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It’s the time of year here at Atlas MDK HQ VSOP SOS OMG where every visit from a delivery truck brings a new thing for us to figure out how to pack and ship.

A new size of something, an oddly heavy weight (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, KNITTING BOOKS), the occasional strange shape, etc. It doesn’t seem like a big deal—just put it in a box, right?—but we have to have a meeting (A MEETING! You know how much I love a MEETING!), look at each new thing, and figure out the best way to pack it with existing supplies; the last thing we want is thirty extra box sizes piled up everywhere just to accommodate the panoply of soon-to-be-revealed Holiday Shop merch.

Shipping something solo is one thing, but it’s oddballs in combination with other oddballs where things sometimes get sticky … and let’s face it: none of y’all buy just one thing.

Some combos are challenging. Trying to pack a Ballband Thermal Mug and a Field Guide Slipcase (a noticeably popular—and inexplicable— combo) in a single box efficiently is always a trial; there’s just going to be a lot of dead air that we’re shipping your way. We usually use tissue to fill the gap rather than bubble wrap (we eschew using toooo much plastic whenever we can, though we do use it to protect yarn from moisture), but when the order is, say, a single golf club and a raw duck egg … well, there’s a lot of head-scratching before the label gets slapped on.

A lot of it is like Tetris, though, and there’s nothing quite like when a box packs up perfectly and nothing’s banging around in there. Hmmm. Does that make us sound sad? That such a little thing would make us so happy? Well, these days, we’ll take what we can get.

Oh and here’s a thing … yarn itself makes a fantastic packing material and we do use it to keep other, non-yarn things safe; you can really cram (sorry, delicately nestle) it in a box to keep all the sundries from rolling around willy-nilly. So … if you don’t mind, please add six skeins of yarn every time you add something else to your cart; it saves on packing supplies! THX BYE.

A Giveaway

The prize? Six skeins of yarns, obvs—a Log Cabin Cloths Kit in Rose.

How to enter?

Two steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly newsletter, Snippets, right here. If you’re already subscribed, you’re set.

Step 2: Leave a comment letting us know which MDK yarns and sundries are on your fantasy combo plate.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, September 12, 11:59 PM Central time. We’ll draw a random winner from the entries. Winner will be notified by email.

About The Author

DG Strong took up knitting in 2014. He lives in Nashville with his sister, her rat terrier and a hound dog named Opal. He has a blog of drawings and faintly ridiculous rambling called The Psychopedia—there are worse ways to spend your afternoon.

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  • on my plate? Kiki Rug Kit & Four Corner Bag = FUN stuff!

    • Eyeing the Lopi yarns this holiday season with Feildguide 17, and let’s throw in a tea mug and Essentials kit for a few of my favorite friends! I suppose if I’m thinking about a packing challenge though, I would just go with the mug and a new set of Tulip needles

    • If I could dream, it would be in spin cycle, maybe some extra cords for my addi clicks and the MDK big wool edition with enough big wool to make the cardi in a shade that can go with both navy and black…

    • All the colors of spin cycle and a bucket bag.

    • Wait! I want to change my answer. What I really want is the MDK team – all of you – at my kitchen table. There will be good drinks with very good cheese and crackers to start and probably a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I promise it will be fun.

      • That does sound like fun!!

    • An MDK dark gray felt city bag filled with as much yarn as can be crammed in there!

      • Oooh, me too! And all rainbow and neutral shades of Lopi doing the cramming, or nestling! I love you DG! And Ann and Kay and all of you!!!

        • An Essentials kit and the Warm Hands book padded with some Spincycle Dyed in the Wool (I’ve been convinced to try the cowl Ann wrote about). I think it might pack quite nicely!

  • Felted Tweed and Wonder Clips, sigh……

    • City tote filled with yarn.

      • ALL THE YARN. But I’d settle for the Kiki Mariko rug kit in blue (is this my Christmas list?) and all of the guides. And anything cute.

  • Zauberball Crazy and a Field Guide Slipcase

    • I’d suggest a mariko rug kit with a side of the knitters bucket bag so I can at least hide some of the rug

  • Some Douilet for socks and a potholder loom 🙂

  • What isn’t on my list! Filling in my field guide collection and all the yarns!

    • Any and all of the Zauberball flavors for a baby due in fall.

    • A light grey city tote and two balls of Uneek sock yarn – yum!

      • After ages on fantasy plate, bought Tulip interchangeable needle set. Recommend! Ballband mug next…

  • Rowen Garter Stripe Shawl Kit and a ballband mug

  • Metal book stand and Revolution tote

  • Garter Stripe Shawl Kit would be a dream come true!

  • Kiki Rug kit and an MDK felt city bag. Perfection.

  • Yarn: Spincycle, Uneek Sock, Zauberball (stonewash).

    Sundries: Addi Turbo circular needles.

  • I’ll take one Kiki Mariko Rug Kit and an order of Confident Knitting with a Fig Soak and a Needle Felting Kit on the side.

    • Sha-fa-fa! Excellent combo!

  • The City bag filled with Lichen and Lace worsted…ALL the colors because I can’t choose just one or two!

  • A sweater quantity of Organic Studio DK (in Thomas Circle) and a copy of Bowling Ave.

  • My combo: organic studio sock (in a BRIGHT color) and a Loome XL pompom/tassel maker

  • Felted tweed & fig soak would be awesome!

  • My MDK wishlist ~ A Kiki Mariko rug kit and lots of Spincycle.

  • Six Zauberball skeins, mixed colors,cradling a collection of Field guides I missed!

  • Zauberball Crazy

  • The potholder loom brings back so many memories….

    I’m dreaming of someBig Wool

  • A dark gray knitters’ city bag crammed and a thermal ball band mug. That should leave lots of room for yarn

  • These are a few of my favorite things!:Any Field Guide, Nua Sport, Knitters City Bag, caravan Yarn, Brooklyn Haberdashery Pouch, Organic Studio DK or Worsted, Mohonk, and Sylph. It’s hard to pick just a few!!!

  • Charcoal city bag filled with Bright color yarn selection for the KG’s Kite Throw or the KF’s Stripe Throw and the KF’s Field Guide #13.

  • Oh, I would really love the Watercolor Cowl Kit! and a Knitter’s Tote.

  • I’m happy to chew on The Act of Sewing and Confident Knitting books along with some Lichen and Lace (as well as many of the yarn offerings).

  • A Knitter’s Tote filled with Zauerball Crazy!

    • Me too!

  • Field Guides and Gleem Lace

  • Two skeins of Lichen and Lace, 2.5mm and a 5mm Addi turbo circular needles, MDK journal please and thank you.

  • I love the linen mini skeins.

  • Any of the lovely tote bags filled with a sweater quantity of Neighborhood Fiber yarn

  • A Tulip interchangeable needle set and Variety Pack of yarn stuffed in a Knitters City or Tote bag. Happy Knitting , All.

    • A Tulip interchangeable needle set and enough yarn stuffed in a Knitters City or Tote bag to make the Swancho. Thanks so much!
      Oh, and any Field Guide

  • Addi turbos and neighborhoid fiber organic dk.

  • I would like a sweater’s worth of organic studio DK, and the collection of studio guides. Both I’m thinking are very easy to ship.

  • Zauberballs and a complete field guide collection are what dreams are made of!

  • A potholder loomed kit, any of the totes, and I’ve been hankering for some Neighborhood Fiber Co yarn!

  • Brooklyn Haberdashery notions pouch and 10 pack of felted tweed!

    • Yarn and more yarn. Well maybe a few needles to go along with the yarn.

  • Lettlopi variety pack and Soak wash! Or maybe Zauerball Crazy and an MDK tape measure (since my tape measures always seem to disappear!) Or maybe Uneek Sock and and a Skill Set Pouch…. Hmmm… too many choices!

    • Mohonk, Sylph and Looi. And the linen Euroflax sets. A grey felt tote. And a knitting journal.

  • Fantasy Combo Plate #1
    MDK yarn: Organic Studio Worsted
    Sundries: Metal Book Rest – please, oh please, bring it back!!!

  • I have a very specific fantasy… When I order my variety pack of lettlopi and new bullet journal for 2022, some kind soul tucks in a replacement lid for my MDK mug!

  • Two ball band thermal mugs so one can be in the dishwasher while I’m using the other. Enough spin cycle yarn to make a shift cowl.

  • Fantasy? The Knitters Tote and the Aperture Stole Kit.

  • City bags and Zauberballs!

  • The Hana Canvas bag in horizon and in yum Eric colors with Tulip needle sets inside. My sister and I sipping a beverage and dreaming about what project we will put inside♥️

  • Please send:

    —Goldie Colorway of Log Cabin Cloth Set,
    —and a Ballband Thermal Mug, in a
    —Field Guide Slip Case, in a
    —Révolution Tote, in an
    —Also Full of Yarn Bag

    Fill in extra spaces with a SQ of Felted Tweed, in Pine.
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Anything Lichen & Lace!

  • Freía Minikins !!

  • A city tote and wonder clips… And six skeins of yarn for easy packing….

  • Rowan felted and an eco wash bag !!

  • Nua Sport in Bare Necessities—enough to make a Transom Cardigan—and a Knitters Tote in charcoal. That’s a dream tote. And the cardigan would be a go-to with everything.

