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I have discussed before that my propensity for finishing projects is less than stellar. I’m starting to realize that this may be a pattern in my life. For instance, why would I commit to only eating, loving, and CHERISHING chicken tenders when I could also eat, love, and cherish the Old Timer’s Breakfast at Cracker Barrel? These are things we shan’t question.

Doing one thing for too long can make me antsy—it’s more the allure of the new rather than exhaustion with the old. It’s the excitement of a new meal, a new song, a new project—that buzz you get when you are planning out your colors of yarns or your fabric or your beads or your dipping sauces for chicken tenders. Novelty just gets my heart a-pumping. 

I have no less than four major knitting projects in full swing right now. A couple of color-regurgitating, crayon box sweaters that are partially finished, a deep blue cotton shawl, and my Garter Stripe Shawl turned king-size blanket has been steadily growing since 2019. 

“so of course she DECIDED tO LEARN how to crochet,” thinks Rose.

SO OF COURSE I DECIDED TO LEARN TO CROCHET. (Don’t worry, Ann and Kay know.) My great-grandmother was a crocheter, and before she passed away to the Yarn Store in the Sky, she crocheted many a shawl for the ladies of the family. 

I decided my first crochet experiment would be granny squares in Jill Draper Windham Minis. It took me three or four squares to get down my tension and my flow (still struggling with tension, to be honest). But once I started to memorize the stitches and muscle memory kicked in, I was in the granny zone.

The instant gratification of these babies was *chef’s kiss* divine. I swapped colors when I felt like it (often) and matched colors that were awkward (something I love to do) and just let my hands do the rest. A lot of Law and Order: SVU went down during those granny squares, let me tell ya. 

I’m still working on stitching all my granny babies together, but I PROMISE I’ll finish it this time. 


Regardless, I had such a great time making these and it allowed me to feel connected to a craft that has been in my family for decades. As much as I will always love and be inspired by ultra modern art and design, there is something about a traditional craft that just resonates with my soul. So—before I start something else—let’s go crochet! 

A Super Special Crochet Giveaway

Cover © 2022 Abrams

Thanks to the folks at Abrams, we have five copies of My Pretty Brown Doll: Crochet Patterns for a Doll That Looks Like You by Yolonda Jordan—publishing on May 24!—to give away:

My Pretty Brown Doll offers patterns and teaches the crochet techniques to create a charming crochet doll, with skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and outfits that are customizable to match the young person, proving that there are endless possibilities to make these dolls unique. Amigurumi is the art of crocheting or knitting traditionally small dolls. My Pretty Brown Doll teaches readers how to make both real and imagined characters. Yolonda Jordan’s patterns prove that every doll can be a true reflection of its owner’s dreams and ambitions. In her introduction, Jordan writes, “I specialize in crochet doll designs that embrace the pretty in every shade of brown. I aim to explore the art of crochet in a way that celebrates the magic of the African American experience.”
©photographs 2022 Rinne Allen

How to enter?

Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Snippets, right here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re set.

Step 2: Crocheters, represent! Let us know in the comments what you’re making. If you’re crochet-curious, author Yolonda Jordan includes basic skills instruction in My Pretty Brown Doll, so for a chance to win, let us know in the comments about a crochet pattern that’s got you … hooked.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, May 29, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw random winners from the entries. Winners will be notified by email.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations, Lorna, Melanie, Deb, Fran, and Anne! 

About The Author

MDK ECommerce Manager Ashley Balding can freestyle a wild Garter Stripe Shawl and build a spreadsheet that makes sense instantly of the messiest data set.


  • I’ve just finished crocheting a HM Queen Elizabeth amigurumi in readiness for the upcoming Platinum jubilee celebrations complete with pearl necklace and ever-present black handbag!

  • I’ve recently made a whole basketful of crocheted animals from Kerry Lord’s book “Edward’s Menagerie” as a gift for my new grandson They really got me”hooked “ on crochet

    • I’ve just started my crochet journey by making the double thick potholder in all single crochet—I’m not very fast yet but it’s a lot of fun.

    • Great pattern book! I took a crochet lesson just so I could make one for my daughter! Very beginner friendly!

      • Leaned from my best friend’s mother waaaay back in high school. Still crochet occasionally, mostly granny squares

  • I’ll mention before anyone else does the amazing offerings from Attic 24. I don’t crochet much but Lucy’s tutorials allowed me to make crocheted flowers for a window display.

  • Although I mostly knit, everyone in my family has at least one giant crocheted Afghan from me. My current fave for baby blankets is one giant Granny Square that just goes round and round.

    • I too have crocheted a giant granny square or granny rectangle for many in my life, having learned 55 years ago from a restroom attendant in the ladies room at the Brooklyn Zoo, one cold November afternoon after college classes.

    • I can crochet, mostly limited at this point to dishrags and little doily experiments. But looking at the mosaic crochet patterns on Ravelry has me pondering. Some of them are spectacular! Plus my first grandniece/nephew is on the way, which ties right in to dolls and other toys.
      And I second the comments recommending Attic24, lovely crochet site which includes beautiful pictures of the English moors.

  • I’m working on a giant donut footstool (never thought I’d be using a size P hook) – the looks I got carrying five rattan footstools out of IKEA were just classic (Christmas presents!).

    • Love it! Pictures please!?! On Ravelry my username is FocusSamIam.

  • I crocheted an entire tablecloth for a sad work friend, so she would smile again. My grandma inspired me, and I too, love granny squares, flowers, lace, everything! But knitting, mostly! It is all good for the soul!!!

  • My crochet skills are so far limited to long chains and wonkily unsquare dish cloths, but I love looking at Attic 24 and dream…

  • I love filet crochet edgings and in grad school I used to whip up filet crochet ornament to enclose to cards as a surprise.

    • Filet crochet! Is there a book, or video maker you recommend?

  • I learned to crochet just as my mom was passing and although I’m a lifelong knitter once in a while I’ll feel the urge to crochet!

    • I haven’t crocheted anything in many years, but my 11 year old grandson asked me to make his cotton baby blanket bigger. I found the extra skeins I had tucked away and am hard at work on that. I’m also fascinated by Franklin Habit’s crochet explorations.

