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Ever since we took up residence on Atlas Drive in Nashville, MDK World Headquarters has had a number of things that could benefit from upgrading, aka fixing.

Foremost on the list of stuff to fix in a 1950s former bus repair building? Garage doors.

We finally bit the bullet and ordered up three new garage doors to replace the brokedown garage doors that have been a continuing source of dimness, decay, and dismay.

Ech! The horror!

When Jake rolled up with a flatbed truck full of door parts, it was like Christmas around here.

A Christmas like the one when somebody gets a drum set.

Thanks to the constant safety backup beeping, we successfully avoided being run over by the scissor lift.

Impossible to do this without a lot of whanging, banging, and chucking of old garage door bits. While the magical transformation took place, we all basically yelled at each other for two days. “WHAT IS THE LINK FOR THE ZOOM SIGNUP FORM?” “I AM COLD.” “WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?”

It became quickly apparent that installing garage doors is a craft project, just like knitting a sweater only 100% metal. Mad respect for what these guys did in two days time.

The result: it was that HGTV moment when we opened our eyes and saw our brand-new kitchen cabinets.

We just gained a lot of northern light, insulation, and a great view of the 1974 Ford Pinto that is decaying in our neighbor’s parking lot.

Worth it!

Now we’re getting ready for Arne and Carlos’s arrival in Nashville for their weekend here, November 17-19. The workshops are full. But if you’d like to join us for the Friday night party we’re throwing, with a live version of their famous Sit and Knit a Bit podcast, you can register here. We’ll have the windows all clean for you.



A Giveaway!

The prize? Two skeins of the yarn we named for the street where we live: Atlas. Winner’s choice of colors.

How to enter?

Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Snippets, right here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re set. We have a new option for texting, so if you’d like an occasional text from MDK, click on that link to sign up—and you’ll get a coupon code good for 10% off your next MDK order.

Step 2: What’s a view from a window that stays in your memory? Let us know in the comments.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, November 13, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • i have often remarked that having construction work done in your home or place of work is a bit like having a baby, by the time you realise how much mess, expense, disruption to your life, and hard work is required it is too late to change your mind!

    enjoy the new surroundings!

    • I once owned an old Victorian Inn and lived on the 3rd floor. In the fall, the view from my bedroom window up there was the most beautiful tree decked out with its fall ornaments of red and yellow leaves. Spurred me on to go down and make the coffee!!!!

    • My favorite view is when all I can see is tree branches and leaves. In our bedroom I can feel like we’re up in a tree.

      • We were staying a night in Chateau Lake Louise. Our room had 2 windows, and during the night when I woke up, I could see the mountains out the left window, and mountains out the right window with the moonlight on them. It was so gorgeous, and I think of it often.

    • Former flat on the 2nd floor. Looked out the window and saw my neighbor’s husband happily scuttling around their kitchen making dinner “al fresco” if you get my drift. The kicker: my neighbor was a new colleague.

      • While doing the dishes after making dinner for my elderly friend I looked out the window and saw a bobcat walk by with a newly assassinated rabbit in his mouth. He had a swagger in his walk that indicted he was pretty proud of the capture.

  • A great “view from a window memory “ was when I looked outside and saw a Turkey attacking it’s reflection in the bumper of my husband’s truck

    • Snuggling down for sleep and watching the moon light up the sky from our bedroom window.

    • Slightly R-rated, but decades ago a friend was showing us photos of her first trip to Japan. She had one of the view of Tokyo from her hotel window, very nice view. What she never noticed, until we did, was that her husband had been standing in the room behind her, stark naked, reflected in the window! So Tokyo, with a naked man apparently floating in the sky. I still laugh when I think of it!

      • This made me laugh out loud! THANK YOU!

      • Our new house has both eastern and western views so we have been able to see both sunrise and sunset happen right in front of us! Makes the short days in November much nicer. I will miss my 3rd office window in our old house, a lot of trees, leaves, and birds eye view of a busy area…but I do not miss the noise.

  • My current view is my all-time favorite: I can see the ocean!

    • There is a beautiful tree lining the city street where I live and a Barred Owl is a frequent visitor. I love this view.

      • The Atlantic Ocean from a walking deck on a cruise ship almost 30 years ago. It was so serene and there was no one else around – amazing in a ship with 2000+ passengers and crew! The memory of that view is still with me and I can conjure it whenever I need something peaceful to meditate upon.

      • My parents’ house sits on Rick ledge about25 feet overlooking the ocean. There is a spectacular view out the living room windows. One summer night, we sat in the dark in the living room watching a lightning storm over the water and it was better than anything on a screen.

    • Seeing a pileated woodpecker fly out of a holly tree in the front garden was totally unexpected

  • Seeing a hurricane hit the shore in Montauk NY while I was working the front desk of Gurneys resort there in 1972.

  • Just about two weeks ago as I looked out the window at dusk, there under our Apple tree was a doe and her two fawns having an early evening snack. Our dinner could wait….

  • Seeing a loved one from afar safely arrive.

  • Watching a red cardinal in the snow.

  • A very old tree with branches that formed a heart in the center — I used to sit and look at it every day after school.

    • Favorite memorable view was from when I was renting a room in northern India. It was a small room with just a bed and a life table, but the wall opposite the bed was mostly tall windows that overlooked the valleys below. Such a stunning view to wake and go to sleep to. Especially when a monsoon was rolling in and I could just see the wall of gray black approaching.

    • First and foremost watching my daughters and now my granddaughters playing in the yard. Right now I am blessed to have a spectacular view of the White Mountains from my bedroom window.

  • Mine is a funny memory. We were eating dinner and saw the people across the street’s side yard on fire. Turns out they were going to put up an above ground pool and were burning the grass instead of using a shovel to remove it! The pool collapsed twice when they put it up and eventually they gave up

  • I love looking out at the ocean and whenever I’m at a house on the ocean, I sit so I can have the view.

  • I have a squirrel feeder and, from my window, I can see the deer come and stick their tongues into it and scoop out sunflower seeds.

    • We downsized to an apt but have an amazing view of a river valley. So beautiful in every season!

    • We have a bird feeder in the front yard, and from the window one day we watched a squirrel doing all kinds of gymnastics trying to get at the bird seed. The deer always worked at it too, but the squirrel, hanging upside down from the pole, was the most entertaining.

  • Years ago, I was in Meissen, Germany, staying in a hotel. The next morning, I looked out the window and realized our view was across the Elbe facing a huge, ornate gothic cathedral. I snapped a photo, and have it somewhere. But your question made me look online and there are lots of great photos there as well. Looks the same.

    • Your memory took me back to being an Army child and looking out to see snow for the first thing. I was 4 and thought I had died and was in Heaven. I thought the snow was clouds.

  • When I stay at my friend’s house I get to enjoy the sunrise from my bedroom window. Misty fields and golden light.

    • For me…the best view is Lake Huron in Northern Michigan. Fresh water with waves that can put you in a trance.

  • I used to live on the 13th floor of a tower block in Newcastle (one of the three you can see on the hill opposite the car park where Michael Caine stands in Get Carter) and from my window I could see all the way to the sea at North Shields. The view took in all of Newcastle city and everything between there and the coast. I could also almost see the top of the sun as it dipped below the horizon on midsummer night. Amazing.

  • Seeing my dog, Buddy, sitting on our snow-covered deck. . . he was patiently waiting for me to let him in. . .as more snowflakes swirl around him. I’m sure he was wondering why it was taking me so !ong!

  • The mist beautiful sunrises at our house in the mountains of Pennsylvania

  • Watching a young black bear come bounding up the hill next to our house. -Definitely memorable.

  • The view out my front window of my neighbors old tobacco barn through the seasons…fall when smoking the tobacco and when it snows and the old gray barn is standing in the snow scene.

  • Years ago, after pulling into my passenger’s driveway, I looked through the front window on my side of the car and was greeted by the sight of her crabapple tree full of cedar waxwings feasting on its fruit.

  • A mule deers ears as she slowly raised her head to look at me at my desk in my Denver mountain studio! Lol. She was adorable.

    • There is a beautiful tree in my front yard that has burgundy leaves in the fall. Actually right now. It’s the best to sit early in the morning and gaze at it.

  • views from my front window often during warm months while at computer are hummingbirds. Once at dusk I saw a ringtail running along the house foundation. Out the back window often see deer & wild turkeys. Once over the course of a few days watched a doe build her ‘nest’ right outside my craftroom window to give birth to her baby & watched that fowl for a few days.

    • My old office window looked straight onto Bays Mountain in Tennessee. For 20 years it never looked exactly the same two days in a row.

  • The hospital building where I work had years of a large construction project next door. This provided endless hours of entertainment for the children ( patients) and their families.

  • Watching the sun set behind the mountains at my in-laws’ mountain cabin in TN. Few blessings are better than knitting in my favorite chair while watching nature’s beauty unfold around me.

  • Every time I look out my kitchen window, I smile remembering how our back field looked set up with the tents for our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding. What a beautiful day it was!

  • A dusk view of a marsh from the upstairs of my grandfather’s 1700s home in NH

    • I have accepted the reality that I plant my garden to feed the deer. And it’s ok. The reward was the time I looked out window and saw 2 does one with twin fawns and one with triplets. There was no way to measure that much cutest.

  • My favorite view from a window was watching New England thunderstorms through the bay window with my 4 children. They are all grown now with children of their own but they still love thunderstorms.

  • Watching big fluffy snowflakes fall out my living room window and cover the trees. It’s just so mesmerizing.

    • Yes! Here, it is our front room window, where it’s a sunny and warm place to sit and knit at the dining table on a cold winter day.

  • Sunset view on Lake Michigan from our cabin

  • I don’t think I could live or work without a view! It’s ever changing, as watching my gardens grow, the flowers bloom, the birds at our feeders, the deer, opossum, raccoon, rabbits &squirrels that frequent our yard. Once while eating lunch we had a mother bobcat with 2 youngsters come into the yard. She was teaching them to hunt! So Thankful for the gift of sight!

  • The vivid scarlet leaves of my neighbor’s maple tree.

  • Watching a coyote trotting across our back field at dawn, in the snow. Second best was – also at dawn but in the green of spring – a young moose peeking out of the woods, seemingly gazing at me, gazing at her. All this was in a very rural area of western Maine.

  • The view from the front window at my grandparents’ summer cabin. Whenever I need to relax, I close my eyes and think of that view!

  • In a previous home, my favorite, looking out the kitchen window to the water channel and watching the year round sights, from changing colors of fall to frosty snowy winter scenes to boatloads of people enjoying summer.

  • While growing up I would always go to the front of our house and watch the sunset during the autumn and winter. I would look into the far distance and take notice of the silhouette of the tree line a few hilly blocks away. The colors were sometimes stunning. Last week ago I was a few miles from my childhood home and saw the sun setting. I found the tree line i was often mesmerized by and once again couldn’t take my eyes off it.

    • Your memory helped me remember a car drive when I was a young woman. I set out from home to drive to Arizona, sunsets are different in the desert. I had to stop but it was before cellphones a constant cameras. The sun was setting behind a mountain ( I am not sure if locals thought it was a mountain) but it was cast in sillouitte and it and the sky were beat.

      • Beautiful

  • I enjoy looking out my window at my bird feeders and all the friends that show up. This includes my neighbor’s cat who lies under the feeders trying to catch her dinner but always fails.

  • Morning sunrise over the Tyaskin Creek

  • As is sit and drink my coffee..,,The North Atlantic Ocean from my resort in Punta Cana. Unfortunately, flying home today.

  • My favorite view from my backyard is the one of my son, when he was in first grade, practicing his pitching in the backyard and giving running commentary as if he was in the World Series. He’s almost 20 now, but I still love that memory.

  • A view from a window that has long stayed in my memory …… as a kid looking out my bedroom window at night to the street light watching the snow fall with the hopeful promise of no school the next day.

  • First time I saw Mt Hood out the window of the airplane flying into Portland OR!!

    • Isn’t that the best! It just looms into view. I fly out of Portland for this reason. I usually look for hikers on the summit—it feels that close!

  • I love looking out my dining room window to see sunrises as the seasons change, to watch the crops in the field grow and be harvested and to spot occasional wildlife.

