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Look, it’s no surprise that bad things happen to even the nicest people. And trust me: the people who work here on Atlas Drive at MDK are the nicest people in the world (except that ONE and SHE KNOWS WHY). So when our webshop started acting squirrely last weekend—some customer’s orders went through without a hitch; some tried a dozen times and never had success—there was a lot of hand-wringing and discussion about karma and wait, was this payback for me taking that last piece of rhubarb pie the other night at dinner?

(SIDE TOPIC: It’s rhubarb season; talk about it amongst yourselves.)

It’s always a mystery whenever this sort of order-system hiccup happens. The thing that worked perfectly one second ago now does not work at all. We don’t take the big magic beep-beep box (server, whatever) and leave it out in the rain overnight or anything. It’s not unplugged. The shop possum isn’t curled up on top of it. In fact, we do not even know where the magic beep-beep box is, so we can eliminate a hardware error on our part as the problem. And trust me: we are too busy looking at cabins on Airbnb to have accidentally re-coded anything or accidentally pressed delete or whathaveyou.

(SIDE TOPIC #2: If you have a pet-friendly A-frame cabin in the woods available for the second week of October, CALL ME).

No, things just happen. Systems on one end of a transaction find something they do not like about the systems on the other end and that’s about all the explanation anyone can ever provide. Gee, thanks, science!  

We do try to detect patterns that repeat when people email that they’re having trouble. Certain browsers in combination with certain devices can be trouble, especially if the browsers aren’t updated (always update your browser!). But detecting the pattern and shouting “J’accuse!” at it isn’t really a solution to the problem (though it is fun and tension-releasing and super French). Eventually, we have to contact our mysterious web elves, who hammer out a solution as quickly as they can. 

Try This

We wish order-placing errors never, ever happened, but when they do, there are a few things you can try to get around any error messages that might pop up during the process:

  • Definitely try placing your order using a different browser. If you normally use Safari, try switching to Chrome or Firefox or Explorer or Gladys or ClickyClicky or whatever other ones are out there—who can keep up?
  • Another trick is to try placing your order on a different device; this time around, a lot of people had success switching from a laptop or tablet to their phones. 
  • Another thing that works is to just … wait a little bit. That’s maddeningly vague, but sometimes whatever the problem is debugs itself. It’s an internet mystery, like whatever the hell TikTok is.

(SIDE TOPIC #3: Do not tell me what TikTok is.)

Thanks for your patience while we worked through it; I’m hopeful that by the time you read this, it’ll all be figured out and skeins and skeins of yarn are on their way to you. But it’ll happen again—it always happens again!—so you should probably go ahead and get a tattoo of these hot tips for ordering purposes.

A Giveaway

The prize? All the fixings for rhubarb pie, er a Cushiest Cowl to join us for #hellobriocheMDK! One skein each of Atlas in Leek and Mouse, plus a copy of Field Guide No. 21: Brioche.

How to enter?

Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Snippets, right here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re set.

Step 2: Have you tried brioche knitting? Drop us a Mais oui or a Non in the comments.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, June 19, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.

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  • Non! Pas encore.

    • Non! I need a push!

    • Bien sur. Mais oui

    • I’m still in the intimidation phase of brioche even though I have a top down sweater and log cabin squares (wip) The yarn sounds fabulous.

    • Non. I have attempted it several times but I have never gotten the hang of it. Going to give it another go. Perhaps a piece of rhubarb pie before I start would help.

    • Not yet, but I have made brioche sourdough hamburger buns, which I’m considering a warmup to knitting brioche!

      • I thought i was making a brioche scarf years ago but then when I tried again during a retreat, it was a disaster! Time to try again!

      • No it sounds like stressful knitting to me!

      • LOL!

      • Those sound wonderful! And a great start

    • Yes, I love brioche

      • Yes, I have tried brioche. I made a scarf. Or, more accurately, I tried to make a brioche scarf. I used two beautiful color shifting yarns so the brioche would really stand out beautifully. Sigh. I could not keep track of weather I was barking or burping. Sometimes I was burping and barking at the same time. If I looked up at the TV for the tiniest second, I forgot where I was . Was that a burp or a bark I just worked? Why do I have two yarn overs together? Anyway, I soldiered on and now I have a scarf. It has a lot of stitches in it. It has nice colors. I wear it under my coat because it is definitely not brioche.

        • LOL! I understand

      • Looking forward to it!

        • Have played with learning, but haven’t actually done anything. I am starting the cowl, with intent to push through that force field that stops me.

    • No. I have one of Nancy Marchant’s books and have treated it like eye candy for years. I’m finally ready to try it with the cushy cowl.

      • Yes. I love brioche I love the rhythm of it.

      • I started a sweater with brioche on the hem and the collar. After my knitting slipped off the needle and a bunch of stitches got dropped, I got stalked because I couldn’t figure out how to pick up the dropped stitches in pattern.

        • Mais, non. Toujours wanted to! ;). Maybe soon, once I clear the decks on all these other projects. Love your site and Snippets!

        • Christina
          Sorry to hear that. I have one thing to say
          “Life Line”!
          Saved my butt many times

  • No, nor brioche baking, which has seemed equally scary.

    • Non – not yet. You are an awesome writer. Always makes me smile.

      No A frame cabin in the woods but a flat roof in the woods in BC Canada

  • It is on my bucket list

    • Non. But I also love rhubarb pie and A-Frame cabins in the woods.

      • Oui on brioche- lovely rhythm until you make a mistake! Three frustrating hours and multiple fix attempts,unraveling back to ball status…. Positive thinking of “third time’s the charm” and embarking on the learning journey yet again -‘cause brioche is just so magical and squishy!

        • Yes, but there were glitches. I have waited a bit and I’m ready to try again.

    • Yes! I love it!

      • Non. Been on the to learn list but it’s been too intimidating. This would be a great opportunity to get over that and do it

    • Non but have two brioche projects to knit once I learn!

  • Yes, I have tried brioche. Or should I say, mais oui!
    I tell you one thing, having your first ever brioche project be a pullover in fine black yarn, not a good notion. I will leave it to the reader to imagine the mess.
    Gorgeous fabric, though!
    Two colours and a smaller project is my current plan…

    • Yes!

    • Non!
      I’m fascinated by it, though

      • Non! But it’s on my horizon.

        • I have not tried it yet. But I keep seeing so many pretty patterns that use it so I do want to give it a try.

      • Yes, a brioche rib cowl. If I see something that looks interesting to make I jump right in. I’m a believer in nothing is too hard in knitting or crochet. It’s one step at a time , trust yourself and it is just yarn . You can rip it out an try again.

  • Non

  • Non

  • Mais oui!
    And a little hint… those yarn overs (or yfwd for the non- Americans) are much much easier if you knit continental. And also, mistakes may happen – tell your inner perfectionist to let it go!

  • Mais non

  • Some of us live in the wrong countries, so we cannot order from you. I have the instructions delivered on my only gadget, but will have to source the ingredients from elsewhere ( no not the rhubarb pie). So at time of report. . . . Non

  • Non but want to!!

  • Mais oui! Cast on for the cushiest cowl in dreamy sage and teal, just last night. It’s addictive, that stitch!

  • Mais oui, many years ago, one or two inches of a mohair legwarmer! I switched back to plain ribbing for the rest, and still wear my precious pair on super cold days.

  • Non

    • I did try a few years ago when given instruction by The World’s Greatest and Most Patient Knitting Instructor. I just didn’t get it. But I now have more patience and more time, and would love to conquer this stitch!

  • Non although I’ve seen some beautiful brioche projects that are tempting me to add it to my neverending project list!

  • Not yet.

  • Non

  • Mais, oui!
    But who can ever get enough of such an addictive stitch that creates such cush?!