  • 2 Freia Shawl Balls and Field Guide No. 5.

  • Linen and lace sock yarn, zauberball crazy, and a wooden display cabinet with glass fronted doors so that I can finally admire my collection. A girl can always dream.

  • A light gray city bag, all the Barnyard Knits colours, and who doesn’t love a thermal ball band mug?

  • Confident Knitting and the little swan scissors!

  • Lettlopi for me, easy to pack.

  • Easy..,. Yarn always, although the Field Guides are cool, too.

  • A Log Cabin Cloths Kit, and anything else you can gently place in the box.

  • Aperture stole kit in rust and a copy of Bowling Ave.

  • I just started knitting so my fantasy is to order several of the Field Guides and be able to make the really complicated stuff – sweaters, mittens, scarves -oh my

  • My fantasy plate would include a Rowan felted tweed bundle and a wool tote!

  • The stranded stripe throw bundle and the Kiki Mariko rug kit!

  • Organic Studio sock — ALL the colors! Zauberballs — likewise! And the complete set of field guides. And, of course, a tape measure.

  • Ballband mug and any of Neighborhood Fiber yarn in sweater quantity!!! Or really absolutely any yarn in the whole shop!!

  • Felted tweed and a potholder loom and loops.

  • City Tote, 4corner bags with handles, organic Studio (worsted and DK, sweater quantities)

  • MDK essentials, Tulip interchangeable needles, hand towels pattern

  • A revolution tote filled with a rainbow of felted tweed.

  • Zauberballs and Wanderlust

  • (At least) one of everything!

  • Awesome, spin cycle and fig soak.

  • I really do want the case for my field guides and a ball band mug….

  • An absolute dream package would have a city bag stuffed with a KITES throw kit (cool, of course) plus TWO ball band mugs.

  • The thermal mug and Field Guide Slipcase combo piqued my interest. And how could you not order “just a skein or two” of something to fill the box?

  • The knitters tote and all the Jill Draper Mohonk!

  • Yarn DOES make excellent packing material. I moved across the country last year and stuffed my stash in so many boxes I don’t even know where it all is because I haven’t unpacked it all yet. It’s like Christmas when I open a box and find some yarn that I didn’t remember I have! And of course I’ve bought more since living here!
    My wish list is just about everything from MDK, too hard to choose just 2 things;) but I am looking forward to your Atlas yarn!!

  • Big Wool, sweater quantity, color DG’s choice

  • One of those that cost $200 for enough to knit what amounts to a tshirt. Shakerag, I’m talking to you!

  • Rowan Big Wool and Tulip Interchangeable set!

  • Felted tweed, a rug kit

  • Surprises are always welcome!

  • Would love to make a swancho in that beautiful pink color. And I’m always so tempted by the pot holder looms. I think my kids would love them.

  • Brooklyn Notions pouch, Gleem lace, and Nua sport.

  • I dream of an MDK Knitting Journal and all the field guides I don’t have. With yarn filling the rest of the box, of course. And Wonder Clips!

  • Lots of Hektos, an Akerworks Swatch Gauge and Confident Knitting!

  • My dream combo plate is a Knitters bucket bag (or two) in a new fabric (already have the black ones), all of the Rowan Summerlite, and a generous side of Wonder Clips.

  • Pot holder loom kit, cork needle stoppers and wonder clips with plenty of neighborhood fiber co yarn as packing material in a VERY large box. Lol!

  • I love the Lettlopi. The price and the workhorse versatility is awesome!

  • City tote and lettlopi

  • City tote bag and lots of Rowan felted tweed

  • knitting needles, stash bag and a whole bunch of field guides!

  • Anything from Jill Draper, and 1,000 Clover Clips!

  • City Bag and Zauberball yarn: dream combo!

  • Lett lopi skeins and a Hanna canvas bog

  • Love the idea of using yarn as packing material! When our furnace went out a couple of years ago (in a cold December) I tried to show my husband how we could use yarn stash as insulation! He was not impressed!

  • Mission Impossible – Confine yourself to only 2 items on the MDK fantasy wish list – wow! I would say the Cityscape Kit and the Potholder Loom and Loops kit.

  • A Knitter’s Tote packed with all the brightest blanket-worthy yarn (and a side of fries), please.

  • Zauberball cotton. Wonder clips

  • Save the world from more disposable packing materials by buying more yarn? I’m all in!

  • Tulip interchangeable needle kit and enough Gleem for a Mood cardigan

  • A dark grey city bag, lichen and lace sock, and all the notions!

  • All of the above! Except for mugs and totes. I make totes, of every size and color (Noodlehead!), but yarn, tools and missing field guides always wonderful.

  • Potholder loom and more tote bags…I always need more tote bags!

  • Waiting for the large sz Brooklyn Haberdashery bag to be in stock

  • Nua Sport yarn and wonder clips

  • Omigoodness, DG. I love your giveaways! And fantasy shopping? It’s the best. I love all the answers. I’ll have what they’re having! (OK, if I have to choose, I’ll have a Zauberball Crazy and a new set of interchangeable needles.)

  • All the yarns and the bags (and that bright red pouch) to hold them as sundries!

  • I need 6 skeins of yarn for the Log Cabin design.

  • Potholder kit and loop design book!

  • On my wishlist would be some nua sport and potholder loom set

  • Felted tweed and an MDK City Bag

  • The adorable Skill Set tote with Rowan Felted, brights please!

  • A Knitter’s Tote stuffed with several skeins of Gleem lace yarn.

  • My fantasy order is a knitter’s tote in gray and all of your Kaffe Fassett kits.

  • Anything and everything from Organic Studio Chunky. The color and feel of the yarn are enchanting.

  • On my plate is skeins of Organic Studio Worsted in Palisades and a Skill Set Tote.

  • Right now I’m into the log cabin cloths. I just love all the yummy colors. I need many more hands to work on all my projects.

  • I would go for Crazy Zauberball (probably misspelled lol) – a lovely swatch gauge and Soak wash and probably of Field guides too just to make things interesting

  • Such a nearly impossible task to choose. Reminds me of being a child when the Sears’ or Eaton’s (Canadian) Christmas (as my friend called it, the Toy book) catalogue came out and you could dream of what Santa might bring. For my MDK Combo Plate, I’d dream of a Potholder Loom, Bowling Avenue novel (a book is always a must), Organic Studio Sock in Hampden, Merino Aran Lise, and Barnyard Knits Sock in Amethyst, with a side of washi tape. That sounds pretty packable. Thanks for the fantasy shopping trip.

  • I’d make it easy on you with the most beautiful of books, Life in the Studio, and a Knitter’s Bucket Bag.

  • I’ve still got my MDK Kiki kit in my queue. I’m eager to get to it, but I’ve got a lot to finish up before I start it!

  • Friea minikins, fork blocking pins and the loome tools. Those shouldn’t be too hard to box up.

  • The kit for the Kaffe Fasset throw in Rowan Felted Tweed is on my bucket list!!!

  • Felted tweed and a tape measure.

  • Knitters Tote, and a sweater quantity of Lettlopi, and the watercolor cowl kit and….

  • I fantasize about having any Lettlopi yarn to make a scrumptious sweater. Love your post DC

  • A Skill Set box of Joy (for when my granddaughter is old enough to teach her to knit) plus another Kiki rug kit (so much fun) and just because I want to see how you pack it in there a Ball Band thermal mug!

  • I’ve been lusting for the Kiki Rug Kit for a while and add in the potholder loom for added fun. And Spincycle and a couple of Zauberballs, and a few books, field guides I’m missing and sundries, and…..sheesh, there’s no end.

  • Big box of Letlopi and one of those big corner bags with the handles.

  • Well, so many.
    Here goes
    Needle felting tools and either zauber or dyed in the wool

  • Confident Knitting, Ballband Thermal Mug (I’m working on a set), and a sweater quantity of Slyph (you know, for packing material)!

    • *Sylph, that is!

  • Any amount of any Uneek and a BIG bag of bright potholder loops, packed around a Ballband Thermal Mug, Field Guide 16 & 17, and some Knitter’s Washi Tape, pleeeeeeeeeease!

  • I have Color Shifting Bundle dreams. Seriously. Perfect for fall cardi planning,

  • Akerworks swatch gauge, Brittany cable needles, natural cork stitch stoppers, uneek sock (color #52), organic studio chunky (Oliver) enough for a sweater, and léttlopi (for the day tripper cardigan, colour tbd)

  • My plate wish is overflowing with a Kikimariko Rug kit and a great set of needles TBD.

  • Rowan Felted Tweed and the Knitter’s Felted Tote bag. It would be easy to pack the yarn in the tote!

  • Well…if it’s the fantasy combo plate, I might as well go whole hog and wish for one of everything! But to narrow it down, the City Bag and the yarn to do a Mood Cardigan and Clerestory Wrap (worsted, please… lace, I just can’t…ugh!) would make me a VERY happy knitter!

  • Skill set tote and Zauberball crazy yarn. Not too hard to pack!

  • My combo plate would be a beautiful Revolution tote or a City Tote filled with all the yarn!

  • Rowan hand knit cotton and the MDK tape measure

  • For my combo plate: Helix, Hectos, yarn bombs and shawl balls, spincycle and all the rowan felted colors. Thank you.

  • I’m not fussy, just any Kaffe Fassett kit and a felted tote would be fab!