      • I agree, love Franklin’s crochet projects and color choices

      • I agree, Franklin’s thoughtfulness and sense of color and style is next-level wonderful!

  • what a lovely giveaway. must learn to crochet better!

  • I learned to crochet last year specifically so I could make granny squares — they are just so happy!! I’ve made 5 or 6 blankets already. I still love knitting, but I feel like crochet projects move along much faster!

  • The world needs more beautiful brown dolls in it! I would love to master crochet and make a pile of these to give away.

  • Potholders.
    Some fun shapes- fried egg! adorable trailer camper!
    But the real thrill is the double layer square, all single crochet and a satisfying feel to the finished potholder.

  • I can’t comprehend crochet techniques or instructions. I needed YouTube to crochet a simple border on a blanket. And I do not remember the technique, so I will need that video in the future. Nice post, lovely dolls.

  • I am in the midst of crocheting a jellyfish for my grandson. I have made a llama, some cats, octopus, dragon and endless other small critters that fit in my handbag when I travel to see them all.

  • Mostly a knitter, and have made dolls before. Crochet so far had been mostly net shopping bags! This book is inspiring and I would love to make some Pretty Brown Dolls for my classroom!

    • My grandmother taught me to crochet at a young age. But knitting later became my passion. I recently added a crochet border to a project and discovered I do remember some of it. My Pretty Brown Doll has me wanting to do while project!

  • My only crochet has been to reinforce a steek or for a provisional cast on – these beautiful dolls would take a mammoth jump in my skills!

  • I have almost completed my Ariana by Berroco.It is a beautiful composition of granny squares arranged diagonally , finished off with ribbing.

  • Crochet is on my list – granny squares of course. This book would be a gift to a neighbor who has a beautiful child named Emmerie. She requires a doll who looks like her. Such a beautiful book!

  • Not crocheting yet…but I am so tempted!

  • I have the memento mori shawl under construction for my daughter!

  • I’d like to learn mosaic crochet starting with The Potholders pattern by Svetlana Rogatykh.

  • I’m a “returned” crocheter and forgot how much fun it is to crochet!. I am working on a granny square blanket.

  • Just like the author, granny square afghans. Taught by my grandmother.

    • Those beautiful dolls are perfect …the hairstyles are lovely!! Taught by my mom-in-law years ago…after years of knitting, crochet seems awkward, but willing to give it a go for those dolls.

  • I much prefer crochet to knitting, so I do wish MDK could be a little more MDC once in a while. I can’t relax even with the easiest knitting patterns but crochet puts me right in the zone

  • I was a crocheter before i was a knitter, and became a knitter in early Covid days. Both crafts have their place. Good luck on seaming those granny squares!

  • I learned to crochet before learning to knit, so it’s my first love. Freeform crochet, in a subdued(ish) and very wearable style is my longtime obsession. Crochet and MDK sounds like a very happy combination!

  • I have a crochet summer shawl up next-love that crochet tends to move quickly.

  • Well, I have many squares made for a blanket and continue to make new ones whenever I’m going somewhere with a short wait. Eventually I will lay them out and see how big a blanket they’ll make. I also recently made a plush bunny for my cousin’s new baby. Crochet can be nearly as addictive as knitting 🙂

  • I have been working, in a, um, desultory fashion, on Casapinka’s Blanket of Calm. I love those bite-sized squares.

  • I’ve always intended to learn to crochet, but it hasn’t happened yet. One of my nieces is very crafty – I know she knits and sews, although I’m not sure about crochet. I’d love to gift her a copy of this book, though. I’m sure she’d love to make dolls that look like herself and her sisters.

  • I just crocheted an octopus and it is so darn cute! I’ve been admiring these dolls for a very long time! Yolanda Jordan is so talented. Maybe it would be fun to make one myself.

  • I am a first time crochet-er making a tote bag!

  • The last item I crocheted was a Mario hat for my young nephew!

  • Almost finished (at the coping with all the ends stage): Fire Blanket by Tanya Schliazhko. I used up all my impulse-buy stash of Noro Silk Garden. The blanket looks like a bed of sedum, so organic. Favorite crochet project ever. Loved making the addictive bite-size motifs.

  • I crocheted (how do *you* pronounce that?) before I knit, but it’s been years. I’d love to take it up again, and that book looks wonderful.

  • I’m crocheting a pair of espadrilles-I just learned how to do the double crochet stitch at knitting group.

  • My crochet skills began before I learned to knit, when my mother taught me to make granny afghans for my dolls. I love “My Pretty Brown Doll”. I’m currently knitting a baby sweater for my first great-grandchild, who will be pretty…and brown.

  • As soon as I finish knitting socks long promised to a certain someone, I have plans to knit a February Baby Sweater (a la EZ) for a new little baby girl. For her two older sisters, I have planned to crochet them each a granny square blanket. I have been looking at granny squares on line to decide which version of granny to use. I probably will not be using the traditional granny square, but one or two of the many variations that are out there.

  • I love filet crochet. I learned from my grandmother.

  • This book has me hooked. The possibilities to make something for an Indigenous child has me all weak in the knees.

  • I come from a long line of crocheters, and know ‘how’ to crochet but am still a novice as an adult. I most often crochet edges around fleece blankets for charity. The pattern(s) that I’m hooked on completing are three baby blankets my mom started before she passed away. I’d love to finish them and give one each to my nephew and my kids if they have babies of their own (or not-then they can choose to keep or give).

  • My grandmother tried to reach me to crochet when I was about ten years old. I never really got the hang of making edges straight, so I would just make wavy scarves. When I asked her about a pattern i saw in a Workbasket magazine she signed and said “oh honey that’s KNITTED.” This gave me the impression that knitting was way too hard if Gram couldn’t do it. Many years later, some knitting pals showed me the way to knitting joy. I think that I knit Continental because of those early crochet sessions. NOw I would like to re learn crochet. Maybe I can get it right this time!