  • Non

  • 2017
    My summer of brioche in residence at my LYS
    For help in correcting my mistakes.
    This is what I want to learn this summer!

  • Non. I just tackled a cable knit sweater and it was not as difficult as imagined… so I think I’ll try soon!

  • Really enjoy 2 color brioche in unique combos that aren’t supposed to work but are delightful. I have not tried the pattern stitches requiring all the decreases and increases.

  • Yes, I really like brioche for the beautiful fabric it gives. But I started with it a long time ago, before it had become a mythical monster, when it was still just another stitch where you followed the instructions and everything was fine.

    • Funny you should ask…
      I spent six hours yesterday trying to learn brioche from a 30 minute You Tube video. Lots and lots of pauses and rewinds, but it finally clicked. Looking forward to the brioche KAL next week.

  • Mais Oui. Self taught via U Tube.

  • Yes…I love the squish of brioche!

  • Non, mais je suis tres interesse!

  • The only brioche I have tried was in the shape of a bun snuggling a freshly grilled burger. Quite delicious. I highly recommend it, lightly toasted and buttered.

  • No! No! A thousand times no! (Melodrama is my middle name.)

  • Yes I have tried it years ago and remember nothing. It was a difficult time

  • Non

  • Non

  • New brioche-er here. Love the texture and colors of this fabric.

  • Mais oui! I do love brioche. I always have to have at least one brioche project going on. I find it very relaxing at least until I carelessly make a mistake!

  • Non

  • no but I’m ready to learn!

  • Mais oui, but still very much a beginner.

  • Non! But I love Brioche French toast. Hoping I will love the knitting kind just as much. These two colors of Atlas make me think mint chocolate chip ice cream…. Have a great day everyone.

  • Mais oui

  • Non but top
    Of my September – October knitting list!

  • Mais oui (I took French for 4 years, but that’s all you get out of me). I have made it my life’s mission to learn a bit about all types of knitting…but I had better hurry up, because I’m not getting any younger, lol.

  • Mais oui!
    Didn’t realize until I took a class that I’d started out the hard way – with one color. Glad these projects have 2…

  • Mai oui! Stephen West’s Askews Me sweater. Learned a hard lesson about weaving in hundreds of ends due to so many color changes.

    • I feel that weaving pain, and only from some striped socks I finished. But they are cute.

  • Non, but I am eager to try!

  • Mais, oui, but ready to understand it better.

  • Oui, mais sans succès.

    • Ditto for me. Trying the Cushiest Cowl, and 90 % of it looks fine (well, pretty good) but the End-Of-Round — what a ridiculous mess! No matter how carefully I try to follow the notes in the pattern, I get a few rounds ok then – kablam! Chaos! I may have to wait for an in-person lesson. But the rest of the round is relatively easy and definitely fun. Maddening.

  • Yes-I have some experience with brioche knitting but only with the standard two color rib- as in the Nesting Wrap. The Broken rib stitch presented a challenge.

  • Yes I have! I really enjoy the rhythm of the stitches

  • Mais oui!

  • Non

  • Pas encore mais je suis prêt!

  • Non, but I would like too!

  • Our! C’est manifique!

  • Non madames et monsieurs….je suis….scared (sorry, I ran out of French words).

  • Not yet

  • Mais oui!

  • Non….mais ouija to trying it.

  • Mais oui

  • No, but have wanted to.
    (Sorry if this is repeat comment – my first try didn’t go through.)

  • No, but I am willing to try! It kind of scares me to death!!!

  • Non, but looking forward to it!!

  • Oui! It has been a while, however, and I am excited to start at least one of the projects in FG 22!

  • Mais oui – I am in middle of my first project. Big sigh – gaining on it.

  • Mais oui! Mais oui!

  • i have tried brioche, in a class, twice. i got academic probation both times. i could do the work in the classroom while the instructor was sitting beside me, but when i went home and tried, all my stuff unraveled. i am hoping i can do it this time.

  • Oui, I have tried brioche knitting. Just one color, and I only had enough yarn for a pug sized scarf. While Celeste is very chic, she doesn’t wear scarves.
    Can you recommend a rhubarb pie recipe?

    • From my grandmother’s cafe to my mother to me to you: a custard-type rhubarb pie to be made with your favorite double crust recipe. I like a nice butter and whole wheat crust, which I rationalize make an almost healthy pie. Prior generations made it with a lard and vinegar crust. Two store-bought frozen pie shells will work just fine, too.

      4 cups fresh rhubarb, chopped in .5” chunks (frozen also works)
      1.5 cups granulated sugar
      Half a cup of all-purpose white flour
      1 egg, beaten

      Mix all ingredients. Lay a bottom crust in a 9” pie plate. Pour rhubarb mixture on to bottom crust. Place top crust over the rhubarb. Crimp the edges, and cut decorative vents. Top with sugar if desired. Bake 40 to 50 minutes in a standard oven at 400 F. Cool on a rack, slice, and marvel at this vegetable that makes a delicious “fruit” pie.

      If you want the elders’ crust recipe, have at it! Pardon the lack of detail – they just knew! I recall this makes a double crust, i.e., enough for one pie.

      3 cups all purpose flour
      1 cup lard or shortening
      1.5 teaspoons salt
      1 egg, beaten
      1 teaspoon vinegar
      6 tablespoons cold water

      Mix all ingredients ‘til crumbly. Chill. Roll out crust.

      Bon appetit!

  • Once, but it wasn’t pretty!

  • Ben oui! Did not enjoy the experience. Probably need a little more practice!

  • Mais oui! Un petit project in Honeycomb Stitch Brioche.

  • mais oui- time to learn a new technique!

  • No, but there’s a first time for everything!

  • Non. It’s on my list of things to learn…just haven’t jumped in yet!

  • I have tried and tried and tried!

  • non, mais je veux apprendre

  • Non, mais j’espère!

  • Mais oui

  • I have not tried Brioche Knitting. However, I would like to test my patience, strength and brain power and try it

  • No to the brioche, too much stress, yes to rhubarb, only I make it into cobbler or friendship bread (want a start? It’s literally running out my ears)

  • I have not tried brioche knitting but I will one day soon. I wish I did have an A frame cabin in the woods but there are some on Lake Huron, just 4 miles away, only they aren’t pet friendly so I cannot go.

  • Mais oui!
    Beautiful and addictive.

  • Non, but I have always wanted to! And merci for making me laugh this morning with your explanation of internet systems:)

  • Oui, but I don’t see how eating fresh pastry will help me produce a lovely knitted garment…the crumbs, you know. Perhaps I should research this topic a bit more.

  • mais oui! can’t wait to knit the cowl during the KAL!

  • Alors, non ….

  • Mais non!!! But would love to try!!

  • Oui, I have tried brioche knitting before and have a cowl and scarf as proof! I also have less hair than when I began these projects, because it can be very maddening until you get the hang of it. But, we keep at it because of the beautiful textiles it produces.

  • No, but I’m anxious to start learning!

  • Non. I wonder if brioche works with illusion knitting.

  • I have tried brioche. I love how it looks and feels. I really want to do a whole project worth some day.

  • Non

  • Mais oui, I have and some days it flows easy like a river. Other says it’s like going through class IV rapids but worth it in the end.

  • Non but I do spend a lot of time planning what color yarns I want to use.

  • Non! Maybe when I retire for good.

  • Non! But I do want to one day!!!

  • Not yet, non.

  • Brioche in the round is amazing. Really easy to pick up once put down. And No switching back and forth And trying to figure out which side you did last and where you should start again

  • I took a class in brioche once, but never really followedd up. I’ve been eyeing that cowl and can’t wait to cast on!

  • Non, but always up for a new technique.

  • Not successfully. Former attempt was frogged.

  • Oui, oui! but only small sections. First some swatches including increases and decreases to try it out, and then in Stephen West’s 2021 MKAL Shawlography. Not so hard!