  • Sunrise over the pond in Maine. Quintessential.

  • Watching a dumpster, store sign and other debris roll down the street during a very rare inland Connecticut hurricane:

  • Congratulations on the new doors and all that wonderful natural light!

  • We lived in rural Virginia years ago. The front of our house was glass doors that overlooked our neighbors 140 acres and past the hills of his property we could see the blue ridge parkway. Loved drinking my coffee on the deck and watching wildlife go by.

  • My view of my backyard with a myriad of busy birdfeeders!

    • I lived in the oldest dorm on campus. it was located on the quad across from the library. best morning views were looking through branches across a snow covered quad checking out the footprints in the snow

  • My favorite view is right outside our house across the street. A dilapidated house once stood there, went to tax sale and the neighbor next door bought it. Alas, torn down rather than fixed up; too far gone into disrepair. A large beautiful garden now stands there, full of sunflowers, veggies, perennials, small fruit trees, and lots of birds, butterflies, and bees. It makes me happy every day, and laugh when I see squirrels perched on top of sunflower heads getting a meal!

  • I recently had knee surgery and was confined to my bed. Outside my window, the glow of a Red Sunset Maple’s changing color filled the room with warmth.

  • Waking to see the world covered in snow!

  • Two homes and two states back, the view out my kitchen window in Tipler, WI, overlooking a large open field with knee high grass swaying in the wind, Sandhill cranes stomping around, deer, coyotes, wild turkeys wandering thru and bald eagles soaring overhead. It was the best.

  • Warning, this is sad. Don’t read on if it’s too early or too late or you just don’t want to be sad.

    I live and work in Manhattan and eventually on the terrible morning of 9/11 while we were supporting and checking on friends and family someone said the towers had fallen. We ran to a TV. I could not believe my eyes until I turned and walked to the window and saw for myself. My heart breaks to this day. May all find and live in peace. ❤️

  • I have enjoyed my view daily for the past 20 years. I gaze upon a mountain range and it brings me such joy. Each season brings a new view

  • A tree. I’ve lived in many places, most of which had a view of at least one tree. It was always calming see the passing of seasons and the swaying of branches.

  • A rabbit comes to eat on the fallen fruit from the Christmas palm in my backyard!

    • Why is there a woman in a bikini as my avatar??

  • Watching sunrise over the ocean.

    • Looking out the window of life and seeing the world changing right before our eyes.

  • What a lovely edit for your working lives!
    My view memory is the maple tree that turned vivid yellow every fall outside the window where one of us kids washed the dinner dishes for our family of 7 every night for my childhood. I hated to admit it but that view combatted the Oliver Twist vibe and remains in my mind as the icon of fall.

  • Early 80s, vacation w/2 friends driving up California coast, arrived in Big Sur at sunset, found room at a lodge and dinner there, now dark. Awoke next morning to amazing scenery! Breakfast at nearby Nepenthe. Will never forget it.

  • From the window of our beach vacation cottage, a pod of dolphins swimming by.

  • Right now: hung our Jack-o-Lantern up for the birds. No birds, but a pair of squirrels are having a blast swinging and eating bird seed. Extremely entertaining.

  • My favorite view is from work. We have Crape Myrtle trees that turn stunning colors of reds and oranges in the fall. If I could capture it in yarn, I’d have a room full of fingering, sport, Do and worsted. Of course, I might never be seen again as I’d be busy knitting up my version of fall.

  • My back patio slider looking out at the sunset over the tops of the pines, or the snow covered yard, or the herd of elk that roamed through the property.

  • Sunrise on the lake every morning.

  • The day when I saw both my granddaughters (age 4) playing together. One came from Hawaii and the other was adopted from Korea – what a sight – warms the grandmothers heart!!

  • I used to live in a house in TN that the whole back wall was windows. From there you could look out over a magnificent waterfall. And could also hear it!!

  • The view from my 5th floor apartment livingroom windows of the magnificent Canadian maple tree in its beautiful blaze of autumn golden-orange leaves. This year the colours were unbelievably vibrant and quite dazzling in the sunshine

  • Wow! I love all these window stories! Mine is looking out my kitchen window to see a family of raccoons perform circus-worthy stunts to reach and empty the hummingbird feeder on our deck!

  • The apartment I had before I became a mom-the second floor kitchen window looked out over the backyard. There was an awesome tree that was beautiful in any season, but especially in autumn when the leaves were the most beautiful deep golden yellow with tinges of orange. I could sit at that window all day long.

  • I put up a bird bat in my backyard but since I live in South Georgia it gets very hot. I made a ramp with a board. I have a bunch of squirrels also. The day after I put out I watched a sweet squirrel go up and get a drink. Lot’s of other beauty out there but I have a picture of my squirrel.

  • The new doors are beautiful! My favorite view is out my sun porch windows.We overlook one of the NYS Fingerlakes and wooded hills on the other side. I have bird feeders hanging in front of these windows and the birds are constantly entertaining!

  • This fall the colors in the leaves are amazing and lasting a long time. Any window has a memorable view.

  • The first snow (and snow day) ! We didn’t get a lot of those growing up, so they were all memorable.

  • A view I remember is from my freshman year at college from my corner dorm room on the second floor onto a grassy courtyard. Thanks for asking!

  • My first trip to Paris, which was my first solo trip, and I had booked into a small hotel near the Sorbonne. When I got to my room, my window overlooked the McDonald’s! But, it was Paris, they were French students studying on the second floor! To me, being in Paris, a place I always dreamed of visiting, this view was wonderful!

  • A favorite view is from my NYC window looking at my dear neighbor’s early pink azalea blooming. Yes, gardens bloom even in cities!!

  • View of Dolomite mountains from the bedroom my sister and I shared when we went to visit our paternal grandfather in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Awe inspiring to open the wooden shutters in the mornings to be greeted by the most impressive craggy peaks just beyond the other modest homes in this small town.

  • The view from my bedroom window of the ginkgo tree in our yard. It had such gorgeous yellow leaves in the fall.

  • A doe and her baby sitting under a tree up by our pond

  • The mist rising off the pond in the cow pasture across the street at sunrise. Always beautiful.

  • Sunset view over Lake Tahoe. Mother Nature is a great watercolor artist.

  • Looking out of a hotel room in a lovely German village in the midst of a light snowfall. The snow was clinging to one corner of each window just like you see it in children’s books. It was amazing.

  • Looking out the window & seeing llamas with their herder walking to & fro past our front gate when we lived in La Paz, Bolivia. That sight never got old.

  • Looking out the window and seeing my group of Irish exchange students playing in a huge snowstorm we were having. They had never seen so much snow.

  • Standing at the kitchen window watching the hail come down on the farm I grew up on in Wyoming and my Dad saying it’s time to make ice cream. The old fashioned maker with the hand crank and the need for lots of ice!

  • Hard to choose! My roommate and I used to joke about our apartment’s river view; from the front window we could see a tiny sliver of river through other buildings.

  • Seeing two fox kits emerge from under my garage in my densely suburban neighborhood.

  • My neighbor and I saw Gracie, our local matriarch of deer, gave birth to two fawns. We watched from the kitchen window.

  • the trees covered in hoarfrost one winter morning in Montana

  • I had a downtown office on a 2nd floor with a small window. Outside it was a serviceberry shrub. When the berries were ripe, cedar waxwings would visit the tree. If I lloked at the right time, I could see the reintroduced peregrine falcon on the cathedral spire.

  • My favorite view? Watching the snow fall in my backyard- the definition of peaceful

  • I lived in Rockport Massachusetts on the water during the Perfect Storm. memorable window view was water flooding up on the parking pier and cars that have been a band in their washing off and floating away.

  • My in-laws lived in a little house on the harbor, down the street from the yacht club in Shelter Island, NY. The guest room windows overlooked the moorings for the dough dish fleet. Magical, but it all only exists in memory now.

  • Watching the Baltimore Orioles that come to my feeders all winter long. The feeders are near the kitchen window and I love seeing the birds come in.

  • I’ve been lucky enough to travel to several memorable places with views of mountains and oceans, but my favorite view is from my new tiny home built in the woods. Seeing the seasons change, many deer and the occasional fox, countless birds, my dog running freely, etc. I sit and knit and watch it all happen

  • The view from my bedroom window where as a child I could watch the fireflies, or lightning bugs as we called them, over the pond on summer evenings.

  • I am always delighted watching birds at our feeders. Also sunrises out the windshield across the fields during the fall or spring morning commute.

  • Years ago I worked in an office that was a windowless, underground, converted coat room at a concert hall and art gallery. Slightly depressing? Yeah. It wasn’t long though before an staff member kindly commissioned an artist friend, and a lovely painting of a window view of a flowering garden graced the wall. Does this count?

    • What a thoughtful act of kindness. Thanks for sharing this and, to me, this counts!

  • Baby foxes playing!

  • Sunset on the plains.

  • We bought our house for the view from the living room window. All we see are trees, yet we live in a city. We enjoy that view every day.

  • While traveling in Japan, riding in a cable car and coming over the rise and seeing Mt Fuji for the first time. Probably the best part was watching the reactions of 2 Japanese women in the car with us. It was their first time also.

  • I have two favorites – an ocean view or mountain view where I can see the sunrise or sunset. pure magic.

  • The view out the big picture window at my grandmother’s house. You could see all of the front yard, the hug pine tree and poplars, and daffodils in the spring.

  • We once lived in a high rise in Doha, Qatar and our view from the living room was the gorgeous, blue bay. I loved to sit and watch the water. I think there is another high rise blocking that view now but it will always be in my memory.

  • A newish wooden fence starting to grey out, with lighter semicircles where the sprinkler reguarly splashes it.

  • The tomatoes ripening in my vegetable garden through the kitchen window.

  • One memory out a front window is of the guy across the street who lined up 4 grills in a row alongside his driveway. I couldn’t figure out if I was amused or deeply annoyed.

    • Waking to find the yard covered in the first snowfall.

  • Our Airbnb view of the Eiger in Grindelwald Switzerland

  • In the summer I can see the lake from my front window which fills my heart. But my favorite view is more of a secret: from the bathroom window, while seated (!), there’s a view of an old stone retaining wall dappled with moss. Rain or shine it’s just beautiful!

  • Around a dozen deer behind my grandfather’s house years ago. Always so exciting to see.

  • Two different groups of deer meander across daily. I love to open the windows this time of year. The ocean is at the end of our street, 350 yards away. Its view is blocked by the sand dunes and living oak trees but we can hear the surf.

  • I was flying back from a vacation in Alaska. It was the middle of the night, but I was too wound up to sleep and was reading. The stewardess was walking by, saw I was awake and told me to raise the window shade – I had a bird’s eye view of the northern lights!

  • I just got home from a wonderful trip to Ireland. One of our stays was in Ennistymon and the view from my window was the Falls River flowing by. Out the front door of the hotel was an even better view but as it was often raining (Ireland, you know) I could stay in my room and still enjoy the water.

  • After moving into a new home, watching a mama duck lead her 10 ducklings across the golf course in our back yard. They were all in a line behind her – so cute

  • The view of my neighbor’s 4 dogs frolicking together in the sunshine

  • View over Repulse Bay harbor in Hong Kong in 1975 when we first moved there. Magic, we had just moved there at the age of 15 and it looked like a a Chinese painting , islands rising directly from the sea.

  • Sensing a presence at my bedroom window and seeing a doe and her two fawns thoughtfully looking inside.

  • The pond, surrounded by ever-changing seasonal colors…

  • While we were staying at our in-laws house, we looked out the window and watched a black bear amble through the yard.

  • In 2019 we took our dream trip to Scotland, an 11-day tour. For 3 of those mornings we woke up in the Ballachulish Hotel and looked out the window to see a stag grazing in the grass across from our room next to Loch Linnhe. Or pretty much any scene out of any window on that spectacular trip.

  • Snow falling. Just love it.

  • Years ago, while birding in FL and in a light rain, seen through an open car window, I witnessed 2 bald eagle parents and a juvenile playing in a puddle.

  • I moved to a small city in western MA several years ago, after many, many years of living in very small, rural towns. Most of the windows have views of houses built too close together in the early 1900s. BUT, my kitchen window looks out on the playground of the elementary school. In the middle of the school yard are 2 glorious maples that I get to watch as they cycle through the seasons. In October, they were on fire with color! Every recess, I get to hear that very particular high note that little girls can reach as they chace each other around those trees.

