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Dear everyone,

Oh wow. We have news.

Icelandic news.

There are few places on this planet that stir more elaborate escape fantasies for us than this legendary island in the north Atlantic.

Through some gargantuan twist of luck, we have found ourselves in the company of a designer who has Iceland in her heart. As you’ll soon discover, her love for this place and this culture is highly contagious.

She ditched mainland life in France to move to Iceland, and she spends her days taking knitters on exquisite trips around the island—while also designing handknits that are beloved for their combination of tradition and modernity.

Please join us in giving a big MDK welcome to the designer starring in our new Field Guide No. 26, coming in February.

Hélène Magnússon.

This is a glorious moment for us—we’ve been working on the five designs with her since last year.

We have elaborate and delightful things afoot for this virtual trip to Iceland that we’ll all be taking:

Special new yarns, never before offered here on MDK.

A three-part, in-depth virtual class.

And! For the first time, we will be Banging Out a Sweater with one of the designs in this Field Guide. This sweater is a stunner, we promise.

How to Join In

Subscribe now to our 2024 Field Guides. You’ll love the many joys of being a Field Guides subscriber. Here’s why.

  • Three beautiful Field Guides coming this year. Each one has its own designer and theme.
  • Get your Field Guide first. Both print and ebook editions.
  • Enjoy first dibs on new yarns. (We often bring in very special, unusual yarns.)
  • Save 10% on every full-price item, all year long. This is a huge savings.
  • Save 10% on every event, virtual and in person, all year long. Again, this is huge.
  • First notice of special offers, limited editions, and sales.

Hélène is a delight. Her designs are dazzling. This Field Guide is gorgeous. Please join us for this journey we’re about to take.


Ann and Kay


  • I am ridiculously excited about this! Her style is stunning. It’s gonna be a good knitting year.

  • WOOT!!!!

  • Wow! Wow! Wow!

    • Yes! How exciting!

  • Reading MDK first thing in the AM is always a mood boost… but today’s post is like a shot of pure adrenaline in my veins. Not sure how I’ll get any sleep once Hélène’s Field Guide is published, such will surely be my excitement and passion to knit all her designs!!


  • This is so exciting!! Can’t wait to see more.

    • Oh so exciting. Can’t wait. Love her Knit Stars.

  • What is the cost for the virtual tour?

    • Our Field Guide launch Zooms are free.

  • Are you mailing the field guides to Canada yet? I really love them but don’t want to have to print them here.

    The sweater the designer has on in her photo is lovely and I love cardigans.

    • Hi, Val – we’ve always shipped Field Guides to Canada on a single copy basis; it’s only the subscription that we don’t. So when the new one is released, you can order it and have immediate access to the download while the print copy makes its way to you. You won’t miss a thing.

    • You should check some local yarn stores – a store near me in Ontario carries the printed field guides.

  • Bang out a Sweater is back! Yay!!

  • Helene Magnusson?!?

    Five designs?!?

    A three-part, in-depth virtual class?!?

    Please do tell!

    When, when, when is the debut?

  • Yippee!

  • Hooray!

  • Very much looking forward to this field guide! Love Icelandic styles. My only wish is that the subscription would finally be available to Canadian knitters…please!

  • raise your hand if you’ve just gone down the Helene Magnusson rabbit hole in Ravelry and her website, possibly picked up a baby cardigan pattern and are scouring her tour information – and thinking about what you need to do to be hike ready in 2025…..

    • That baby cardigan is the best, I’ve actually dreamed about it.

  • Cool! Did a knitting trip with her last September. Super fun!

  • Very energizing post today!
    Bang out a Sweater – wow!

  • Wow wow wow!!!

  • Truly Exciting!

  • This is gonna be good.

  • So excited- 2024 is off yo a great start!!!!

  • Ohhhh YAY!! Perfect partnering!! What a wonderful person , practitioner and designer!! She brings that certain “ je ne sais quoi!” as a twist to traditional pattern and texture and form! Beautiful! Await with excited anticipation!! X

  • Currently knitting the final sleeve of Frjokorn. Then, my first attempt at steeking for the cardigan. This cardigan is super lightweight and is lovely.