  • The last thing I crocheted was a Halloween top made to look like a Jack-o lantern face. It’s so quick!

  • Currently I’m working on a crocheted plant hanger and a shawl of the month from Jimmy Beans. I taught myself to crochet when I was 13 (and that was 53 years ago!) so it’s my first love. The next crochet project will be a baby blanket once the gender is revealed! This book would be a lovely addition to my library.

  • The extent of my crocheting has been a crocheted finish on a baby sweater. I would go all in for this adorable book!

  • I’m making a granny stripe afghan.

  • Crocheting brings back warm memories of sliding around the house in new crocheted slipper from my grandmother. The dolls would a wonderful give away project.

  • Crochet baby blankets are my go to baby gift! I’ve been crocheting since I was a young girl, self taught from one of those little books in the yarn isle of Kmart. Remember Kmart?!! LOL

  • I plan to make a doll for my niece that looks like her (and maybe one for her mommy).

  • I have only used crochet to clean up edges of knitting projects and once a long time ago made a shell afghan. My grandmother made beautiful crocheted lace, I need to give it another go.

  • Hi! I’m crocheting the Allsorts cardigan by HG Designs Crochet with its lovely granny squares. Next up: Star Wars amigurumi ❤️

  • A granny square jacket I saw on a fellow conference participant. Turned out she designed it

  • Crochet came first for me, and my current favorite projects are afghans and market bags. Toys and Christmas stockings rotate in and out of the favorite category.

  • C2C baby blanket. Will finish with a tulip edge

  • Ice pop holders using variegated cotton yarn!

  • I learned to crochet back in high school, watching a friend crochet while waiting to go on stage for our parts in a school play. I have made many blankets using C2C and love choosing colors and how wide to make the stripes. Right now I am crocheting a baby blanket with basic crayon colors, so bright!

  • I always have a bag of some kind on the go. I’m currently working on the fat bottom bag from the Happy Hooker book.

  • I am currently crocheting Knit Collage’s Corrine Cardi. It is a granny square sweater and is lots of fun to make! I am also test knitting a sweater and finishing up some knitted arnall-culliford mittens. My MDK bang out a sweater just needs to be steeked and the button bands picked up and knitted but it is so hot here right now that I do not even want to look at a Lopi sweater.

  • I’m blown away by those dolls, especially the hair possibilities! I haven’t crocheted in decades, but lately have been remembering summer evenings at the cottage with my mum and sister working away on granny squares. The conversations, the laughter. So wonderful. Thanks for the nudge to get back to it.

    • It’s funny. In my knitting I usually use a brown/beige, natural palette but in these crazy times I just needed something joyful and bright and hopeful, so learned how to crochet/granny via Arne and Carlos’ lovely Audun blanket. Making my second now! Want to learn more and these dolls are inspiring!

  • My summer project is to use up my bits of yarn – crocheting blankets for the Welcome Blankets project. Crochet is fun and easy and I love playing with colors

  • I haven’t done ant crochet for many years. At one time I made many little pinafores for baby girls. Just seeing this book makes me want to try making one or more.

  • Crocheted bags in self striping yarn. All shapes and sizes, no pattern needed. Just make rectangles and go!

  • I love everything about this book, but most especially that girls of color are no longer unacknowledged. Three million cheers!

  • Oh! I love these dolls! This book is on my list to purchase, so it would be great to win a copy. I have taught some of my students to crochet, and this would be a wonderful resource in my classroom. I am currently crocheting a granny square blanket and a dishcloth, and just got a pattern for a ‘70s style vest … that I can’t start until I finish my husband’s sweater that was for his birthday. (He will get it in time for fall, anyway.)

    • I can only crochet granny squares. I always have a shoebox full . My grandchildren lay them to design their own blankets. I like brown and pink and sunflowers brown center,yellow 2 times around and then green.

  • One of my all-time favorite crochet patterns is a little bag that uses an old credit card or gift card as the bottom of the bag and the inside of the pocket. You punch holes around the card, crochet into them, and keep going around. It’s a fun gift if you use an old gift card for a place the recipient likes. Put those old Starbucks cards to use as upcycled gifts for coffee lovers! I think the pattern was originally published in Interweave Crochet.

  • Working on my second ever crochet pattern right now! I’m making the Cleo Fedora Hat. It’s all single-crochet & has excellent instructions, so it’s easy enough for a beginner like me!

  • I crochet, but no project on the hook currently. I’ve been contemplating amigirumi, however. Just need to find the pattern that trips my trigger.

  • I am a knitter. I started out in the yarn world with crochet. I have always loved Granny squares and that is where I got started in crochet. I think I could lay down my needles and pick up a hook to crochet a doll or two. Sounds like a good time to me.

  • I’ve been a crocheter for 56 yrs and knitting 36yrs. The last thing I crocheted was probably a beaded bracelet kit that I was showing my granddaughter how to make last year which started her on her own love of crochet! ( she knits some too! And only a teenager still. She loves making granny square cardigans and toys. So this book would be perfect for her .

  • As a kid, I preferred crochet to knitting. Somewhere along the line that switched. That said, @LISAVIOLINVIOLA continues to inspire and sometimes I see crochet patterns on IG or ravelry that make me want to learn again

  • Between crochet projects at the moment, but I have made coordinating crochet afghans for my twin nieces, and recently finished another for their younger brother. His was half double crochet stripes with a log cabin border.

  • I crochet “scrappy” scarves for Seaman’s Church Institute with leftovers from my knitting projects.

  • P.S. I wish I could learn to make drapey crochet. The Granny square top I made in college was so stiff I never wore it.

  • I have not crocheted in 45 yrs ( I started knitting 4 yrs ago)but those dolls make me want to start again. My grandchildren will love these dolls! Looking forward to making one.

  • My grandmother taught me crochet. And my first project was a queen-size bedspread made of granny squares. Why start small? Now, after about 50 years, I’m getting back into it again and it’s amazing to see all the new techniques and usages! I love, love, love “My Pretty Brown Doll”!

  • For reusable/sustainable face wipes, you can’t beat granny squares or medallions.

