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The end of the year is upon us, and it’s a time for the MDK team to pause, reflect, and get out the biscuits.

This has been a year of any number of developments at MDK. We’re feeling like a lot happened, and we tried new things, and we kept at it with the things that we’ve been doing since we started.

Last week, we had a conversation about what to do in 2023. I mean, we already know a lot of things we’re going to do in 2023, but seems like there’s always something else that we ought to be doing.

Cristina and Kay beaming in from the Kennedy Space Center; ashley way gone into a kidsilk haze
Chris dreaming about his 72 film cameras; allison and hannah critiquing pantone’s color of the year
Hannah, Nathan, and DG nailing their Wordles

Result of this conversation: interesting new things on the horizon. Also: the shocking discovery that Biscuit Love’s savory gravy was in fact cheese grits.

Those are cheese grits, and they are magnificent

One thing for sure: we want to keep our world headquarters on Atlas Drive jumping, so we are aiming for more fun to happen here in Nashville. On the shortlist is a wild array of possibilities including knitting workshops, musical gatherings, pop ups, crafts workshops, square dances, puzzle nights, Knit to This Live, musical chairs, chef dinners, elaborate group art projects, and whatever else we can think up.

This fall, Our little shop made its debut for a moment. Stay tuned for more on that

A Giveaway!

This week? We have a superfancy fold-uppable Baggu bag, featuring the handiwork of Hannah Jones: her rendering of MDK World Headquarters.

How to enter?

Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for MDK emails, right here. If you’re already signed up, you’re all set. We have a new option for texting, so when you sign up for those, you’ll get a coupon code good for 10% off your next MDK order.

Step 2: We would love to know what sort of things you’d like to see happen at MDK World Headquarters in Nashville. We’re open to anything, basically, short of How To Gut A Fish lessons. Leave a comment below.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, December 25, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.


  • Knit/Crochet for Ukraine Days and/or Weekends: reservations, no cost, BYO projects and supplies…and/or provide kits to purchase ahead of time…
    Maybe with a huge banner announcing what is happening (with the photo of the woman scrounging a coke bottle surrounded by ruins)….with Skill Sets available for the suddenly inspired walking by…

    • Genius!

  • Since I am more than a days drive from you, I cherish your online conversations with designers. Please, miss, can I have some more?

    • I looked through the comments & saw so many great ideas. The 2 I saw that stood out were more Zoom online events/classes with new designers & yarn type discussions as well as an MDK online tour for those of us who are far away. Oh yes, I have a friend who is allergic to animal fibers. Could you do a field guide or an addendum focusing on working with or designing/choosing non animal fibers

      • Keep the knitting newsletters, yarn releases and inspiration coming! Do more of the same. We FEEL you and HEAR you and APPRECIATE you.

      • Noise for the Knitting! 4-H Fair with competition in various categories-winner gets a blue ribbon. Categories- Closest to the Pattern Picture- Tiniest Sweater – Most Colors/Yarns Used – My Mother Made This – Made With Potholder Loops That Is NOT a Potholder.

        • Noise for the Knitting is the first suggestion. 4-H Fair is the second.

      • I agree w the other commenters: A virtual tour would be fantastic! Show us your yarns, how you stash them, your workplaces and what you do, your projects that you share w us and talk about. Invite us into your new digs and share.

  • Anxious to hear about the MDK physical shop. I am now an official snowbird and our trek from Chicago to Florida takes us through the Nashville area and would love to be able to stop and fondle skeins of Atlas – perhaps adding to my stash.

  • please can i make a small request on behalf of those of us who live a long way away from Nashville (and, in my case, across an ocean too). do you have a ‘virtual tour’ of the premises that we could view on-line just to make us pea-green with envy and/or to inspire us to add Nashville to our travel plans?

    • Yes, please!

    • I love this idea and I am only across the Potomac River!

    • I really miss the March Madness Roundup which introduced me to so many designs and designers. Maybe some more “contests” to see what people are knitting?

      • So many great ideas. I’m also far from Nashville though I do hope to visit it again someday. Love the virtual tour, road trip and charity knitting ideas. My knitting buddy and I knit hats for Knit the Rainbow and we’re able to drop them off at a Detroit yarn store (Parker Ave.) and meet the lovely people there .
        Oh, and more March Mayhem please!

      • A fiber fair! I would love to visit Tennessee again.

      • Yes, yes, yes!

      • Agree! Each March there were designers I had missed! I bought at least two or three patterns from the nominees, and then was led to other work by those designers. A wonderful rabbit hole that had an effect on my queue and FOs!

        • Yes! Loved March Mayhem!!

      • I agree! March Madness was probably a boatload of work for whomever was responsible for running it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Kept me coming back to MDK site to see results!

      • Me too! March Madness (the yarn version) was great for seeing new patterns (or that pattern I forgot to mark and couldn’t find again) and meeting new favorite designers.

    • Oh my gosh what a great idea!

      This please!

    • So many good suggestions but my favorite is the virtual tour so those of us afar can visualize what we are missing

    • I love that idea! I would love to see all the yarn bins that y’all are always ogling.

    • Great idea! I agree.

  • More tutorial videos, please!

    • A podcast from world headquarter!

  • Love that you’re planning more events in Nashville but please continue to think of more ways those of us who are far away can join the fun. This here’s a mighty big country! Kay and Ann, write another book and do a tour. Though I do hope to come down to MDK HQ sometime soon.

    • We will keep the virtual events coming, for sure, Deepa!

  • Love everything about MDK look forward to emails every morning
    What I would really like is some single pattern options using ATLAS specifically cardigans and pullovers

    • I second this excellent suggestion!

  • I always appreciate visuals of the yarn, projects, and a person speaking about the yarn. I wonder about a podcast every few weeks with designers? staff? using patterns and yarn and being able to answer questions either in real time or to the podcast for later interaction? maybe more involved than I know.

  • a class with a designer from an upcoming field guide launch! plenty of notice, please so that those of outside TN can make plans!

  • Virtual tour sounds lovely- also more pattern ideas using atlas would be great. I think y’all do a really fabulous job at creating community. Someday I would love to make it to MDK headquarters and I have no excuse because I am less than a days drive from you!!

  • My life at the moment doesn’t allow travel to Nashville, so things that those of us further afield can enjoy too are great. Maybe the occasional Zoom craft night?

    • An occasional video tour!

