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We wrap up our roundup of the designs of Field Guide No. 24: Spark with a project that may well be the easiest point of entry into Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s world of dimensional texture: the Penrose Tote.

Olga’s love of geometric stitch patterns is on full display here. The diamonds form a subtly 3-D texture, pleats almost. The pattern offers two sizes, with options for two yarns.

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The small tote uses the Spark Cuff and Tote Bundle. (One bundle is enough for a cuff and a tote.) The large tote uses Rowan Creative Linen.

Kay insists on thinking of the small Penrose Tote as an evening bag, as if she needs an evening bag. (Of course she does! We all do!) With a single strand of Neighborhood Fiber Company Chromium in the mix—silk and steel—it’s a shapely, elegant dumpling to dangle from the wrist. Its petite size and secure closure (just lift the short handle over the long handle) also make it an ideal project bag.

The large Penrose Tote, in sturdy, supple Creative Linen, is perhaps more practical, but no less chic; perfect for carrying books or groceries, with handles just long enough to slip a shoulder through. In either size, the Penrose Tote is a quick knit, a useful thing, and a welcome gift for someone deserving of your knitting. MDK’s own Cristina couldn’t wait for launch day to make her first Penrose Tote, in Creative Linen in the shade Mustard, and her screeches of delight could be heard throughout the streets of Philadelphia.

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  • I’m just starting the first handle on the small tote and thinking about making a lining for it too

    • I was considering a lining too—sewing it to the edges between the handles, but just tacking it at the sides to the seams. Let me know what you settle on!

      • Muslin shopping bag would be perfect pre-sewn liner for the larger bag! Just cut off the handles.

        • Good idea!

  • Am making the smaller bag….will probably make one of the handles a little longer to wear like a close shoulder bag.

  • I am sure I need an evening bag!

  • I’m making the smaller bag to use as a project bag. Rowan Cotton. I love the stitch pattern!

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