  • Non. Need to learn! (And I don’t really care for rhubarb pie. But any other kind, cut me a slice!)

  • Mai Oui! But I am by no means a brioche expert. I made one shawl with just increases along the edges; no fancy motifs. I actually enjoyed it once I got several rows in.

  • Mais oui!

  • No, but looking forward to it!

  • Non but hopefully in the fall

  • Non

  • Oui. My biggest challenge is tinking back to a mistake. I end up making more mistakes in the process.

  • Non!

  • Yes, just once – delightful to knit, lifelines for me next time!

  • Non but hoping to give it a try

  • Non! But planning to try this summer and here you are!

  • I did learn to knit brioche in the round by knitting a cowl similar to the one in the Field Guide. I have yet to attempt it knitting flat.

  • No but I made my first rhubarb pie last year – very yummy!

  • Pas encore, Cheri. Pour mon prochain projet. (Don’t you love google translate — even with an English keyboard it is fun)

  • Non, though I’m looking to change that!

  • I have baked brioche, but I have never knit brioche. (Both are squishy and wonderful though!)

  • Yes, I love the squishiness. I made Columbine hat for my first project and it includes increases and decreases. It was well written so I had no problem.

  • No but I want to. Love that cowl!

  • Non for me, at least not yet!

  • Have already cowled, and am now scarfing in the awesome broken rib brioche. This scarf is an education in the ways of brioche and tons of fun.

  • No, I have not tried brioche , would be interesting to try.

  • Yes, and take my advice…use a life line!!!
    And by the way, my rhubarb is prolific this year and have already cut it back twice. A real summer joy!!

  • Oui, oui, just started the scarf from FG21, but big! Easy as pie, especially rhubarb, with a little cream drizzled on it. And I have a cabin in the woods (not A-frame) that may be available in October, it depends on if my sister comes home from France. If she doesn’t, it’s yours…
    And I couldn’t explain TikTok if my life depended on it.

  • Mais oui. Two color is my jam.

  • No, I have not tried brioche knitting

  • Non, pas encore, mais je suis prêt.

  • I have not tried brioche yet, but I’m game. I finally finished my striped blanket.

  • Non! This would be a good start – I did watch the video.

  • Absolut! I started a brioche project then quickly learned it requires all my attention. My very next “at home” project will be brioche.

  • Non! Je n’ai pas essayé la brioche! OK, I had to use translate for the extra comment as my 2 years of high school French was, ahem, a few years ago. I would love to try brioche, and mouse and leek are the perfect colors. Please, please, PLEASE let me be the lucky draw this time! (That was my appeal to the aforementioned Gladys)

  • Make oui! Yes! It was my New Years resolution and I jumped right in and knit a hat, then a shawl. Love it!

  • Non

  • I’ve made a few brioche patterns. The first time, I was a fairly new knitter and didn’t know that’s what I was making – the pattern didn’t call it brioche. I was working away on a beautiful hat and scarf set for my father-in-law when a knitting friend mentioned that I was making brioche, and that was pretty advanced. It’s amazing what you can do if you don’t know it’s supposed to be hard!

  • Non. Is it, like, hard to do?

  • Just a little bit. A teddy bear sweater!

  • I am currently working on a brioche wrap. I discovered early on that a life line every so often prevents a lot of frustration. Fun process and I am glad to have learned it.

    • I’m retraining my brain so brioche will be my testing challenge!! Bring it on!

  • Mais oui, but it’s a UFO! Brioche baking also oui but with happier results!

  • Non, but looking forward to learning and a fun KAL!

  • Winning could be my first opportunity for a brioche knit.

  • Yes to brioche! Currently working on a Stephen West pattern.

  • I read the Atlas colors as LEEK and MOUSSE and that got me to recipes with all that French thrown in. Je nes parle pas Francais! And yes I like Rhubarb and have tried Brioche (the stitch, not the bread) and still make a lot of mistakes, so last night I cast on my cowl for practice. Besides, I have a long, long drive/ride coming up on Tuesday! Free knitting time! Cheers, y’all. Julia

  • Mais oui!

  • I love love brioche! I have even mastered fixing mistakes-the hardest aspect of brioche knitting. The patterns in theMDK Field guide are fun, relaxing, gorgeous and I cant wait to do the shawl-after i finish the cushiest cowl!

  • Not yet but not sure why? I’m working on cabling lately . . . Maybe someday? I solemnly swear to try it right away if I win this week!

  • No, but I’m going to give it a try.

  • Non, as yet.

  • Yes, I have tried simple brioche and am anxious to do it again. I’m dying to try Atlas yarn, but I am on a yarn diet! Winning yarn is OK.

  • Dear DG. Thank you very much for this morning’s post. I did have a little glitch with my order but Nathan answered my email quickly reassuring me that all would soon be well and my order order arrived shortly after thereafter.

    . As always the MDK team is the best. Thanks again for everything. PS. I usually figure the problem is squirrels on the line. And my release valve is throwing soft objects in the direction of non-breakables. Not a problem solution but still satisfying .

  • Non. I’ve been wanting to learn for some time now. Maybe this is finally the time.

  • Mais oui! Eating and knitting but not at same time. Need to learn 2 color though.

  • Yes,I am looking forward to this knit along!

  • Non! But I plan to learn soon!

  • Tried once in a one night class of about 15 women. Went back the next day with a problem and the instructor told me not very nicely (in front of a group of knitters) that I need to learn to read my knitting. That was my last attempt at it as well as my last time at that shop.

  • Non. yet. 🙂

  • Mais oui! Scrumptious!

  • I found a cardigan pattern I liked – didn’t realize it was brioche- asked someone at my shop if they thought I could make it – after they said yes – I taught myself – it worked out but I have nothing made anything else in brioche!

  • Mais, oui! Would definitely like to try it again!

  • Haven’t tried it yet though though it’s on my list to learn. Along with baking a rhubarb pie.

  • Non! But anxious to give it a go!

  • Mais non! 🙁

  • Mais oui! Though I haven’t mastered the two color type. Excited to try the cowl.

  • Curious to try brioche, but I am hiding under the bed from brioche.

  • Mais oui, but only on a class a couple of years ago.

  • Mais non…jamais

  • No, I have never tried brioche as a knitting technique, only as a baking attempt which turned out amazing. I’m ready to learn brioche as a new medium!

  • Oui, on a few hats, I am ready for a bigger project!

  • Non, but planning to. And, on rhubarb. I grew up in Macomb County, Michigan, once considered the rhubarb capital of the WORLD. I’m sending you an account of the history of rhubarb there, plus recipes from a local cookbook. Rhubarb has it’s own section!

  • Non, but tempted!

  • I have brioched, though not exactly successfully.

  • I have tried brioche using one color. I am looking forward to trying 2 colors (or more) as I can’t wait to make the honeycomb scarf.

  • I must answer non to the list of those I have read this morning. Seems too intimidating even for those of us who have been knitting since childhood.

  • I have not knit brioche, although it does sound appealing after having attended your virtual book launch with Nancy Marchant.
    I am new to your site and newsletter and am over the moon with delight! So sorry to be late to the partyBut thrilled to have discovered you! Gretchen

  • Tried learning brioche once, failed miserably. Haven’t tried again.

  • No… one day!

  • Mais oui! About ten years ago, I knit up a tea cosy in brioche stitch. It’s a lovely, cushy little number, and my teapot loves it. But that’s the only brioche I’ve ever knit, and FG21 has me itching to try it again!

  • Yes! I made a dishcloth. Then “duty called” and other projects got in the way. Want to do more, will need a refresher.

  • I have not tried brioche yet — but it’s definitely on my list to learn soon. Thanks for the enabling.

  • I completed 2 two-color brioche scarves and they are super cushy. I would like to try a brioche pattern with increases and decreases soon.