  • Relocate to central VA! Or, more Zoom gatherings for we folk who can’t get to you. Also, I loved someone else’s idea of more pattern ideas using Atlas yarn!

    • Love the idea of online events. Also miss the dispatch cards that came with Field Guidesubscription.

  • Another far away person – I’d appreciate a library of tutorials, videos etc to watch in my own time, not specific times. Those timed gatherings seem to fall at inconvenient times so often.
    Thanks for all the inspiration you do provide, it’s so much appreciated!

    • Like Jul those do at your own time video tutorials wound be amazing! Love your daily emails!

    • We always record them and post the recordings here.

  • Atlas traveling truck! Atlas mini-skeins… knitting for others events, Ukraine, yes!
    Pop-up at MDSW… do you have enough space to keep sheep? Knitting exhibits: art, craft, and I can’t believe they knit that! More of Atlas people in front of the camera, vlogs or knit night live!

    • Please, regular zooming? Maybe dg in person instead of or as well as a column? A zoom session on beautiful tools for knitting, spinning, braiding, crochet?

    • I have been watching a lot of Advent Blogs this month and have been introduced the the knit/crochet advent calendars. I would love for MDK do an Advent Calendar. What do you think?

      • I like this idea – and the return of March Mayhem in the Spring! Just as others have said, I found some great new (to me) designers when following the yearly March Mayhem (but after I was hooked for two years, sadly, it ended.) If you are really ambitious, you could have a winter Advent calendar, spring March Mayhem, and something else in late summer/early Fall.

  • Workshops and music, YAY!

    • Like many others, I live too far away for personal visits. How about making regular zoom videos to tour the shop, meet the new yarns and see some of you working on you projects. Visual ideas for us really helps.

  • Skill Set Vol. II

  • MDK fiber cruise!

    • I have a cruise planning company connection if MDK is interested in exploring this option! Seriously!!

    • I love this idea.

    • Now you’re talking. Count me in!

    • That would be awesome!

    • Oh hell yes!!! I’m in 🙂

  • I would love an index to the field guides – a list of patterns and other info, which field guide they’re in, and maybe page. I’ve looked through every field guide many times for a remembered pattern, but with no idea which FG it’s in. A bunch of computer work for somebody, but what a help it would be!

    • Oh wow, fabulous idea. Maybe just posted on the MDK website so it could be continuously updated.

    • Ginny, I’m not 100% certain but worth a try: if you use ravelry, check out the Media feature in Library. When you buy a book or magazine, add it to your ravelry library. If it’s catalogued, any design included will appear in your Library. I have done this with Making, Taproot, vintage Vogue knitting books successfully. The pattern isn’t always provided digitally, of course, but it’s catalogued for you to search by the characteristics (designer, yarn weight, type, etc)

    • Great idea! Also, please sell more of the little cardboard thingys that hold about 15 of the field guides. I bought one several years ago and mine is full. I need another one.

      • Perfect! I’ve been meaning to ask for you to stock the cardboard holders for the field guides.

      • Yep, mine’s full, too.

      • Me too!

    • teriffic idea

    • That sounds like a great idea!

    • Stellar idea! Master digital index with a simple sort function: by pattern name, by date, by field guide number/title, by designer, by yarn type, type of pattern, recipes….

  • I live in New York. Any thing virtual would be great! Also, I love your tutorials and more would be most welcome! I love your newsletters! Happy Holidays!

  • Living far from Nashville, I enjoy the virtual events with designers. More virtual opportunities would be so welcome. I also enjoy the variation of columns by you, the staff and all the other contributors. I have not only learned a lot but have been steered to some of the best folks!

  • The crochet bucket hat class sold out so quickly. Would you consider another one?

  • Zoom events are great especially around new field guides.

  • I also would love an online index to field guide patterns, Although, during the hunt, I usually end up knitting my way to the right guide and pattern! I love a periodic update of patterns using Atlas. The one you did a couple of weeks ago was inspiring! I would love anything that enlightens us about our shepherds and sheep. I really appreciated the link to the inspiring New Yorker doc on the Welsh farmer, Wilf Davies. Maybe there might be a zoom with a designer and a sheep farmer that raises a breed that designer favors. I love anything that adds a new dimension or global link to my knitting! Thanks for all the inspiration, comfort, humor and new techniques that you gave us in 2022!!! Happy Holidays!

  • I also would love to have more sweater and cardigan patterns for your Atlas yarn.

    • I agree. Great idea!

  • Maybe for some of the great things you are doing in Nashville you could partner with other local yarn stores across the globe– could be a win-win-win-win (for MDK, for the local yarn stores, for me and other makers, and the world which will end up having lots more happy crafters — and who doesn’t want that!). Send those local yarn stores an invite to join, with a basic check list of how to participate: what it’s going to be, dates, time, who you have to sign up before hand — chefs, square dance callers, magicians, etc., what supplies are needed, perhaps a convenient one of those square thingies so people can directly get to your site on their phones to order great MDK stuff –and the local shop get some small cut — I’m not a business person and can barely balance my check book, so I’ll let you figure that part out. Just keep being you and sharing more of all the great stuff you do.

    • I really like this idea. I’m likely never making it to Nashville, living out here on the west edge of the continent.

  • I am adding my vote to more patterns with Atlas. And I do live within driving distance of Nashville, and will put in for vacation time and board my dog for more opportunities like the Arne&Carlos event ☺️

  • I live in New Mexico (not an easy drive!) and would love more video presentations – interviews, tutorials, anything!

  • Ongoing charity knitting round ups. I would so love to develop an ongoing schedule of in-house knitters/organizers and events where amazing knitters could spread warmth and love to the world.

  • I would love a Nashville-based retreat lasting two or three days – a mix of knitting, music,etc with an urban vibe.

  • Would love to have some in store exclusives for travelers!

  • I live in Canada, so not an easy drive to Nashville. I would like to see more sweater patterns for Atlas. Also, a guide to physical locations, ie LYS, in the Toronto area where individual Field Guides are available. Those are wishes but I must tell you that MDK is an excellent start to the day for me. Thanks for all you do.

  • I haven’t used Atlas yet (though I do intend to) because I mostly knit with fingering weight. So, how about some skinny Atlas – meaning your brand of fingering weight? Happy Holidays!