  • A city bag full of Organic Studio DK. And all the Field Guides!

  • uneek sock, MD essentials kit

  • 2 of everything! Please…..

  • Lichen and Lace, the journal, washi tape.

  • A MDK city bag! Filled full of yarn. Yummy

  • I want it all!

    • Best answer!!

  • I definitely want to get the Kiki Mariko rug kit and six more of the field guides to round out my collection

  • Bucket list: Kiki rug – I’ve almost ordered it at least 5 times!!, and that too adorable knitters bucket bag.

  • Neighborhood Fiber Co in any color for the pullover <3

  • All the Rowan felted tweed that fit in your largest shipping box.

  • Nomade sock yarn and Skill Set Tote would pack very nicely!

  • Grey city tote filled with zauberball crazy. ❤️

  • I want ALL THE THINGS that are not already at my house. A list, my husband reminds me, that is not all that long.

  • All the things!

  • Organic studio sock in Alice Gadzinski, Precious Metal Stitch Markers, and the Knitters City Bag are dreamy!

  • All the sock yarns and field guides!

  • Just to make it clear, I am only thinking of your ease of packing here. Start with a dark grey knitters tote. I already have the city bag and it’s awesome but seems a lonely. Add in the Skill Set Starter Kit. It’s already in a box so it will keep the shape of the bag and I can’t wait to try the yarn. I promise I will gift a bunch of the other stuff to newbies. Fold up the Skill Set bag and pop it in because you can never have too many bags and I really like the graphics. Now slide in a copy of Confident Knitting and a copy of Bowling Avenue although I would rather have Ann call me every night and read to me for an hour while I knit. And if she can find a rogue copy of her vacation hot spots community cookbook, toss that in. Add two Kacha-Kacha counters because I always lose them. Now fill in the holes with potholder loops, Nua Sport, and/or Freia Yarn Bombs/Shawl Balls. You can just pick and choose yarns and colors for me here. Really, DG, you’re the expert and I trust you. Top the bag off with a bottle of soak, whatever scent is closest at hand and the filled bag should perfectly in one box. I now need to go get a paper route to pay for it all!

  • Spincycle and city tote!

  • Zauberball Crazy and Wonder Clips!

  • Having worked in shipping & receiving, I appreciate a well-packed box of goodies. My fantasy combo plate includes: the Confident Knitting book, Needle Felting Tools, Ballband Thermal Mug, the Also Full of Yarn Bag, Kiki Mariko Rug Kit, and the Lettlopi Variety Pack. I tend to buy a lot at one time so I can be challenging to pack for.

  • If you’re asking:
    Color Duets, book by Kaffee Fassett
    Felted tweed, still haven’t tried it
    The big grey bag I love but can’t afford

  • No contest, Garter stripe shawl kit + knitters tote!

  • I am coveting a colorful combo of Lettilopi yarn for me and the potholder loom kit for my big sister (we’re 20 years apart!) who prefers these potholders to any others.

  • I’d love a ball band mug and the Marls book. Good luck putting that it one box. Sadly, budget woes keep me from ordering these luxury items. Yarn though is not a luxury around here- it’s a straight up necessity along the lines of prescription medications. No one wants to see me without yarn, I promise.

  • A platter of every Zauberball will do.

  • All of Jill Draper’s yarns, tucked into those gorgeous city bags.

  • Ball band thermal mug filled with wonder clips

  • I think enough Lettlopi to make a destination pullover would nicely pad a ball and thermal mug!

  • I know exactly what I would love to have : the Revolution tote stuffed with 5 skeins of Sylph, in the colorway Tagine. I have been itching to knit the Shakerag Top in this luxurious yarn. Both items would be wonderful to take along when in my traverl this winter.

  • Love the wonder clips and ALL the colors of Rowan Felted Tweed, with the 2 Kaffe Fassett field guides to go with.

  • Knitters bucket bag, eco wash bag, loome tools, organic studio sock, rustic fingering, oh and that cure sleeve to hold my field guides

  • Wonderclips, four corner bag and any Neighborhood Fiber Co.

  • I love the sock yarns!

  • My combo plate would love to be filled with Neighborhood yarn, lettlopi, zauerball and any lovely kit to knit up.

  • I want all of the bags! A City Tote, a Knitters tote, the revolution tote. Put them all inside each other and fill the spaces with whatever sock yarn will fit. Please don’t waste tissue paper and bubble wrap on my box!

  • If I could have anything from MDK, I’d finish collecting Field Guides, and I’d have an unlimited supply of Zauberballs (they fascinate me), and Felted Tweed. *drool*

  • I am finishing my swoncho!!!!! I would take more Neighborhood Fiber Co., but in bulky weight this time. Oh, the squish of that yarn!
    DG, I learn great things to toss around from you at cocktail parties every week. (There are none, but I write things down for the time when those occur again.) This week the word “panoply” and the acronym VSOP. Thanks for the education that always leaves me smiling!

  • My fantasy is a City Bag filled with Rowan Felted Tweed.

  • I need another field guide box to house my overflow, bur I already have a Kiki Mariko gathering cat hair waiting for my current sock phase to end, so I guess I would order some tiny things that absolutely don’t take up all of the space that the folded cardboard would take up and that you could otherwise stick in a flat envelope for shipping. Stitch markers and a mug, perhaps?

  • You had mini journals in your holiday shop last year – and I failed to purchase one! I hope they make a comeback this year. MDK packing always seems special. Thanks, folks!

  • The immediate answr is everything! Aside from tbe yarn diet and ban on sundries. So…. I’ll just take one each of every lopi color since I’ve been taking stranded knitting classes with a teacher in Norway during pandemic. I would love a nice fast lopi project.

  • My fantasy combo plate: Confident Knitting and revolution tote stuffed with Big Wool, all in your largest shipping box, then fill in the gaps with sweater-amounts of NFC organic studio dk, lettlopi, and a couple of Zauberballs (it’s a big plate!)

  • Yarn and more yarn and newest books

  • A new knitting bag (surprise me!), Field Guides I’m missing, Loom Tool, Confident Knitting Books, Act of Sewing Book and all the yarn needed to pack it safely! Lettilopi sounds wonderful!

  • Your totes are the cat’s meow!!!

  • Knitter’s City Tote and Sylth

  • Def a Revolution Basket filled with baby friendly yarn for my new granddaughter.

  • The dream on my plate is a beautiful charcoal City Tote filled Spincycle yarns.

  • A Ballband thermal mug and a field guide slipcase

  • City bag with yarn

  • Need another slip case and all the yarn!!! More spin cycle and neighborhood fibers for sure.

  • My fantasy combo plate includes anything Freia, ombre or minikins, the Watercolour shawl kit (love those watery colours), an interchangeable needle set, and a book of easy top down sweater patterns. That will all fit in one box, right?

  • Zauberball Crazy and a ball and mug!

  • Completing my Field Guide collection, a city tote or two ( gifts) Kiki rug kit and lots of yarn!

  • zauberballs and more knitting needles. You can never have too many

  • Kits for the Daytripper sweater and the small house scarf. I adore them both.

  • A ballband mug, a tote, and any yarn because yarn makes me happy!

  • The log cabin kit is great, good idea

  • A City Bag full of Lopi, please.

  • Knitters Tote and Potholder Loom!

  • I’ll take a nine-pack of Freia Minikins and you can pack those up in a Knitter’s City Bag and plop the whole mess in a box thank you very much.

  • The MDK Suède City bag in grey filled with Making Marls and Skill Set

  • The gray felt tote filled with skeins of handpainted yarns – so much that they stick out of the top very prettily. I would carry it everywhere just like that – think of all the great questions & comments you would get, what a conversation starter that would be!

  • Confident Knitting and Organic Studio anything!

  • Ohhh the Knitters City Bag and Sylph!! All the way

  • The loome tools and Ann’s novel, all cushioned by a heathered Kiko kit.

  • The ever popular combo of a Ballband Thermal Mug and a Field Guide Slipcase!

  • Lopi,Lopi,Lopi!!!

  • Having been knitting plain in one color for over a year, I’m ready for stranded two color again. But can I finish a yoked sweater before they go out of style again?

  • knitters city bag and all the yarn

  • rose log cabin kit and knitter’s bucket bag!

  • Scrolling down reminded me that I need to try spincycle

  • A Knitter’s Bucket bag full of Organic Studio DK!

  • Every color of Rowan cotton so I can make an informed choice on my commitment to one color for a cotton sweater. I think rolling around in all the colors is the way to go.

  • Rowan /Kaffe garter stripe kit and McKenzie mug … with a side of wool wash

  • The felted city tote, full up with Organic Studio DK. No additional packing material needed!

  • My plate needs colorful yarn that would arrive in the city tote – colors to spark up the greys, browns, blacks, whites of winter too soon knocking at our door.

  • A Knitter’s City Bag, Akerwork’s Swatch Gauge, Gleem Lace, Nua Sport and Sylph,

    I’m easy – shouldn’t need much more than a labeled box for that!

  • My combo plate would be filled with Rowan felted tweed in ALL THE COLORS!

  • A city tote filled with colorful yarns to spark up the upcoming fall/winter colors of browns, greys, whites.

