirely? Thanks!!

  • I got my field guide! It’s so cute! I think you should make a box type binder for all the field guides to live in when the collection is complete….
    And, I love the Breton cowl, but a $110 cowl is beyond my budget, can you suggest other yarn combos for a less expensive version?
    I also can’t wait to start making squad mitts.

  • My 12 year old is at the front of the Squad Mitts queue here….I’ve never bought an e-book before, so the instant gratification was such a blast, work went out the window for the rest of the day 🙂

    • How fantastic to hear this, Sarah! Thank you for taking a chance on our e-book. Please let us know how the Squad Mitts go—we hope your 12 year old will love them.

  • I have decided this is the perfect size book. It has just the right amount of projects in it. It doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm. I want to do all of the projects and having three makes it seem doable. I have started with the mitts and want to do the cowl next. I’m saving the blanket for last. That gives me a chance to really think about the colors I want and if I put it first, it would be a while till I got to the others. It’s such fun to see the colors change on the mitts. It makes me want to knit faster. I can’t wait to see what will be in the other guides.

  • Urging you to enable international shipping to Canada, as I do prefer a print version to hold!

  • I have just found you since reading about you on Franklin’s blog. I am in Wales,UK, Pembrokeshire which is coastal and breezy. This is a lovely site – all warm and squishy – like good yarn should be !!

  • Love it, Love it, Love it…. little books are by far the best for the traveling knitting bag. I will buy a little book faster than the big books. Looking forward to lots and lots and lots of these to come out.

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