  • Gosh I did have something in mind for the next time Ravelry asked, but now it is Gone from my head. If it occurs to me again today I will write again. In the meantime I just wanna say, speaking of New Year’s planning, that yours are lives that look full and productive and grass certainly doesn’t grow under Your feet. Me, I have NO new plans for 1923. I’m still trying to keep up with the old ones. How Do You Do It? (At least I figured out what was wrong with my Fair Isle technique while researching something else. And that was not even a goal for 2022. The serendipity of knitting).

  • Host a yarn crawl. I don’t know if there are enough yarn stores in Nashville to do one though

    • I love the idea of a yarn crawl! I do miss the Puget Sound LYS, but living just outside of Nashville now makes it too hard to participate. Maybe a Middle TN LYS?? ❤️

  • I know these have been mentioned but opening a physical shop would be great as we drive to Austin from NH a couple times a year. I think you two would be amazing podcast hosts and I’ve wondered if you’d ever do that or thought about doing it. Whatever you decide will be great! Keep the morning emails coming. My day would not be complete without them.

  • So many great ideas. I also think an index to the Field Guides is a great idea. Having an opportunity to meet your staff virtually would be fun-just to know them better when you talk about them. I so enjoyed my time in Nashville and would come back in a heartbeat-it was worth every penny. Since the space is limited maybe do a virtual meet up with the designers while they are in Nashville showing what will be happening during the workshop-some way to be involved while not being there.

  • I would love to come sho there. I will be in Nashville this summer.

    • I’m lucky to have several good Local Yarn Shops in my area and I feel strongly that I want to support them as much as I can but I also want to support MDK, which has brought me such pleasure and (especially, learning) over the past several years.

      It would be great if there were some sort of network of MDK- affiliated LYSs that could foster two-way support. Say, we buy from the LYS and name you as an ally, or we buy from you and name the LYS as an ally, which triggers a “reward” of some sort. Could be $ or could be publicity/social media callouts. Or?…

    • Atlas mini skeins!!!

  • I dream of one day of one day getting there but please keep virtual options in mind

  • Amazingly white group – are Ammerican knitters all white?

    • You must be new to MDK. They feature and celebrate many BIPOC knitters, designers and sellers. Take a few minutes to browse the yarn producers, letter writers and field guide designers. They even changed the name of their company a few years ago, so that there was no question of inclusivity. And have you missed all the buzz about a famous American knitter named Obama?

    • Agree

  • I really miss the MDK March Mayhem – I hope you’re going to re-activate this designer/pattern-fun next year !

    • I agree! I was so disappointed this past year without your annual March Mayhem! Fingers crossed that you will find a way to bring it back.

    • Me too! I looked forward to March Mayhem, and I miss it now.

  • I look forward to your daily emails, and love the variety. Thank you.

  • Nashville events that have accompanied video components. Love the zoom with the fiber artists !!!!

  • The tutorial videos are great…more of Franklin Habit’s notes from France…cable workshop with Norah Gaughan?

  • I’d love a repeat of the Fall 2021 afternoon Knit Night! That was the best time ever.

  • bring back ‘March Maddness’

    • I agree! March Madness is what sucked me in to MDK in the first place several years ago.

  • Group Art Project! –some yarny thing that anyone who visits can add to throughout the course of the year.

    • Love this idea! Strips or squares for a blanket or blankets to be donated at year end to some worthy cause?

  • Love the music idea. Hosting retreats with the Field Guide designers and having a virtual option for the retreat for those unable to travel.

  • Brilliant suggestions here. Do them all! (JK). I would love to participate in a KAL.

  • I would also enjoy video capsules/Visits of the premises.

  • How about you become a vendor at the SAFF?
    Most of us down here can’t or won’t make that drive up to New York and the festivals are on different weekends.
    You’d be big at the SAFF. You can do this!

  • I’m loving the Atlas yarn while knitting the Grace Notes. I was thinking that maybe it could be offered in different weights or tonal colors.

    • I’d love some purple Atlas!

    • Bring back March Madness, great way to discover new designers. Plus, it’s just so dang fun. And please consider more seats when you host designer workshops locally. I also love the idea of a knitting/fiber cruise or land tour.

  • More MDK sweater patterns, please!

  • For the Holiday Store, an Advent-ish calendar with Atlas minis and stuff (happy holidays to all at Headquarters and beyond).

  • Videos pod casts and any sorts of communications for those who cannot be physically with you all. And maybe a recipe for those cheeks grits!

  • How about an order of a half dozen biscuits and some peach jam? (Start a collab with Biscuit Love!)

  • Weekend of crafts workshops, perhaps focus on one project and a food tour of Nashville. Meanwhile, love joining you on Zoom

  • You all are my s/heroes! I’d love to see and hear from each of you about how you got into knitting and this great gig, as well as your favorite knitting projects and/or techniques. I envision a sort of “ Atlas Star of the Day.” No pressure on the introverts, of course!

  • Since I’m way far away from Nashville, your online stuff is what I look forward to so keep up the good work

  • Such a lovely space! Consider offering some virtual classes as well – you can increase your class size and, with some creative camera placement, have better visualization of the action than in person – especially if it’s a new technique or skill 🙂

  • I think it would be great if there was a regular time during the week when knitters could come and knit together.

  • Retreats with online options for workshops for those of us who don’t live in Nashville would be fun.

  • I love the idea of video podcasts every now and again. Maybe two or three of you talking about a project. The JoJi live event was super interesting, but it doesn’t have to be live.

  • GIVEAWAY UPDATE! On a strictly voluntary basis, I’d love to know a little more about the people (our people!) who win the giveaways and what they create with their prizes. This could generate 52 interesting mini-stories a year! Depending on the level of participation, it could be regular column or a more periodic – quarterly/semiannual – montage that includes the winner’s “name”, length of time crafting, location, and a picture of their prize, with or without a picture of their finished object (or prize in use)!

  • I’ve also been missing the MARCH MAYHEM pattern brackets. It was such a great way to show some love to many talented designers, and I discovered several new favorites thanks to MDK!

    • I enjoyed March Mayhem too. I also suggest international shipping for Field Guide subscriptions. I know it’s expensive; just set the price and let the subscriber decide.

      • I’m for this too. Us out of country folks would love that – maybe even an e-book subscription?

  • How can something so amazing get better. This is a tough one. Maybe more give-aways:) More knit alongs:) You’re my morning smile and first read. You’ve taken me through cancer surgery and now chemo this year. I love the Field Guides and make something from each one. You already do so much but I get how ‘we want to do more’ desire. My vote, just stay as awesome as you already are!!! Blessings for 2023.