  • My favorite view from a window was watching my growing, healthy grandsons playing.

  • Thank you for this! I remember flying into JFK after junior semester in Nepal in the 1970s. I looked out of the plane window and saw the statue of liberty. I heard the Simon and Garfunkel song ‘New York ‘ in my head. Overwhelming and amazing. I feel the same way every time I fly in.

  • The light in late afternoon from my living room window casting interesting shadows & angles of light on the walls.

  • Watching out our large picture window as a child at the snow falling on the snow dinosaur our father built for us on the hill across the street. Such fond memories.

  • I’m a sucker for a sunset view, whether it is over a lake, ocean, mountain or just trees, they are beautiful. Lucky for me they are visible nearly every day.

  • I was at a convention in Hong Kong back in the 80s; our hotel was rather disappointingly in Kowloon but I walked into my room and it looked out over the harbor to Hong Kong. So unexpected – I was the only one in our group with a prime and dazzling location. I spent almost every minute I was in the room looking out – day or night, it was magical. And I (literally, truly) just looked out the sliding glass doors where I am now and saw a rainbow! I love windows

  • A student trip to Paris. We arrived at night, so at dawn, I opened the shutters to see the view. Heart stopping, thrilling reality! Parisian street, complete with two ladies on black, sweeping with old stick brooms!

  • The statue of Christ and Sugar Loaf all from one big window when we lived in Rio de Janeiro.

  • The view of Pike’s Peak from the kitchen window in the house where I grew up.

  • Watching the sun set from any window anywhere is always memorable.

  • A full grown deer walking across the back yard in full daylight. The backyard is in a fenced city block not near any wooded area.

  • The way the earth looks like patchwork from an airplane window

  • Looks great! You will enjoy the good light! Yay for the garage door installers! They all deserve new sweaters!

  • By a stroke of good luck years ago, the day after our arrival at Yosemite, we were able to get a small room at The Ahwahnee. The memory of the spectacular view out our little window still makes me smile!

  • Looking out at the mountains from a lovely cabin. It was such a peaceful scene.

  • The salt marshes on cape cod. That was the best rental.

  • Stayed in a hotel once right on Lake Superior, and the sunrises were spectacular every single day! Still curious about Atlas…

  • As a child in southern Indiana, watching as my dad burned leaves in a drum barrel, but then the wind scattered some of the burning leaves, and I watched from my bedroom as the lawn caught fire. It was easily put out and no real damage occurred, thankfully, but I remember how surreal it felt, watching the fire creep toward my window.

  • A view of Lake Hartwell on a cool spring morning. Sun, mist, peace.

  • Seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance!

  • Before our lilacs died, looking out the kitchen window and seeing the blossoms in the spring; when the leaves are that yellow-green before they become fully green and the blossoms against that backdrop.

  • One of my favorite window view is from the glassed in poarch at the lake. If I get tried of looking at the water, I can watch the sky or the greenery on the opposite shore.

  • An eagle sitting in a tree overlooking a lake.

  • My view is “bird valley” but the day 3 bobcats stopped by is the winner.

  • So many views come to mind. Especially reading these reminders! I was half asleep in Edinburgh and apparently violated some local rule by looking too long at the naked man in the window across the courtyard. Really, I swear I was so sleepy from jet lag it took me that long to realize there was a naked man in that window!

  • Mount Ranier from the skywalk in the hospital where my mom was in the ICU, when I could see the mountain it gave me hope and a sense of peace

  • The view over the couch in the teacherage (it’s a duplex but for teachers) on the reservation in Montana we lived on when I was very very little. It’s the one memory I have for that age and it’s over 60 years ago. Huge rolling hills, big blue sky but I was fascinated by the dinosaur! Took the family forever to figure out it was the Sinclair gas station sign that caught my eye

  • After decades of working in drab offices (one was in the basement of a parking garage ), I am finally working from home and have a beautiful view of trees in our front yard. Right outside the window next to my desk is a birdbath, where I have visitors almost every day.

  • So many: the Washington National Cathedral from the bedroom window when I lived in DC, the Ponte Vecchio from a VRBO, San Salute from a hotel room in Venice, Lake Washington and the Cascades in Seattle, the ever changing Atlantic I am looking at right now in NC.

  • From every room of our house we see trees, just trees. Some of them planted at the birth of our children.

  • I have a vivid memory of when I was a teenager and a male pheasant flew into our living room window.

  • View from my dining room looking at my bird feeders…

  • Looking out the windows of Hawaii rental at beautiful sunsets.
    Mahalo for that experience!!!

  • Looking out my kitchen window and seeing a blue jay on the window sill bopping up and down peering in. They come to tell me they want peanuts. The squirrels do that too. The difference is the squirrels climb up my screens to get my attention and shred them with their nails so I’ve had to stop feeding them.

  • One of my funniest memories while looking out the window was watching my husband try to turn into our driveway during an ice storm. He slid past the drive a couple times, then couldn’t get enough speed going to both get over the tiny rise and still make the driveway. It took several attempts.

  • Pikes Peak

  • My grandparents lived next to a creek with a shale cliff on the other side. Winter was especially spectacular with all the massive icicles. In the spring the ice would break up and the little creek would become a loud torrent.

  • I love the first showing of the Gold Finches in the spring.

  • I recently learned that the two bright “stars” I see in the dark sky every morning when I open the window shade next to the front door are actually Jupiter and Saturn. Now I’m pleased to greet them out my window every day!

  • The doors look beautiful. Best view from a window would be the upstairs bedroom that I used at my Granny’s in Scotland which had a view of the harbour and the sea.

  • Many memories of being in my cozy space gazing out, watching the snow pile up. I love winter! I love snow!

  • The moon shining through the branches of the very large white pine in my backyard as seen from my kitchen window.

  • The dogwood trees in full bloom outside my parents’ living room window in 2008.

  • The view of the channel leading from Nantucket Sound into the harbor, watching the boats slowly return at the end of the day is just so peaceful.

  • Maybe because the season is coming up, but the view out the window of snow falling on evergreen trees while I’m warm inside next to the Christmas tree makes my sould happy!

  • I stood in a beautiful building on Ellis Island and took a picture of the Twin Towers just a couple months before they disappeared forever. I’ll never forget.

  • Winter in Milwaukee from my bedroom window, watching snowplow go by all night long, hoping school would be canceled. Only happened once in eight years

  • My view from a window memory is the 16 glorious months during the pandemic when I was working from home and had a window at my desk, with a view of all the birds and squirrels in my yard. It was a dark day when I was called back to my windowless cubicle in the office.

  • The gorgeous late-evening/late-afternoon views from my living room windows as the sun begins to set and the skies put on an exhibit of colors that sometimes leave me breathless!

  • Any window that is over a kitchen sink. I don’t have one now and I miss looking out while washing up.

  • Living in Alaska looking at mom and baby moose with glacier in the background.
    More light is always a joy — savor your sunshine

  • Watching cars slide ever-so-slowly down my street on black ice. Frontwards, sideways, cattywampus and bouncing off the curbs.

  • The view out a window that I remember is the woods in the Fall with it’s wonderful colorful leaves out a wall of windows in my local church hall

  • One of my favorite memories is looking out the car windows approaching the college I attended in VT: the Green Mountains through the windshield and the Adirondacks two hours away in the rearview mirror.

  • Congratulations on the big move to spruce up the Headquarters! The new natural light sounds wonderful despite the 1974 Pinto (my first car was a 1972 Pinto).

    My current view of our back yard, which includes huge old oak trees, red pines and a new Nannyberry viburnum as background. In the foreground is a peanut feeder, sunflower seed feeder and heated (Minnesota) birdbath which the neighborhood birds joyfully share. I look out to this from the best light for knitting in the house, so I have happiness in my hands and awe at my view.

  • The majestic Rocky Mountains through all the seasons, but particularly magnificent in fall ( quaking golden aspens) and winter viewed as I washed dishes or called the boys in from the backyard. 10 years of that view…

  • From the kitchen window, a huge buck standing under the old oak tree in our backyard one early morning; and then, gone in a flash!
    We live in the suburbs and I have never seen any other bucks, nor deers, but apparently they are around in the surrounding wooded areas.

  • I have always insisted on having a window at my kitchen sink so I could see something pleasurable while washing dishes. My favorite view was watching my daughter playing in the backyard when she was little. Just made me smile

  • OMG what a difference! Nothing like natural lighting to brighten and cheer the occupants. You will enjoy them every day.

    When we moved into our new house and hung the hummingbird feeders, my daily morning view is watching the hummers feed. I never get tired of it.

  • Looking out and seeing a heard of elk trot down the street.

  • A great view from my window was looking at a black bear eating apples off our apple trees on a beautiful fall afternoon. The colors were a perfect backdrop for such a magnificent animal.

  • Looking out the kitchen window to the backyard and seeing cardinals and blue jays

  • summer from my childhood bedroom window. I’d get up early, before the rest of the house, and watch the morning mist disappear slowly as the sun came up. the smell of summer through my open window.

  • Hahaha! Is that a gold Pinto? My first car I owned was a 74 Pinto and I loved it!
    How about a squirrel that managed to avoid all the squirrel proofing to hang upside down from the bird feeder to eat?

  • Hours long Summer sunset from the window of our Berlin apartment where modernist brick church bell tower is silhouetted in front of drifting clouds and colors that blaze and mute over time

  • I lived for 13 years with Lake Superior in my front yard. No land was visible out the windows looking across the lake — many many miles over the horizon to the Michigan shore on the other side — and no two views … no two minutes were ever the same. The vastness of that inland ocean, the sky, and sounds as I sat in my dining room looking out the window. They are forever imprinted on my heart.

  • The view from my airplane seat window when flying into NYC one night…the plane circled over the city before landing, and from above, all sparkling, blinking, bejeweled…it was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever beheld!

  • Out my craft room’s window, I have several other residential buildings with various heights and window designs, and one day I was in here and a large flock of blackbirds flew by. I just loved the juxtaposition of their small flying shapes interspersed with the geometric rectangular forms of the buildings and windows. I kind of want to make it into a tapestry, but realistically that would be incredibly fiddly

  • Congrats on letting the light shine through! The view I will always remember – the snow capped mountains from the house I grew up in in Southern California. Absolutely beautiful on a clear day!

  • Hares bounding across a field in the Dordogne…

  • First time staying at an all inclusive resort last Christmas. The views were spectacular except from our room. It looked out over a mangrove swamp and the back of the resort which looked like a prison. There was barbed wire and spotlights on the back. Made me wonder how many bodies were buried in the swamp.

  • Watching that first snowfall of the season and knowing I don’t have to be anywhere but home.

  • Watching the snow fall and pile up on the pine trees from my sunroom windows

  • I used to have a west facing apartment and we had the most glorious sunsets. Miss that view.

  • I have a wonderful view out of our south facing windows. I love to watch the seasons change and notice how far I can see on different days- over rolling hills of trees to the high rise buildings miles away.

  • I love the memory of watching from our bedroom window as a mama cardinal fed her babies. the next was less than a foot from the window and it was so lovely to watch!

    • I apologize for my typos — that should be nest, not next and the sentence should begin with The and not the.

  • Oh, the favorite view in my house is the reflection of the morning in a window outside my bathroom. We live close Boston but our house feels like a treehouse, high above it all. Such a calming view for me in all kinds of weather.

  • Out my living room window, once the farmers harvest the corn and the fields are clean. Deer by the dozens come out to eat up the leftovers while the sun sets.

  • Bravo for getting things done!!
    My window memory is of a gorgeous red fox running in circles around our apple tree one afternoon. Having enough, it scooted away. His shade of red would make a lovely accessory! Maybe a little Atlas Cedar and/or Clementine.

  • I lived on the point on the northside of Fogo, Fogo Island, Newfoundland (Canada of course) during the 80s before it became a popular destination. Every iceberg that went down the eastern seaboard went past our windows. Pure magic!!! The colour… mostly white with turquoise ….and the noises ….grinding ice, waves of ice pellets, and the gunshot sound when a chunk fell off a berg. Incredible memories !!!

