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As I knitted the Blossom Stripe Shawl sample for Field Guide No. 25: Botanica, I imagined Dee Hardwicke’s stripes and stranded flower motif applied to other garments. I do love a cowl … but this burst of color was destined to be a hat.

Barn Red, Mallard, Seaglass, Pear, and Peat MDK Atlas

A quick photo on my phone camera edited with the mono filter confirmed I had a pleasing array of values. Grab your Atlas scraps and follow along!

Blossom Stripe Hat Recipe

Gauge is 22 stitches and 27.5 rounds to 4 inches (10 cm), same as the Blossom Stripe Shawl.
Choose needles to match gauge and a second set 2 sizes smaller for the ribbed band. You’ll need a stitch marker too.

—With Mallard, using the smaller needles cast on 120 stitches (I used a cable cast on).
—Join to work in the round, place a beginning of the round (BOR) marker (m).
—Work *knit 3, purl 2* rib following the Stripe Sequence: 4 rounds Mallard, 1 round Pear, 4 rounds Peat, 4 rounds color Seaglass, 6 rounds Barn Red
—Remove the BOR m.
—Slip 2 stitches without working them. Place a NEW BOR marker. (This aligns the rib under the center of the charted motif, and is a small detail that adds balance to the overall design. Since the yarn color changes now, the stitches can just be disrupted and rearranged, the BOR replaced in the new position and the next shade joined.)
—Switch to the larger needles and work round one with Pear.
—Knit the Blossom Stripe floral motif in Peat, Mallard, and Seaglass on Pear. (Note that you’ll be knitting the chart upside down.)
—After completing the chart, begin Stripe Sequence. After knitting 1 round of Pear, knit 1 round of Peat, and place the markers so that the 3 stitch decrease column is over the center of the motif.
—Knit 9, pm, *knit 20, pm* knit 11
—Begin to decrease on the next round as follows: *Knit to 2 stitches before the m, k2tog, sm, knit 1, ssk* knit to BOR m. Knit 1 round.
—Repeat those 2 rounds 8 times to 24 stitches.
—*Knit to 2 stitches before the m, slip 1 stitch, k2tog, pass the slipped stitch over sm, knit 1, ssk* knit to BOR m. 12 stitches.
—Knit one round, k2tog to 2 stitches.
—Cut the yarn, fasten off the live stitches and weave in the ends.

Pops of Embroidery

With Barn Red start at the top of the stem line (round 20, at column 10 and 20 of the chart) and sew up 3 rounds, repeat 2 more times to make a slash of color. Tie the ends off.

What about a pompom? Maybe on the next one!

The finished hat took 36 G of Pear, 20 G each of Peat and Mallard, and 12 G each of Barn Red and Seaglass.


About The Author

A passionate perpetual knitter, published designer and enthusiastic teacher, Nell Ziroli continues to be inspired by luminaries and students alike. See all her designs here.


  • quite lovely and inventive!! great ideas:)

  • I love how creative you are! I finished my Shakerag Skirt (in apple green Creative Linen) not long ago. And this cute, innovative hat idea is tempting me to use up some leftovers of maybe some Felted Tweed. Thanks!

    • Oh, I think it would be wonderful in Felted Tweed. And I love that Apple Green… already longing for skirt season.

  • Lovely, Nell.

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you, Neil! A happy colors winter hat.

    • Nell.

  • So creative, great idea!

  • Lovely hat!

    And thank you Nell. I learned so much by reading your pattern, especially the usually opaque instruction (to me) to move the BOR marker. Why does the designer want me to move the marker? I have asked myself. Now I think I know! And slip two stitches without working them, rather than working them and then moving the marker. In context, I think I may understand this!

    • I love those AHA moments!
      Thanks for your kind comment.

  • Wow! Such a cool hat!

  • Oh, I really like this! My next hat, for sure (like I need more hats)! Thank you, Nell.

  • Wow! You had me at mono filter.

  • So cute, I have to weigh my leftovers to see if I have enough. My shawl is flowers in the abstract, as I am not very good at fair isle flat (hate those purls), but whose looking that closely. haven’t photo-ed yet. nor blocked, but still using it.

  • Love the hat, Nell!

  • So cool, Nell. Count on you to take creative up a few notches!

  • Lovely hat, lovely colors. I want to make this for myself in January!

  • I love the second one! So cool! Thanks for the pattern!

  • Nell, I LOVE this! I have the Field Guide sitting right next to me on my desk. And the pops of embroidery are perfect!

  • What a great idea knitting a hat. I plan to save the pattern and try one after the first of the year.

  • So beautiful. Thank you for this pattern.

  • That mono filter tip is much appreciated!

  • Can you put together the 5 yarns, recipe for the hat, etc. …a kit I could order?

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