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Editors’ note: We thought we knew a fair amount about knitting. But that was before Kate Atherley showed up on MDK.

Kate has taught us so much, and her ability to dig deep into a technique gives us a real understanding of concepts and techniques that we understood only in a foggy way.

Kate is delightfully irreverent about her methods, often surprising, and always on her game.

We hope you glean new brilliance as a knitter from these explorations—there’s no end to what we can learn.

Thank you, Kate!


How to Weave in Ends

Socks without Ears

Tie or Die (Joining New Yarns)

Knitters on the Edge (Slipping Stitches)

Joining in the Round

How to Pick Up Stitches


This Could Come in Handy

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About The Author

Kate Atherley is a teacher, designer, author and technical editor. She’s also the publisher of Digits & Threads, a magazine all about Canadian fibre and textile arts.


  • I just read the part about how to fix a twisted cast on at any point during the first round. Such a wonderful tip! Thanks oh, I’m sure it’s going to save me a lot of time in the future and a lot of knitterly heartache.

    • I knew this trick but for some reason, before reading Kate’s article, I still spent a lot of time trying to get the cast-on straight before I joined and started knitting the first round. It’s delightful to just knit the first round and then (more quickly) check for a twist when I get to the marker. Wheeeee!

      • 😉

  • Much to my surprise, I find I am a process knitter! I am fascinated by how stitches and techniques work together and delving into the why’s and hows is my favorite way to disappear from the world. Kate Atherley is my Superhero, and it’s quite possible that I will knit her a cape someday.

  • I’ve saved many of her articles, but it’s nice to see them all together here. Once I’ve hd breakfast (because MDK is first on my list in the morning), I will go back and review them all. Then I will feel like a Good Knitter (which, believe me, I don’t always feel like!)

  • I absolutely love this website ! I have a question for all who are knitters. I have a wonderful friend who wants to learn how to knit. I learned from a woman who was a student of Elizabeth Zimmerman and I have always knit in the round. Of course I’m a great fan but often know more than the teachers who knit flat pieces and sew them together. Please advise

  • Thank you so much for explaining how to save these fabulous articles! I think I’ll become a better knitter now!

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