  • I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet FOR YEARS to make a granny square blanket with a more modern aesthetic. I tried doing several online tutorials over the years but like you, my tension was bad & I couldn’t get the hang of doing more than a long janky chain. A crocheting college friend is visiting in July and she said she’d be happy to teach me the tricks of the trade. If all goes well (kind of a big if at this point), I’d love to make some of the beautiful dolls from Yolanda Jordan’s book for my granddaughter.

  • I decided to venture into crochet by making a shawl. Probably not the best way to start, but it’s so pretty!

  • I fell down the crochet rabbit hole early in the pandemic with Sue Maton’s free online CAL #crojoretro and the mind blowing color work on her Instagram @themercerie. And I just happened to have an amazing set of colors of #rowanfeltedtweed on hand to use in March2020 because of Kaffes MDK Field Guide #13. Check out her #homagetothegrannysquare or #wallflowersblanket — I think both classes might be enrolling for a June start. Cannot recommend ANYTHING more highly!!!

  • amigurumi fascinates me but I’ve never been able to crochet without it taking control and becoming whatever. I still hope .

  • Just finishing an Amineko cat for my granddaughter. I’ve been crocheting so long that I can’t remember the project that got me hooked, but whenever something new shows up from Briana K or Elena Fedotova, then I have to drop whatever else I was working on and start their new design!

  • I am so taken with this book! I do not know how to crochet though. I am a leftie and have not been able to learn from those that have tried to teach me. Maybe one more go!

  • I am doing a mosaic granny square Afghan. First granny square project ever.

  • I can’t get enough granny squares in my life suddenly (at almost 60) so I’m working on a cotton granny square jacket. & Thinking about granny square jewelry

  • In June 2020, my first grandchild was a 1 pound, 7 ounce micro preemie in a Texas NICU. I live in NC. I couldn’t visit her until she left the hospital due to Covid restrictions, so as we do, I found things to make for her. Her nurses recommended a crocheted octopus for her isolette, to give her something to grasp instead of her wires and tubes. I had lots of Peaches and Cream in my stash and thanks to some excellent YouTube help, that octopus flew to Texas for my baby. Two years later, she is a rambunctious toddler wearing lots of my smocked and knitted creations!

    • That octopus is a great idea for NICU littles!!! Smocking for Grands is like going back in time!! Just re-discovered my pleater! Have fun!!!

  • I haven’t crocheted in a while. The dolls represented on the book cover make me long to pull out my hooks.

  • I’m crocheting a Granny stripe blanket. Halfway done, I can’t wait to finish it. The colors are gorgeous!

  • I am crocheting a wrap for a co-workers mom to welcome her to the US

  • I am a self taught crocheter. Learning as I attempt each project. I am currently making a flowery seat cover from Arne and Carlos Spring Along.

  • I have too many WIPs to start a new hobby, but my teenage daughter recently learned to crochet. She watched a few videos and whipped up an adorable halter top later that evening. I love that we can obsess about yarn together and I know she would really love this book!

  • I love to crochet stuffed toys, and learning to make dolls would be a wonderful new thing.

  • I LOVE this book and hope it becomes a classic! I switch between crochet and knitting, a practice which I hope will prevent repetitive stress injuries that can emerge from too much of one or the other. A few commenters before me have already mentioned the Corrine Cardi in the current Knit Collage MAL. It is a clever combination of crochet and knitting in one garment. I am making one, but didn’t like the way it draped, so I am making some modifications—wish me luck! I have also been teaching crochet skills to students at the community college where I work. We have a collaborative project going on to make Granny Square blankets for a local charity. We have collected enough squares for 2 blankets, and I hope we can get them put together at some Crochet Camp sessions I am setting up throughout the summer—wish me more luck! Thanks MDK for including crochet in your lively discussions!

  • My biggest crochet accomplishment is a Granny Square Afghan! I knit more than I crochet, but knowing how to crochet comes in handy at times with knitting projects.

  • I am only very lightly acquainted with crocheting – I have done a couple, very simple, soap scrap wash bundles. There is a woman in my knitting and crocheting group is who is a brilliant crochet talent and makes the most amazing items. I am blown-away and tempted by her work!

  • New crocheter here! started this year after seeing January One’s temp blanket post and I’m loving it. This doll book though, might have to tackle one for my new daughter

  • Filet crochet is my favorite. I’ve made a tree of life curtain, pillow covers, table runners, and butterfly boutonnieres. If I had to choose, I’d pick knitting though.

  • I started knitting 12 years ago and took my first crochet class last month. I’ve made three bags and am currently working on my first crocheted baby blanket. I’m intrigued with granny squares. I’m working on a granny square tank as well. So many projects, so little time…..

  • I’ve made a few granny squares and washrags, but I’d like to improve…

  • I learned to crochet first and then went on to continental knitting. I want to crochet a fancy granny square blanket from Arne and Carlos with my Rowan Felted Tweed stash! So fun and fast!

  • I do not know how to crochet, but for this, I will learn!

  • In the past, most of the crochet I’ve done was finishing knitting projects. Recent posts on this site are inspiring me to do more, I’m planning to make a “Doll that looks like me” for my neighbor’s new baby.

  • A simple crochet rag rug and another crochet rug using up old handspun wool, the wool rug to fulled when finished.

  • In the past, I made several Giant single Granny Square blankets. I started when I was young and my father brought home yarn from a discount store. I just kept adding colors. I finally made one out of rainbow colors. They fit a full size bed. The first one took 14 years to complete. Maybe, I should do another Giant Granny Square…..hmmm

  • I’m currently working on a crochet doll with a kit from My Kinda String. Such rich colors.

  • Just finished my first real crochet project, Cornwall Gansey Afghan. Learned a lot, and ready to tackle some granny squares.

  • I learned to knit and crochet at age 7 and while most of the women in my family preferred crochet, I like both. I currently have a knitted scarf in progress along with a crocheted cotlin basket – the crocheted baskets are sturdy and useful – I even use one as a yarn bowl.