  • Mais oui! One Nancy Marchant scarf, and some hats and headbands.

  • Not yet sadly.

  • Yes I have and check out Seneca Lodge in Watkins Glen NY for cabins in October!

  • Not yet!

  • Tried once at a knitting workshop five years ago but am excited about trying it again!

  • I took a brioche class once and l learned next to nothing from it. Bought Nancy Marchants books and was quickly overwhelmed. Started Patty Lyons class and I am starting to catch on, but the projects don’t thrill me. I am now waiting for my field guide so I can dig in to the Cushiest Cowl!! Love that pattern!!

  • Non, but not because this month’s Field Guide isn’t holding me by the hand and saying with great encouragement, “Allons y”!The Cushiest Cowl caught my eye immediately. I am just finishing up a modified (now a vest) Old Friend sweater in Truffle, thinking about what is next. If ever I am to brioche, it will be with the Atlas guide in hand. Sure do like the Leek and Mouse combination.

  • I tried once but will begin again !

  • Mais oui! Brioche was one of my first knits. I was so inexperienced that I taught myself to read a pattern and just went with it! It was YEARS later before I realized this was a skill some people are scared of

  • Non.

  • Non, not yet, but it’s on my list to learn.

  • Sure have, and I LOVE it!

  • Non

  • I have made one cowl in brioche.

  • Yes because my first MKAL was with Stephen West and he just threw it in. Want it mine to look like the others I played the videos again and again till I got it.

    • Mais oui! I love it! I am trying to decide on a new project in brioche that includes increases and decreases to up my skill level. I do have yarn coming for Suriously Holey that I saw in a podcast and have to have!

  • Non. Turns out I have a Nancy Marchant Brioche book. I looked at it last night…seems to be written in a foreign language.

  • I have done several brioche projects. I have never actually found it difficult to do but do find I have problems with it growing an enormous amount when I block it. You left my favorite tip for making the internet behave off of your list. Close the 24,351 windows you have open, shut down the computer for a full minute, and then start it back up. It is amazing what this can fix.

  • Non

  • Haven’t tried brioche knitting. I’m a little afraid of it!

  • Somewhat reluctantly I re-tried brioche this week. It’s actually not that hard, providing you read all instructions and glance for a few moments at the helpful diagrams.

  • Non! Though the cowl is taunting me…

  • Mais oui! As it was for Elizabeth Zimmermann it is written on my heart.

  • Non. I’ve watched tutorials about it, including one in the Fruity Knitting series, but it looks a bit complicated. Willing to try…

  • No, but I’m ready to give the cowl and brioche a try. Now to choose what colors.

  • Yes, and I loved it! Can’t wait to do it in a KAL this time!

  • Oui! I have done a whole sweater in Brioche. I’m looking forward to doing another. Two color brioche is a magical thing!

  • No, but I’m excited to try!

  • Oui, un petit peu.

  • Mais oui, un petit peu.

  • No, not yet; however, I just ordered (from MDK) and received a Honeycomb Scarf Bundle. Planned to try a cowl first, but haven’t had time to start one yet and haven’t purchased yarn.

  • Mail oui! And it was a scarf by Nancy Marchant.

  • Yes, I enjoy brioche and would love to try your Atlas yarn

  • Yes, a cool two color scarf for my college age son that he lost fairly soon after he received it as a Christmas gift. I hope some other young person out there is enjoying it.☺️

  • Mais oui!

  • Mais oui! Am currently working on projects from a Patty Lyons (MDK contributor) class. Used the purl trim from the MDK wrist warmers on a pair of mitts. I was excited to see the brioche addition to the Field Guides! Merci!

  • I tried but the yarn was too thin and the needle too big and it was a mess! Ready for another attempt.

  • No, I haven’t tried yet. But I signed up for the zoom on June 20. I would llke to master it!

  • Planning my brioche project. Too many to choose from!

  • Always enjoy reading your essays. I have never tried brioche but would love to try.

  • Mais out but a looooooong time ago I’m excited to try again!

  • Non, seems tres difficult

  • Oui j’aime la brioche. I would love to win skeins to make that cowl, but I don’t need the field guide since I already have them all. 🙂 I also don’t speak French, but I used translator. 😉

  • Sí, señor. But fixing mistakes/dropped stitches was beyond my abilities at the time. Looking forward to trying again!

  • Mais oui

  • Non, but am looking forward to learning.

  • I’ve (until now) been too intimidated to try it, but that cowl is irresistible!

  • Mais oui! However, only one completed and would love to get better so that I can knit a fabulous brioche shawl (a la DRK) or sweater (a la Joji).

  • Yes, I made one of those hood/cowl combination thingies which I wear when shoveling during particularly brutal conditions. It’s thick and warm

  • No, I have not. It looks scary to try!

  • Non.

  • soon……

  • Yes, I love brioche!

  • No knitted brioche yet, but on my to-do list. And a rhubarb recipe would be a treat

  • Non! But I want to learn.

  • I have not tried brioche knitting….yet! But I am going to bake a rhubarb pie today!

  • Non, mais peut etre en hiver.

  • Yes, I made a one color hat- a lot of start overs but finished it w only one visible boo boo. Practice Practice Practice!

  • My dear friend insisted we try brioche together on a very tricky pattern that had lots of increases. I made so many mistakes and could not fix them so wound up ripping out a dozen times before giving up. Then I tried a super easy brioche hat pattern from Andrea misty. Finished it. Loved the fabric. Very cushy. But still made a visible mistake, let’s call it an odd design choice, and that was that. I am a bit intrigued by your class because maybe with coaching I could conquer it!

  • not yet, but one day

  • Mais oui! I love brioche knitting and plan to make every item in this new field Guide! (After I finish at least one of the items already on my needles.)

  • Mais oui! C’est très jolie et squishy 🙂

  • With help from Nell Ziroli, I cast on for the cushiest cowl and have done the first set up rows. Wish me luck!

  • I did. I put it down to see why the cat was practicing operatic arias in the basement (it had something to do with computer operating systems. It was in French. Maybe Italian. I didn’t quite get it). When I came back I had absolutely NO idea where I was with the stitches or what language THEY were speaking

    The project was unraveled to save it. And my sanity.

  • Non…I’ve been avoiding it.

  • Oui for brioche baking, a Christmas tradition.

    Non for brioche knitting. I will try to practice this week (need to pick up Nancy’s book at the library) so I will not be totally ignorant by the time the MDK KAL starts on the 20th.

  • Mais, oui! And eager for more!

  • Non, mon ami. C’est tres difficile pour moi, l’imbecile!

  • Not yet, but I’m planning to start with the KAL!

  • Non, but it is high on my list to learn as I have many patterns with using/learning to knit Brioche.

  • Mass non!

  • Non

  • Make oui! Not a lot of success Would love to try again

  • Yes, and I love it. I made a a few cowls. I am having trouble with decrease and increase. Any chance you will be having a future Field Guide with patterns for that?

  • Mais oui!

  • Mais oui and I can’t wait to explore it more thoroughly

  • Oui! On my third year of an intensely fun learning curve!

  • Mais oui! Love it.

  • I’m retraining my brain so brioche will be a fitting challenge! So bring it on!!!

  • Oh mais oui! I adore brioche. I adware Nancy Marchant and her creativity!

  • Non

  • Mais oui, j’adore.

  • Yes, love brioche knitting.

  • Mais non! I’ve been intrigued to try and admit that if this giveaway doesn’t come my way, I may just have to suck it up and by the ebook and supplies. Pretty please, pick me, pick me!

  • Mais oui! But only a couple of small cowls. Tip: 2-color is easier than 1 color.

  • Yes I have made a shawl with brioche but I need to practice more!

  • Non, but am keen to learn

  • Tried without success! Willing to try again

  • Yes. It’s lovely!

