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Every month, the Arnall-Culliford Knitwear Confident Knitting series pairs a must-knit design with a video tutorial to expand your repertoire of skills. The big idea this month is versatility—cables that look bold and beautiful on both sides of a scarf or shawl. Yes, please!

Look Ma, no wrong side!

In this tutorial, Jen demonstrates simple Left and the Right “knit crossing purl” cables that are anything but simple in the gorgeous texture they create.

Hover over the video progress bar at the bottom of the frame to see how Jen has neatly labeled each part of this lesson.

The familiar rib stitch becomes a field of sinuous cables with subtly beautiful differences depending on which side of the fabric you’re looking at. A satisfying bit of technical wizardry to work.

The Design of the Month?

It’s the Lustrous Shawl (Ravelry link) by the very versatile Noma Ndlovu.

Cast on at the widest row, this swath of depth and drama pairs a panel of reversible cables with a garter stitch field—beautiful on both sides wound around your neck or wrapped across your shoulders.

Jen likes Organic Studio DK from the MDK Shop for the Lustrous Shawl. You’ll need four skeins.

How to Get in on Confident Knitting

Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford have assembled everything you need to join the fun right here.

And the conversation in the Arnall-Culliford Knitwear Knitalong Hub is never ending and full of help.

(We will have the print book available next month, but jump in now to see all that’s on offer now by Jen and Jim. They are a tremendous part of the knitting world, and we admire what they’re up to so much.)

Save it for later.

Here’s how to save this article in your MDK account with one click.


  • Reminds me of the Cat Bordhi “let the river take you” pattern.

  • Love any stitch that makes the shawl/scarf reversible. So unfun always having to adjust one that isn’t. Thanks so much for this post.

  • I love her confident knitting videos. They are my go to whenever I’m stumped or want reassurance I’m doing it right

  • Oh boy, Ann, you have finally gotten me to buy a whole bunch of stuff from A-C Knitwear! Thanks for sharing their awesome work.

  • Off topic, but I have to share, Tom Daley, Olympic athlete, knitting while supporting teammates from the stands.

  • Interesting reversible cables. Will add pattern to my list.

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