  • I once made a six inch filet crochet cotton edging to a plain, cropped stocking stitch cardigan I found I a Rowan book. I didn’t think I could do it, but it looked good! A baby blanket too! Definitely bitelyout ofmy comfort zone though.

  • There is a $5000 designer crochet dress I am planning to copy. I have the yarn, but haven’t crocheted much for many years. I’m still trying the bravery to start.

  • I am making Granny Square slippers and foot-warmers.

  • My cousin taught me how to knit when I was about 10, have loved it ever since. Now I knit for Christmas at Sea in Newark as well as a local hospital in my knit group at church. Would love to learn how to knit granny squares. The granny square woolen afghan I have my mother made 55 years ago while recuperating from surgery. It is heavy and warm on cold winter evenings here in New Jersey.

  • I have been wanting to learn to knit granny squares forever….recently I saw tiny tiny granny squares and circles that were probably knit in the lightest yarn possible….so far I am dreaming of them and have too many UFOs of knitting to work on.

  • I’ve been doing both knitting and crochet for decades and decades, and usually have WIPs in both. Lately, I’ve been using up orphan yarn my friends have pawned off on me (relieving their stash guilt). I have been crocheting double-sided diagonal potholders from some cones of cotton yarn.

  • I’ve never crocheted a full item and my few attempts at crochet didn’t go great, but I did recently do a crochet cast-off. It went way better than expected and it did get me crochet curious again!

  • I’m a knitter but I learned to crochet first, when I was 8 or 9. Crocheting a bag or hacky sack is pretty intuitive (for me). I have done more complicated stitches, but granny squares are very tempting.

  • I tried to learn how to crochet & knit in my 30’s then in my 40’s. I finally mastered knitting in my 60’s. This book makes me want to attempt crochet again now that I’ve learned to knit.

  • In the midst of crocheting a blanket for a great grandson. Adapting a full size pattern “America” found in A Year of Afghans 1996 by Leisure Arts. Off white, faded blue and red stripes for a baby to be born just before our Independence Day in the USA

  • Crochet was my first needle craft. The women on my mom’s side of the family all made chevron afghans, so I made one too, in college. I’ve since been knitting almost exclusively, but took a granny square class recently and loved it.

  • I am a knitter and have only crocheted samples, edgings, and chair feet. My Mom, however, crocheted when she was younger , and I have the huge crocheted lace table cloth she made before she was married. (She has been a devoted quilter for many years now, and is still quilting at 93 years old today!). She said she would crochet a square every day at lunch, then another in the evening. When I was a kid it was a big event to pull out that tablecloth for big dinner events, and she’d let me help decide what colour sheet to put under it to show through. I always asked to have that tablecloth, and her china, when it was time for her to pass it on. I have both now 🙂

  • I’m working on a sweater in granny squares that my son requested for his birthday in July. Luckily, granny squares work up quickly. My sisters and I have been laughing about the return of the granny square, having lived through the previous fad in the 70s

  • I love knitting but memories of Nana lead me to crochet every now and then. My favorite are the squares that end up being doll blankets for Grands or edgings on blankets, tee shirts, wash clothes. From one generation to the next and next and on it goes!!! Thanks Nana for teaching me both. I suspect she is crocheting angel squares now. XOXO

  • I am crocheting a temperature blanket, it’s so addictive!

  • My grandmother taught my brother and I to crochet with small hooks and thread from her stash for her crochet lace projects, which we then used to make little bags and dresses for our collection tiny troll dolls! I haven’t crocheted in years (just lots of knitting), but I’d love to replicate the granny squares blanket she made for us!

  • As the inheritor of MUCH legacy yarn (don’t even know whose this latest batch belonged to), I just finished a granny square baby blanket (and two knitted hats) for church projects and started a granny square ‘basket’ project for ???, using scraps of rug yarn.

  • I am flipping through crocheted toy ideas to match a corner-2-corner knit baby blanket I am just finishing in primary colors, for a couple who have chosen not to be told the sex of their first child. This illustrations from this book look so fresh and appealing.

  • I learned to crochet last year because I wanted to make Homage to the Granny Square blanket by Sue Merton in the UK. It took me 6 months to complete. I am now obsessed with crochet and have started the Wallflowers blanket by Sue Merton which will probably take me several months.

  • The granny square! Great for baby blankets. One big square to 24”. No assembly tray.

  • I have a shell-stitch baby blanket in the works … languishing a bit, no doubt because of the three socks (in three entirely different patterns) I also have in the works.

  • While I’m primarily a knitter, I learned to crochet first at age 10. I made a beret, a shell stitch scarf & enough granny squares for a small blanket back then. I’ve done a bit of animaguri in the last couple of years. And, I’m making granny squares again now to make an afghan for my daughter’s sofa… Franklin Habit inspired me …

  • I really enjoy crocheting. My mother did not knit, but boy could she turn out crochet blankets. I have made many Totoros of all sizes for my grandchildren; also Hamilton characters. The favorite I have made, though, is the Bernie Sanders with mittens which I made for my granddaughter to commemorate her first vote in a presidential election.

  • My first attempt at yarn craft was crochet and I did make several zig zag afghans back in the day. Then I started knitting and my crochet fell into the history books. However, I believe it’s about to be resurrected with granny squares. Looking forward to a returning adventure.

  • I’m new to crochet, but I have a pretty brien granddaughter who would love these dolls!

  • Hi!! Love your Snippets and information! Just a comment on crocheting grannys. It’s my fav thing to do although learning how to knit is my new passion (2 scarfs made, knit, purl and cable only). Take the time to pull your end under on each square you make. It takes a few moments and it will save you tons of GRIEF later when you go to attach (from a lifelong crocheter). I do it all the time, it’s satisfying to join and just have to weave in those ends at the end and not ALL those other ends! Hugs.

  • I like to have an afghan project going for when I need something I don’t have to concentrate on. The pattern I’m using right now is the Victorian Lattice square.

  • I have 6 knitting projects on my needles! I crocheted a few decades ago but as a left-hander I always had to reverse the pattern. I crocheted a few doilies in the round back then which didn’t need a pattern reverse. Love your happy granny square blanket!

