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Honest to Pete, time is truly moving faster this year. It’s nearly Vogue Knitting Live (New York) time again! WELCOME TO NEW YORK, WEARY TRAVELERS. WE LOVE YOU. COME KNIT AND BUY YARN AND ROAM THE CITY WITH US.

What’s Vogue Knitting Live?

Once again, the highly organized people at Vogue Knitting have put together a fabulous weekend of shopping, learning, admiring, meeting-up, and SHOPPING, right in the middle of Times Square, New York City, January 13-15. Just what we need to drag us out of our overheated homes and cheer our gray, wintry souls.

Drink it all in over on their website. Marvel at the teacher roster! The Marketplace Highlights! The class list! (Which still has some intriguing openings; check out Friday—looks like an opportunity for savvy locals and early birds.)

And, last but not least, because deep in our hearts we know it’s a major reason we go to this jamboree: the list of marketplace vendors. Every year, I get overwhelmed. And have a fabulous time doing so. It’s like a thick, juicy cross-section of the nation’s best yarn stores got teleported into the Marriott for the weekend. (I never need yarn; I always buy yarn. Generally something in the Ambitious Kit and/or Great Deal categories, with much muttering about how I’m going to cast it on as soon as I get home.)

Back by Popular Demand: A Walk in the Park!

On Sunday morning, we’re doing it again: a crisp, cool, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed walk in Central Park. We’ll meet at 7:30 a.m. at 72nd Street and Central Park West (across from the Dakota), ramble sociably for a half hour, and end up at the Pain Quotidien inside the park, just north of the Sheep Meadow. (Next year: let’s get some sheep!) For fortification, we’ll have coffee and yummy Belgian baked goods, and get you on your way in time for classes at Vogue Knitting Live. (It’s a short, straight cab ride, and also a manageable walk.)

Last year we had a fabulous time, despite the early hour. It was a blast to see so many friendly faces. All are welcome.

The event is free, but please RSVP at Eventbrite so that we can cater carbs and caffeine accordingly.

Where to Find Us at the Show

Ann and I will both be on the Marketplace floor on Saturday and Sunday, stalking yarn like a couple of feral cats. You can easily pick us out of the crowd—we are two hard-knitting, ultra-foxy middle-aged matrons. Wait. Hard-knitting/ultra-foxy/middle-aged is pretty much camo for Vogue Knitting Live. We will pass you and you won’t even know it, but you’ll feel a little bit country/a little bit rock ’n’ roll. Look for us anyway. Every person who stops to say hi will (a) delight us and (b) slow our yarn-buying roll—we can only hope.

We will be STANDING STILL on two occasions, signing our freshly printed Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 2: Fair Isle (and still very perky Field Guide No. 1: Stripes).

On Saturday, January 14, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., we’ll be in the booth of the pride of Jamesville, New York, the Yarn Cupboard.

On Sunday, January 15, from 11 a.m. to noon, we’ll be in the booth of my own LYS and home away from home, Knitty City.

It will be here before we know it. Hope to see you!



  • registered for the walk!

  • Will be there in spirit!

    • This is my category, too. My spirit is going to be on the jealousy spectrum. Just might get out and to my local caff/carb to read the MDK website. Hang in the Lounge.

    • Me too, but I would always struggle to be anywhere by 7.30am, let alone bright eyed and bushy tailed…..

  • Have fun!

  • That’s my yarn store, the Yarn Cupboard! It’s almost as good as being there myself or having you venture up to the land of snow drifts to the store itself!!

  • Will Olive be there? What coat will she wear?
    I will not be there, but look forward to living vicariously through you!

  • I’ll be there…arriving Thursday! I will look forward to seeing you guys! This is my first time to attend, and I can’t wait. So much yarn to love and plan future projects with…happy times ahead. Let me know fun shops or local restaurants near the area that I should be sure to visit.

    • So glad, Laura! Kay wrote a post about her favorite NYC yarn shops. VKL is pretty much a giant yarn shop itself…

  • I so wish I could be there, as well! Will be sending good vibes from mid-Missouri for sure, though.

  • Some day, when my kids are older and do not expect me to drive them to Activities all weekend, I will go to this and bask in the goodness.

  • Sounds great! Wish I’d remembered about it months ago since last year I decided I’d take a class this year. But that requires serious advance planning! I’ll walk with you all on Sunday in spirit. (And covet that FI Field Guide) Enjoy!

  • Hmmm…”Sunday in the Park with Olive.” Sounds like a Bernadette Peters vehicle….;-)! (Wish I could be there!)

  • Argh, will be there in two weeks! Reprise on 29th??

  • Ok..finally figured out that i can make it if i drive, no train that early… hope to see you girls at the right time and place.

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