  • I don’t have a memory, but as I sit on my couch I have a view of trees and a hydro line. I watch the trees loose their leaves in the wind and change colour within the seasons. The winter is especially beautiful with its frosty icicles and the birds sitting on the hydro line and in the trees.

  • The view in winter from our 28th floor condo in Chicago. We looked down on a park with children playing in the snow and people playing with their dogs. We could see the polar bear in the Lincoln Park zoo. We sold the condo but what I miss most is the view.

  • Seeing the big grey seal pop his head out of the water in front of the house

  • If an open sided building can count the view from the Chapel at Cheley Camps is one of my most favorite memories. The always well groomed riding ring in front, a pond with fish jumping and across the valley Magnificent of Rocky Mountains!

  • What a huge difference that will make! Worth it.
    I love bird watching through our windows and catching unsuspecting herons or eagles or loons mid-meal.

  • Sunsets, everywhere, but especially at the lake

  • The view from my backdoor that looks out on my neighborhood where I can see the most beautiful sunsets

  • I lived in an apartment complex that was built around an old quarry, now filled with water and called a lake. I was able to get a unit right next to the lake and marveled at how peaceful a water view can be. My brain even ignored the chain link fence

  • When I was very young, my mother would wash my hair at the kitchen sink. Often, and to the delight of my best friend who lived next door and could see us through her living room window, my mother would create comical shapes with my hair…spikes, horns, faux hawks, and funny curls. We all got such a kick out of that. It is a vivid memory still.

  • My favorites all involve wild animal sightings in my yard. Probably the time I saw a fox on my back patio.

  • When I was a kid I dreamed of standing at a picture looking at waving fields of grain. It never happened and I have no idea where that vision came from but it was pretty strong.

    In other matters – we need before and after picks of the whole building, please? Did you remember to take the befores? The after looks great!

  • Nothing like natural light!

  • the view out of my bedroom growing up.

  • My mom lived in an apartment on the 14th floor overlooking commencement bay. On the 4th of July the fireworks display was larger than life out of her windows

  • My favorite “view from a window” was looking out over the Blue Ridge mountains from our vacation rental cabin this summer.

  • A LONG time ago my husband and I found ourselves surrounded by a herd of feisty buffalo running through Custer National Park. Thank goodness we were in our car – and the car survived.

  • I have a large picture window that looks out at the bird feeder where right now, there’s a cardinal, a woodpecker and a blue jay all vying for position. Happens almost every day!

  • There are lots of wonderful and memorable views I can think of, most including water. A favorite though is the ever-changing view of Inglefield Gulf from the window of pretty much any building in Qaanaaq, Greenland, where I spent 6 weeks one summer, and shorter times in other seasons. Watching hunters’ activities on the ice, anticipating the breakup a start of boating season, the parade of icebergs, flocks of birds, kayakers looking for narwhal, and the magical effects of the 24 hour sun.

  • Office window with a view of Boston Common and the red line going by.

  • When both daughters were living in Europe (one studying, one working), they booked an apartment in Sorento, Italy for two weeks so that that my husband and I could join them. It turned out that this fabulous place was on the Bay of Naples and we looked out each day across the water to Mount Vesuvius. Spectacular!

  • The giant coastal redwood in mybackyard.

  • Not one view but many, through WindowSwap. A website created during Covid lockdown, a fascinating escape to the live views from windows all over the world, in places I would never have thought of visiting! In fact I will go and “travel” again right now!

  • Funny, I was taking a drawing class and looked out my car window, while parked, and saw in my rear view mirror what I wanted to draw. So I drew my rear view mirror with the image I wanted. Don’t know why that image came to the forefront, but there it is.

  • At twilight, a barred owl flying right across in front of me as I washed dishes.

  • In 1995 my husband taught on Semester at Sea and I took four months off work to go around the world by ship with 350 undergraduates and faculty. While the ship transited the Suez Canal, we all went by a caravan of 14 buses with police escorts to Port Said to meet the ship,
    by way of Cairo. For some reason, my husband and I were lucky enough to be housed that night in a huge suite at the hotel booked by the program. We arrived at dusk, cleaned up, and I opened the blinds to a wall of windows overlooking the pyramids under a full moon.

    We travel a lot, but the magic of that particular time and place…

  • My daughter’s sophomore year of college and a move to to a new dorm. She was on the 9th floor and and had a view of a bit of Broad Street and Juniper in Philadelphia. What we didn’t know is that there is an annual “Naked Run” for charity. We didn’t see much being nine floors up but we could hear the crowd.

  • The window memory I love is in the country. Peaceful with only the birds making a noise. There is a huge oak tree in the backyard that is home to a lot of birds and squirrels.

  • The view from my kitchen window is trees, trees and more trees.

    The new doors LOOK GREAT!!!

  • What’s around that corner?

  • My giant sunflowers can be seen thru my living room window. Its fun to watch gold finches and squirrels eat the seeds!

  • I love looking out my living room window and watching the birds on the feeder and in the hedges, the cardinals really stand out!

  • Best view through a window: when a night heron landed in the California buckeye tree outside my living room!

  • A view from the balcony window of a condo at my favorite beach!

  • In the mid-20th century, our family lived in a modern house in Painesville, Ohio, that my dad had designed. Our backyard ended with a 200 foot drop to a river. It was not too steep, but you could roll down. Somehow all four of us kids were smart enough not to do that. (There as no fence.) Our big picture window overlooked the river. It was just a gorgeous view.

  • We bought an old adobe with a leaking roof. Over 8 years time we put on a second story. The high ceiling metal roof was first, and then the framing in of the walls, then the sheetrock that pulled it all together. There were my new windows in my upstairs studio, up above the world, north light, view of the cottonwoods that are ever changing. I love to stare out of them, watching the seasons change, and the neighbor’s dogs move about. I live with my favorite view, lucky girl that I am.

  • My first home as an adult looked into my neighbors’ house at their kitchen sink. It was sooooo close! I grew up rural seeing no one and live that way now. I still have dreams…or nightmares….of watching the dishwashing next door forty years later! The mind is an amazing beast!

  • Looking out my parents picture window at my girlfriend’s house across the street and seeing the sun set behind it.

  • The view out my bedroom window of my daddy’s barn across the road from our house…and the sheep he kept over there. When asked why he kept sheep when he was a horse and cattle farmer, he would say, “just because I like to look at them.”❤️

  • A view from window(s) that will never leave me: 3 walls of our Grandmother’s sleeping porch were jalousie windows, from about 2 feet off the floor to the ceiling. After her death I had the profound joy of living in her home for several years. I turned the sleeping porch into my studio, where I was surrounded by jungle-y, fragrant, all-season green. The house is gone now, but the memories remain!

  • Enjoying the trees and Lake Michigan from our 3rd floor deck in Glen Arbor. And once seeing a snowy owl in said trees.

  • My husband and I honeymooned in Australia. A highlight was a birding tour of the Capertee Valley in the Blue Mountains. There are no restaurants or gas stations or hotels in the valley. We stayed in a guest house. I’ve never known darkness like what I experienced that night. There was no light pollution, and I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. But through the window I could see more stars in that small square than I’m used to seeing in the entire night sky. It’s still a magical memory. (Waking up to kangaroos drinking at the watering hole while the sun rose through the same window the next morning was pretty special, too.)

  • The buttes behind my house. Been enjoying that view daily for 29 years!

  • On a clear day I see snow covered mountains, on a cloudy day I see farms in the valley below us, and on a foggy day I see the striated trunks of the birch trees in our backyard. Each view is special and beautiful.

  • There’s a church we visited on pilgrimage I think in Salisbury England that has clear windows backing the altar where it used to have stained glass. There’s a huge tree outside that window that looks like it was put there just for the view.

  • Watching lightning storms roll in across the Atlantic from my grandfather’s beach house living room window.

  • I have very fond memories of being at the ocean in a big room with the full moon bathing the night.

  • My house, growing up. My dad wanted to live on his father’s hunting ranch in TX (which had been bought as he was in college, so he never hunted there. Also, he wasn’t a hunter, he hated that. He loved the land.). He had a house built with a two story glass wall. The length of the house. Ten panels wide, two panels high. We had a rug in the middle of the open bottom floor, with no furniture. I would lay on that rug, and watch weather move in.

  • I love being inside watching the snow pile up during the first snow of the year. After that, it’s not as fun, lol.

  • A view of the Parthenon from a tiny hotel room in Athens.

  • I looked out a window for 39 years from my desk that was across the way from a Genko tree that sat on top of a hill. It turned bright yellow in the fall, and one day it would lose its leaves creating a bright yellow blanket on the ground below.

  • When the full Moon and Venus smile down at me from the sky!

  • Hummingbirds landing at my feeder!

  • We lived on a little farm, and one fall day, my four year old was playing outside. She knocked on the picture window for my attention, and there she stood wearing about 10 wooly worms on her arms as if they were a fur coat! It was a long cold winter that year as predicted by the wooly worms.

  • Fourth of July fireworks from the 16th floor of a hotel overlooking the Point in Pittsburgh – from that high up they exploded right in front of us! Magical!

  • Not a window, but a collection of windows. During the first Covid lockdown I finally succumbed to the major depressive episode that had been coming on for nearly a year. We were being exceedingly careful because I have an autoimmune disease and my son was going through chemo so we were very isolated. One day I discovered a website called Window Swap where people from all over the world upload HD videos of the view from their windows. Looking at the views from all over the world while knitting was very soothing. Even though things are almost back to “normal”, I love spending an hour or so every once in a while just to see the views others have shared.

    • We live on a lake in the woods of northern Michigan. One winter day, we looked out to see a doe who had fallen through the ice while crossing the lake. She had her hoofs on the ice, trying to pull herself out of the water, but slipping back down. A buck was pacing, watching her struggle, unable to help. Finally, after what must have been an exhausting hour or so, she used every bit of strength she could muster, and pulled herself up out of the water and onto the ice. She slowly walked across the lake into the safety of the woods, where the buck was waiting. She laid down, and he stood over her, protecting her as she rested.

  • When they knocked the house next door down, I parked my toddler in front of the kitchen window in his high chair! We spent hours watching the “show!”

  • I have a lot of through the window memories, but living on the coast as I do now is a constant source of beauty, no matter the weather.

  • The view of Arthur’s seat from a window of our hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland; the view of the buildings across the street from our hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland; and the view out the porthole of our room on the North Link Ferry as we departed Shetland on the way to Aberdeen.

  • And, PS the new doors look fabulous. It is going to make everything inside feel happier I think!

  • Watching a turkey vulture glide low over the main part of our house from my telework office windows!

  • Watching the birds enjoying the bird feeder out my kitchen window while enjoying my cup of tea.

  • The sunset views from my kitchen windows are an ongoing pleasant memory for me. The windows face west looking over to mountains in the near distance and the sunsets are often stunning. I know I probably won’t live in this house forever so I often take photos of the sunsets so I’ll always have those memories!

  • The West River in South Londonderry, VT seen through my Grandmother’s dining room windows.

  • Sitting in a cabin outside Yosemite, in winter. I was knitting, and it was snowing. As I added rows to my project, the snow added layers to the deck railing outside — almost as if it were trying to keep up with me. Or get ahead of me? Quite mesmerizing!

  • In the just-dawn light of an early winter morning, I glanced outside as I came down the stairs to see a fox frolicking in the snow.

  • The view from my breakfast nook window looking out on the mountaintop at sunset in autumn, absolutely magical.

  • I have a beautiful lace leaf maple in my backyard that gives me a sense of peace everytime I see it. It reminds me to be grateful as I enjoy its beauty.

  • I love watching the sun rise, snow fall, golden leaves carpet the yard, the cows, and best of all, my husband’s truck pulling into the driveway at the end of the day.

  • The view from my back patio door. We live in the woods, so the best image I have is snow covered hollies, and red cardinals at the bird feeder. So Norman Rockwell.

  • My favorite view is out of my cottage window overlooking the back 40! At this time of year, I see beautiful fall colors among the occasional pine tree and it it is late in the day, deer eating the grass! I’m so lucky to live here!!

  • The view that sticks in my memory all through the winter is the last few golden leaves that remain on the tree outside my window.

