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I will never tire of finishing a handknit.

Done. Done done done! DONE!

And I will never tire of that moment when a new project begins.

Open horizon! Perfection ahead! I love this yarn! I’m kind of yelling!

Finished: Colorwash Scarf

Our little MDK Colorwashalong is producing some beautiful combinations of colors and yarns. I got into a pretty serious zone with mine, finally able to dip into this Lichen and Lace Superwash fingering. (More kits coming soon in this colorway, Pewter.)  

The Mighty Redemptive Power of Blocking is what this thing is all about. Before:


I haven’t knit much in the way of asymmetrical crescent swoosh scarves, so this was 100% fascinating to see the curve emerge.

I’ve been watching Angela’s version, in the Orchid color (which we have in stock). I think it’s a great color for a scarf like this, where the fun is seeing how the colors emerge as you knit.

Started: Love and Happiness Cowls (Two of Them)

Thanks to everybody who has ordered up a batch of our new Haymarket. It is fun to discover a yarn, and especially fun to be sort of stuck on what color to choose. My solution? Make more than one. I was doing perfectly fine working Amy Christoffers’s Love and Happiness Cowl with Elation (aqua), then like a yarn zombie found myself winding a ball of Glee (deep rose) while watching Designated Survivor. (It’s the confused stepchild of West Wing and House of Cards, this show. Hopeful? Cynical? Still watching, so don’t spoil me!)

I think Kermit had something to do with my starting up a Glee version.

Kermit is all about the Glee.


  • I LURVE that swooshy curved scarf shawl…but Must. Finish. Brambling. Shawl. First!

  • I’m with Kermit. Love the Glee. ❤

  • I like Kermit, I too love the glee.
    Hope yall unlike DS, better than I did. Had to stop after 3 epis, it just didn’t do it for me. I love the actress who plays the wife, even if I wished she was less Whitney or something. Hmmm… maybe an don’t love her, cuz I thought the same thing in Californication. Unlike, every color of those Lichen scarves, which is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Just finished my colorwash scarf, can’t wait to block it. Love the yarn and pattern. I absolutely love your snippets and newsletters.

  • You’ve captured both the Starting and Finishing feelings very well! Love the projects, and Kermit’s sweet little head resting on the skein of yarn. I suspect that you are part of our “There’s knitting in my cat hair” family!

  • Speaking of Haymarket, I was thinking aqua and grey for a Bumble. Any thoughts?

    • I love that color combo!

    • I think that would be really beautiful! The gray is a very soft gray (aka my favorite color!).

  • Every time I see your scarf I love it a little bit more. Just a perfect yarn/color/pattern combo. Yum.
    Moxie and Della have only recently become dangerously interested in the part of the knitting process that looks like a very thin creature moving jerkily in a way that calls for leaping and landing. I’m surprised I’ve gotten away with it this long, honestly. Now I’m waiting for them to become bored with it and have a little nap while I knit. Guessing it may take a year or two to reach that point.

  • Tuxie cats look beautiful in all shades of pink!

  • Haven’t used this one as yet

  • Is there a pattern somewhere for this beautiful scarf? MDK Colorwashalong

  • looking for the pattern for this gorgeous scarf … cant find it on ravelry … rsvp… thanks, daisy

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