  • I have not but really want to!

  • Mais non, but sometimes, like always, we need to refresh our brain on the stitches. The outcome is worth the time. It’s wonderful.

  • Mais oui. Love it!!

  • I tried brioche once and it was kind of a nightmare.

  • Non

  • I, but I have it in my list of things to learn. 🙂

  • Mais oui!

  • Yes and what a hot mess. I’m anxious to have another go at it.

  • Sorta. I took a Brioche class at a retreat once, but the one short class wasn’t enough to sink into my poor brain. I was delighted to see this Field Guide pop into my mailbox.

  • Yes. The biggest problem for me is the darn mistakes! You know what I mean. Mistakes happens and and it is impossible to fix them without tinking back. Two color in the round is fun but it is so easy to mess up at the start of the next round and I don’t notice it until I finish that round. There is no way to fudge a brioche mistake. I haven’t had the courage yet to try increasing or decreasing in brioche.

  • Started with a hat and then jumped right into a sweater. It looks scarier than it really is.

  • I haven’t tried brioche knitting, but it is on my yarn bucket list!

  • Non

  • Mais non.

  • Mais oui – sort of. I have something started that I set aside when I was struggling.

  • Non, monsieur

  • Either you are very funny, DG, or I am an easy laugh. The SIDE TOPICS had me snickering. I have not tried brioche. I am reading a lot about it though. No SIDE TOPIC is needed to know where this is heading!

  • Mais oui, but many errors! Fun but need practice!

  • Yes! But I can’t really remember how I did it!

  • I tried about 10 years ago and failed miserably. Haven’t tried again…although it is calling my name!

  • Started a brioche project in April after taking a class to overcome the technique

  • I’ve tried it on a scarf and the result was meh. (It was me, not the pattern.)
    I’d love to give brioche another go, preferably with my morning coffee.
    Bad joke.

  • Non, have never tried but it is on my list of things to figure out how to do 🙂

  • No, but I will because of your field guide and the cushiest cowl.

  • Oui, mais sans succès.

  • I had never tried it until one of Stephen West’s project called for a whole section of Brioche. I like it a lot – BUT when you mess it up………

  • Mais OuI! I was lucky enough to take a workshop with Nancy Marchant!!!

  • Brioche, oui! But it was about 10 yrs ago with Nancy Marchant at VKL 2012? So I’m more than ready and excited to try again.

  • Non. I have an online class with Carol Feller, I just need to get to it!

  • Non! Pas encore, mais peut-etre bientot!

  • I’ve not yet tackled brioche knitting (the bread, yes! Yum) but it’s at the top of my list. After (gulp) 55 years of almost continuous knitting it’s time and this looks like the perfect project and yarn!

  • Mais OUI….but not successfully. Excited to take part in the knitalong!

  • One frustrating attempt at a brioche scarf a few years ago, am gearing up for a brioche pattern. I hope to become a convert.

  • Not yet!!

  • Yes, but I still consider myself a novice when it comes to brioche knitting.

  • Non, but it’s calling to me!

  • Mais Oui, J’adore!

  • Non! But about to.

  • No. But would like to!

  • Non

  • Mais oui!

  • No, and I want to try it!

  • Morning DG! I have the field guide and the skeins of Atlas for the Cushiest Cowl; so…can I have the fixings for the rhubarb pie??? I’m in easy driving distance so no shipping required. Hope the server issue gets resolved!

  • I have made one cabled brioche scarf. It’s reversible!

  • I don’t believe I have, even though I knit constantly, and love new techniques. I think I bought Nancy’s book, but somehow never got around to trying it.

  • Mais Oui! I have started the Honeycomb Scarf with the December Set of Freia. And I must say that I love the colors, fabric and the softness so far. I had to rip back 3 times so I have slowed down and am paying closer attention. I look forward to the KAL to pick up more tips for reading my knitting and fixing mistakes.

  • I have tried several times to no good end. I think the third may be the charm.

  • Love brioche – 8 years ago I did a Nancy Marchant class on Crafts and made 2 scarves. I found it splendidly addictive at a time when I really needed it. Can someone tell me why I haven’t done it since then?

  • I’m a relatively inexperienced knitter (not new, I’ve been able to do basic knitting for almost 30 years) so I’ve never tried brioche

  • How I wish I’d had you to explain outages in my IT days

  • Yes, I’ve tried brioche. I really enjoy the rhythm of the stitches, but I always seem to make a mistake I can’t fix.

  • Mais oui!!!! I have a pair of brioche socks (!!) OTN right now, and I did a fun brioche hat in January for a warm winter snuggle.

  • Mais non ! Nor have I baked brioche. If I try both on the same day that would be double brioche right?

  • Oui, oui! I love it so! It is very squishy!

  • Yes. I made a cape with a hood that had a lot of brioche. But when I started, I had no idea I was doing brioche. It was an adventure, and I love the result, so I’m ready to do it again

  • Definitely a no. DAUNTING. But why not try? I only know how to knit socks and it’s time to venture out

  • Non. I have take two in-person classes and a couple of online classes where I have done swatches. Regretfully, when I do not practice what I learned soon after a class the skills learned become unlearned.

  • I have made two projects with a little brioche. I am a little uncomfortable trying a whole project.

  • Non! I’m looking forward to giving it a try with everyone else during the KAL next week!

  • Non…yet

  • Yes, tried brioche. Was not smitten.

    • No…I’ve wanted to, but just haven’t taken the time to learn.

  • I have tried brioche in the past but I’m ready to jump back in.

  • User belligerent.

    I once sent the Husbeast for celery when we were living in Germany. He brought back rhubarb. That would have made interesting chicken soup.

  • Mais qui! It interests me, but I didn’t make a project. The Chushiest Cowl and Atlas are calling me.

  • Oui, a tiny bit in a section of a shawl. I found it tricky to fix mistakes.

  • I have brioched but I need a refresher and Really want to try Atlas.

  • NNope.

  • Oui- I’ve successfully made a one color hat. Less successful with 2 color cowl…

  • Yes Yes I have.

  • I have not, but it is on my list to learn!

  • Looking forward to trying brioche!

  • No, I haven’t tried but I’d be happy to give it a shot.

  • Haven’t tried brioche yet, but can’t wait!

  • Oui, I have tried brioche several times, but I’ve never successfully knitted a complete project. I’m a “fixer” and the fact that I can’t go back and fix mistakes (without ripping the whole dang thing out) means that I’ve ended up frogging every attempt.

  • Not on purpose!

  • No, I took a couple hour class but didn’t use it right away so I lost it. I need to take another class and then cast on a pattern right away to ingrain it into my memory.

  • Mais oui! It’s fun!

  • Love the Cushiest Cowl …did a beginner brioche bit in a shawl several years ago…

  • Mais oui and it was a pattern that combined brioche and stockinette (for the back) and I was too naive to check tension for both stitch patterns – so I had a beautiful brioche front and a back that just didn’t fit right. My grandma made the best rhubarb pie – yum!

  • I’ve knit the Marley Shawl and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I tried a more complicated pattern and gave up. I’m ready to try again!

  • Mais oui! I have a ufo brioche cowl project from a class at my lys last winter!

  • not yet…

  • Non! But it is on my list of things to learn

  • Mais oui, thanks to andrea mowry and verb for keeping warm. and lots and lots of practice!

  • Mais oui

  • Mais oui, dues couleurs aussi!

  • Several years back I made a chunky brioche cowl, double loop, that is stellar. But it needs to be really cold and/or windy to wear it, so I don’t get to show it off very often. Haven’t done brioche again until this weekend when I cast on for the small cowl from your Field Guide. I’m excited to be relearning it again!

  • Mais oui

  • Mais non! It terrifies me.

  • Mais oui, bien sur, just started the brioche cowl and love the stitch. Why have I waited so long!

