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Dear Kay,

I’m already nostalgic for the time back in the spring when we were cooking up colors with Beth Casey for Lorna’s Laces Haymarket yarn.

Remember this? The Locking Ring of Potential Shades?

Remember how we went for the softest version of each color?

Remember how the shades on the left looked so much better than those awful shades on the right? (LOL. The difference is incredibly subtle, but there is a difference, I swear!)

Remember how Amy Christoffers’s Love and Happiness Cowl gripped me by the elbows and wouldn’t let go? Metaphorically, I mean. A cowl can’t grip, really, I guess.


I’m finishing up my second dose of Love and Happiness. It’s such a handy project, just a simple set of cables shifting along in a pretty way. Knitting worsted weight yarn means things come together in a hurry.

X’s and O’s. A couple of skeins of Haymarket and Amy’s cool pattern, and I’m set for summer rambles.

Name that airport carpet! (Maybe you should check the website of airport carpets of the world.)

Quiet knits like this are one of the pleasures of knitting—the little emergency knitting project for the moments when you’re unexpectedly caught someplace. Do you remember life before knitting? Remember when a six-hour flight delay in the Columbus, Ohio airport was agony, not the ecstasy of an unexpected boon of knitting time? Yeah, I don’t either. Isn’t knitting the best thing ever?




  • I’m flying to Perú soon and the airline specifically states on its website NO knitting needles. Three planes, two layovers, no knitting. The panic-y feelings have already begun.

    • What about those round knitting thingies, reminiscent of spool “knitting”? I think folks make hats and scarves on those. Also, needlepoint with the yarn/threads pre cut, ore flight. There are these wonderful little “stitch and zip” needlepoint projects (Google it), glass cases, coin purses, etc. There is no finishing, just zip it back up. They are light weight and easily portable in some zip lock bags.

      • That was pre cut, pre flight. Sorry.

    • Ahhhhh! Do you crochet?

    • Bring a really good book!

    • That’s just cruel. Even my non-knitting hubby knows there’s nothing more dangerous than a knitter separated from her knitting. Mayhem may ensue.

    • buy cables with screw in tips put them in your purse.. take knitting through on cable with stoppers on reattach in plane… wear crochet hooks / needles in hair as one of my crafty group did – she had lots of hair up in a bun!

    • Extra melatonin? Choose another country? Let us know you made it through such a terrible ordeal!

      • Íf I weren’t going to visit my daughter I would absolutely choose a different country!

  • Just had an extra 24 hour layover in a foreign country thanks to United Airlines. I had extra knitting, but not enough. It was touch and go, I tell ya! I was thankful for that error that meant I had to rip back a few inches to fix it. Is it knitting chicken when you are trying to make the knitting last until you get home?

  • Knitting is the best. I’m so grateful to have this to keep me busy and bring me such joy. But why, oh why, can’t the airlines just NOT count my knitting bag when boarding??!! I hate stuffing it inside my knapsack…
    Just last night I lay awake wondering what project(s) to bring on my upcoming trip. Ah, first-world problems.

  • Oh no! I want the shades on the right!

    • We have six mini-mini-mini skeins available! Like, 1 yard per skein! ; )

      • Heh, heh. Twenty yards per skein, and I’d be taking them off your hands!

  • Why, that’s the Music City carpet at Nashville! Lovely cowl.

    • Oh my gosh! I’ve been looking at the Carpets for Airports site (those write-ups are funny enough to make me wish I were taking a trip soon) and hadn’t come across it yet. I’m not even sure this carpet has been added to their map. Annie, Ann – do either of you feel inspired to do it? 😉

  • Wow – six hours in the Columbus airport without knitting. There may not be enough gin to get me through that.

  • Ann, which length are you making your cowls?

  • That Airport Carpets web site didn’t do justice AT ALL to Portland, OR (PDX). My stepdaughter was the architect who snagged that job for her firm (a HUGE job, capped only by the more recent job she snagged for her firm which is designing a Whole New Concourse for PDX — those who travel on Alaska Airlines, please applaud). Both the original design (worn horribly shabby and shameful) and the new design mimic the pattern of lights that pilots see when approaching PDX. I don’t think that fellow did much research before posting slanderous alternative truths on his web site (sorta kidding, but sheesh!)

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