  • When I lived in Brighton (a section of Boston) for the first time (I’m back again!), The view from by back porch window was the Boston skyline. I could see it so clearly that I could tell the weather by the color of the beacon on the old John Hancock building. Here is the rhyme: “Steady blue, clear view. Flashing blue, clouds due. Steady red, rain ahead. Flashing red, snow instead” It was really fun!

  • Awakening in my grandmother’s teeny cottage to a picture window filled with sunrise over the also teeny lake. Private heaven!

  • What an interesting question! The view from our B&B in Maui can’t be beat. The sunrises and sunsets were glorious, a gift from nature. Although I also appreciate looking out the car windows coming home after a trip and remembering how good it feels to be back home.

  • We live on acreage in the beautiful Tennessee countryside, and the views of our rolling back pasture, out of our back windows, are breathtaking, especially at sunset!

  • Love the new doors!

    My “window view” is the day Mt. St. Helens erupted and realizing it wasn’t snow in May I was seeing come down in Eastern Washington. Surreal

  • Looking out the window during a huge snow storm and so much snow had fallen and been pushed up by the snow grader and the snow blower that the snow level was up to the kitchen window which was on the second floor!

  • Deer grazing outside my work window and me thinking “How lucky I am to work where others vacation”.

  • I see a long narrow gravel drive-way that my mother could back a Buick down at about 40 MPH without ever touching the curb or the beautiful flowers she had planted on either side. She was very talented!

  • As a young girl in the summers looking out over our small lake in upstate NY and feeling a strong sense of calm as the water was like glass with not a single ripple or wave.

  • The deer in the apple trees!

  • The view from my window when I was little…. I could sit at my desk in my bedroom and watch the Coast Guard planes practice water landings!

  • Looking out my front windows one day to see a veritable swarm of cedar winged blackbirds covering my holly bushes. Gorgeous with their orange and yellow wings!

  • Late night in a cottage on Lake Huron, with a full moon rising, I saw a “silver sidewalk to Canada,” which I imagined walking until dawn or sleep, whichever came first. Sleep, I believe.

  • The most profound window memory I have is when my late husband was on hospice and we had the hospital bed in the living room where I have a full wall of windows so that he could look at our flower beds that I planted when we moved in. I would sit by his side, often knitting as he slept, and looked out the windows while I pondered the future. This was several years ago, but each time I think of him passing, I remember how the window view of God’s nature helped ease the pain of loss.

  • My view from my desk is a giant mountain ash tree – beautiful in every season, memorable when I’m away. Also that tree is poem worthy.

  • When I moved into my home it needed some extra love. Built in 1949 and sold to me by a woman in her 90’s – it needed just a bit of a hug. During all of this my favorite memory is looking out my front picture window to see the old blue toilet, formerly in my bathroom, sitting in the sunshine in my front yard. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • Just love your new garage doors!
    I remember looking out my grandma’s window in May of 1962 or ’63 and saying “Look how pretty all those yellow flowers look in the yard!” (dandelions, of course . . )

  • The Blue Heron that arrived in our yard one summer day.We do not live near any water and the day was HOT He puttered around a bit in the garden before flying off with those enormous wings!

  • Looking at the beautiful view of the twin mountain peaks from our room at the Jade Mountain Resort on our 25th wedding anniversary.

  • A window seat over looking a redwood forest.

  • Just yesterday, outside my kitchen window, a bluejay was peck-peck-pecking at something in the empty window box for a long time.

    But more consistently, the view from the other kitchen window is of the neighbor kids playing in our swing set. We never got rid of it after my kids outgrew it, and wow, are we grateful to give and get so much joy.

  • Having a Buffalo come up to the car window and look in when we were on vacation in Yellowstone National Park. Awesome to see such a huge animal so close, kind of scary too.

  • Around 15 years ago, some noise woke me up at the crack of dawn. I went to look out my window, and below me a mama bear had flipped open the “bear proof” lid to my trashcan, and was pulling things out to give to her two cubs.

  • One of my best “looking out of a wndow” memories is driving up through Utah especially near Kanab. The scenery there is breathtaking. If my ashes were scattered there I would be happy.

  • For awhile I rented a little farmhouse and my bedroom window faced the east and the rising sun. It was always that view that remains in my memory

  • My childhood bedroom in Harlem NYC had a view clear down to the Empire State Building (a view since obscured by newfangled skyscrapers), and I loved to watch lightning bounce off the top spire during thunderstorms.

  • The little chipmunk who perched on a stake in our front garden and stuffed his wee adorable face full of seeds. I looked up from my knitting just in time to see the whole show. That’s my kind of nature program. 🙂

  • When I lived in Charleston, SC, our house faced the Wapoo Cut marsh. Eventually, a house was built in the empty lot across the street that obscured most of our view, but I remember in the early years, looking out to see herons in the marsh stalking their prey and a sail boat with its main sail up making its way up slowly through the cut behind them. This was long before we had cameras always at our fingertips, so the image resides only in my head.

  • I was fortunate enough to spend some time every summer on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, right along the Seaway, until just a few years ago when my parents sold their summer place. We still go up to the same area every summer, but can’t see the river from where we stay. I will never forget the sight of huge ships passing by, especially the ones at night with all of their lights on in the very dark water. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world to me!

  • What an incredible change over! Light!
    So many gorgeous views… Mt Baker in a pink dawn. Bright white snow covered Olympic Mts with a storm behind them… A deer giving birth in our neighbors yard and then getting her baby to stand… I’ll stop now.

  • At my last house, when the weather was just right, we could see Mt. Rainier from our kitchen window.

  • For nearly 20 years the view from my home office window was of the trees outside our mountain cabin. All fall I would watch the squirrels run across the field, stashing their pine cones for the winter. At one point, the local herd of elk would pass through on their way to somewhere else. And all winter we’d have a family of moose dining on the bark of our aspens. It’s amazing that I actually got work done.

  • The view from my grandmother’s sunroom includes multiple hummingbird feeders, and in the evenings, tree frogs. It’s always been one of my favorites.

  • we moved from utah to west virginia in december. we were looking to buy a house. the realtor took us as far up the drive as she could, then we trudged up and around and up some snow covered steps onto a deck, then inside the laundry room door. we finally got inside the house. stepping around a puzzling display of dead ladybugs, i walked to the first room’s window. it was something out of a grandma moses painting. smoke curled up from tiny rooftops, snow covered the ground, black leafless tree limbs reached for the sky, and far across the valley, the tree line was blazing with winter sunshine. we bought that house for the view!

  • My view from a window etched in memory was the day my mother passed looking out to the Arkansas River watching eagles soar. It was so beautiful. My mom soared with the eagles that day.

  • A hawk eating its kill outside my living room window.

  • My favorite is snow-capped mountains across the valley.

  • We put French doors and a deck where we had an old double hung window and now eat with a wider view. One morning last fall all the little birds disappeared and a raptor glided down to the deck railing. He or she stood surveying for at least a minute before relaunching. It was a few hours before the usual bird neighbours appeared again. I had never seen such a bird in my everyday surroundings.

  • Sunset on the lake. Never gets old.

  • The panorama of NYC in 1976 from the top of the WTC. I feel lucky to have been able to go that one time.

  • Two memories: one currently of our gorgeous view of the San Juan Islands and the Guemes channel in our new home in Washington. The second is of my son waking up in the morning when he was three and looking out his curtain-less window ( first night in our new CO home) and looking at me with awe in his eyes as he said “I just saw the morning”…yes, I’m

  • At the end of 8th grade year, my folks moved us from Tennessee to Seward, Alaska. The back windows in the apartment we were in looked out over Resurrection Bay. I remember the first winter, sitting on the couch watching the moon rise up over Mt. Alice, and then slip down the other side, and it wasn’t even 9 yet! I was always so astonished.

  • Our bird feeding garden is amazing and so fun to watch. Also my poppy garden from a distance is a blur of yellow and orange. Fabulously beautiful!!!

  • Sunset over Lake Champlain. The daily beauty is beyond words.

  • I still sometimes think about the view from the patio doors in an apartment building we lived in years ago. It was a massive tree that turned completely yellow in the fall. It was gorgeous and reflected so much golden light back into our apartment – a very happy memory!

  • I have happy memories of my kitchen sink window view, after dinner, my kids and their dad on the swings or slide (well, my husband stayed off the side). Everybody laughing – I would join them soon, but first, a little time to myself, even if just to do a chore.

  • We spent a few weeks in Norway this spring. There were so many spectacular views from so many ship, car, and hotel windows it’s hard to pick just one.

  • I will never forget trying to sleep through a hurricane and having the slightest view of a tree bending so far that I thought it was going to snap and fall on my room.

  • It’s the view from my front window of the native bunch grasses and goldenrods in the fall…a sea of nodding yellow plumes among the tall bluestem and purple top grasses. The songbirds love it, too.

  • The heffalump hole, dug by my son. It later filled up with leave from the crepe myrtles and became a trap from anyone walking between our house and the neighbors’. One night, while my husband was driving home the baby sitter, I went in and tucked in my young son. When I looked up, I saw a man outside wearing a Henley shirt . Yikes !

  • I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18. My dad picked me up, took me home, gave me my pain medication and settled me on the couch so he could keep an eye on me. I woke up many hours later to flashing lights and sat up to look out the enormous picture window I’d been sleeping under to find out while I slept the garage directly across the street had burned down.
    What I daw was the one lonely firetruck still there keeping watch in case it flared up.
    My parents laughed so hard! I missed the whole thing!

  • This spring a Momma deer in our yard with her baby triplets.

  • Such a long life with so many windows. Like the one from our home growing up—tidal marsh full of birds and marsh heather, and beyond the river where we swam and rowed across the river to go to the library. Or, the one from an airplane, landing for the first time in Honolulu when I was 10. Or, the one from my sewing room now—mountains, trees, rooftops. Or the one in my dream home in Maine—Casco Bay looking southwest. And, a million more.

  • I love the view we have now. We live in Central Oregon and look out on old twisted Juniper trees and bunch grasses that wave in the wind. Also often deer, quail families and other birds.

  • Cardinals singing in my garden.

  • After moving to Albuquerque more than 7 years ago, the view of the Sandia Mountains that I get through the windshield (or when I’m out walking) as I turn down into my neighborhood… It never gets old no matter the time of year.

  • A view I enjoy everyday, looking out at the woods behind our home. Maples, oaks, birch and one spruce. I love to watch the leaves emerge and turn green in the Spring. Then, in Fall watching the glorious colors change and finally when the leaves are gone, to see the structure of these trees and be able to watch the squirrels chase each other across the mighty limbs. A hoar frost in the winter is a magical sight as well.

  • Your new garage door windows look amazing!

    Growing up, my bed was right next to a west-facing window mostly covered in Virginia Creeper. I still find the movement of sun through thick leaves inexpressibly relaxing 🙂

  • My current view of the Sandia Mountains is most delightful. This is my work view, so every time I glance up from my computer, I get a most spectacular display of mountains splayed out before me.

  • From my newly remodeled kitchen window I see the sunset. Every evening.

  • When Joe Green told us about an available apartment in Our friends building, he told us we would have an “oblique view” of the George Washington Bridge. He was right! All we had to do was open a window, stick our heads out and look to the right. I miss that place.

  • After living in the woods for 28 years, we downsized and now have a few of the 13th hole of the golf course that is part of our community. The open view has allowed for the most beautiful sunsets and moonsets that I missed out on for those many years in the woods! I am grateful each time I get to see one.

  • I love looking out our east window in the fall. The park across the street from us has the most beautiful red oak in all its fall glory. There is nothing prettier.

  • When I was a kid, there was an old growth Doug fir outside my window. She was great company!

  • Gorgeous snowfall, complete with glistening ice covering tree branches. A beautiful sight!

  • My favorite knitting view is looking out the living room picture windows into the heart of my son’s poplar forest. It changes throughout the seasons, as do the birds.

  • My view will always be from my living room window:, the trees, the cars slipping by on the rainy street, the folks walking their doggos, my sweet familiar porch. I’m moving 11-28-ish, I will miss this place after 35 years of living here, and MY GOD am I ready to go.