  • Mais oui. I knit a couple two color hats. They came out bigger than I thought.

  • Mais oui!! I’ve knit a cowl in brioche – want to learn how to increase and decrease. Love the brioche texture!

  • Mais oui! Total disaster! I’m hoping for a miracle this time around.

  • Non. Mai. Never. Hoping to try though

  • I tried once and gave up, but I am ready to give it another go!

  • No I haven’t tried it yet but it is on the list!

  • Non –
    but it is a goal of mine to try it!

  • Non

  • Sort of. I have Nancy’s book and tried a simple scarf, got side tracked and never got back to it. The new field guide is inspiring.

  • Mais Oui – j’aime brioche

  • I have not tried brioche knitting yet. I’m anxious to learn. Ever since I found y’all I’ve been inspired to try new things! Can’t wait!

  • No, but love the look and want to learn

  • Non, but would like to!

  • I did a hat, thank goodness it was a small project…..once started (and restarted 3 times ) I decided to just start early in the morning and continue till completed. Its more a bun hat as the decreases got to me….

  • Yes, totally went on a brioche hat bender last winter

  • Rhubarb strawberry jam! Should be a yarn color.

  • Non

  • Took a class in one color Brioche. Was too busy visiting with my interesting new classmate and lost all focus on the project at hand. Two color Brioche looks much easier to read. Looking forward to starting a Honeycomb scarf and a cowl.

  • I love the look and feel of it. I had to learn to knit more loosely, however, because if I drop a stitch it pops back into the fabric never to be found. No picking up stitches.

  • Mais oui! I’m working on my Level 3 submission for the Master Hand Knitter certification by The Knitting Guild Association. Part of it includes a brioche swatch, and that swatch was one of the most exciting (and NOT particularly difficult) things I ever knit. What a stunningly beautiful cushy fabric!

  • Non! But willing to learn

  • Yes but after initial success (or so I thought, quite incorrectly) I couldn’t solve the problems I created! I even took a three hour class… stalled, and so I put brioche on indefinite Pause.

  • Yes, I jumped into brioche knitting and have not given up … yet. Thank you for taking some of the fear out of brioche!

  • Not yet. But all the hullabaloo over Field Guide #21 is tempting me!

  • I have made a few brioche items and I am anxious to make more.

  • I did take a brioche class about 10 years ago, didn’t finish the class project, and haven’t revisited it since. But oh, I have been a fan of Nancy Marchant all these years, and your latest Field Guide is giving me palpitations. Seriously considering taking the plunge.

  • No I haven’t, but it’s on my bucket list.

  • Not Yet.:)

  • Weirdest thing- I taught myself to brioche many years ago, thought nothing of it and made a sweater for my father. I haven’t tried it again since then. Now everyone treats it like a big difficult deal and I feel too intimidated to try again. Sigh… I need to take a deep breath and attempt it again. I’ll try one of the small projects in the field guide.

  • Mais out! J’adore brioche!

  • Yes! I knitted a long cowl in the round. I did need an expert’s help when I made a mistake. I’m eyeing the sweater for sure…

  • Total newbie. Excited for the brioche-along!!

  • Non, I am intimidated

  • I’ve tried brioche many times with Andrea’s shawl, Range.
    A disaster every time.

  • Oui! J’adore brioche tricot! (I have no idea if that is grammatically correct)

  • Mais oui
    I love Brioche. I think it is fun and beautiful. I want to do more

  • Mai oui!
    Can’t quite get it yet – still trying!!!

  • Mais oui! I took a class with Nancy Marchand at vogue live and tackled as my first project, “Julie Knits in Paris”’ Gaga for Ewe. I asked Julie if she thought I could handle such a scarf and she told me that of course I could! Ignorance is bliss and the Shawl came out just gorgeous. I’ve been a fan of Brioche ever since!!

  • Mais oui. But I never finished the project, so probably need to learn all over again.

  • I have taken the two brioche classes and have nothing to show for it, but hope springs eternal.

  • Non – or, as they say when they teach Growth Mindset — Not yet!

  • Mail oui!

  • Si, si, although I’m thinking all the makings for a rhubarb sour cream custard pie would be an equally welcome prize…

  • I’ve dreamed of Brioche but …….. I’m not sure what exactly is keeping me from trying it. Brik Brak Bim Bam. Is it intimidating ?

  • I have not tried brioche yet. It’s been on my list forever, though.

  • Non, I’m sorry to say. But winning this prize would change all that.

  • I have! I knit a cowl for a friend years ago. It was beautiful and cushy. I’m eager to make the scarf in the latest field guide.

  • once! it was fun once i got the hang of it. would like to try more.

  • I am a brioche knitter/baker.

  • Non, not yet. Looking forward to the brioche knitalong and learning something new

  • Si, i have tried brioche and as long as it is 2 color and straight lines, I am fine. But I did not figure out how to make it go in a different direction. Not a happy camper but willing to try on something small like mitts. Side bar #1: just remembering the long strings Mother attached to my mittens which then went through both sleeves and across the shoulders so I didn’t lose the mittens…

  • Non

  • Mais oui! Two hats, a cowl and sections of a shawl!

  • Mais oui! Un petit chapeau et un pull facile. J’adore!

  • I have tried brioche and I loved it.

  • Not yet. But soon.

  • Yes, but I didn’t know it was brioche and it was only a headband. Not sure it counts.

  • Life line!!! And of course prayers…..

  • Mais oui!

  • Brioche has not yet crossed my needles. It is however jumping into favorites on Rav.

  • Non. Mais j’aspire.

  • A definite NO. I have loved the look of brioche, but have been scared out of my shoes to try it. Maybe now will be different.

  • no, not yet

  • LOVE brioche!

  • I plan to try soon!

  • Oui! Mais mon mari objecte quand je dis “cette putain de brioche” ….

  • Oui que oui! Took a zoom brioche class earlier this year through vk live. Not sure I quite got the hang of it but laughed a lot, alone at my computer, semi-hysterically.

  • Oui, mais, I need help!

  • Yes, I want to learn and do more!

  • Oui, oui, oui! My favorite kind of knitting. Started in 2017 and can’t stop knitting brioche!

  • Non, Mai’s je voulez Apprendre à

  • Have tried brioche and would like to explore further. Took a class and did manage to finish a cowl about 2 years ago and I have done some little practice pieces. Maybe your newest Field Guide will get messaged again.

  • Recently learn and definitely hooked!

  • Brioche has been on my list for a few years now. But it has stayed on my list because as a left-handed knitter I have a little more work to “translate” and put into practice new techniques. May be ready to take the plunge now because the examples I have felt are so cushy I feel compelled to learn how to do this.

  • Not for me. I tried for weeks and finally found a substitute stitch so I could finish the project

  • Never tried Brioche….but am intrigued after seeing Nancy Marchand’s visit with MDK.
    It can’t be that hard, can it?????

  • I have not tried brioche but was getting ready to order! I totally understand the computer frustrations. I’m a teacher. I post grades for 143 students. All post successfully but 2. For no reason!! Repost and those grades post but 4 others now don’t! It’s summer vacation and I’m going to knit!

  • Tried brioche, but really want to know why brioche is both knitting and a starchy French edible…?

  • I went through a brioche phase, and loved it. Made a two color twisted cable hat from Vogue, with I think, a Nancy Marchant pattern. It was great. I find it very rhythmic and soothing.

  • Mais oui but am dying to do more!

  • Yes I have tried brioche. Mostly it went fine but there were some glitches like working back to fix a mistake. Ugh!

  • Non, not yet. Thank you for another fun article this morning, DG…it definitely made me laugh because those random computer glitches can be so irritating!

  • I did in a single color about three years ago and decided two colors would be far less boring.