    • Best wishes for your quick and full recovery, Diane! May the Ney Year bring you good health and happy knitting.

      • That would be “New Year”…

  • Oh I live far away but love the Zooms. And the person with the traveling Atlas van. That should really be a thing. Of course each of us on here that is far away would believe you would need to come to our town. I am sure we have great food here. (or there in another town)

  • I love the idea of more workshops with designers. It was so much fun to be there live and to pet some of the yarns I did not know before jumping in to purchase.

    Also agree that the live plus virtual option would bring even more joy.

  • I am far away in Montreal but would love to visit Nashville. In the meantime it would be interesting to watch a tour of your headquarters.

  • I’m in Memphis and always up for a trip to Nashville. My LYS closed during the pandemic, and MDK has now become my virtual LYS. But I would love the chance to hang in person. I really miss that.

  • Would like to see designated day/days where you are open to the public. On line purchase of yarn is handy, but when trying a new yarn, seeing and feeling can’t be beat!

  • Mini Atlas and in different weights, Please! Also a podcast?

  • Launch party (with zoom option) for a dk or sport (or fingering) version of Atlas.

  • Definitely vote for: Knitting/crochet workshops w/live music; virtual tour of MDK Headquarters, since I live pretty far away; an online index to all the MDK Guides … oh gosh, I could keep going, but everyone else’s ideas are great, too!

  • Like some others, I would love to visit the shop and fondle some lovely yarn. I live in NE TN so it would be a great excuse to come to Nashville

  • What a bunch of great suggestions. Yes to an index. Yes to a video tour of MDK Headquarters. Thank you for adding subscriptions to the field guides. And yes to a small shop or way to visit MDK HQ. (Many years I’ve driven west from Vermont, often through Nashville. This spring I actually passed your exit on the interstate and considered stopping but knew it would be, well, inappropriate.)

  • Many public libraries host knitting groups. Some smart people will figure out how to tap into the power of these existing groups of creatives who help many novice knitters on their way and improve their communities

    • What I love about MDK is the online community, but am craving a local group to knit with. I’m not sure of the logistics, but it would be great if I could meet other MDK folks for regular knitting but also to have group participation for zoom calls, instructional videos, virtual tours, etc. This would be a great way to take advantage of virtual options and get the social aspect of visiting Atlas headquarters, but with a lot less travel. Libraries could be a great place to host such events.

      • PS- I would love to incorporate another passion of mine, reading. How about a MDK community book club? Maybe we could use The Lounge for discussions since that’s essentially what we do for field guides. Or hopefully I’ll have met more local knitters by then and could knit while participating in a live book club. I often listen to audio books while knitting so it seems like a natural fit. So many things to knit and books to enjoy and not enough time!

  • You guys are doing great. Things are always moving. Keep doing what you and the Team are doing. I can gut a fresh fish!

  • More DG! Can’t get enough of his wit and writing.
    You are ALL great writers and this newsletter is part of my daily ritual.
    I think a pop up event with the new doors flung open, food trucks, a few fun fiber personalities, a little story time on the mic with DG and guest appearance of David Sedaris, then a little guitar charm, and a Parade of Knits and Alabama Chanin makes.
    If you do this, I want an early bird notice so I don’t miss! I can drive from Bham.

  • I would love to learn how to photograph my hand knits. Is Chris interested in doing a workshop?

    • How about a yarn truck that tours the country, collaborating with local yarn shops, artists and designers? Also attending smaller fiber festivals around the country.
      Anything you can do to recreate the vibe from the Knitting Getaways in Sewanee will be successful!

  • There are so many great ideas here – I don’t have any new ones to add to the mix.

  • I’m a sucker for any tutorial on any subject!

  • What’s with the whiskey 100 signs in the first photo? That’s what I want to know

    • How else do you think we get through the day?

  • I as many, am too far from Nashville to visit. Pictures of works in progress with reference to patterns, yarn or designers, and tutorials would be great.

  • Field Guide launch party with live audience.

  • Continue to work on ways to make selling MDK print and products to Canada. Live (and video) events sound very attractive.

  • I love giveaways. It’s exciting what’s going on in Nashville. I hope you have more group activities at Atlas.

  • OH, how cruel to post a link to the Biscuit Love menu. There isn’t one thing that doesn’t sound delicious! If the forthcoming MDK shoppe wasn’t enough reason for a trip to Nashville, Biscuit Love just put it on the “must do” list. Well, that and the music. Let’s see, maybe a grand opening of said shoppe, catering by Biscuit Love and entertainment by Merle Hazard??

  • How to Gut A Fish. Just kidding!
    Would love a knit weekend (or mid week!) – our knitting meet up gathers each Thurs in the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery atrium and I know we could organize a road trip.
    Loved the zooms this past year!

  • I suspect many MDK fans from international locales (like me) would love a zoom call to focus on the joy of knitting networks locally and beyond. Knitting is a shared passion that can unite across differences. I think of the amazing daily broadcasts during Shetland Wool Week when we heard not a whisper of conflict-only shared delight in all things wool. ❤️

    • Wait… Shetland Wool Week broadcasts? Tell us more? Are they archived?

  • Knit night (each working on own project) with movie on a large screen.
    March Madness.
    Containers for Field Guides.
    Tremendous thanks for brightening my mornings!!!

  • Since I live in PA, can you please please live stream any music or knitting or discussion event…I hate to miss out on any of the fun!!

  • More events like Arne and Carlos. And/ or large group gatherings. Great vibes and synergies in those situations.

  • I live in a different time zone, so I would love more zoom or live features of an evening or weekend when I can join in. That or Nalbinding.

  • Visual tour of the MDK shop

  • A design contest? Maybe hats or shawls and the winners get published in a Field Guide

  • Id love to be able to come shop in person.

  • I’m just outside Chattanooga, so just a road trip away. I thoroughly enjoyed the Summer Camp Crochet-Along, so something like those tutorials are welcome. Perhaps seasonal stuff: Make a snowflake, make a pumpkin, make a Christmas ball or star! Heck, I just wanna get up there and check out the digs!

  • A patty Lyons Field Guide!!

  • I’m in Canada and was happy to find the Skill Set book at a yarn shop about 45 minutes from my home. Bought it for my sister in law who lives in another province and wants to start knitting. Happy to find it locally as the shipping to Canada makes it too expensive for me to order. Would love to see more MDK items at local yarn shops in the future, if that’s at all possible!

  • ABC at MDK: Atlas, Biscuits and Cheer.