  • One of my favorite places was at my best friend’s parent’s house on Seneca Lake in Valois, NY. They had a house lake side with large windows overlooking the lake with a soft down filled cushioned sofa facing the windows. I was there visiting one cold January, and I remember sitting on that sofa early one morning snuggled under a blanket with a hot cup of tea watching the mist of the warm water rise from the lake into the cold air. That was a moment of blissful peace.

  • Hummingbirds flitting around our backyard—great view from our kitchen window!

  • The beauty of a smooth Michigan lake in the early morning light, not a ripple on the surface but a fog hovering.

  • For several years in the early ‘80s I lived in a fabulous apartment on the 2nd floor of a 4 story building in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Boston. High ceilings, large rooms, claw foot tub. HUGE kitchen window onto an alley. Which gave me a spectacular view of the twice daily rain of trash my upstairs neighbors threw out their kitchen window into the alley. Strong renter protections stymied the landlord’s efforts to stop the problem. It’s a view I will never forget.

  • Top of lake lLouise view of the lake and the mountain at the apex of the view.

  • I have a Firespike plant right outside of my breakfast room window that has lovely foliage and an unpredictable bloom schedule. One August a few years ago, the stars aligned and the plant started blooming as the hummingbirds arrived. The birds enjoyed the Firespike more than our feeder, and I enjoyed two months of a very close view of hummingbirds feeding and squabbling.

  • The view of New Jersey’s Kittatinny Mountain range from the kitchen window of my childhood home.

    The view of the Hungarian Parliament from the window of an art gallery on the Buda side of the Danube.

    The view of the Gulf of Naples from our Bleu Village cabin in Meta.

  • Watching a storm come across the fields in Kansas. Watching the dark cloud front and the curtain of water advance, as the temperature drops, is my favorite view always.

  • I love when I look out the window at my Fuschia and see a hummingbird enjoying it.

  • Right now looking outside… Japanese Maples in fall reds, yellows and oranges, Douglas Firs out behind them. And yes, a gray sky. Because it’s November in the pacific northwest.

  • Rural Michigan, out the windows are the chickadees, titmice, downy woodpeckers and nuthatches flying to and from the feeders. Never tired of them!

  • Looking out the window at the snow coming down in huge flakes almost like snowballs, and our black dog playing in the snow, with a little pile of it on his nose.

  • Unfortunately, a view of a neighbor’s glass block bathroom window…that was a bit too transparent.

  • My kitchen window, everyday for the last 32 years, just looking at my backyard.:)

  • I love looking out the window at the rain!

  • Looking out into our back yard and watching our children playing freely with their friends–flowering shrubs, a big tree, a swing set, a sandbox made for them by my husband, a picnic table, a small vegetable garden, and a new puppy running around after them. My world, my love.

  • Seeing a coyote asleep on our deck, three feet from me.

  • We just had a windstorm blow through north of Seattle. Those storms always remind me of the storm I experienced as a child living in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. That storm left us with a huge Douglas fir broken on the roof ridge. The top of that tree hung over the picture window in our family room. Looking through that window, I felt as though I was cozy inside the branches of that beautiful tree.

    • The view from my Grandma’s kitchen window at the hillside watching the animals.

  • The Organ Mountains in New Mexico.

  • Every morning there is a sunrise out my east facing kitchen window to lift me up to the great possibilities the day may bring. The hope. The bright and glorious sky.

  • While I loved the kitchen window view toward the backyard on our farm when I was a kid in Wisconsin, waking up to a view of Sydney Harbour in Australia for two months when I was in college was rather dreamy. The flat was waterside and I could just lie in bed and watch the marine traffic going to and from the famous bridge. Quite different from my earlier Midwestern views!

  • As a child I used to love to sit on the landing of the stairway in our home and look out the stained glass window. I loved the view of the outside world from that window. When my father sold the house I seriously thought about finding a way to take that window with us. I hope someday another child will sit there and watch the world go by from that window. ❤️

  • Having just moved across the country from urban California to a small town in upstate New York, my favorite view is out the kitchen window to our grassy yard and barn. Barn!

  • Looking out the window of my grandmother’s house on Cape Cod and watching the ocean. Lovely.

  • From Grandma’s patio there was a gorgeous sugar maple that turned with fall so beautifully. We don’t have trees that turn quite so brilliantly here in CA and I miss it!

  • A stunning oak across the street from the room I set up as an office/recording studio during COVID. We had a connection

  • The view of Kirkland Street in Cambridge from my grandmother’s sun parlor (that is, a small room filled with windows).

  • Ginkgo tree out my home office window – watched ginkgo change as seasons passed through the remote work years. Beautiful sight.
    And the view of the mountains in the distance from my best friend’s girlhood home in the Bitterroot Range.

  • A gorgeous view of the lake from my parents’ home that they moved to after retirement.

  • A favorite view for me is a novelty (since I am a former Southern Californian). That view is from my current living room window in Nashville where I watch the seasonally changing leaves on the trees. The colors are gorgeous.

  • My view is a million dollar view from a more humble property on a British Columbia island in Canada. Last night the mostly full moon rose over the other lobe of the island, casting a white beam of light across the water to my window. This has happened countless nights, and it is like new and magic every time.

  • Favorite view of present is my terrace view in NYC from my tiny jewel box apartment overlooking the East River, 59th St bridge and the entire United Nations. Reminds me of so many things…connection, community and adventure (going places!) Yet now I dream of my next favorite view out my kitchen windows overlooking the sink into my own garden again. Soon please. And thank you.

  • Seeing my water obsessed toddler son rolling in a (thankfully) shallow puddle on our patio in hat, mittens and winter coat. He’s now 28 and has almost learned to not jump into any water he sees.

  • Our window- our lake – summer

  • I actually have 2. Vacationing in Mexico, our room faced east-morning coffee on the balcony watching the sunrise.
    Second, looking out over the lake in the north woods where I grew up.

  • From my computer by the sliding glass door, I can see into my big yard with a patch of flowers, a couple of really big trees, and three local squirrels running around burying nuts and looking terribly cute!

  • My grandchildren playing on a field of sparkling, white snow.

  • The view from our breakfast nook window – there is often a squirrel sitting on the branch near the window, who watches us eating breakfast. It’s simultaneously funny & unnerving.

  • The view from my childhood home on 18 forested acres in Washington state near Mt.Rainier was how I survived living without an automatic dishwasher. Washing dishes I would let my mind wander out to the woods, hear the multitude of birds calling to their mates, and smell the rotting of leaves and maybe a bigfoot lounging….Wait! what? A bigfoot!!! Back to the dishes girl….and the safety of the dish sink…

  • you didn’t ask about street names, but I loved Candlelight Drive as my street growing up. as far as views ….the two giant weeping willow trees in my grandparents backyard where we played under the draping branches

  • Our view of the Parthenon, lit at night, from our hotel room in Athens was amazingly beautiful.

  • I haven’t thought about it in a long time—
    When I was in grade school, my mom and I were visiting after school when we heard this loud, explosion-like noise. I ran to the window and saw a plane falling from the sky. Two planes had collided midair.
    Memorable, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a favorite memory!

  • The view from my bedroom when I visit my son & his family in South Carolina. The rows of beautiful Oak trees and nature give me a sense of peace.

  • The view from my knitting room. (Yes I finally got one and it’s really the reason I wanted us to buy the house) I can see tree tops on our street and watch the seasons change and the occasional squirrel who looks in the window.

  • The view out the dining room window at the cottage which faces Lake Michigan. Blue skies, sunshine, waves rolling in. They are called The Great Lakes for a reason!

  • We stayed in a chalet, located in a park in southern Indiana. On the top floor there was a bedroom window that looked out on the hilly woodland surrounding the chalet. It was gorgeous.

  • Waking up and looking out at Lake Louise while staying at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise for a work meeting. It was like a giant relaxing sigh viewing nature’s beauty!

  • The view from my bedroom window growing up. I could watch my sisters saying good night to their dates, check up and see who was getting kisses etc. They had no idea. Well…I did tell them a few years ago. We are all in our 50s and 60s to it was a pretty fun night when i told them.

  • I used to ride my bike on a trainer by a big picture window in the basement. I was very amused one day to watch two squirrels go “at it” on my patio! It’s just something I can’t unsee.

  • Seemingly endless afternoon naps (during which I often remained sleepless) at my grandparents house left an indelible image on my mental hard drive of the grain silos and the pot-bellied water tower visible in their tiny town below my bedroom window there.

  • There are 2 that really stick with me. The first is the dining room window from my grandparents house. You could look out in the summer and it was all green. Green grass, green trees, the rhubarb leaves, the raspberry bushes, and my own little garden! The second is my view from the 2 winters I lived in the Northwest Territories. On the weekends I’d throw open the curtains to get the tiny but if light from outside and admire the Peel River in its various states, and the mountains looming on the other side. I had that whole appartement arranged to see out the window.

  • Hummingbirds! Bunches of them.

  • Watching a coyote run down our driveway in our new house. We didn’t realize how much wildlife we would see.

  • Beautiful cherry blossoms right outside my window every spring in NYC.

  • I’ve seen a number of things from my kitchen window but 2 standout, both were in the middle of a winter snow storm; One was a.loose white horse and the other 2 loose Alpacas. It was dumping snow & we were not able to catch them either time.

  • One window view that has remained is: When I was in Junior High, my dad was a patient at Ft. Miley Veterans Hospital in San Francisco, and when we went to visit, my mom and I would go with him to an enclosed observation deck/room (where they had a game where pucks would be slid down the wood on sand,) and it had all the windows facing toward the ocean. Well, it was always foggy! So what sticks vibrantly in my mind is that view of the fog, with the ocean somewhere behind it, and hearing the fog horn, on the point near the Golden Gate Bridge, almost mournfully coming out of the mist. It is a magical memory, and has my beloved dad in it too!

  • My second floor bedroom window is like a treehouse thanks to a tall cherry tree. I love looking out into the branches for a true birds eye view of my feathered friends. I’m always surprised and delighted by their antics in the branches.

  • We moved to Colorado from Texas a while back, and the view I see daily of the Collegiate Peaks from our picture windows is awesome!!

  • My craft room overlooks the garden. This year, we planted zinnias right outside and I loved watching the Monarch Butterflies (among the countless others) out the window while I worked!

  • A family of quail lined up in a row crossing our back yard with bunnies looking on.

  • I will always remember the stately elm tree outside my childhood bedroom window. It was like having a quiet friend. Now about that Pinto….maybe it could be the prize for one of your Sunday giveaways?

  • Every single window in our home looks out into the forest … very tall Doug fir and 30’ high wild rhododendrons and ferns. Even when it is cold and rainy and miserable; it is a beautiful day in coastal Oregon

  • Not a window, but a screen porch–a friend’s place looking out on the Smokies, with the peak of Mount LeConte just visible.

  • Sunsets are always my favorite. My dad taught me to love their beauty.

  • My childhood bedroom looked straight west, out on a huge old walnut tree. I loved watching the sun set behind my tree each evening while I did homework.

  • The full moon over San Francisco’s skyline from our hotel in Sausalito.

  • Oh, the LIGHT! Having taught 34 years in a high school classroom shaded by building’s pedestrian brdge-cum-library…don’t ask!…LIGHT is my thing. Wish I didn’t live 8 driving hours distant.

  • From our 10th floor window we could look down on Mile 16 of the New York City Marathon.

  • My daughter and I were just reminiscing about the first house we owned. Very small kitchen but the window over the sink faced west and the sunsets while making dinner were beautiful!

  • Growing up I could look out almost any window of our tiny little house and see the waters of Lake Huron. I grew up with the constant sound of waves also.

  • I remember a view from a play house built outside by my grandfather

  • I live in an urban area with a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. I like to sit in my upstairs dormer window and watch the world go by. One day during “lockdown” I saw a very happy woman marching down the middle of the street with a large package of toilet paper when such a thing was a hard-to-find treasure. Silently I applauded her “big score” and wished her a safe journey home.

  • Although I had declared myself to be a major in biology, I was always drawn to the arts section of the Boulder campus and now I know why

  • As a military family that was often uprooted we always invited single folks over for the Holidays. It was nearing Thanksgiving. I had recently finished 52 weekly chemotherapy treatments (that’s’ another story) The children asked if we could ‘just have us’. As we sat down (next to a very large window), to eat our turkey dinner, a quail family walked out of the tree line quickly followed by a turkey family.
    There was .irony, our nation’s history and numerous emotions all bundled up in a couple short minutes.