  • The Brooklyn Haberdasery notions bag, becasue who couldn’t use another little bag, and the Log Cabin Cloth kit, in Goldie colorway because Hubbo just repainted the kitchen off-white to match the new countertops and it is so BO-RING! Beautiful, but boring.

  • An MDK charcoal Knitters Tote crammed full of that gorgeous new organic worsted weight yarn!

  • The stranded stripes throw kit for me and the skill set book to give to my granddaughter would be my fantasy box.

  • Not much of a challenge here – the City Tote stuffed with FREIA MINIKINS 🙂

  • Gleam Lace in Blueberry to make the Tumbling Block Scarf, and a slipcase for my Field Guides.
    P.s. I just typed up a list of the Field Guides I own, adding the names of the patterns in them, to save having to flip through them. Perhaps such a one-page index could live on the web site?

  • Definitely a few Freia yarn bombs and the depiller brush!

  • Confident Knitting and all the sock yarn for me please. (Just finished knitting my first pair of socks and I’m hooked!)

  • There’s not a dud in the shop! I scrolled through, and my first thought was “all the yarn” then “all the books” then “all the bags” then “loome robot”.

  • Spincycle yarn of course! But I would also take more Lopi yarn;-)

  • felted tweed and a potholder loom. I would feel like such a kid

  • On my plate I’m stocking up on Léttlopi yarn for many winter mittens and hats, along with Tulip circular needle set and a bucket bag to store them in!

  • The gorgeous rope bag filled with yarn!

  • I’d love the Act of Sewing, a needle felting kit and a sweaters worth of yarn.

  • I’d love a box of the minikins! How luscious they look! I’m also lusting after the lovely balls of felted tweed. Kaffe Fassett’s patterns in the MasterClass field guide are so inspiring!

  • Any yarn by Julie Aselin and a ham sandwich on rye.

  • My fantasy would be for you to just pack up the whole warehouse and move it to Michigan, why should Nashville have all the fun?!

  • I just after Organic Studio. Can’t afford it.

  • So many yummy items on the menu to choose from. Let’s see – I’ll have the Aperture Stole Kit with a side of Knitter’s Tote, please.

  • All the Arnall-Culliford books!

  • Loops, loops and more loops!!
    And, on the side, Begiinnings, The Field Guide, and for dessert, enough yarn in any color for the Amazing Swancho!!!

  • The Kiki Rug kit, definitely!

  • Tulip interchangeable set and mini skeins set.

  • Sylph and Knitter’s City Bag

  • My DH recently received his eye drop medication via Fed Ex. Two teensy bottles, each about the size of his thumb. In an 18″ x 18″ x 18″ shipping cube crammed with ice packs, bubble wrap, insulated foil, and I-don’t-know-what-else. You coulda mailed a watermelon in this thing.

    Yes, the medication is supposed to be stored below 80 degrees … but they mailed them “naked” in Tuffskin plastic shipping envelopes all summer with temps in the triple digits.

    Go figure.

  • I really don’t need any sundries, I thought to myself as I clicked the link anyway. And discovered that my fantasy combo plate includes a ballband thermal mug and a knitter’s bucket bag in a Revolution basket (or maybe a tote). Plus pretty much all the yarn.

  • OMG DG… you always make me laugh! Thanks for the smile:)

  • Yum, my combo plate includes Organic Studio Sock yarn, a skill set tote, wonder clips,a new a HANA canvas pouch. Yes please

  • What happened to the folding metal book stands? Mine gets daily use. And Mohonk for yarn favorites.

  • Rowan Tweed – in all the colours – bright and subdued – lots of skeins of each color… sigh….

  • The felt Knitter’s Tote

  • Kiki rug kit and a City Bag would be Heaven.

  • I want to thank you for the column where you said you were reading the Zola series. I was intrigued and got the first book from the library. I enjoyed it immensely and was anxious to read the second but not a single library in Maine had it. I have purchased the entire set (NOT from Amazon) and just started #2. I have a few years on you and figured I would die before finishing them all if I only read one a year. Thank you again and I do enjoy reading your thoughts. If I am even eligible I don’t want a prize.

    • You might catch up with me; I took a pause after #10 and haven’t re-started. There’s only one dud in 1-10, the sixth one. French politics of olden days, and I had to look up a lot, even with the copious footnoting. It took a while.

  • Definitely Felted Tweed. Can never have too much Felted Tweed!

  • Revolution tote and an Akerworks swatch gauge.

  • Fieldguide holder and one of your old Christmas trees!

  • I’ve been eyeing the Ecowash bag, and it would be easy to zip some washi tape in there….

  • Lotsa Zauberballs.

  • Another Revolution tote because two are not enough. I would love it filled with Studio DK and Worsted.

  • All shades of Organic Studio DK and a new full set of Field Guides!

  • Log cabin dishcloth kit


  • I like the Hana canvas pouch, and zauerballs. I’d probably like to play around with more of the field guides too. Not enough time for it all!

  • I’m subscribed to the snippets. I’ve been looking at the Friea Yarn Bomb in Mist and the Ballband Mug.

  • All the Field Guides and yarn, yarn, yarn………….and did I mention their YARN!!!!!

  • A field guide slip cover and you might as well fill it with the guides I’m missing. Yarn – anything and everything. Okay, how about a sampler (one of every color!) pack of lettlopi. Or, because I know it’s coming: enough of the next yarn in the perfect color(s) for a sweater project in your next field guide.

  • Zauerballs, field guides, mdk journal, and mug!

  • What’s on my combo plate? I’ll dish up first the Field Guide Slip Case with Soak Laundry Soap. Next I’ll top it off with Gleem Lace skeins in multiple colorscombined with skeins of Spincycle’s Dyed in the Wool &. Freia’s Yarn Bomb Shawl Balls plus Mini Kins. Haas, sheer heaven to open that box. However the reality is any box from MDK is a delight to open with all kinds of surprises.

  • I’ve wanted a City bag since it first came out, a great pairing with the Kites yarn bundle.

  • A MDK city tote full of yarn!

  • Any DK weight yarn and a four corner bag.

  • A City Tote filled with sock yarn! Oh and a Field Guide slip case

  • Freia (not fries, Autocorrect!) minikins (no, not manikins!). What lush colors and gorgeous would that be made up into a blanket made of simple squares.

  • Everything, it’s all so beautiful

  • Hmmm, this is fun. I need a new tape measure. I want a Hana Canvas Pouch and Ballband Thermal Mug!!

  • I would love The Knitter’s Tote and the Garter Stripe Shawl Bundle. I love a tote and beautiful yarn for my next project.

  • Ooh, so many things in the fantasy combo! The metallic pouch. It’s paper, say what? The felt city bag. And hahahaha, surely you jest asking which yarn. ALL OF IT, no exceptions.

  • Neighborhood sock yarn. Yes please. And a metal book stand.

  • I would love to know where you were sitting and what prompted the thought of a golf club and a RAW duck egg. Fantasy order Skill set pouch and bag, soak, washi tape and Freia Minikins. Perhaps there should be some other yarn in there for the space.

  • Organic Studio Sock or DK – Charles Village color – enough for a sweater! plus Basquiat, Hamden and Bansky for the color work bit. Ooh la la! Let’s add in Studio Guide 5 (I lent mine and never got it back!) and Studio Guide 4 along with the slip case. Whew. What fun to play with these ideas!

  • This is a Hard Choice!!
    I would love to have a pallate of Gleem Lace and the Knitters Bucket
    bag to hole them!

  • Big Wool and a large wool tote.

  • A complete set of the Field Guides!

  • Ohhh. That’s hard! I have some fall projects on my radar but I’ve been bitten by the sock bug bad! So likely some Uneek sock, a couple of Zauerballs and a neighborhood fibers sock or two

  • Zauerball and wonderclips

  • I would love to have uneek sock yarn packed with a skein or 3 of the organic studio sock yarn to protect my shipment of a set of Tulip Interchangeable needles and (blast from the past) a potholder loom set (my first introduction into crafting as a young child).

  • ALL the zauerball, the Knitter’s City Bag, and the Kiki Mariko rug pattern and yarn. That would get me through the long, dark winter heading my way!

  • Just ordered a black denim “my other bag is also full of yarn” bag and something else yesterday. Don’t remember if it is hard to pack! Still dreaming of a blanket amount of Rowan felted tweed. Someday.

  • Anything that Spincycle make and 9 inch circular needles! Fall inspired colors. ❤️❤️‍

  • I would love to order some Letlopi yarn and the Confident Knitting book.

  • The Lettlopi color shifting bundle and the book Making Marls.

  • It would have to be Felted Tweed and a Ballband Thermal Mug! I have always wanted to make something colorful using Felted Tweed (and I probably also need one of the Kaffe Fassett Field Guides!), and a thermal mug to keep my coffee hot while I figure out the pattern is a necessity!

  • I would have a revolution tote, a ballband mug, and som organic studio. Dk

  • Yarn: Lusting after a skein of the GAW JUSS Laneros Secretos sock yarn in my favorite color, Gilleyweed (green). This sustainably produced, uniquely dyed, Uruguayan yarn would be first choice.
    Sundries: A new Ballband Thermal Mug for my ever-present cuppa and a 2.25 or 2.50 cm circular needle for those socks-to-be.

  • More stripey sock yarn

  • Save the earth from packaging material and buy more yarn!