    No need for How To Gut A Fish lessons; just use a Bass-O-Matic!

  • How about taking MDK on the road, for pop ups or a Yarn Truck that shows up at Fiber Festivals (besides or in addition to the big ones-I know you went to/sponsored part of Wool & Folk). I hope that was successful for you so you’ll think about other parts of North America.

    • I would love to have an MDK yarn truck visit the Michigan Fiber Fest, a chance to fondle all your goodies in person, see the colors first hand, drool over all the possibilities, yup, that would do it for me!

  • Is there anything more heartwarming than knitting with others? Whether it is a one day workshop or a weekly knit together, your space looks perfect for those of us who are local. Also, I am a HUGE Patty Lyon fan and would love to attend a local workshop with her.

  • What is wrong with learning how to gut a fish? Especially as one would first have to catch a fish. Is there anything better than chilling on the side of the water with your beer and your knitting? Yes – it then eating your fish with other knitter/fishing friends. I scoff at your rejection of this splendid idea.

    • Thanks, Rachael. As a person that spends time in an ice shanty I completely agree. I recently learned to process meat chickens and am throwing gutting chickens in as an MDK option as well. Would be great with the cheese grit gravy.

      • I’m with you guys— fishin’ & knittin’. I love campfire scented yarn.

        • … and the cheese grits gravy! I am right there with you all. I started crocheting again (and later knitting) when my fishing partner helped me remember how to crochet a hat (without a pattern) while in fishing camp with our husbands at a remote Alaska cabin. Now I knit more than I fish, but they go together so well! And I just made a hat for another fishing friend so that he can keep his head warm on a cold morning at the river (we live in the Sierra Nevada mountains). Stay warm everyone, and happy holidays!!

  • How about this: a Welcome Blanket jamboree?!! We gather and knit blankets (individually or collectively) for recently-arrived immigrants, attaching a small tag to each blanket telling OUR immigration stories. Building community and kindness through blanket-knitting!

  • A virtual tour of headquarters and the new shop, yes, please!

  • I love the idea of a video tour. A direct flight from Akron/Canton has just been put into play and fares are low! How about visits to some great local hangouts as part of the video tour. I would love to know more about some of DG’s lunch hangouts!

  • Definitely more workshops! I attended one of yours that was for just a day and it was wonderful! Was registered and ready for the one scheduled at the beginning of Covid, but it had to be cancelled. Any workshops would be great!!

  • Well, I don’t even need that “how to gut a fish” lesson – I learned that from my dad and uncle years and years ago! This is probably not everyone’s favorite right now, since we’re still coming through a time of being forced to have everything virtual, but I would love to have an occasional or maybe a series of presenters or speakers or instructors on any variety of topics available virtually. Maybe a library of recordings of events or speakers at your headquarters. And yes, I do know about YouTube :), but I’m thinking of a library of things we would pay for, maybe something to watch when we’ve exhausted our “Knit To This” options.

  • Just keep doing what you’re doing! I love the daily emails.

  • How about an NYC annex?

  • I like the ideas of virtual tours and more zooms for those of us far away!

  • MDK headquarters TOUR!!! YES. I live far away and am unlikely to get down there… FUN

  • I would love to see the return of the March Madness where you selected a group of patterns from sweaters, hats, mittens, socks, etc. and then we voted on them and there were finalists. I don’t think you did that this year. It was maybe a couple of years ago.

  • As another faraway knitter, I’d appreciate virtual workshops, tutorials, and interviews with designers like Arne and Carlos. I’ve been reading and knitting with Kay and Ann since I took up knitting again in the early aughts and I’m thrilled that you now have Atlas Headquarters filled with stuff to share like knitting tools and Field Guides. It was also fun to put the faces to the names of people I’ve been reading about in Snippets. Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • a virtual tour would be great

  • I too like the idea of a podcast from Workd Headquarters

  • I agree that a virtual tour would be fun, but I really would love to see the March Madness Roundup return. It is such a great way to see new designs that I otherwise would not find.

  • I’d like to request a weekly digest option instead of emails every day. My inbox is so full I dread looking at it!

  • More virtual for all of us that are distant.

  • Virtual tour sounds great!!

  • March Madness return

  • Would love a virtual tour of headquarters. Also I’ve really enjoyed the zoom sessions and bring back March Madness it was my favorite!

  • Quarterly knit nights! I’d love them to be more frequent but I’d take 4! You could even have some Zoom ones!

  • I’d love to see a field guide that includes the most popular patterns from a number of your field guides, basically the “best of the best.” I know there must be a stand-out pattern in each guide. It’d be fun to dabble in the patterns this way.

  • Lots of great ideas are being posted! I’m a few states away, so I would be happy to pay for Zooms (or a video recording from a Zoom, because life happens) from your workshops or classes – I would have loved to have seen at least the opening session from Arne & Carlos, for example. Thank you for everything you’ve already created – I told a friend about the Skill Set app and she’s been happily working her way through the tutorials as her personal knitting refresher course.

  • I always read you first thing – which is nOT my best time for ideas. But, I concur with the others who would love a return to March Madness. It fills my queue and my heart. I would love to make it to one of your knitting retreats, but adding air fare from Washington (nope, the other one) makes it an awfully big splurge — so don’t forget all of us in the hinterlands in your plans. More prosaically, I love kits, especially with color choices. I’m really looking forward to Arne and Carlos’s Field Guide (which is also yours). Here’s to 2023 — Happy New Year!

  • I’d also like to see interviews with the staff – little video snippets that introduce us to you who have made us so happy!

  • Retreats!

  • More zoom events with special guests

  • Well, I learned to catch, gut, skin, debone, filet and cook a fish over a campfire when I was a kid so I’m good for that but maybe just more classes, World HQ tours and open houses? Maybe then I’d eventually find the gumption to break out of my introverted procrastination bubble, gather up some of the knitting group and head down south for an MDK Adventure.

  • More of same…your emails in my inbox always get read…thanks

  • As you are planning where to take MDK in the future, I have to say that my very favorite part of this site is the letters between the two of you, Ann and Kay. It’s how you started, and the two of you writing about your lives is what has kept me coming back. You are such amazing writers! I know that the product sales keep the lights on and I don’t begrudge you for doing what you need to for income. But the heart and soul of this endeavor is your writing, and that has become so much less frequent. I miss it!

    • Agree. Plus March Madness. And do you really want to be known as one-hit wonders? A follow-up to “Pardon Me” would be quite a treat.