  • Mais non. I live in Mississippi where it gets cold enough for maybe 14 days each year. But, hay, it looks like fun, and I can stuff the cowl and turn it into a decorative pillow! Or if you invite me to the cabin, I’ll bring it.

  • No, not yet.

  • Sadly, non, not yet.

  • No, but learning it is one of my 2022 knitting goals.

  • I tried once….unsuccessfully….would try again with enough encouragement!

  • Non, Mai’s je voudrais!

  • Non, but am anxious to give it a go! Love all the adventures you go on with knitting, my sock knitting needs a real break and so do I. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for entertaining us so thoroughly!

  • Mais oui.. it was exhausting! but I’d like to try again. Thanks!

  • Yes, I’ve tried it but wasn’t very successful.

  • No not yet it is on my bucket list of all things yarny! I love how it looks and it’s endless possibilities and will definitely be getting this guide to assist in guiding me into this wonderful technique! Good luck to everyone who ales the plunge into this beautiful technique!

  • Mais oui! Love love love the fabric it makes! I started with the Brioche Watchcap in Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears and Kate Atherley’s Friday Morning triangular shawl on Ravelry. I purchased Marchant’s Knitting Brioche for my Fire tablet so I can carry the basics wherever I go and made a basic winter scarf. I also puchased her Knitting Fresh Brioche to make her gorgeous 2 color projects. I drooling over the Honeycomb scarf!

  • Any excuse to join!

  • Not yet, I bought a book that is waiting on the shelf. Would love to try the cowl.

  • I’m intrigued by brioche knitting but have never tried it. And it reminds me of fresh baked buttery bread — yummmmmm.

    I fully intend to borrow the phrase glitch happens for my next inexplicable head-scratcher. I feel like it explains a lot in the zeitgeist right now.

  • have tried brioche just a bit. Would be pleased to gain more confidence.

  • Non – but I would love to try it! It looks like a great way to use yarn that feels either too wild or too muted on its own.

  • Yes, have. A few years ago I made a fingering weight version of the cushiest cowl. And over the winter I knit a pullover in half brioche stitch. The stitch wasn’t hard, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix a dropped stitch so I had to resort to using lifelines for the first time in ages. I did get it done and wear it all the time now.

  • Yes, knitting the Beaubourg shawl right now. It’s a challenge but I’m figuring out the changes.

  • Non. But it’s on my to-do list. I’ve been admiring brioche patterns forever. Perfect timing!

  • Have not but think about it

  • Non!

  • Yes, and the rhythm of brioche is soothing and fun.

  • Not yet – but it looks very interesting and I may give it a try soon. Pretty sure lots of lifelines will be involved.

  • There is an intimidation factor with brioche…..looking forward to trying!

  • Mais non. Malheuresement, je ne pouvais pas.

  • Ah, oui! J’aime la brioche! I knit Stephen West’s Flying Foxtail wrap during the pandemic. I didn’t know brioche was supposed to be hard, so I just figured it out! I can even fix mistakes. I just think of it as first knitting half the stitches, and then going back and knitting the other half. That’s also why it takes twice as long to knit brioche ….

  • I have made a hat and a cowl, but am still not confident.

  • Mais oui! But only for a section of a Stephen West shaw. I long to make a cushy cowl!!!

  • I only tried a swatch once while watching a video. But I bought Nancy’s book and have it on my bucket list.

  • Yes, and patiently practicing!

  • Non, but it sure looks fun!

  • Oui, Bien Sur

  • Je tricote la brioche en round. J’aime la brioche!

    For those not fluent or remember high school french, I knit brioche in the the round. I love brioche!

  • Looking forward to brioche class. Ordered yarn without a hitch. Not so much in the winter; but, when I emailed the problem y’all came through with a solution.

  • I tried it long ago and don’t really like it but there are so many new patterns for it that I want to give it a try with MDK’s and this designer’s help!

  • Mais oui! Only a couple so far, but this hat was my first.

  • Yes,, it’s fun and the results are beautiful. I did a top down cardigan sweater that I love.

  • Oui – I have tried and love Brioche but haven’t yet ventured into cabling to get designs. My next challenge.

  • Tried it once; game to try again. I’m sure lovely yarn would make the process go much more smoothly!

  • Mais oui

  • Non. But I am considering a broken brioche scarf or cowl.

  • Non. (Not yet)

  • Mais oui, and I loved it and have always wanted to repeat that wonderful experience but have gotten distracted by wanting to knit (and spin) all the things. But I do love brioche and it’s queen Nancy Marchant!

  • Mai oui! Working on cinnabar shawl at present

  • Non. Afraid it’s too warm…

  • Non, mais je desire!

  • Mais oui! I have made a few cowls and even a sweater! I am currently working on the scarf from the current field guide.

  • Une fois que. It did not go well but there are too many pretty brioche patterns to give up!

  • I’ve never tried brioche, but this looks like a good way to start.

  • This is exactly what I need to finally learn brioche!

  • Not *yet, but I do like the look of that cowl

  • Not yet, but am very tempted by the latest field guide and patterns!

  • Mais oui! (A super cushy Isager scarf)

  • I tried to try brioche knitting but it was just not working for me. I would like to try again.

  • haven’t gotten the hang of it!

  • I tried it but it didn’t go so well. I’m ready to try again.

  • Oui la brioche c’est du our bonheur!
    Have 4 of Nancy Marchant’s published works – she is brilliant!! Haven’t brioched in years but looking forward to joining KAL!

  • Non! But I would definitely try a rhubarb-themed brioche project.

  • Mais oui! Lotsa fun!
    (Side topic #3 you don’t want to know. It’s an abomination against the Lord and common decency, like a selfie but much, much worse.;))

  • I did a brioche scarf many many years ago not knowing it was “brioche” and not knowing what “brioche” was. Then I learned one colour on Nancy Marchants class on Craftsy, then took a class for two colour and couldn’t figure it out. Then one day at home, I stopped everything, sat down and thanks to Stephen West’s class on Knit Stars and with all the tips and tricks I finally got it. Now several years later I made everything in Brioche for a few years. Now taking a break and will eventually get back to it. Makes lovely designs and a lovely squishy fabric.

  • Mai oui! Although I would have to relearn it, I’m sure brioche would come back to me quickly!

  • Non. Not yet. I am fixin’ to change that in the upcoming KAL.

  • Excited to give brioche a whirl, the knitting not the bread. Bakers tell me yeast is forgiving, whatever that means, but it doesn’t like me-all my loaves look like bricks! I will keep purchasing the bread instead of making it and will most likely be more successful with knitting brioche!

  • Non! Too scary so far.

  • No, not yet, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I think this field guide is going to finally get me started on it!

  • Non

  • No, I’ve never tried Brioche knitting, but I sure do like the bread 🙂

  • Mais oui! But the edges were messy. I want to try again.

  • I have not yet tried brioche knitting, but this Field Guide might be just the push that I need.

  • A yes from me. I enjoy it once I get started. The thought of getting started is hurdle for me.

  • I have tried and failed but am eager to try again with the help of the field guide, the lounge and the support of y’all.

  • Mais oui! I tried it once, but didn’t get the hang of it. I’ll try again!!

  • Mais oui!

  • Non but willing to try

  • Non! But I want to 🙂

  • I always wanted to try brioche, but am intimidated. Would love to have some instruction!

  • Mais Oui! I have done some basic brioche knitting – now I’m trying to get my Mom on board too 🙂

  • Non, but Field Guide #21 is tempting me.
    DG, you crack me up….I love your writing!

  • Ages ago I tried a little optimistic teach myself practice piece. Big mistake, that! Time to try again! This time with lots of help from Nancy and the gang! I do like the feel of brioche knitting – thick, squishy. Brioche Chocolate Babka, now THAT I can do!

    • Mais non!

  • Mais Oui! And it is great fun. Been awhile – time enjoy another brioche project.