  • Well, my crochet blanket is somewhere and about halfway done and I’m not sure I have the energy to finish it. However, this week’s MDK article reviewing this book gave me a renewed interest. It would be so lovely to win one!

  • I saw a blanket of crocheted flowers and thought it would be a lovely baby blanket. Usually, knitting is my preference but so enjoyed making all the flowers

  • I learnt to crochet as a little girl. Currently crocheting pieces to warp around palm trees in my local park for a day marking 100 years since the establishment of our suburb Avalon, Sydney.

  • Not crocheting yet, but I want to learn so I can make amigurumi.

  • The Hydrangea Blanket by Lucy of Attic 24 has been on my crochet hook since April 2020. I am using leftover sock yarns held together and work on it over the winter months. It may be finished someday, but it’s a comfort project with no deadline. That book of adorable dolls is so inspiring, and I can think of two young girls that would love a doll.

  • I enjoy making baby blankets with blanket yarn and a N hook. I use the moss stitch and it is done in weeks instead of months.

  • I like to crochet owl hats for new babies. They always look SO cute in them!

  • I am crocheting from Kerry lord’s pattern. I am making the flamingo. I enjoy both knitting and crocheting. I especially like to finish a knit edge (that maybe didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to) with crochet to make it look more “finished.

  • I don’t do much crochet beyond granny squares as a vacation interlude from knitting. I can’t say enough how significant this book is! I taught spec ed in an urban school district for many years and it meant everything to my students when I was able to find and supply my classroom with black and brown dolls who “looked like them”. I am getting this book and working up my crochet skills so I can make a few to put out in church and school toy boxes.

  • Very nice dolls thanks

  • I learned knit and crochet at about the same time, love both! I’ve got two crochet WIPs currently – a granny square blanket because of course, and a shawl covered with crochet flowers and a robin in the middle (not on Ravelry, but the crochet designer sells her patterns at Adinda’s World). When my stepkids were little, I made them lots of amigurumi crochet toys. It is so worth knowing both crafts!

    • Thanks for the reference to Adinda’s World – Love that robin shawl and her other creative patterns. I may have to order her book, if not a pattern. I love flamenco dance, and her shawls remind of some very fun times at a wedding in Spain, dancing with the bride’s mother. What a wonderful night it was, and such a treat for me as I was just learning a Spanish folk dance at home in the U.S., and then I got to join in the fun at the wedding.

  • Currently delving into Tunisian crochet with Toni Lipsey’s wonderful book and YouTube vids.

  • I like to have a crochet WIP to alternate with my knits, as my hands appreciate the change in pace. I’ve made crocheted hats, shawls, baby blankets, dolls, and currently I have started my 4th (!) ‘Golden Hour Bag’ made with dk weight mercerized cotton. The first two were gifts, the 3rd was for me so I could determine if I should make more for Christmas presents. It’s a fun chevron pattern in 3 colors, easy to memorize. And I love the asymmetrical handles. Great project for waiting rooms and knitting group gatherings.
    I would love to win the book – I have five grandnieces under the age of four, and they would love those beautiful dolls and their wardrobes!

  • Baby Blanket.

  • Crochet curious! I want to make dolls and amigurumi and I think this is a good start! I love Yolandas energy!!

  • Thank you, everyone, for all the pattern suggestions. I’ve been contemplating a granny square blanket for ages but haven’t jumped in. Mainly because I don’t know how to crochet except to make coat hanger covers, which are fast and practical. Don’t know the name of the stitch or pattern but done in thick or doubled yarn it creates a bumpy surface and your clothes will never slide off. My closets are an homage to Joan Crawford.

  • I’ve been on a granny square blanket kick.

  • The Virus Shawl! It’s the first thing I ever crocheted where I felt like I understood what I was doing. Right now I’m working on another Sunflower Pillow by Mister Domestic. I made one for my mom and she immediately requested a second in red and green for the holidays!

  • Although I have been knitting for over 60 years, just learned to crochet last winter. So far I have made a hat, a scarf, and a few potholders.

  • I just finished a crocheted earflap hat to go in my charity bin (fast change of pace project after 5-6 knitted beanies for the bin) and am currently working on a Jigglypuff to be followed by a Snorlax and (of course!) a Pikachu. A classic ripple blanket and a neon and charcoal granny square blanket are on my gotta make eventually list and my granddaughters have dibs on a few characters from some crochet kits (Frozen, HP, Nutcracker…). I mostly knit but sometimes only crochet will do.

  • I just got a small hexagon loom and I’ve been making little hexagons! I love them. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them.

  • I just finished a granny square blanket for my bed in mystery yarn from my stash!

  • So I have not crocheted before the Arne and Carlos spring a long and I got the pattern and I am making flowers. I am also randomly choosing colors. I think mother nature does it all the time. You should see my Hydrangeas. The colors on one plant aren’t even the same. I am working on tension too but figure it will work out when I put them together later.

  • Taught myself to crochet with a Coats & Clark booklet and made potholders from avocado, orange and gold Lily yarn. Made a wall hanging with Lopi from Ladies Home Journal Needle & Crafts – in the 70’s!!

  • I’m making a tiger graphghan.

  • I’m not currently crocheting but in high school I crocheted a full size bedspread and I have made many crocheted afghans, including on that was a huge granny square made of scraps!

  • I’m crocheting replicas of my favorite bridges: the Golden Gate; one in Newport, Oregon; and a lesser-known Venetian bridge. Just kidding! I am blown away by you guys & your HRM amigurumi with pearls! Just want to win the book so I can learn to crochet fergawdsakes!

  • I’m super in love with the mandala right now and the Moroccan mandala throw is so gorgeous. It sits on my couch and every zoom meeting someone comments on it. I’ve decided to make another in a different color combo. I’m thinking southwest colors with a lot of turquoise.

  • I’m more knitter but I do love a nice single tight single crochet fabric for zipper pouches!

  • I have an owl themed granny square afghan waiting to be started for my daughter who loves owls!

  • crocheted baskets. round and round!

  • I have been crocheting for over 25 years and I love these dolls. My last project was a wonderful bead spread but I think it is time to make one of these beautiful dolls for my granddaughter.