  • A view I fondly remember from my childhood, from the outside in. I remember seeing my mom’s face at the kitchen window as she knocked on it to tell me to come in from the back yard for supper.
    Your new windows are great!

  • The view of Venice, Italy through any window!

  • Sunrises from my current front window. Alpenglow on autumn leaves from my former NM windows.

  • OMIGOSH, what a transformation……..all that LIGHT!!!! You must be beside yourselves with wonder and joy!!! Love your newsletter, btw.

  • When we first moved to the Cane Ridge area of Nashville metro, there was a cow pasture across the street. The cows were very sweet. Now there is a big housing development. Sigh. Progress?

  • Back in the early 80’s, I lived in Colorado Springs for a year. Did not realize how much I loved being in the mountains, especially the view from my kitchen window of Pike’s Peak. Still miss it. :/

    • I grew up in New England, and I still fondly remember sitting down for dinner with my family and looking out our dining room windows to see a family of groundhogs eating their dinner as my family was doing the same.

  • I grew up on an orchard in the Yakima Valley on the east side of Washington State. My dad built our house on a cliff overlooking the Yakima River and the Horse Heaven Hills across the river. The view also included the Old Inland Empire Highway, which looks like a country road but once was a main route across the state. It also overlooked what we called the home stretch. When the school bus appeared on the home stretch, it was time to get our butts moving down the quarter-mile path through the sagebrush to catch the bus. An hour later, we arrived at school!

  • Waking up at the beach while on vacation and looking out the window, watching with the sun rise over the water.

  • A view from my window that stays in my memory is when I watched a hot air balloon navigate between my house and our neighbors it was so low I could see the people in the basket and hear the loud noise of the heat that gets the balloon to rise up!

  • Looking out a bedroom window (in a new house) into my backyard to see that my parents had brought their pet Llama over for a visit. What a way to meet your new neighbors!

  • the first time i flew – the sight of the Alps and Appenines from the window were AMAZING!

  • The view of the front range of the Rocky Mountains from the office where I worked in downtown Denver, especially after a dusting of snow (not that I miss the snow!).

  • My sunroom has windows on two outside walls. I look out at the woods which I have learned to love in every season….loving winter surprised me! Close is my huge frame of bird feeders. We see Baltimore orioles, hummingbirds, Indigo buntings, cardinals, woodpeckers…..and the deer trying to stick their tongues into the feeder holes, owls and hawks making trouble along with the raccoons. It is never dull and it is my favorite place to sit and knit.

  • On a visit to Quebec City our hotel room was on the top floor with beautiful oval dormer windows. One of them perfectly framed the Château Frontenac, where we couldn’t afford to stay. The view was like looking at a postcard, just stunning, a perfect consolation prize for staying within our budget. We ate out handsomely instead. ☺️

  • My childhood bedroom windows on the second floor of our little cape house, on Webster St. I can remember what all the seasons looked like and our little backyard. Sweet memories

  • The north shore of Lake Superior !

  • Owl perched on a gigantic saguaro cactus dimly lit by moonlight

  • From my bedroom window—summer:giant hostas and sage. Fall:tiny hardy cyclamen. Winter:hellebores and daphne. Spring:camellia.

  • An addition got built to the back of my house and my only stipulation was that the gingko tree there was not to be harmed in any way. So, two large windows open right into the middle of this tree for a deep dive into its beauty. It is lovely in its very own flavor of green, lovely when the leaves turn golden, and glorious with its unique shape during stick season. It is my favorite view here in South Nashville, just a few blocks from MDK World Headquarters.

  • I loved the view from my dorm room window oh so many years ago. It was so fun to watch the students walking by, the tennis courts and the view to track stadium. There was always something to see out that window.

  • First snowfall of the season where the air is crisp and cold, bundled up in an afghan I’ve knitted so long ago sipping on spiked hot cocoa.

  • My favorite view was from the living room window in the home I grew up in. It was of a green cedar hedge that my dad planted. It divided our yard from the street and the rest of the world.

  • The view of the north side of Pike’s Peak from our rented cabin was and is a favorite of mine! The woods out my back door are a close second 😉

  • Junior year of university our apartment’s living room window, as well as that of the adjacent apartment, looked directly into the dining/day room of the fire station next door. Actually lots of fun. Amazingly a girl in the adjacent apartment ended up marrying one of the fire fighters.

  • Those windows are beautiful!

  • View from our lakehouse! So peaceful.

  • My view from my house. We look out over our hay field, which has lots of critters and birds always, then the mountains off in the distance. My husband and I agree that when the time comes for us to downsize, we will always miss the view and the amount of natural light we get in our house.

  • Driving past an elementary school at sunset on a stormy day and saw a rainbow in the sunset. I had to stop in the parking lot to take a picture. Gorgeous.

  • Beautiful blue water from my current apartment.

  • From the front picture window beautiful sunrises and all the birds and deer at the feeders. From the kitchen window glorious sunsets.

  • The changing seasons outside the tiny window of my tiny NYC apartment many years ago

  • Dead plants in a planter

  • One of the most memorable window views I recall was from a hotel in Faro, Portugal. Red rooftops, lots of clotheslines, and enormous nests belonging to cranes!

  • When I was 16, I was lucky enough to live overseas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Through my bedroom window, I had the perfect view of the Petronas Towers which were the tallest skyscrapers at the time. Just one of many things I miss about that place.

  • Our kitchen window looks out to a bird feeder, I could sit and knit and watch the activity at the feeder all day long.

  • I love the view from my bedroom window at night when I can see the moon watching over me

  • The view from my former bedroom window at West Point in the winter was of the Hudson River through the bare branches of the trees. It was particularly beautiful when it was snowy and moonlit and I wish I had thought to take a photo or six. My current favorite view is from the window of my front bedroom. On New Year’s Eve, a local club makes their annual trek up Pikes Peak to set off fireworks at midnight and we have a perfect viewing spot. (This window also offers glimpses of a couple of 4th of July fireworks displays and of Air Force Academy special occasion flyovers as well as regular glider flights and parachute training.)

  • I love watching my cardinals from my kitchen window.

  • A view from the breakfast table to the bird feeder and birdbath, surrounded by trees.

  • Just wondering if the pinto is orange…

    My view is of the San Francisco Bay!

  • First college dorm room, on the 6th floor. It was west facing, but somehow the arts building, 10 stories tall and a mile away, managed to reflect the sun through my window, onto my bed, and into my eyes, for a good chunk of the spring and fall. It was ridiculous! I miss that dorm dearly.

  • We live next to a state park at our back property line, just beyond the large back window of our living room. It used to be overgrown and a tangle of dead and fallen pine trees, looking like multiple piles of a giant’s game of pick-up-sticks. Due to the fire hazard (in the dry Calif mountains) the park finally had the area thinned and cleaned up. Fast forward to the first snow that next winter, and there was a whole herd of deer lying in the morning sun, in an open patch of trees with snow all around. They were no more than 20 yards from my window and chair where I can sit and knit and watch the wildlife wander by.

  • Living on the side of a mountain has window views that are ever changing and wonderous with every season. I love when a cloud bank is even with the bottom of the property, and it looks like I could step out and walk across the top of the pillowy clouds.

  • Oh! The views of trees. A window of trees.

  • Wow some of these encounters have been hilarious and others remind me of mine, in our home the spare bedroom looks out onto our backyard and one more when I went in there to get a sweater we found a raccoon having a nap! The masked bandit hung out with us for 2 or 3 days up there. My morkie or small catdog wouldn’t come downstairs he was fascinated with our friend. The raccoon never growled showed teeth or anything he just starred at us for a minute and then turned and went to sleep!
    My second favourite was one morning around 5:30 I came downstairs with my puppy again (Ollie) he needed a potty break and there on the 3 storey apartment building was a Canada Goose just hanging out!!!

  • An ever changing view of « my » lake from the first and second floor. An old and free wooden chair brings me closer to its beauty.

  • My childhood home looked it upon a lake and that’s a view I’ll always know.

  • The lake view at our cabin. Also the view from my 3rd floor turret, which is my yarn room, feels like I’m in a bird’s nest. Those would be my everyday views. Lots of traveling views too numerous to list.

  • The changing colors of the leaves-beautiful, but always a reminder of the work ahead removing them!

  • A few years ago we had a major ice storm and the only view from any window in my house was free branches, huge ones, scattered over every part of my property.

  • Living on a hill we have wonderful eastern views. Sunrise on a snowy landscape is stunning! Also watching the sun march across the horizon from solstice to equinox and back.

  • Gazing out at Lake Superior when I spent my childhood summers in a sweet cabin there in Northern Minnesota.

  • A beautiful cardinal that likes to sit on a tree just outside my kitchen window.

  • I currently look out my kitchen window to trees with leaves that are just starting to fall. Soon it will be just branches and the mountain will be visible for the winter. It is a window that makes me feel like I live in a treehouse.

  • This November morning’s view will stay with me for a while. Barely sunrise, beautiful golden glow light from all the turning tree leaves….and a spray of lilacs topping the bush just outside my window! We have just had 4 days of 70+ degree weather here in Boston and the lilacs are totally confused.

  • I will always remember the first snow after my family moved from Kansas to Spokane, Washington. The frost had gathered in the corners of each window pane just like in an old Christmas movie—without having to spay artificial snow from a can! And the flakes were HUGE and lacy like Grandma’s crocheted doilies. Now every time it starts to snow like that i stop whatever im doing and make my self a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the “hot chocolate” snow.

  • We could see the river from the family room of my grandparents’ house. I have wonderful memories of Sundays together: skiing, pontoon rides, ice skating, and delicious meals inside.

  • I have mounted two bird seeders in addition to my two nectar feeders. I look out my wall of windows at hummers, finches, jays and so many others flying in and out of my backyard garden all day long. It is joyful and captivating!

  • One Thanksgiving morning I looked out my back window towards the woods behind our house and saw a flock of wild turkeys sauntering across the yard. No doubt they were feeling quite smug.

  • The crows outside my kitchen window, enjoying a particular feast I had laid out for them. Such pleasure!

  • When I was in college in the mountains, I lived for a semester in a little house next to a field where 2 horses lived. It was so peaceful watching them out of my kitchen window. I still miss them.

  • The view from a window that stays in my memory (and in the cloud) is the morning mist rising up over a small lake in New hampshire gradually revealing some amazing autumnal color.

  • Always enjoyed watching the summer afternoon thunderstorms roll into view in the large picture window in my home growing up. Better than watching TV!

  • I grew up in the Bronx, in a 4 story walk up tenement-like building (long since torn down and replaced with a modern high-rise). As a child, my favorite thing to do was to gaze out of our kitchen window, from which I could see a park (also gone) a highway (Major Deegan), railroad tracks and best of all, the Harlem River. Most exciting was when the Circle Line tour boats came by! And years later, after we had moved to Massachusetts, my high school orchestra visited NYC, and we went on a Circle Line tour boat, from which I could see our old apartment building!

  • A very memorable view from my window was when I was awakened one winter night because I heard yipping. Five young Kits were cavorting in the moonlight. The clearing where my car was parked was lit up bright as day.
    Chase and tumble puppy-type play for them, as all were trying to catch the other one that had my knit hat (that I had dropped in the snow) in its mouth. How I laughed! That hat was seen again.

  • The hat was NEVER seen again!

  • We heard a raccoon one night while sitting in our screen porch so we turned on the overhead yard lights. A baby raccoon was standing on his back legs trying to see everything that was lit up in the room while his mother was frantically calling for him to come to the maple tree. He was just mesmerized. She wound up having to run up to him and smack him on the bottom to get him to obey her. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Hi it’s Kay trying to figure out this bikini-avatar issue….

  • I love the view from our living room window watching the ships and boats pass by.

  • I sat transfixed as I watched the squirrel that lives in our oak tree try again and again to run up the 7 ft tall fence in our backyard. And finally it succeeded.

  • When we lived in Calgary, Alberta, the back windows overlooked green space, so we watched the seasons change, and also got to watch the local coyote pack wander about. There was one memorable occasion where three coyotes were triangulating around a buck. No harm came to the deer, but it was a tense time as an observer!

