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The world is getting smaller by the minute, I tell you.

The other day, I had an excellent chance encounter, meeting Sarah Dimond, who is known to many as The Plucky Knitter.

In the aftermath of a fairly excruciating conversation with my accountant about Line Items, Betsy and I sought solace at our favorite duplex in Nashville, the building that houses a) Craft South and b) BarTaco.

Next thing I know, there’s Sarah at the next table, in full vacation mode, visiting Nashville for some R & R. There I am, in recovering-from-budget mode. She said hey, and in short order, Sarah turned our frowns upside down. I get why she has legions of fans.


She is one of the people in the yarnmaking world I’ve been curious about, and unlikely to encounter, given that she lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I managed to help Sarah offload the miserable cargo she has been lugging around for days: a batch of her yarns.




This is Small Batch Plucky No. 001 (speckly cashmere) and Cashmere (colorway Dreamy, the pale pink). In the back is some Primo Fingering (colorway you go figure it out I have no idea). The Plucky Knitter offerings are vast and complex and ever changing, and heaven help you if you get to one of her sales an hour late.


I have never had the mouse skills to actually get in on any of The Plucky Knitter’s online offerings. Sarah’s devotees are well trained in the art of the buy, so I’ve held out hope in a limp way that maybe some Plucky yarn would fall off a truck someday and I’d find it on the side of the road.

Well, my fantasy basically came true. Thanks, Sarah!

I’ve never knit cashmere. I’ve never knit speckles. I’ve never knit pink. This is completely out of my comfort zone, but who cares—I’m off in Plucky heaven, having found a Plucky pattern, Peak Color, that I think will let this batch of yarn hang together.



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