  • A girl after my heart. I, too have many projects alive and dormant. Must finish the garter ridge blanket (it’s a wedding present) first, but want to start a granny square blanket next, ala Franklin’s La vie en crochet. I, too get so excited about a new project that I have to force myself to complete the one I’m on.
    My pretty brown doll looks so cute!

  • I was taught to crochet by my grandmother when I was about 12, and we made tons of granny squares to make into blankets for my dolls! I am totally intrigued by this beautiful book and would love to pick up crocheting again to make some dolls for my beautiful grandchildren!

  • I got hooked with Kerry Lord’s book, “Edward’s Menagerie”. Gifted some critters to my sister’s grandchildren and then my sister became hooked, too.

  • I haven’t crocheted in YEARS, but I’ve known how since I was 4 years old. I would love a copy of the book to get my crochet juices flowing!

  • I’m crocheting a granny square pullover consisting of 2 large granny squares.

    • Hi! Please check your email. You’re a winner and we’d like your mailing address to send to the publisher so they can send your book. Thanks!

      • Hi, I responded on 6/1 to your email. I’m looking forward to receiving my book. Thanks!

  • I just took a class at my LYS to learn to crochet. I have finished my first dish cloth! I love everything about this book and I would love to learn to make these dolls! Having learned basic crochet – Amigurumi is on my list!

  • I love to crochet and knit. I make a blanket for each of my grandchildren as they go off to college. So far 5 done and crocheting my sixth for my grandson graduation in June.

  • I have a granny square that I pick up every so often that is getting larger and larger and I’m deciding whether to make it into a Cardigan or keep going and make a blanket

  • I’ve crocheted a couple of little animals. I started a hat, but kept getting lost at the beginning of the circle!

  • I’m knitting a Star Wars wrap and a pair of socks, and crocheting a new yoga mat bag and a plastic shopping bag.

  • I like to use crochet for making flowers. I plan to make a granny square cardigan.

  • My favorite crotchet project are felted stacking bowls. They are so relaxing to make and a great use for my stash of leftover yarns.

  • I have knitted dolls but would love to crochet one.

  • I’ve been on a crochet hiatus. These little dolls are wonderful and I will enjoy making them

  • Excitedly waiting for My Pretty Brown Doll book to arrive tomorrow! I’m planning to make the doll in the red jacket first! I have MANY of Yolonda’s excellent patterns already and have made several dolls!

  • I love this doll pattern and it has made me determined to get beyond my hooking block

  • My hands constantly crochet! As a granny I make granny square blankets for everyone. Now I would love to try making dolls for my grandaughters!

  • I wish I’d continued crocheting when my grandmother’s friend showed me how to do granny squares. A good friend has showed me how she makes scrubbies. Now I’m going to try again with a friend who has crochet in her DNA. This precious book looks like a great place to get started again.

  • I love granny squares, but haven’t done any for a long time. I have a new grandson and would love to make toys etc. And this doll seems like a good “get back your crochet” project.

  • I’m working on a phoenix amigurumi. I’ve also got the leftovers from afghans I crocheted for my grandchildren waiting to be made into hexagons so I can cuddle up in a big ol’ afghan of my own.

  • My cousins taught me to crochet when I was about 12. I made rugs for everyone I knew. Later I crocheted doilies. I haven’t crocheted in years but am captivated by these adorable dolls. I have knit several dolls and they could use some friends now that I have 3 granddaughters.

  • Yesssssss
    Crochet is so fun
    Crochet is so weird
    Crochet is awesome in sock yarn, as I learned from Chawne Kimber
    I think my “summer vacation knitting” this year will be the “Ziggy Interrupted” scarf.

  • In a college fiber arts class, the final was to have an example of something knitted, woven and crocheted. I have continued to knit and weave, but have not tried my hand a crochet since then. Being a visual learner, I look forward to learning basic crochet skills through Yolanda Jordan’s illustrated book on making her adorable dolls.

  • So excited to see your kindness giveaway! Thank you! My favourite crochet project is a “Roseanne Barr” Granny Square Blanket. I fell in love with her beautiful blanket on the sofa in the old tv series, “Roseanne”. I oft wondered if she made it!

    I finished it 34 years ago and we still have it on top of our Queen-size bed! There are a few squares that need a little mending.

  • I am, as Knitty taught me to say, bicraftual. My current crochet project is actually also part knit, part crochet afghan I’m making as a wedding gift.

  • As per Franklin Habit, Filet Crochet is the technique into which I shall endeavor!!!

  • My Rose, who bears a significant resemblance to the Rose pictured here, likes the idea of me starting to crochet for the summer. She prefers large knitting projects in winter because she can sleep under them on my lap while I knit.

  • I have been crocheting since I was pregnant with my son. My grandmother taught me. She never used patterns so I had to figure that out on my own. I taught my eldest the basics and she honed her skills with YouTube.
    Right now I have several projects in the works. A pair of fingerless gloves for a friend, a Christmas gift for my son and his partner and a blanket I have been working on for several years. I need a good way to block the squares and haven’t really figured it out. They are not granny squares and are fairly large. There are other projects too.
    A while back I made my first doll. And while I was looking for patterns I discovered My Pretty Brown Doll. Someday, not too soon, I hope to make them for my grandchildren.
    In the meantime I have a pair of twins in mind that I want to give them to.

  • Just learned how to Granny Square! Love that you can play with colors, make one or ten, when you feel like it, and when you have enough… stitch them together for a feast for the eyes blanket! Also uses up stash!

  • My latest crochet plans are to somehow incorporate crochet within a knitting project. i have visions of a winter dress that are half knitted. just need to brainstorm the addition of crochet.

  • I am totally crochet obsessed lately! My two current fixations are crocheted pendant lights and tapestry crochet bags, like Mochila Wayuu bags. I think it’s going to be a Summer of Crochet for me!