  • I think among the swatch gauge, tapestry needles and embroidery scissors and revolution tote I would order some Zauberballs to cushion the yarny sundries.

  • Cityscape scarf kit, and the needle felting tools!

  • I’ve been drooling over the Zauberballs and all of the Neighborhood Fiber Co!

  • A charcoal knitters tote and a garter stitch throw kit would squish in a box nicely.

  • All the Field Guides and all the sock yarn, crammed into a city tote that has the magical expanding qualities of Hermione’s beaded bag.

  • All the field guides in a tote bag.

  • Oooh, oooh, oooh! Another Field Guide holder AND ALL the Zauberballs! Safely nestled of course!

  • A City Tote stuffed with lots of Neighborhood Fiber Co goodness, enough to make ALL THE THINGS in Beginnings!

  • ALLTHENEEDLES! And all the merino super wash sock yarn. 🙂

  • I love the Minikins and the project bags!

  • A knitters City bag, with a slipcase (because I will be adding one of these to my next order). With Rustic Fingering for packing, and also because I want to make a Mood Cardigan for me.

  • A dark gray city tote filled with as much spin cycle yarn as would fit!

  • Lettlopi and Akerworks Swatch Gauge!

  • A Knitter’s Tote filled with yarn from Neighborhood Fibers.

  • My fantasy combo plate: an “Also Full of Yarn” bag, a Lettlopi variety pack, a single glorious skein of Organic Studio Sock in Belair, and an apparently unavailable Olive-and-Kermit needle gauge. (I finally decided last night that I really needed one, and was super bummed to discover it not in the sundries section of the shop. Sigh. Give in to the FOMO, people! Don’t let this happen to you!)

  • Zauberball Crazy —One ball of each color and the ballband thermal mug are on my list.

  • Dark gray felt tote (I adore my lt. gray tote) and as much Lett Lopi worsted as can be crammed in it any blues, pinks, gray, red …. anyway that’s my dream …. fantasy ….. thanks for the opportunity to dream …

  • Yarn: Neighborhood Fiber Co. ANYTHING. Seriously, any yarn of theirs, I want. *sob*

    Sundries: An MDK Field Guide pack, the whole ding-dang thing, and a subscription to the ones to follow.

  • I have my eye on the Revolution Basket. I have enough bags/baskets but that one just calls to me. I just moved into a new house and I have up to my elbows in bags/baskets. I don’t need another Basket, but I should want a Revolution Basket.

  • Because I have been doing nothing else but dreaming about the fall since the weather in NY has been a variation of humid, rain & flooding, with a mix of more rain, I would have to say my favorite fantasy combo plate would be Log Cabin Cloths Kit in Goldie with a side of a City Bag. I’m sure that would make it all better.

  • The fantasy plate?? Spincycle Dyed in the Wool, but in worsted or chunky weight for Christmas hats and cowels; Also, a ball band mug for excellent adjacent coffee while knitting, but configured to fit the cup holder in my car for holiday road trips…
    A girl can dream!

  • Something about the brass MDK needle gauge just sings to me. I’d also like a cone of any sort of your yarn to knit dishrags and hand towels!

  • Big Wool for yarn and potholder loom, loops and designs for sundries.

  • Also full of yarn bag filled with felted tweed to start my retirement knitting adventure!

  • I look at all the luscious yarn in your shop regularly. I just haven’t been able to buy any yet. Felted tweed! Neighborhood fiber! The list is long…

  • All the bags! All the guides! My wants far exceed my budget,,,

  • The Act of Sewing, 2 Field Guide Slipcases, a bright Kites throw kit and for dessert: a burgundy MDK journal.

  • I have a continuing hankerin to make a Kiki Mariko rug. Have thus far successfully ignored it, but I’m not confident that I’ll be victorious.

  • On my list? Some of the Neighborhood Rustic Fingering — yum! — a Zauberball or two, and maybe some Uneek Sock. Also size 10 and 10.5 circulars, because mine have, quite mysteriously, taken a walk. And the knitters bucket tote. Because you can never have too many project bags!

  • I love the Freia Minikins, & the Skill Set tote. The cup is beautiful, but I start at 20 oz a day

  • Where to start! Sundries: Chibi needles, all the bags, there’s more but I”ll stop. All the yarn too, but especially the Euroflax mini skeins and felted tween sets.

  • Ooohh, been eyeing the La Bien Aimee Aperture Stole kit in Hegelia and sigh, there is only 1 left. Should I or shouldn’t I? And as for sundries, I have been lusting after the tulip circular needles, maybe not for myself but for my son who has just started knitting. He got the SkillSet app and is hooked! Thanks MDK! With 2 sons I never thought there would be another knitter in the family.

  • Ball band mug and Field Guide slip cover- of course!

  • City Bag stuffed…ahem…with Atlas
    Got to rest knit on sample…yum

  • My fantasy would be ALL the field guides and as long as I’m dreaming, all the yarn. Ok, MOST of the yarn

  • Oh so many wonderful things! If dreams came true I’d order the knitters bucket bag and the ball and mug!

  • I would be happy with any skein of your exquisite choice of yarn.

  • My plate would be filled with Spincyle!

  • I love the Zauberball Crazy. The name says it all. As for the Sundries…there are so many. The 4 corners bags, the Knitter’s Bag, the Knitter’s City Bag, the Revolution Basket and Tote. Honestly, I could go on and on.

  • MDK Baggu bag, filled with all the colors of Spincycle, and a Field Guide slipcase!

    • Did I fail to mention an MDK Bullet Journal cushioned by all of Karida’s yarn? Fair Isle Washi tape…? Packed in a box designed for golf clubs!

  • So sneaky —— great way to get me browsing in the shop —- not that I need a reason! I want the Four Corner bag and Freia minikins in my package please!

  • Lichen and Lace worsted, Big Wool (enough for a Main Squeeze Cardi), all the Field Guides, and Tulip needles set. That oughta keep me occupied for awhile!

  • A Ballband thermal mug and a Year of Techniques. I have the other two books and have learned so much.

  • I’d love to try the needle felting kit out. And I also love love love organic studio worsted

  • Spincycle yarn and Brooklyn Haberdashery Notions Pouch!

  • Organic Studio DK & Field Guide #18so I can finally make that sweater and get it out of my system! Oh and any Zauerballs!

  • Charcoal Knitter’s Tote filled with yarn (don’t forget Spincycle please) and a Loome Tool. I can’t seem to find mine.

  • My fantasy combo plate consists of a skein of Lichen and Lace and an MDK journal!

  • On my plate I’d have an assortment of the Zauberball Yarn. This would be a new and tasty tasting menu.

  • I dream of a plate of Zauerballs inside a Knitter’sTote (preferably the charcoal grey one!).
    I’d be happy to come and collect it to save on the packaging, but Tasmania is a long, long way away……

  • Freia mini skeins, bucket bag, and wonder clips. An easy pack, I think!

  • A Knitters Tote stuffed with Zauberballs along with enough Sylph or Gleem Lace to make a Shakerag top. Oh, and please throw in a Ball Band cup.

  • Fantasy plate – Zauerball Crazy – iridescence and MDK Essentials Kit and I’m off 🙂

  • My long time (I mean like forever) wish list has always had a city tote and an I cushion kit on it.

  • Rowan Felted Tweed and any of the Field Guides that I don’t have!

  • Zauerball Crazy & Wonder Clips. I’d love to try them!

  • My box would contain 2 skeins of Gleem laceweight in Pebble Beach, the MDK Essentials pouch and a bag of Wonder Clips!

  • I would love more Nua Sport!!! I made a Brass and Steam shawl that looks fabulous from this yarn. The stitch definition makes me looks like a master knitter.:)

  • If you could just install a cot for me in a corner of the MDK HQ, you wouldn’t have to worry one itty bitty about shipping!

  • I’ll have the Field Guides not yet on my shelf, along with one or two of their snazzy boxes to hold everything and a side of the newest yarn ya’ll love please. And for dessert? The most fun sock yarn you can find!

  • Oh, Spincycle, the Act of Sewing and a Kiki Mariko Rug kit are just a few!

  • I’d have the Kiki Marino rug kit, the Ball Band mug and a slip case to corral my wandering field guides.

  • The gleem and lettlopi …strange contrast, I know and the cocoknits leather handles.

  • lichen and lace yarn and the Field Guides! Mary in Cincinnati.

  • 6 skeins of yarn isn’t enough, would 12 fit better in a box? I love your post cards that come with my orders!

  • Yarn, yarn, and more yarn. So you can cram (er, nestle) as much as you possible without worries.

  • Maybe more Lopi…and a few more field guides, or…a couple of Zauberball Crazies.

  • Zuberball cotton and tulip interchangeables

  • A Knitter’s Tote in Charcoal filled with all the colors of Rowan Felted Tweed!

  • A charcoal City Bag, which, I hope, is large enough to hold a Garter Stripe Shaw bundle. Oh, and a skein of Zauberball Crazy because one day I WILL figure out what to make from this yarn!!

  • Zauerball Crazy and a copy of The Act of Sewing.

  • Not that I could use them together or anything, but a potholder loom and loops and a hana canvas bag. I don’t think the loom will fit in the bag, but the loops will!

  • I’d go for some Lettlelopi yarn and the Skill Set book. A good reference book is always helpful.