  • I would like to see a once a week in the evening a zoom knit night. You could also feature a special yarn, etc. But have the feel of a local shop for those of us who can’t travel or dont have a lys.

  • I hope you’ll be conservative (not sure that’s the correct word) about adopting Pantone colors. Yes, occasionally they’re attractive but that trendiness and commercialization of what are basically tones and hues is off-putting. Also, it often means, for me at least, going without buying new things for a year or more, until olive green or puce wear off again.

    • I’m going to venture out on a limb and say how much I hate this year’s color, Viva Magenta. Although I used to dance under that name! (Kidding! Joke stolen from Craig Ferguson.). Seriously, we are Kaffe Fassett fans through and through and would never do that fashion “color of the year” thing no matter how good that Meryl Streep speech about “Cerulean” was in Devil Wears Prada!

      • I can’t buy much MDK yarn because much of what I knit is for people who are (or think they are) allergic to wool, but when I can buy something I’d like to be able to find Kaffe not trendy colors. So that’s a relief – thank you!

  • I’d like to see a retreat with (maybe) not so famous teachers that included a bit of Nashville also. If I’m coming from California I’d like to stay awhile and get the lay of the land.

  • A weekend knit-in would be super fun. (Like the lock-ins from my teen years, but a little bit less locked-in. Plus Biscuit Love for breakfast.) Also, in-person Camp MDK.

  • I agree with all the other folks, I would love more virtual tours of MDK headquarters. And, I would love online beginner/advanced beginner crochet lessons.

  • I can’t think of anything new, but please keep making the tutorial videos and having the zoom parties for projects. Thanks!

  • Indigo workshops! The Indigo Squirrel would be happy to help!

  • A variety of online classes.

  • YOUR Very Favorite go-to pattern for (fill in the blank). Mine are Ann Budd’s Seduction Socks for fit and looks. Foaming Waves is my favorite washcloth. Rag Bath Mat by Julie Weisenberger, but w/ two cables and narrower side borders to stabilized the rug. Rag Doily Rug comes in second.

  • A shop cat.

    • This is the single best idea so far.

      • Surely we can come up with a pretext.

        • See if Kermit can recommend a kitty friend, or two..

  • More colors of Atlas, maybe some deep jewel tones or heathers. I love that you tell us the breed of sheep!!! The breed makes all the difference for us wool sensitive knitter. And I would love to visit MDK in Nashville.

  • Hmm…how about Atlas Airlines that provides free flights to Nashville. As that is unlikely, I’m going to suggest some regional groups in the Forum where folks could chat about what’s going on locally (I’m in the NY Metro area and I somehow miss a lot of fun stuff) or even get together independently. It could also be really helpful if someone is travelling to have a local group to check in with.

    One of the things I really love about this site is the number of totally imaginary friends that I have here. For the most part, the only that we really know about each other is that we are all makers. The few times I’ve gotten to meet some of you in real life its been delightful.

  • Would love for you to create shipping options for us down under – New Zealand to be specific!

  • Tour!

  • I so love the humor in your writing … always a ray of sunshine in my inbox … keep the articles coming 🙂 And add me to the list of those craving a virtual tour, please.

  • I join the supporters of bringing back March Madness! I looked forward to that every year and discovered so many new designers as a result of the Madness.

  • So many wonderful suggestions. I agree – bring back March Madness! And continue with some virtual stuff for those of us far away.

  • I have been meaning to go through my field guides and figure out which projects would work with Atlas — such is my love for Atlas! Unfortunately I do not have an entire collection of guides, mostly because my dog likes to eat them. Help me out!

  • More ball band dish cloth knit alongs. Make it an annual event. Please and thank you

  • Yarn dying for people who don’t want to do that sort of thing at home!

  • Love the recipes…keep them coming! Virtual tour and maybe another little feature on the potholder loom. Always looking for new design ideas.

  • I am a fan from Michigan. I would love to see live video chats with designers we love and emerging designers.
    Also a virtual tour of your shop would be nice.

  • I’m part of team #bringbackMarchMadness!

  • Seconding a zoom tour of hq, and virtual events in general!

  • I agree with the others who can’t easily leave home for whatever reason. More Zoom, maybe lessons that you charge for? I would definitely enjoy that. In the meantime – wishing you grace and peace and thanks for all you do!

  • A virtual tour of your headquarters would be nice!

  • I love March Madness.

  • My wish is what we have continues, so please take really good care of yourselves and don’t please more customers at your expense.

  • I love the virtual tour idea. And all the other things you already have planned. I am so sorry that I don’t live closer to participate in them.

  • I would like to see a virtual tour of Atlas drive aka MDK World HQ please

  • A wider array of yarn/inspiration/energy related to plant-based fibers for those of us who can’t wear animal/silk fibers.

  • Virtual tour and virtual get togethers/classes, please! I am very far away but would love to participate!

  • March Madness and maybe a tour?

  • Lots of great ideas, I too missed March Madness and a virtual tour of Atlas. I live away from Nashville so in person doings are beyond me but zooming classes, like the crochet one would be fun.

  • Some virtual activities so that people who are far away can take part.

  • Have you thought about accepting submissions for guest writers?

  • On lines classes

  • Online classes. Thank you. Correcting mistakes would be great.

  • First, thank you for the Gift Cards! Now I know I will get exactly what I want for Christmas. Of course I will still have to choose a project.

    I agree with the person who suggested a website index for the Field Guides. This might include indexing by skill level, especially recommendations for Beginners. And maybe something around light weight/cotton/linen for summer/warmer climates. And suggestions for quick knits for gifts. The diagonal mitts, for example. Easy enough for beginners. Quick enough for a gift. And not a lot of yarn, so economical. You can make a really special (warm and practical) gift with minimal investment of time and money.

  • Adding my request for a virtual tour!

  • I visited Ann at your previous digs way back when, but I’d love a virtual tour of your new space! And I’d really love to come for an in-person event, someday. It’s just so far from the Left Coast…

  • I would to see some affordable yarn sampler packs…or yarn tastings as they say. There is so much yarn I would love see / touch before investing in a big way.

  • wine and knitting!

  • I too would like to see your wonderful place

  • Bring Arne and Carlos back, please.Those guys are fabulous.

  • Although I have not availed myself of your Zoom get together so I’d have more chances to attend.