  • It’s a mixed-feelings memory. I was holding my sweet toddler granddaughter, showing her the new bird feeder out the kitchen window. Unfortunately I didn’t see the cat below. It was a lesson for both of us…

  • When in London, I looked out onto the back of Keats’ house. A lovely garden. So peaceful.

  • Looking out the sliding glass doors to watch the seasons in the back yard.

  • My fondest window memory was the Christmas that deer took up residence in the neighbor’s wooded yard, and remained there, postcard-like all afternoon as the snow gently fell. Magic.

  • Looking out my dining room window and watching the hummingbird feeder. It brings me great joy

  • My window when I was a sophomore at UTAustin overlooked the Church of Scientology back yard. …

  • Last spring I stayed in Carlsbad California. I arrived at night and the next morning was amazed to find that the windows of my hotel room overlooked the “flower fields”…row after row of stunning ranunculus!

  • A few years ago we rented a flat in Weymouth, UK for our summer holiday. The lounge had a lovely picture window overlooking the beach. I could sit there all day watching the boats and the waves. An ideal knitting spot

  • Watching our chocolate lab sitting on the patio keeping tabs on the neighborhood!

  • Visiting Vancouver for the first time and staying right on the waterfront looking across Vancouver Harbor. As if that wasn’t good enough, we were lucky enough to be upgraded to the top floor with 2 full walls of windows. The view was breathtaking but what really made it memorable was when I looked out and realized I was looking DOWN on the birds flying around the hotel!

  • Laying/lying (I can never keep them straight, sorry) in a hotel bed on the shores of Lake Michigan and seeing the Northern Lights.

  • Looking through a very old window into a slate splitting workshop in Wales. If it weren’t for the forklift in the yard, it would have been an entrance into a Dickinsonian bolt hole – men splitting slate just as they had a hundred plus years ago, roofing materials still in use in that country today.

  • A doe sitting by the side of the swimming pool and among beautiful trees, staring intently at me, at my friend’s home in the hills above Ashland, Oregon, as though she owned the place

  • Watching a flock of Cedar Waxwings eat holly berries off a tree outside a window at work one February morning. Captivating!

  • I enjoy looking out my sailboat Dulcinea when we are cruising during the summer. Views of Long Island Sound, Buzzards Bay, and especially the Coast of Maine.

  • The garage doors are smashing!
    Great choice. Had no idea they came as windows!

  • I love the week that the unknown tree bursts forth with radiant pink blooms. It’s a gorgeous window view!

  • The time when my son, then a small kid, looked out the window and asked “what’s the new thing?” – I looked and there was a fox sitting on our patio!

  • We just had a buck(male deer with antlers) in our fenced-in back yard. We live in the city. It was quite surprising!

  • Watching a huge thunderstorm come in through the very large windows of our beach house in OBX. It was spectacular

  • The ever-changing light, shade, reflections and colors of the lake we live on.

  • We live on a big Parkway in Buffalo and there was a man walking a tight rope he had put between 2 trees.
    Love your new doors. Wish I could be there for Arne & Carlos. I am working on some of their Christmas Balls.

  • Looking out the window of a beautiful snowy day in Illinois when I was 4 or 5, and my mother made me stay inside because I had a cold. I “remember” this only because there is a picture of my sad little face watching my sister and the neighbor kids in their snowsuits, outside playing and building a snowman.

  • My favorite memory of a view from a window…….looking out the window towards the Atlantic Ocean at the twin lighthouses of Thacher Island in Rockport, MA. Didn’t matter the weather outside the view always gave me a sense of home. While I miss the daily view of the island, I can still visit if from the shore in Rockport.

    Love the new doors!

  • Looking out the window of my cruise-ship cabin as we glide by Cuba will always stick with me. Maybe I’ll go there someday.

  • Lake Michigan!

  • Gotta say there’s nothing like being in the mountains watching the snow fall outside, while a fire is roaring inside!

  • The view from the living room window of my former home in Colorado was always a delight. The bird feeder was active year round. In the spring I watched the crocuses and daffodils bloom from my knitting chair. Then came the roses and hollyhocks. Later on, Autumn Joy sedum bloomed and slowly changed colors until the first snow. And the sight of undisturbed snow always made me feel safe and cozy inside.

  • The view I miss is the one from the windows in my former home of 50 years. The house was high on the side of a hill, overlooking a canyon, and beyond that, a busy harbor. Ever changing, always interesting. And I didn’t look up often enough!

  • I love my backyard view through siding glass doors: a pond with a visiting heron, or a family of deer including a beautiful buck, my visiting Orioles at my feeder, or just the fall reflection of colorful trees……always something different!

  • Two large pepper trees with my swing hanging from a limb, to send me off into another world

  • Watching my children play through the large windows in my family room

  • The beautiful Sassafras River beside our home. The view is different every hour, every day, but always fascinating.

  • Getting to knit a new pattern and learn a new stitch on vacay in East TN while looking out the window at the mountains!

  • I’ll always remember (I hope) driving through South Dakota on a family trip. Both sides of the highway were lined with fields of never-ending sunflowers. It was so beautiful. I often recall this image when I need some happiness.

  • I miss the westerly view from our first Seattle apartment. Looking over Puget Sound. All of the sunsets were available without making any effort.

  • A memory that has stayed with me from childhood. We had just moved into our new house, and from my bedroom window I could see a large Chestnut tree growing in our backyard. There was an instant connection between us. As if somehow I was meant to meet this tree. Finding it a constant reminder that even in suburbia you can still encounter something wild and beautiful.
    Whilst I’ve moved out of my parents house, I think fondly of the Chestnut tree and look forward to seeing it whenever I stay over and visit them.

  • Might be time to knit a car cozy for that pinto. How long do you think it would take them to notice?

  • a horizontal blizzard granting permission to just stay put…. with knitting

  • My favorite view is of Lake Winnipesaukee out of the window of our summer rental cabin on Bear Island! A lot of knitting gets done looking at that view!

  • The top of the Sears Tower in Chicago, where you can see into the next state!

  • Watching the hummingbirds outside my window.

  • The mangrove from my bedroom window when I lived in Bermuda by the sea. Just so peaceful.

  • The view of the Grand Canyon from the picture window of our historic cabin on the canyons rim. The blues, soft pinks and orange at sunrise were gorgeous. I’d love to knit a sweater in those colors!

  • The lovely red leaves on the row of trees outside our kitchen windows. They only last for a week and then in a day are entirely gone!

  • A few years ago I was looking out the back windows when I saw a coyote pass through. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Your new glass garage doors look amazing and I can just image how they have transformed the MDK Headquarters!

  • Before hurricane Michael, I think (there’ve been so many), we had a fully wooded lot full of wildlife. My favorite visitors was a blond raccoon. After the tornado that accompanied the hurricane deposited a full tree, crown to roots, across the canopy of our existing the only way to remove it was to remove all our trees.
    I’ll never forget my brother sitting at our table and suddenly commenting, “didn’t you used to have trees?”
    It’s not all bad, though, our back yard is a gathering spot for the local deer.

  • We live on a golf course, so, we love looking out to see the golfers get out of the bunker, do a nice chip or make their putt!…we clap from our porch when they make a nice shot!

  • Tugboats going past my bedroom window at night, lit up like Christmas trees.

  • My view right now is the ocean. I am on a cruise ship having a cup of tea.

  • Two windows. Two views. Two lifetimes.
    Way back in 1976, a tiny apartment in Italy looked over ancient tile rooftops and miles across a valley to the glowing, rosy-hued structures of the holy city of Assisi.
    And today, a kitchen window reveals sunny skies, roiling clouds, or peaceful blankets of snow on the garden, fields, and ever-flowing Missouri River.

  • Watching the birds on the feeder in my garden during lockdown.

  • The view out the picture window in the living room of my family’s house in NH: big old maple tree across the small front lawn, the meadow across the road (the road itself hidden by a dropoff behind the maple), the trees at the far side of the meadow and another invisible dropout behind them down to the river, and finally Prospect Hill and the sky in the background. Another window-related item: guessing what everyone was doing at home based on what lights were on when approaching the house after dark.

  • Oh man. As a child I had a view of the back of our building. I thought it was the most fascinating thing in the world to watch everyone in their homes and backyards. I thought it was my tv.

  • I absolutely love the view from my kitchen window as I often see mist rising from the creek in the distance

  • On New Year’s Eve, we can see the year numbers change on two towers at Ithaca College. It’s as exciting as the ball drop in Times Square.

  • Marvelous improvement to your workspace! I love the light pouring in. Memory of a window view – from my childhood bedroom window – moon rise over rooftops and constellations!

  • I was eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream in memory of my mother on the anniversary of her death (oh, the sacrifices I make… ) and looked up to see a huge black bear looking in at me!! I grabbed my phone and, more excited than wise, went outside and got a great photo as we walked away, looking back at me!!!

  • For many years I worked on Pier 70 in downtown Seattle. With views of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, Mt Rainier, ferries and container ship traffic never got old. I retired 11 years ago and miss that view. It was the best part of going to work!

  • Always the view from my parents’ windows, if I’m visiting in the fall and happen to be there the first time it snows up on the mountain.

  • View in memory- looking at the Orkney islands from a tugboat When I was visiting during my college years

  • I will always remember the view from my grandparents’ house on their farm in Christian County Kentucky. After moving to Florida when I was 13 I would go back to spend summers on the farm. The rest of the year, when I was surrounded by the noise and congestion of my Florida home, I would pretend I was back on the farm looking out the tall windows on the front of the house. I saw the huge old trees and the well-kept yard. But, best of all, I heard nothing except for birds, insects, and the occasional vehicle speeding along the gravel road.

  • A small bear emptying my sister’s bird feeder.

  • 2nd floor apartment. Loved to look out the window into the apartment of a guy who worked at a photography shop. He had so many cool pictures on his wall before that was a trend.

  • A view from Christmas 1957…We lived in a garage apartment and I had chicken pox. Christmas carolers came and stood below the window and sang. I can still see them there with the snow falling….and tears running down my mother’s cheeks.

  • I had a beautiful, run down dorm room in Chicago right on Lake Michigan. The only thing you could see out those windows were water and sky. It was magical.

  • So many over the years but the one that pops into my mind is staying at a hotel in Rome and opening the curtains to see the Vatican and the dome of St Peter’s etched against the sky. Spectacular.

  • Thunderstorms over the marsh in Pawleys Island, South Carolina!

  • At our cabin, sharing a week with my grandson, Watching the stars shyly enter the night sky with my grandson, who told me he loves the moon, and was delighted when he realized we looked at the same moon, even though we are miles apart.

    • Love this!!

  • I am seriously missing the “view” from our rental home in Washington state that was just trees. We now own a home in a small rural Midwest town, and our view is neighbors…

  • Rooftops in London

  • The November sun setting behind some evergreen trees outside my bedroom window.

  • As a young girl, I lived right on the banks of Lake Michigan. I never tired of the view of the lake from my bedroom window. It had so many moods, each one fascinating in its own way.

  • When I lived in California I could see my neighbor’s lemon tree out my window. She was kind enough to share and we enjoyed Myer lemons almost year round for those 7 wonderful years!

  • Every morning I look out at my simple back yard and just wonder at the serenity I feel.

  • The first snowflakes

  • I loved the view of a new country every morning out of my cabin while on a cruise.

  • I really enjoy the views from train windows, as we pass by. I’ve seen the Dutch countryside and cities, taken a tram through Rome and train through Italy, a tram up Hong Kong and along the coast of California.

  • Looking out my dorm window 30+ years ago at the newly snow-covered quad in Upstate New York. Perfect trees and silence.

  • My husband spent a month in the hospital this past May…Outside his window was a large tree, and we watched birds in a nest every day. It helped him stay positive during his recovery

  • From the Church of the Transfiguration overlooking the Grand Tetons. It’s behind the altar. I’m in such awe of the view that if there was a service going on I wouldn’t hear it.

  • when i was in library school in nyc, there was one particular classroom that i was always thrilled to sit in as from certain angles one had a view of the empire state. it was especially nice when it was an evening class and i’d get to see the lights go on for whatever was the daily/weekly theme.