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A new Knitter’s Tote has arrived, ready and waiting to become your beloved daily carry.

For those just joining us, The Knitter’s Tote is one of our favorite things, a collaboration with Julia Hilbrandt of Rhinebeck, New York. She designed it to our exact specifications, and she makes each one herself. It’s available only here at MDK. It’s easily our best-selling bag.

Hello Azure! This new color struck us as just the thing for a new year ahead.

The industrial felt is well nigh indestructible with daily use. I mean, you could set it on fire, but short of a natural disaster or a determined skunk, the Knitter’s Tote will be your stalwart companion for many years to come.

The leather handles are strong and fastened for the ages.

The stitching is tight and snug. The dimensions are capacious, with enough room for a weekend’s worth of clothes.

Or a big pile of whatever you’re needing to tote. It has been field tested to hold five bottles of wine. Or two laptops. Or hiking boots plus party shoes. Or four small ferns. Or a dozen skeins of yarn. It has traveled to India, Morocco, Edinburgh, Trader Joe’s, the beach, the mountains—and many, many fiber festivals.

The Knitter’s Tote fits under an airplane seat. And the straps fit over your shoulder.

We have Knitter’s Totes in original Gray, Charcoal, and brand-new Azure.

We’ll say it again: the Knitter’s Tote is our daily carry, since 2017. It still looks fantastic. Thanks, Julia, for giving us this very special bag.

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  • I have been trying to renew my subscription to the Field Guides but I keep getting locked up when I try to checkout. I got this message “There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. As a result, the web page can not be displayed.”

    • I had the same issue on my iPhone – I used a different device and it went through normally.

  • I’m not normally a blue person, but this Azure really tickled my fancy. Bet you run out of it first.

  • I had been resisting this bag, but couldn’t when it came out in Azure. If it is as good as the City Bag I bought last year it will be passed on to a niece or close knitting friend when I die.

    • It is definitely that good. I have to resist because I have the grey and the charcoal. They still look brand new.

      • I have the grey and the charcoal but still got the Azure. It really is stunning. I may pass the grey to my sister just to ease my conscience 😉

        • Love this color but will it be available in the city bag? I currently have the gray city bag and the sizing is absolutely perfect. At least for me!
          Please consider producing the city bag in azure. Thanks!

        • Now there’s a possibility I hadn’t thought of.

  • Does it have a magnetic closure?

    • The Knitter’s Tote doesn’t have a magnetic closure.

      • You could buy the bag and sew a magnetic closure in place with button craft thread in a few minutes.

    • Good question, I can’t see that it closes. My kindle is on the backseat floor of a rental car in France because a zipper was open on my bag that tumbled on the drive to the airport. A fully open bag seems like an invitation… but this bag looks beautiful!

      • That was my first question. I have cats. Their natural prey is ANYTHING in a bag that isn’t closed. It’s beautifully tempting however.

  • I have the city bag. It’s my go to bag for everyday stuff. I get so many compliments on it. If the city bag came in this color I’m not sure I could resist getting a second. It’s so well made. If you are on the fence about this bad, you should leap over it and buy the bag!

  • 5 bottles of wine?? Now you’re speaking my language.

    • It’s a good unit of reference! We have seriously stuffed ours with all manner of things that need toting.


    • Olive says: SKONK STARTED IT

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue! It’s my color! This is totally going on my Christmas list.

  • I just inherited 2.5 million dollars and I’m so broke right now that I’m surprised that I have phone service. I want that blue bag

  • That seems like a tremendous amount of money for a project bag even if it lasts forever. I have much less expensive bags that I’ve been using for years and years. I think I would rather if I were going to spend that much money put it toward wool

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