  • I’d love to visit your place from the furthest west side of the continental lower 48. So a two day event would be great. I would love to be able to stroll the yarn bins and to have a couple short or an intensive workshop. With some housing suggestions and more important – eatery suggestions from all the staff. It does come down to some great local bites to make a trip great.

  • You seem like very kind people.
    It would be nice to have suggestions from kind experts on the best ways to teach knitting to kids, teens, old people, anybody who wants to learn but knows nothing. I know how to knit, and I know some people who might want to learn to knit, but I don’t know how to begin to teach them.
    If you already have/do that, never mind and I’ll search harder on your site.
    Thank you, I think you’re great.

  • Bring back the March Madness competition, or some form of it. Also, a monthly podcast would be lovely!!!

  • I loved meeting Ann & Kay at the Wool and Folk Festival in Oct. Please continue to travel to fiber festivals whenever you can fit it into your busy schedules. It was great to meet you both in person!

  • I live in the subarctic (Interior Alaska)- I don’t foresee driving up to your front door anytime soon.
    HOWEVER, I would be in very ready attendance for a Zoom Knit to This Because D.G.Knows Cinema (and Other Stuff Too). The best kind of knitnite ever!
    DG intros, we each go watch it on Netflix. He’ll know how he wants to do it.
    Maybe Holiday movies starting in August to get some actual gift knitting done so everyone doesn’t get the same hat( again)
    March Madness is the ONLY thing that got me through the sporty version of same. (Grabs Pom poms and megaphone) Bring it back! Bring It Back!! Bring.It.Back!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!
    Designer chats would be awesome. Covid vacuumed out bank accounts so choosing between classes and yarn, yarn will win out every time. It’s a mood stabilizer. Lol.

  • I, too, am out of range for in person events. So, anything remote and perhaps with a view of headquarters instead of just the zoom screen.

  • I love the idea of the events happening. Mostly because i want to work them and hope i pick up the knowledge by osmosis. Or diffusion, i can never remember.

  • I’m so far away but I’d someday love to visit the onsite shop

  • I love the idea of a virtual tour;

  • How about features on fiber artists?

  • More behind the scenes for those of us who live far away.

  • Dip your toe into weaving, start with rigid heddle looms. Make great scarves with knitting yarn, just sayin’!

  • I’m also a long drive or a flight away (in Virginia) and would love to see a virtual tour of the headquarters and/or more streamed workshops/interviews with designers. Or you could just figure out how we can teleport there for a real visit. 😉

  • Hello, Could you create a separate section on your shopping tab just for books? That would make it much easier to browse the available book selection.
    Thank you!

  • Take the show on the road!

  • A retreat with a Merle Hazard concert.

  • Nashville is on my list of places to go – so I’d like to see a yearly Nashville knit event.

  • You do so much, can’t believe you want to do more! I’m grateful for & love the daily emails! Is there a list of those email links in order by date? To revisit one I look under the various categories trying to find it (can’t remember if a “letter” or “inspiration” or whatever). Also, we downsized considerably a few years ago, donated most of my knitting books, do not want to accumulate stuff again (even though I love books) so please consider a yearly ebook Field Guild subscription. It would benefit you financially since not offering that subscription option I wait to see what each field guide is & if not interested in pattern offerings I don’t purchase.

  • are you going to make me move to Nashville? Can’t Kay have a pop-up in NYC???? that I can get to!

  • Host a retreat with knitting instructors, good food, and yarn booths.

  • Here’s a wild idea, way out of the box: hold events in other cities across the country! We would love to see you on the west coast!

  • I’d love to be able to experience community, bringing people together over their shared love of all things “yarn” and perhaps reading, bicycling, music, singing, writing/journalling, painting, etc. It’d be fun to have a reading discussion while knitting/crocheting as an example.

  • More of the same! Love you all!

  • Please, no gutting of fish! But I’d love to see some shorter guest classes/offerings at MDK that are possibly less expensive. Thanks for always thinking of new fiber fun! You’re amazing!

  • Oh, I would ♥️ a knitting & nature retreat! I’ll even help lead the bird walk.

  • Nothing. Do not change a thing. Well, maybe add a few more Atlas colors. I love your products and your personality, MDK.

  • you guys are most magnificent and all will be well.

  • Virtual tours and interviews with staff! What are their backgrounds?

  • I looked into the amazing learn to knit kit for a friend, but it was way more expensive than I expected. I would love to see a minimalist kit; one pair of knitting needles, some yarn, and the booklet would be great!!

  • Not very original, but I also like the virtual tour idea! And have everyone introduce themselves and their favorite yarn!

  • Oops–I just realized that I left my comment with the wrong email address! I still like the virtual tour idea!

  • I would love to see virtual discussions about the different qualities of various yarns, and also substitution suggestions.

    And, as others have said, virtual meet and greets of the staff and the physical space of MDK.

  • Pop up shopping in the shed!
    And have you tried the smoked Gouda cheesy grits at The Perch?

  • How about some knit nights? I live a couple states over, so it’d have to be on line for me, but why not hybrid online/in person knit nights.
    And guided tours. The mister and I came through TN in the Before Times and I would gladly have stopped for a tour, had they been a thing.

  • Someone suggested podcasts with designers but also podcasts highlighting small businesses, authors, etc. would be interesting.

  • I LOVE the looks of those cheese grits… how about a knit and nosh night, live with Nashville music, recipes for us far-away folks to share in the fun, and all on zoom so we can ‘be there’ remotely and enjoy the fun!

  • I would love to see a MDK weekly or monthly podcast.

  • I vote for more of the same. I enjoy it all.

  • Skill set weekend for beginner knitters in Nashville . Scholarships available through fund raising sale. Volunteers to assist.

  • Starting with a virtual tour would be fun for those of us far away!

  • Some day I want to be able to come to your headquarters for a class!

  • A tour and shopping at your HQ!

  • Such great ideas! Love the video shop tour including a “meet the team” component, more tutorials, more virtual gatherings to learn and share ideas and projects.

  • A tour of HQ

  • A meet and greet w your staff and contributors!! A max daniel weekend!!

  • A virtual tour of the physical location please!

  • Zoom events with designers, always fun!

  • A virtual tour of your shop and your neighborhood would be fun.

  • Even though you have a lovely space in real brick and motor, I so wish I could visit in person. You have many online fans that are not able to travel to you, for a variety of reasons. May I ask for you to consider doing online versions of things you offer instore, I understand not everything is avail to everyone, but just asking you to consider live or recorded versions of the fun at the store. Wishing you lots of fun events , happiness and health into the 2023. Merry Christmas!