  • Both uneek sock and freia miniskeins will make me look like the color savant I am sadly not. And sundries? Chibi Tapestry Needles for all the ends, natch.

  • I would like the lopi variety pack, the Field Guides from Jen and Kaffe, a scissors that looks like a bird, and one of those pot holder loom thingies. Oh, and that funny fork for making pompoms.

  • I would love the Essentials Kit and the Skill set tote.

  • An MDK dark gray felt city bag are gorgeous!

  • On my plate, er, platter: a set of Tulip needles, a loome tool and a Kaffe Fasset blanket kit– hey, expensive taste here on a light beer budget….;-)

  • Felted tote, full of yarn, of course. Felted rug kit. a little bit of this, a lot of that! All your goodies are fabulous!

  • An Akerworks gauge plus uneek sock, zauberball, and a couple skeins of gleem lace. Maybe some Wonderclips, too–then I’ll need more yarn, of course: felted tweed bundle.

  • Fun for me are the Kiki Marino Rug Kit and Kites Throw Kit plus the sundries of the MDK AKERWORKS SWATCH GAUGE and finally PRECIOUS METAL stitch markers

  • Uh I have to choose? Really eager to try some NFC yarn since y’all are so gaga for it. That plus a pair of crane snips should do me.

  • Féria manikins and loome tools. Rather new to the products. Bought yarn once for a shawl Still trying to make the pattern work. It was a kit with Karida and Miss Babs.

  • Slipcase, MDK thermal mug, felted city bag, oh, and some Jill Draper yarn please…

  • A ballband mug, the potholder book and some loops, and a little spincycle wool (for cushioning, of course!)

  • Dyed in the wool. I must have it!

  • I would love to have six balls of gorgeous letti Lopi yarn and the new beginning knit book. I would like to share the book with my daughter as she learns to knit. I am not so sure I will share the yarn; I can’t wait to knit with the lopi yarn. I made my favorite sweater from letti lopi almost ten years ago. I can’t wait to make Daytripper!

  • Kiki Mariko rug kit + Revolution Tote to corral it in!

  • Rowan felted tweed in every color! And Lopi for the Destination Pullover. And lots of Soak to wash my projects in!

  • Three skeins of yarn for the Shift, so many colors, so hard to decide!

  • I love the zauberballs!

  • I can’t tell you how many times Helix has been placed into my fantasy cart—and the Bucket bag from Brooklyn Haberdashery. Of course, Lopi, Uneek sock, and those Zauberballs would also sneak in there. My box would be easy to pack!

  • I’d like to try a blue Kiki mariko kit!!!

  • I love color shifting of all kinds! Especially the color shifting kit. ❤️

  • The ball band mug with a zauerball crazy skein squished in it. Then placed into a felted city bag with a bullet journal and all the Kaffe Fassett kits. It’s fantasy so I’m going big and it’s what I can remember off the top of my head.

  • A revolution basket with gleem lace inside

  • Something that you don’t have…. But maybe could have manufactured to sell? A blocking board like Ann’s. Oh! And a city tote please and some yarn tucked inside.

  • Spin cycle yarn

  • I just don’t need any more goodies; but I want you to know I’m reading and paying attention!

  • Knitters bucket bag and lots of sock yarn!

  • My plate would be full with the Gray Knitter’s City Bag, some Addi Rocket Circulars and Léttlopi in every color you could imagine!

  • I would love ANY log cabin cotton yarns (by the way, who are Betty and Martha?), and I would add the Betty colorway (in memory of my Mom) to my box if I won the Rose package. Sundries would include the MDK mug, and I would have to add the small Knitter’s Bucket Bag – love that orange lining!

  • Well, I love all the yarns but have a particular penchant for the Lettlopi yarns, wonderful feel and scrumptious colours. Of course, I am always a sucker for mini-skeins like the Camellia Fiber Co. stash and the Canon Hand Dyes. (And I will knit anything made with silk in it.) A Knitter’s City Bag please to put in all the fun yarns! 🙂

  • I love almost any fingering yarn. Favorites include zauberball and uneek, but anything colorful will make me happy. Also, mabye a mug for my coffee and a few nice patterns.

  • I’ll take the Gleem Lace combo in Pebble Beach-two please-with a side of Akerworks Swatch Guide and Precious Metal Stitch Markers for dessert.

  • On my fantasy combo plate – spincycle yarn and the Knitter’s tote.

  • DG Strong, I love your columns. They are so creative and evocative!

    My fantasy combo plate would contain the Revolutions Tote, the Kaffe Fassett field guides,a Ball Band Thermal Mug, a Stranded Stripe Throw Bundle, Knitting Comfortably by Carson Demers, Sequence Knitting by Cecilia Campochiaro, and an Akerworks Swatch Guage. I look forward to the day my mail carrier brings this box!

  • Zauerball Crazy and Organic studio sock.

  • I keep eyeing those lovely lumps of Gleem Lace!

  • My latest order (shipped today- YAY!) contained exactly one handful of items (5) in number. Since they are all flattish, they can probably easily rest on one hand as well. I ordered one Box of Joy sans book, 2 skill set books and 2 slip cases for field guides. I have all 18 Field Guides and I believe the slip cases hold 15 so even with one Skill Set book (the second is a gift for the knitting tub at the outdoor school where I am privileged to run the knit- and pompom and little felt creatures and other small crafts- club) added in there should be plenty of room for future Field Guides. I don’t think there was much need for advanced Tetris skills to pack my box and also no yarn cramming. I shall endeavor to make my next order more creative! As always packing crew, THANK YOU so much for your swift and careful packing. I have never had a damaged package and only one went missing (it was speedily replaced!).

  • I’d love everything in the shop! But particularly I’m looking at the Getaway set or the Signature Mini-Skein set. Such beautiful colors.

  • Spincycle any of the colours work for me I am loving space oddity (new colour) and I love washi tape for knitters and knitting journals.

  • I’ve been dreaming of the Knitters Tote! NFC organic studio sock is always on my plate.

  • Oooo La La – my big plate has the Lettlopi variety pack on it right next to the Knitter’s Bucket Bag – every project should have a special bag!

  • Oh the Gleem lace. The colors and shine just pull me in. And more field guides, especially Kaffe.

  • A City Knitters Bag (dark) filled with random yarns

  • All the Field Guides!

  • Freia minikins

  • Organic Studio DK and Confident Knitinng book

  • After reading about Ann’s shift cowl, I would want Dyed In The Wool (even more! ) And who wouldn’t want the MDK Essentials kit!

  • I would like to add to my knitting collection the wonder clips and a skein of each color of the beautiful and luscious Organic Studio Sock yarn. Thanks!

  • I would love to have a bunch of Uneek Sock in different colorways!

  • Love your news letter, thinking of you on the anniversary of 9 11 xx. The cotton looks amazing and would be a bright big splash of colour to get me through Autumn and Winter to my beloved Spring.

  • For me it would be a City Bag fill of Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Organic Studio Chunky!

  • Spincycle and soak please!

  • I’m itching to try some Lettilopi… one of these days!!

  • A ball band thermal rug and Rowan Handknit Cotton. Classics.

  • I’d love some organic chunky yarn and the beginners skill set book!!

  • Blocking pins and the Color Shifting Bumdle.

  • Would love a Kiki Mariko rug kit & thermal mug for Christmas. And some Zauerball, Uneek sock, log cabin cloths kits…list goes on & on. Would there be enough boxes to fill? Oh yes

  • I’d love a cardigan quantity of Nua and a knitters tote!

  • Letlopi. Such beautiful colors. Would love to make a warm sweater for myself.

  • Cibu tapestry needles and Dyed in the Wool (Family Jewels, of course).

  • A couple of Revolution baskets filled with Spincycle yarn. And the Kiki Marino rug kit!

  • Organic Studio Chunky Yarn and Brittany Big Double Point Needles

  • On my plate: the loome kit, the notions pouch, and some Spincycle Dyed in the Wool. I want all the yarn, really, I’m not picky, but you said plate and not banquet table.

  • The MDK yarns and sundries on my fantasy combo plate are as follows:

    Yarns – Gleem Lace, Nomade and Organic Sock Studio

    Sundries – Addi Rockets – (size 3/32″); Addi Rockets – (size 2/24″) and Colorful round stitch markers.

    These items would assist me in making my holiday gifts for family and friends.

  • Gosh, do you have a box that will fit one of each, please??

  • Rowan yarn and chibi needles!

  • I’d go for some Dyed in the Wool for yarn and to try an Akerworks swatch gauge.

  • Some Zauberball Crazy and Uneek sock or woven scarves and I’ve been eyeing the potholder loom book, big loom and loops for a while now. I usually need some blocking pins, explain how i can never have quite enough for whatever I’m blocking no matter how many I buy? Oh yes and a new mug too!

    Actually the oddest shaped things I need right now are a set of blocking wires and mats that I don’t see in your sundries so think happy thoughts of my tormenting someone else with that combination.

  • A shakerag’s worth of sylph and enough mohonk for the petula pullover should be enough to keep the knitter’s tote nicely packed!

  • MDK yarn and sundries are my combo fantasy!!!

  • uneek yarn and Addi circulars.
    Basic and easy to pack.

  • Stranded stripe throw bundle plus the MDK essentials kit in the beautiful shiny pouch!