  • I am beyond thrilled. I have knit a few of her designs and was on a 2 week ring road tour last year

  • Exciting! We are headed to Iceland in June …birdwatching but hopefully, a stop or three at fiber shops!

  • Helene is super fun and a fantastic knitter and teacher. I was fortunate enough to take a knitting and hiking tour with her a few years ago. “Knitting and Hiking with the Elves” – what could be better?!

    • That sounds perfect!!

  • Already a subscriber, visited Iceland last year, am now looking forward to this virtual return visit!

  • This is great news. What a treat.

  • I live in two places and have trouble with forwarding. How challenging would it be to subscribe but change addresses for #2 & 3?
    What are the mailing dates?


    • We mail to the address we have on. your profile, so as long as you change your address in a timely fashion all should be well!

  • I’m very excited about this! Can’t wait to learn more.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Congratulations!

  • YAY! Wonderful choice.

  • Drooling in anticipation!

  • Yay, yay, yay!

    I’ve followed Helene via newsletter for a long time — maybe time to actually do some Icelandic Knitting!

  • I can’t wait!!! Great designer!

  • Looking forward to seeing this. I love her designs. If I were a few years 20? Younger I would live to go in one of her Icelandic knitting tours.

  • Fantastic! So looking forward to this!

  • Oh yeah!

  • I can’t wait.

  • And here I am wearing my Plotulopi cardigan reaing this. Delightful!

  • OHBOYOHBOYOHOY! This is going to be fun!

  • Yesssss!! One of my favorite knits ever was my first stranded knit sweater – her Gamaldags. And for the first time in awhile, I have a clear knitting calendar in February to bang out a sweater along with everyone!

  • OMG! Now i cannot wait!!!

  • YAY–KnitStars Season 8–I love her designs–made one of them for the HotLoops Fall 2023 wall.

  • OMG! THIS may get me to subscribe for 2024. I LOVE Helene Magnusson and her designs. My que is gonna get a whole lot longer…

  • SO EXCITED! I love Hélène and so look forward to her getting introduced to a zillion more knitters. It will be such a gift for them! She is amazing!

  • Looking forward to it.

  • I cannot wait!

  • I haven’t been this excited about a Field Guide since Lopi was announced! (I definitely have a Type.) I should be finished with my latest Daytripper (see?) in time to bang out something marvelous in February. Can’t wait!

  • Thank you for the announcement. She is amazing too with the yarns she has developed. Are you aware of the next two designers for 2024 yet? Also how do we add on the 2024 design books?

  • Great choice fir your next field Guide!!!!

  • So excited about trying a new Icelandic yarn for my second bang out a sweater! I’m still tweaking my Mary Jane M. Sweater knit in that other very cool Icelandic yarn! Was it lettilopi? But, I’ll be signing up again for sure!

  • Oooooo. More steeking on the horizon?!

  • How fun for you to have a creative hand in all these field guides. Makes me glad to be a subscriber this year.

  • Very excited

  • I am SO EXCITED! I took a trip through Iceland with Hélène in 2018 – it took my knitting, and knowledge about yarn to a place I didn’t know existed. Icelandic sheep, yarn & knitting are a treasure, as is Hélène.

  • I have loved her patterns for years. And the wool…

  • Yay I can’t wait!

  • I love the cardigan and I’m looking forward to the rest of her designs!

  • The black and white photograph is absolutely breathtaking.

  • L-O-O-king forward!
    What a fab photo: the black lava, gray ash + somewhat white snow! …and Hélène in a black and white sweater on top of this volcanic landscape!
    I first stumbled on her name when I saw Ravelry’s page for Hallgrímssjal (designed for her yarn) then again Kieran Foley’s Swimming Pool and some of her yarns he recommends for his other designs!
    Now looking forward to what MDK is going to show… What is the unveiling date ?

  • I would love to take the course.

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