  • Virtual classes!

  • Love the idea of a virtual tour! You could give us ideas on how to pick and combine yarns, and post it to YouTube. And since you have so many great musicians out there, how about posting mini concerts, like the Tiny Desk series

  • I live too far away to get to a one day event. But I like virtual fun and love reading about your events.

  • Living a day away from Nashville, a virtual tour of the shop would be great, as others have suggested. If we travel to Nashville for an in-person visit, suggestions about others things to see/experience, places to stay, restaurants to eat, etc would be helpful. What do you recommend?

  • I would love to do a mystery knit along with the group of you.

  • I’m pretty happy just reading Snippets on a Saturday morning as I drink my coffee to be honest. I totally enjoy the Field Guides; they’re just the right size and I even knitted a knights’s hood! I’m not sure it’s left my youngest’s shoulders since the cold weather arrived. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • I would love to see more virtual knitting & CHARITY KNITTING- maybe rotate the charities- from KNITTED KNOCKERS – to PROJECT KNITWELL. Thanks for asking and thanks for the giveaway!

  • I agree with March Mayhem. I missed that!

  • Absolutely March Madness! That was the best! I live a bit too far to visit easily so the Zoom or whatever online events would be a thrill for me.

  • Bring back March Madness, please!

  • I love Nashville and it’s a terrific weekend getaway for me. I’d love any of the above! I would definitely make an evening of a class or music or food…

  • Just as many come and knit together nights as possible!

  • So excited for y’all and your new HQ! Since I’m in Oregon, I hope you’ll continue your online chats, I love them!!!

  • I’m still yearning for virtual and ZOOM presentations. I live in a rural area so depend a lot on digital information. Your events and classes are so helpful to me. Thanks!!

  • Classes that can be joined virtually…actually anything I could join virtually. I am unlikely to be able to travel there, but would love to be part of the fun!

  • I’m also a follower living a long way away from MDK headquarters and would love to see a virtual tour or join an occasional zoom class or virtual kal.

  • All in for the virtual tour. How about movie nights/days with theme projects… or what about a ‘choose your own adventure’ event. It could be virtual and in person… monthly? A pattern that has options as you go, all in on the same project, yet, different results.

  • Zoom classes on the weekend by the amazing designers you have connections with, and kits that can be pre-ordered with yarn for the class project.

  • There’s not a single suggestion I can come up with … perhaps I’ve not had enough coffee yet. Keep being fabulous!

  • Thank you so much for your weekly notes and wonderful array of knitting yarn and supplies. I love MDK!!!

  • I’d love to come out there (I’m West Coast) for a retreat of some type- knitting themed with promises of looking through your magnificent warehouse of yarn heaven!

  • Nashville is a great destination for a fiber retreat with sides of music and BBQ.

  • I appreciated comments. I, too, miss the March Madness. And keep the Atlas patterns coming. I tend to lag behind the Field Guides. So am still considering projects from the last year of Field Guides as you move forward. You’ve got a winner in Atlas.

  • I’d love to see you sponsor/organize a fiber arts travel trip – what fun that would be!

  • three day weekend events with star knitters, designers, dyers. I would make Nashville a destination vacation.

  • Virtual tours (or photo tours) sound fun, especially for those of us who live very far away!

  • I love everything you do and would love even more times to spend with you all. Like a regular podcast or video that would be educational, newsy and fun every month (or week)

  • I’m a loooong way from MDK headquarters but would love the option of Zoom classes.

  • I really love your weekly updates! I would like to see some really practical suggestions on how to use scrap yarn and how to combine colors for scrap yarn.

  • workshops, workshops and more workshops so that I can get myself to Nashville for the first time!!!!

  • Square dances?!? Contra dancing is pretty fun, too – and usually includes some squares along with the long line dances!

  • Please post a virtual walking tour of your beautiful space. I want to see it.

  • Please bring back the cardboard box that keeps my MDK Field Guides orderly and all in one place. Also any patterns for T type tops or tanks made from cotton yarn, for women.

  • Jumping on the more Zoom wagon! How about a Thursday ( or any day ) knitting circle to meet up? Loving all the other suggestions too! Especially the hooking up with LYS for events, promotions, etc. Have a wonderful New Year !

  • Well, I am not very far from Nashville just in South Carolina. I would love a virtual tour of the Nashville headquarters and I think your snippets are perfection! I wouldn’t change a thing, love all that you’re doing and saying and giving opinions about. it’s ALL right on time for me.

  • Host a “teach a child to knit event”. Our guild did that years ago. We supplied inexpensive size 8 or 9 needles and peaches and cream yarn. (They could take a ball of yarn and the needles if they were so inclined). It was fun and I believe we succeeded in enabling new knitters!!

  • I’m always eager to learn, so I would love to see tutorials

  • Maybe you can coax a Biscuit Love to take up residence next door! I love that place and I’d love to visit MDK headquarters too.

  • anything, everything, we’re here for it all!

  • How about Modern Daily Weaving with projects for simple frame looms.

  • I could use a in depth tutorial for knitting socks.

  • Cooking lessons.

  • My main wish is that I can get down there from Anchorage sometime to be part of a retreat or weekend or shindig!!

  • I think you should have a fashion show! Humans and/or animal all showing off handknits that were gifted to them.

  • Not original, but a tour would be great! I doubt I’ll find myself in Nashville soon, do virtual preferred.

  • More zoom tutorials and knit slongs

  • How about a lesson in top down AND bottom up sweater short-row neck shaping when knitting sweaters ?!

  • Oh my gosh, get Lyle Lovett to do some thing with you. I’d fly to Nashville in a heart beat for his music.

  • Would you consider doing a camp/conference out west? How about WA?

  • Virtual tour of the headquarters! Also more bios of designers, esp those featured during March Madness! Love seeing Saturday Snippets in my inbox!

  • How to Fix Mistakes in Knitting, PLEASE!

  • MDK pop-up stores in various states.

  • Live music, maybe? Take advantage of the talent in town and the good weather (at least better than the northeast right now!!) and maybe some bluegrass or rockabilly music concert with knitters in attendance live and via zoom!! (Now can I win?…)

  • Please could Atlas be sold in the UK? And another vote for the return of March Madness here! Thank you for everything you do, you are a constant source of inspiration and delight!

  • Would love a virtual tour. Also, zoom classes or events since I live a two-day drive away.

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