  • 1 serving of Stranded Stripe Bundle, 2 helpings of Colored Stitch Markers, a side of Zauberball. For dessert (is dessert allowed?), a double dip of Precious Metal Stitch Markers. I’ll burn off the calories with an extended workout with my needles.

  • I’d need a really big plate! Top 2 things on my plate would be some Spincycle to make the Shift Cowl and a Knitter’s City Bag.

  • Spincycle , Wonderclips, and (as always) Chibi tapestry needles.

  • How can I decide? I want ALL THE THINGS! But seriously, I would buy the Léttlopi Variety Pack. And I will…eventually…soon…

  • The Revolution Basket with a dozen or more skeins of Lettlopi in blues and greys.

  • Some Spincycle yarn, a Revolution basket or tote. Kiko Marino rug kit.

  • Nua sport looks interesting to knit and its field guide for inspiration.

  • All the Soak packed in the bottom of a City Bag full of Felted Tweed… sigh

  • Sylph, rope bag, and any sock yarn.

  • All the spincycle – 2 or 3 in every color to cushion that beautiful large City Bag!

  • Lettlopi variety pack is on my dream plate of yarn ever since you brought it to us. The sundry item I have been looking at is the Potholder Loom and Loops kit. I made these with my sister when we were younger (60 years ago) for our Mom and I remember the joy it gave all of us. My Mom and Sis are still alive and I think sending them potholders in the mail would still bring a

  • Every single color of Spincycle Dyed in the Wool (how’s that for packing materials?), a Field Guide Slipcase (didn’t even know I needed this until I read your article!!) and a City Knitter’s Tote as long as I’m dreaming ….

  • Any color city bag filled with spin cycle yarn!

  • I’ve got my eye on the pretty Skill Set bag full of felted tweed.

    • The Kaffe Fasset pattern book and enough Felted Tweed to knot the gorgeous striped shawl!!! This would keep me busy till Christmas, maybe 🙂

  • Let’s see- the dark gray city knitting tote, a bunch of colors in Nua Sport, and let’s not forget Lettlopi.

  • I’d love to try some of that fabulous spin cycle Yarn! With my sundries packed in a cute notions bag.

  • The new Atlas yarn!!!

  • Since menopause, I am all about cotton and linen and silk. Any combo of these, please.

  • A complete set of your books & yarn to do one project in each book. I would never have to leave home for months! (Except to get knitting water)

  • MDK organic Studio DK is just dreamy! Leaves me breathless just thinking of what I could make with it. I would love to have the new Akerworks swatch gauge. My older one is bent and worn out! Thank you SO much!

  • So many MDK yarns are on my list – The Freia yarn bomb in Starfish, The garter stripe shawl bundle, the merino aran, Euroflax linen sport. So much yarn and not enough time….

  • I would get all the yarn (and the ball band mug.)

  • I would buy a Freia shawl ball and a big bag. Although a Zauberball Cray is always good. (Always thought it was Zauerball, huh. )
    It’s too bad you are in the states and I am in Canada…

  • Lopi and a baggu tote!!

  • On my plate?/ Humm. Lovely Lettlopi stuffed in a felted bag with a ball band mug, all of the field guides and a new set of needles.

  • The felt city bag and miles of uneek sock yarn

  • I would like it all, jk, sorta. I really am trying to get a sweater worth of DK yarn together, as I just finished my first ever. ( I finally made it over the socks, shawl, and scarf hurdle) I would be happy as heck to win six blue organic DK weight yarn to get another moving. Having just paid for a $6000 car bill, I’m a bit restricted on my yarn buying at the moment! Think of this as a kick starter! LOL!

  • Some Dyed in the Wool yarn and a MDK cup.

  • Oh packing…what a skill. Can is there a Masters Degree in packing?

  • Fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance…Cityscape Scarf Kit and Soak look like a fantastic combo to me.

  • I’d be so happy to see long color shifting yarn, a yarns mug, and the field guide with the houses patterns show up at my door

  • That would be your Lopi yarm, and your knitters’ felted tote bag.

  • I would love a Kiki Mariko Rug Kit and a Needle Felting kit. So many great things to choose from!

  • Euro flax! Always Euroflax…..although Rowan cotton is tied right up there in first place. Hmmm I have Euroflax in my stash…. What to do next?? (After the felted Christmas trees in one of your books!)

  • Organic studio DK in a Knitter’s Bucket Bag.

  • Spincycle, Lopi yarns! Pairs of 24 inch circular needles in sizes 1,2,3! Those cute Coco Knits markers!

  • I would LOVE to be in the possession of the Knitters Tote. One if my favorite yarns in Carol Fellers’ Nua Sport. The colors are creatively inspiring and I love the drape!

  • I love both Gleem Lace and Helix especially the dark blue_y green colour and the katchakatcha counter! Why? The colour and light of Gleem lace knocks my socks, the depth of colours in Helix appeals and the onomatopoeia of the row counter charms the pants off me! I have never used a row counter, BUT I have finally purchased some Gleem to make the float cardigan. Happy Saturday everyone!!

  • I would like the potholder loom kit for my granddaughter.

  • Ok, checked out the ball band mug and I think I need it. I can drink coffee while I follow Ann down the Shift cowl bunny trail using the Spin Cycle you thoughtfully packed around said mug to protect it.

  • My combo: A book – A year of techniques by Arnall-Culliford Knitwear
    A bag – Also full of yarn bag
    Yarn – Zauberballs

  • A bag, a book, needles of varying sizes, a bottle of soak, and a mug! That would be delightful to package, I’m sure..

  • Lets keep this simple. I’ll take a sweater quantity of everything, and hold the accessories. I don’t want to be piggy about it.

  • I’ve never used Letlopi and that Lyme Grass color way is yelling at me to knit a cabled sweater! And then I saw Gleem lace weight yarn and now I have to decide which color(s) and pattern to knit a lace shawl. Decisions, decisions.

  • Gray and anything Usually wool with angora for mittens

  • First off, I’ve been ogling the knitters bucket bag for awhile so that has to take the primary spot on a combo plate! Then, I can’t go wrong with a zaurerball (which I can never spell but always love) because they knit up beautifully on their own and play nicely with every yarn I’ve ever paired them with! Last of all would be a enough skeins from Neighborhood Fiber to knit up a fair isle sweater for my sister for Christmas!

  • My fanatasy combo would have dyed in the wool rusted rainbow, devilish grin and salty dog. I can see why these yarns are so hard to keep in stock…I had a trouble just narrowing my choice down to 31. I want one of every color!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh thank you for the vision into the brilliant MDK packing plant process! I’m no longer a “crammer,” I’m a “delicate nestler” when I send packages to my children! My dream box would have a Zauberball Crazy in shades of hot pink and fuschia (my favorite colors) and an MDK bag because I could never have enough of either.

  • Spin cycle colora

  • MDK essentials kit, akerworks gauge measure, ball and mug and yarn of course.

  • I’m sure it would be easy to pack up a bunch of delights: a Revolution Tote, a Knitter’s Tote, Needle Felting Tools (because I need to learn!!), some Spincycle Dyed in the Wool and Secretos yarns. I can imagine a joyful unboxing!!

  • On my wish list is the MDK Essentials Kit.. the steel markers.. awesome. Also, any yarn whatsoever I can get!

  • I’m just making my first top down color work yoke sweater. As an advanced beginner I am feeling fearless! I love the city bag and would dream of it being magical with a bottomless supply of yarns in every weight and color to expand my knitting experience. I would probably add every field guide to inspire me as well (you know, if that’s not too much to ask 😉

  • Watercolor cowl kit and my other bag is also full of yarn bag

  • I’d enjoy Zauberballs and a nice Revolution tote!

  • A Loome tool robot model and a Zauerball-fun pompoms and ornaments on my plate, please!

  • I dream of Zauberball Crazy.

  • All the soft colors or Rowan Felted Tweed!

  • All of the field guides and all of the beautiful yarn to knit everything in them!!

  • I always have Rowan handknitt cotton on hand for traveling and can’t really take along the bulky projects. I make potholders with patterns from Alterkit Stitch Dictionary. You can see my stuff on Ravelry.

  • Enough Rowan yarn in colors to make the Kaffe cowl of my dreams!

  • Knitter’s city bag filled with Lettlopi yarn!

  • 5 skeins of Sylph. Such a fantasy. Oh and for packing material (because Sylph needs cushioning of course), 4 skeins of Gleem lace.

  • I love a nice box of “knitting supplies” packed with skeins and balls of yarn! The BEST thing to receive at one’s (ok, my) doorstep!

  • fav? organic studio sock, blue/greens and 4 corner bag!

  • I’d love a Skill Set Tote filled with Zauberball yarn. Thanks

  • Love Zauberball Crazy.

  • This’ll be easy to pack: a Revolution Basket and inside it an MDK tape measure (can never too many) and some Lettlopi in grey and crimson red for mitts, And well, if I must, nestle it in a sweater’s worth of Helix or Mohonk.

  • Field guides, Zauderballs, Laundry Soak. Now that would be my dream box, and a MEETING worthy box. ‍♀️

  • I’d pad the box with Also Full of Yarn Bag, add some roly poly Knitters Washi Tape and Lilly brush and for yarn a Freya yarn bomb in lichen. I hope it is sufficiently tricksy to pack 🙂

  • My fantasy is owning two different shades of Zauberballs and NOT being afraid of knitting with them together in the same pattern. Do I need therapy or what!!??