  • Mais oui! I learned brioche from Stephen West who learned from Nancy Marchant.

  • Mais oui! Patty Lyons’ brioche course really made it click for me, especially the chart reading. Great timing for the latest MDK field guide. Now I can jump right in.

  • I am afraid to try brioche! But maybe with this field guide and free yarn…

  • I haven’t yet learned brioche, but you have planted the seed!

  • Non.

  • Have tried it briefly, but seldom, so I have to re-learn each time!

  • Tried it and didn’t like it that much. But willing to try again.

  • Non but ready to try!

  • Yes, but flat. Tried in round and pulled my hair out!!

  • Can’t wait to start with the cowl! Have been watching Nancy Marchant on Craftsy and practicing. I think that I’m ready now with Field Guide 21.

  • Mais oui!

  • I did make a beautiful shawl in Brioche 2 years ago —- it was harrowing!! Thank goodness for a knowledgeable friend and the multitude of lifelines!!! Even so, I would be willing to try again on a smaller project. I do know of a beautiful cabin in the woods you might consider:

  • Yes, but it’s been a while and I have no idea how to do it now.

  • Mais oui! And when I finally did it, I felt exceedingly stupid for having waited so long to try it. IT IS SO EASY…WHY DID I CONVINCE MYSELF I COULDN’T DO IT?

  • Non, but would love to try

  • Mais oui. and i’m trying, again, to graft closed the top of a brioche hat. so close.

  • Mais oui…albight Many years ago in a land far far away.

  • No, but I’d love yo give it a go.

  • But of course! Mais oui! However it was a long, long time ago. The mysteries of the internet are unfathomable to me. So I feel everyone’s pain. Here’s to a long span of obedient internet fairies!

  • Non! But I want to!

  • Mais oui!

  • I’ve been avoiding brioche, too confusing… guess my time is up to give it a go o can still learn something new at 70

  • I would like to try brioche knitting.

  • Non, but I really want to!

  • Dommage, oui, but I tried a complicated two color project and it kicked my derrière. I haven’t tried it since.

  • Mais non!

  • Non. Mais je vais aimer le tricot. Et c’est délicieux.

  • With all the talk on MDK about brioche knitting I had to give it a try. Half done with a very rudimentary brioche hat. Getting there.

  • non.
    perhaps this aged dog can learn a new knit trick – brioche looks wonderful. (Tastes good too.)

  • Mais oui, woofdah. I paid for a private knitting lesson just to learn, it did not take or stick. I kept waiting for the magic, however brioche nirvana did not happen. Possibly this field guide is the answer. Nancy is a wonder.

  • I meant to add that I love rhubarb!!! Embrace the season 🙂

  • mais oui – the knitting is easy – however fixing mistakes?!?

  • Not yet

  • Mais oui! A few times.

  • Non, and to be honest, it scares me.

  • Non to brioche

  • Yes. It went well until I made a mistake and then it was a disaster.

  • Mais oui! Was actually the first time I was a test knitter last summer and the first time I’d ever knit brioche. I fit exactly what the local designer wanted for her new patterns and had so much fun learning and knitting brioche. Even ended up with a Christmas present for someone!

  • NON!

  • Non

  • I’ve done a scarf in Brioche. Just one.

  • Mai oui. Absolutement! It’s one of my favourite things. And these patterns are lovely.

  • No. Oh, wait! Brioche bread counts? Then yes, once. Mmmmm

  • Non, but it’s on the list after regular stranded knitting. I’ve done cables and lace, bit no brioche or stranded knitting.

  • Mais qui

  • Just a small strip in a Stephen West shawl. Want to advance!
    Love your writing!

  • Yes. And failed multiple times

  • Mais oui! ( And it’s great fun!)

  • Yes, using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s instructions

  • Non, pas encore !

  • Mais Oui

  • Non

  • I haven’t tried brioche yet. It seems intimidating.

  • Rhubarb – you know it cleans aluminium pans, right? But we have worn the leaves as hats whilst watching Wimbledon in the garden, so it has its uses.

  • I have not tried Brioche knitting. I’m thinking about it & reading Field Guide No. 21. I’ll finish my WIP’s and perhaps this will be a new thing to try.

  • Non, but I have a daughter that loves the scarf, she does not knit, so we know who will make it!

  • No, but I will soon.

  • Yes, I have done a few projects with brioche. It’s not my favorite technique but I encourage everybody to try it because some people LOVE it and you’ll never know if you don’t try!

  • Maid oui! Just finished knitting my fourth Highway Hat, which was my introduction to brioche.

  • Mais oui! Absolument!

  • Non. Does making it as bread count?

  • Oh yes! I love the challenge of the OSH and I’m so excited about filled guide 21 I downloaded it ASAP

  • Non

  • Oh aye–I took a class in Shetland and got a start on it, but didn’t finish the piece and now I will have to figure out the “burps” and whatnot all over again. Still, I’d love to be able to do those cool two-color leaf patterns!

  • Well, some of us in our knitting group gave brioche a try one afternoon. We were not successful and so went back to knitting socks. There are some great brioche patterns out that I would like to try though. I would like to learn brioche.

  • Oui, je l’aime AND our huge rhubarb plant — apple + rhubarb crisp, rhubarb torte/custard thing, I got rhubarb on the brain this weekend.

  • Mais oui! Looking forward to trying patterns with two color increases and decreases.

  • Non, for the most part I am not a huge brioche fan. Definitely going to give it a try. The Honeycomb scarf is calling to me

  • Yes! It’s my favorite squishy type of knitting.

  • I tried brioche and it was a stressful experience; but I don’t like being defeated, so I am looking forward to trying again!

  • Non! But it’s on my 2022 list of things to try. And I don’t blame you one bit for eating the last piece of rhubarb pie!

  • No…scares me to death. I might try the Cowl, though with yarn from stash, lest it get thrown against the wall!
    As to website glitches, the first computer I met took up an entire office suite, floor to ceiling. It’s been glitches ever since!!

  • Mais oui! Brioche is fun. And those two colors together look like mint chocolate chip (yum!)

  • Mais oui, mon petit chou-chou. I did a Pommier vest for my youngest child, age 21, and wow, was that a learning experience. There are several visible errors throughout, and as usual, I don’t care.

  • Non – but I’m gonna! ❤️

  • Yes–I have tried brioche and really enjoyed it! I’d like to try baking something brioche, and try knitting something with more complicated cables or increases and decreases.

  • Decided to try the brioche after an attempt more than 30 years ago. Even assigned a 2 week deadline for being able to do the basics without looking at the pix or directions. Had the field guide and the directions said “better with yarn and needles in hand”. 5 cast-ons and a change of yarn and needles it actually started. 3 inches after that it was actually easy, and beautiful inside and out! Still not to be done while watching tv, and only one week!!! It is going to be a hat if I can figure out the decrease diagrams….Do I need another 2 week window for that? Hmmm

  • Non! It scares me!

  • Not sure whethecr answer yes or no…I’ve done half brioche for sure, and what i called Fisherman’s Rib at the time. But now I think it was brioche.

  • Once, and I wasn’t thrilled with my result, but I definitely want to give it another go.

  • Yes, but it was simple and too long ago. I’m eager for another go at it. That cowl is calling my name.

  • Tried, oui, succeeded, non. Just when I imagine it makes sense, interruption and poof, no idea what I am doing. Sigh.

  • Mais oui! J’adore brioche!

  • I have knitted brioche and maybe I have eaten a brioche. 50/50 which I might prefer

  • I have made a one color brioche hat. I love the squish factor. The patterns in your field guide look intriguing / especially that scarf

  • Have not. It’s on the list though!

  • Tried and struggled with brioche… better at the bread than the knitting! I did finish a cowl but haven’t returned to brioche knitting since then.