  • I’m slowly crocheting a HAPPYPOTAMUS with my stash of leftover sock yarn

  • I LOVE the title of this book!! Broke my foot this winter and started quilting baby blankets for Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.. which led me back to crocheting baby blankets as a portable project. That volunteer position lead me to my new job … Director of the Society in Naples, Italy!!! I started this week!! So I got a job because of crocheting (and quilting)!

  • I am crocheting 2 baby blankets for twin girls at the moment. Love the My Pretty Brown Dolls! Next on my list foe my niece!

  • Love the term crochet curious…though granny squares look more doable than the amigarumi doll

  • I’m doing some baby clothes for a friend’s new daughter. Nice quick projects

  • I know just enough about crochet to be dangerous, yet I know it’s fast and these dolls would be terrific prizes for my local library’s summer reading program!

  • In 1972, I crocheted a granny square vest that had been on the front of a craft magazine, Vogue I think? Could not wait to wear it to school! Why oh why did I not save it for my grands to wear? Who would think of doing that when you are 15?!

  • Ooh! I have just finished a Sophie’s Universe blanket for a baby girl and now I want to make these dolls for two little girls whose mama is in the army. Adorable!

  • I will at some point crochet a bikini! It’s bewn a while since I’ve crocheted, though…

  • I love crocheting (I also knit) and am working on the Fruit Garden throw by Jane Crowfoot right now. I have made several of her designs and a few by Dedri Uys (Sophie’s Universe was very popular). I have made some dolls and amigurumi animals as well. I usually alternate between knit and crochet projects each day to ward off repetitive stress injuries to my hands. The dolls look really pretty and I look forward to making a few.

  • I’m crocheting baby blankets for family and friends. I can finish one much faster than knitting, and it’s a lot of fun!

  • I’m starting Arne & Carlos’ Flower CAL. I love all the color pops in your granny square blanket!

  • I began crocheting after becoming mesmerized watching someone on a bus ride many, many moons ago. I find myself going back, after learning to knit, after crocheting 2 “batwings” cardigans

  • My first love was crochet before knitting. Granny squares and their variations are satisfying, but I am not a fan of assembling them.

  • I just finished a feather and fan tee shirt yesterday. Love it! I have another tee shirt planned next in Berroco Vivo.

  • Learned to crochet first, and still love it. I crochet when my arthritis hands are not cooperating with my knitting needles.

  • I crochet dragons from Ravelry patterns. I made four in a big hurry to sit on top of their laptops when my grand children started online school in the fall of 2020. I have, in fact, crocheted three or four ballerina dolls, and a ballerina mouse, and a couple of video game characters. And I requested that my library order the “My Pretty Brown Doll” book. I would just love to have five copies. I would surely find homes for the other four.

  • I crocheted a zigzag stripe blanket, messed around with granny squares, and reverse-engineered my favorite store-bought hat that one of these days I need to actually sit down and make for real using nice yarn rather than crap acrylic like the bought hat.

  • For my first crochet project in years, I finished Family Favorite Blanket by Lisa Gentry as a present for my sister. She loves it so much that she uses it year-round. Now I’m looking for one to make for me. But I would really love to win the book and make the doll for my daughter, since I never could find a doll that looks like her when she was growing up. And she has a place waiting for it on the bookshelf in her office. Such a fabulous give-away!!

  • I’m currently looking for a charity I knit and crochet for. I would like toys to give to For the Babies and Beyond. My amigurami experience is Stitch and Sheldon.

  • I’m a Knitter who can crochet a wee bit. I’m working myself up to starting a motif Temperature Blanket in so many colors!

  • I’m working on octopus pattern right now! Self taught crocheter thank goodness for all the generous youtuber crochet teachers out there!!!

  • My grandma taught me to crochet at age 13 :). Of course we made granny squares with lots of brown and orange. Oh the 70’s! I would love to make a very fashionable doll from My Pretty Brown Doll for my Haitian daughter’s dorm room. There are so fun!!

  • Just finished a crocheted picot edging to a knitted baby shrug. I like to crochet things that are round like water bottle holders, flower pot covers, and baby hats. Next project is to make some fabric rag yarn to try make dried flower vases.

  • The Day Tripper Picnic Blanket Crochet Along in bright fun colors.

  • I love granny squares! I’ve made afghans and bags.

  • Next, I am crocheting a carrot—special request from a grandson. His previous requests were for an eggplant and then a giant squid, for which I found an amazingly lifelike pattern by Cate Carter-Evans. That was knitted and very challenging. The carrot will be a welcomed reprieve.

  • Starling handbag. Pattern has various sizes. It’s a great size and height for stitching projects or whatever.

  • I learned to crochet years after I started knitting. It’s a nice break in crafting. I just finished crocheting a green dinosaur from a Woobles kit.

  • I dont crochet because it requires a different spatial sense? Than my knitting. I do use it for edges. I will say there is so many gorgeous patterns these days.

  • This pattern book looks amazing!

  • I love a doily, the lacier the better. However not the project to learn on. I would pick it up without being able to tell right from wrong side so had a doily with a tumor.

  • I usually have knitting and crocheting projects going at the same time. Right now I’m working on some of the animals in Kerry Lord’s books.

  • I knit more than crochet-but like them both. My last crochet project was a baby blanket, but I have dreams of a big granny square afghan someday. I also love making little animals and dolls.

  • I’m making an crocheted Entrelac lapghan in off white, pink and cranberry. I’m enjoying making it very much.

  • The Color-Bar Blanket from Debbie Stroller’s The Happy Hooker!

    • That would be “Stoller”
      Argghhh, autocorrect!

  • I don’t crochet all the time, but my go-to is a Misty Rose dishcloth. If I’m not crocheting one, I’m putting balls together to see what colors I want to use next. Crocheted dishcloths win hands-down over knitted in my book. Which is a knitting book, so that is saying something.

  • I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of crochet. Maybe I’m just not experienced and skilled enough? But I have had my eye on this book because it thrills me to think of the validation children will get from it. Well, the outfits are pretty great, too, aren’t they? This book is going to tug me into the world of crochet.

  • I have started a swimsuit coverup

  • OOoo! I need an excuse to learn another craft!

  • Im a knitter, but I love granny squares.

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