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Dear Kay,

Still recalling our Monday conversation with Dee Hardwicke on Zoom, really feeling her amazing energy and joy right now. (We’ll be posting the Zoom video on Sunday, so do not miss it!)

We talked about this design that she created for the new Field Guide (No. 25! Botanica!), and how she was aiming for a sophisticated palette and delicate pattern.

It’s just so good. The chart for the Autumn Garden Stole is tiny, only 11 stitches wide by 20 rows high. You get the rhythm of it fast, and the whole thing gets meditative and simple.

The pattern includes instructions for making the Autumn Garden Stole two ways: knitted flat and knitted in the round, with a steek.

Our MDK exclusive yarn bundle stars three of our MDK Atlas yarns in the subtle palette of Cork, Shale, and Truffle.

A forever project if I ever saw one. Just gorgeous, and the sort of knitting that soothes the spirit. “Knit slowly,” Dee reminds us—such good advice!



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  • That shawl looks like like so much soothing fun to knit!
    Mmm-colorwork in the round

  • Any other colour combos you might suggest?

  • Could you suggest other colour combos?

    • There are several three-way color combinations created by Dee Hardwicke on page 16 of the field guide. You might consider those. You could also consider color combinations from the Cottage Blanket, or other projects.

    • I’ve got a Cottage Throw on the needles now, but I’ve been thinking about a version of the Autumn Garden Stole with Mouse as the background shade (Cork in the original) with Wintergreen stems (Shale in the original) and Tutu blooms (Truffle in the original).

  • I see these photos and I am so excited that I signed up for the Zoom class and the supplies to make the cowl. I can’t wait. Love MDK!! Thank you for all you do.

  • What colors were usedim the original ?

  • love this…adding it to the queue!

  • beautiful…adding it to the queue!

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