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It’s safe to say that we like a blanket. The blanket radar is on at all times. You never know when a great blanket pattern is going to come along and knock you out.

We took a peek at this, and our blanket radar erupted. Dead ahead: awesome blanket.

This is the Heirloom Chevron Throw. It combines all the things we love: heirlooms, chevrons, and throws. It’s a garter stitch lovefest.

The thing is, you take a look at this Heirloom Chevron Throw, and before long, you sense that a lot of collaboration has happened to make this blanket happen. In this case, we have:

Joceyn Tunney, animal-loving designer and yarnmaker in Philadelphia. She designed this throw, and she’s designed a lot of other beautiful projects, too. And she makes yarn, beautiful yarn.

Jeane de Coster, a big-hearted yarnmaker in Desert Hot Springs, California. Her company, Elemental Affects, embraces American farmers, sheep, and mills. Her story of how she created the Heirloom Romney yarn used in this blanket shows the value of collaborating with interesting people.


Jaime Jennings and Amber Corcoran, craft-loving friends in Denver. Who clearly get the value of a blanket, a pot of tea, and a bit of knitting. Fancy Tiger Crafts is a shop where all the cool stuff happens. Jeane showed them her Romney wool; they embraced the authenticity of this Romney wool; they worked together to create a yarn, Fancy Tiger Heirloom Romney.

I love this yarn, and I love it because it’s not smooshy or squishy or buttery. It has its own kind of softness. It’s sturdy, sproingy, and the real deal. It’s what blankets ought to be made of. (Why do I feel like I’m writing a college recommendation for this yarn? “Heirloom Romney has really dug deep and reached its potential in so many ways. She would be an excellent addition to the Class of 2020.”)

(photos: Fancy Tiger Crafts)


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