  • Several skeins of Uneek sock yarn packed inside a dark grey felt city bag, please.

  • Washi tape, BIG knitting bag, more yarn.

  • please! A Knitters Bucket Bag with an Aperture Stole Kit!!

  • all the yarn and a pair of thread snips. 🙂

  • My stash overfloweth, buuuutttt…I want to get the Skill Set: Beginning Knitting book so I can teach my nephew to knit <3

  • my stash is always ready to welcome more Rowan!

  • Dyed in the wool, nua sport yarns, eco wash bag and knitters washi tape

  • Nua Sport looks delicious, any colors, so it must be a delicious knit and yummy when finished!

  • Zauberball and Freia Shawl Balls are favorites of mine. Love the color movement!

  • Wish I could come to your knit night but driving into Montreal, flying to Atlanta, getting a connection to Nashville and then driving to MDK maybe a little too much, right? Definitely for another time.
    Love the Rowan hand knit cotton and some wonderclips.

  • Definitely: Atlas!

  • A city bag filled with every size Addi Turbo (a few Rockets wouldn’t go amiss), Freia Minikins (one of each), and as much Spincycle as you need for padding…

  • the Skill set Baggu bag with the Euroflax Sport mini skein set

  • The city tote! All the field guides! The yarns! What wouldn’t I want?

    • Zauberball Crazy, uneek sock, potholder loom kit, all the field guides, lettlopi,

  • I want it all.

  • There’s so much, but Zauberball crazy yarn and of course Addi turbo circular needles certainly are calling to me.

  • Spincycle Dyed in the Wool, and Addi needles.

  • There is definitely a Kiki Mariko Rug in my future after I finish making one of each of the patterns in The Act of Sewing. Not sure how I ever sewed a thing without this book – and I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager (just had my 57th birthday in May…). Sonya is like the confident older sister, standing over your shoulder at the sewing machine, offering simple and brilliant tips as well as sincere cheerleading, urging you forward with every stitch.

  • City bag!!! Hope my husband is reading this.

  • Forgot to add the packing yarn – crazy zauberball please, any colorway would be fine with me.

  • Dyed in the Wool yarn in a cute project bag for me! I’ve made Andrea’s cowl once back in March 2020 ( picking colors thru the shop window) and am ready for a bolder combo!

  • Sadly, I am yarn fasting at the moment, but I do have my sights on some MDK Field Guides and some of the too many wonderful yarns you stock.

  • Spincycle yarn in a Knitters City Bag! Died and gone to heaven!

  • Dying to try “UNEEK Sock” with a new set of stainless size 2.75 Double Points!

  • The Spincycle cowl in three Andrea Mowry color fading looks so enticing. That may be my next project.

  • Organic Studio DK, and metal stitch markers

  • The colors of the Rowan yarn for the Log Cabin Cloths Kit are all so beautiful it would be hard to pick just one.

    I think the Andrea Mowry pattern with the Spin Cycl yarn is so pretty. Definitely on my wish plate.

  • Spincycle yarns and the new Atlas I want to feel!
    And sundries would include the wonder clips and a look for potholders:)

  • Felted Tweed bundle of 10 in Bright for the stripe pillow (in fiedl guide #13) & the four corners bag is a MUST!!!!

  • The Revolution tote overflowing with Spincycle yarn.

  • The brightest colours of beautiful lopi with matching stitch markers.

  • All the Julie Asselin and Lichen and Lace and Spincycle……

  • Lettlopi! I knitted a sweater for my Dad. He wouldn’t take it off! He’s no longer with us but I still have the sweater. Now I want to knit one for myself. Maybe one from the Field Guide?

  • Would love to have some Alpaca Soxx yarn from Lang. Have not been able to find it, but would love for MDK to work its magic!!!

    Thanks Kiki for helping me use up my antique Lamb’s Pride stash in the rug. I love it.

  • My dream platter: a city bag filled with Organic Studio sock in two contrasting colors.

  • Hats. Turning to the stash to knit winter gifts.

  • I think that I need a Ball Band Thermal Mug and have drooled over the City Tote for a while now.

  • On my plate: Dyed in the Wool to create the Shift cowl.

  • Not such an odd combo: Field Guide Slipcase (2) and all of the Spincycle Dyed in the Wool!

  • I’d like a sweater quantity of Nua Sport in Hatters Teal Party, a sweater quantity of Mohonk in Spinach and a Ballband Mug. You should have no trouble cushioning the mug in between the yarn.

  • Mohonk! Always more Mohunk.

  • I dream of Rowan Felted Tweed… ball of every color to mix and match to my hearts content!!!

  • Oh my… On my fantasy plate? I’m putting myself, cushioned by my winning skeins, and placed in one of your many sized boxes. It will be labeled “Nashville or bust…” with delivery instructions for on or before October 2. (If I arrive early there will be more browsing time!) Happy one year anniversary!

  • Spincycle in Melancholia and Family Jewels and a Knitter’s City Tote in light grey.

  • Oooo…perhaps Gleem Lace in Blueberry, a Knitters Tote in gray….and the Loome Tools nestled in…..for easy shipping, of course!

  • Oooh, so enticed by the La Bien Aimee yarn and kit for the shawl and I love the color of the Brooklyn Haberdashery Notions Pouch set!

  • The Log Cabin Cloths kit and the Confident knitting book would be perfect. Oh, and the yard to make the Moorland Socks from the book

  • Fantasy list? ALL the yarn and Kaffe Fassett’s book, chibi tapestry needles and the yarn felting tools to set me up for steeking!

  • For me, I would be over the moon if I could win the following 3!
    1. Wonder clips—I need these to block my finished projects…..
    2. “CarryC Long Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Set”…..I would be oh so thrilled to replace the needles that have been so loved that they are worn out and ready for retirement.
    3. And FINALLY! I would love to have the “Knitter’s City bag (in Charcoal!!! Love the rich charcoal that says WOW!!!) that I can take with me everywhere and NOT to forget important tools and extra beautiful yarn!!

    All three are on my wish/Christmas list for this year, Hoping to treat myself for this next birthday!!
    Thank you,

  • Freia Minikins!

  • Merino Sean and a slipcase are on my list, you guys got that in your sleep!

  • Right now, I’m wishing for any ( or all ) Zauberballs!

    • My fantasy is a knitter’s tote full of gleem lace and cumulus to make a light, fluffy sweater.

  • Zauberballs galore! Just because I love the colors and some precious metals stitch markers.

  • Oh, what *isn’t* in my fantasy MDK shopping cart?

    Okay, how about Confident Knitting, A Year of Techniques and the “Beginnings” Field Guide, several Zauberballs, a few skeins of Organic Studio yarn (any weight), some Wonder Clips and a black Baggu bag to put it all in?

  • I have to say that slip cover and mug combo mentioned above is mighty tempting! Now I need to find some yarn to tuck in with it. Hmm…

  • All the lace weight and sock yarn I can stuff into my yarn room!

  • A variety of Lettlopi and a MDK Journal.

  • Gleem Luster and a Bucket bag to hold it in!!

  • Skill set (sturdy) tote bag and 100% organic wool sock yarn!

  • ALL the Field Guides and a Kiki Marino Kit!!

  • Spincycle yarn to make the Shift shawl and all of the MDK guides that I have not bought yet!!

  • A city tote with a Kiki Mariko rug kit!

  • On my plate is the four corner bag in all sizes, and the swatch gauge.

  • Lettlopi and a Knitters City Bag to carry it everywhere!

  • I like the mug. I enjoy drinking a cup of tea while knitting and reading.

  • Zauerball crazy
    The Act of Sewing

  • Lettilopi kit and whatever sundries are lying around!

  • Zauberballs, slip cases, and journals… oh my!!

  • I would love to see and feel the four corner bag, but I am constantly drawn to the previous metals markers and the tapestry needles. I love their containers but can’t seem to talk myself into getting them since I already have markers and needles and well, you know, I could buy yarn instead!

  • Is there a way to pick a favorite? Rowan tweed, Uneek sock, lettlopi, and more. Project bags are my favorite notions- after all, don’t we always have a few things in progress?

  • A Kiki rug kit is all I need to be happy right now! But I would never say no to a side of neighborhood fiber co…

  • I love the Freia Minikins dearly and would love to knit something out of then. I also love the skill set pouch and tote but don’t actually need them (they are just adorable).

  • I would definitly go for the Rowan cotton and the Field Guide holder.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I’d love to the light blue Aperture kit and the Kiki
    Mariko rug kit, for starters. A big beautiful bag to hold it all in!!

  • Skill Set, Beginnings and the Kiki Mariko rug kit (for when I know how to knit)

  • Revolution Basket & Mohonk Light

  • On my plate? Goldie log cabin kit and a four corners bag. Thank you.

  • Eyeing up the Dyed in the Wool yarn for a Shift and the precious metal stitch markers to use with my magnetic bracelet

  • Ball band mug and 4 corner bag

  • OMG. Hot on my list is some Spincycle Yarn and Addi Turbo needles. I’ve been eyeing The Shift for some time. Everyone who has made one is so happy with theirs! And I love the sleek, silky feel of Addi Turbo needles.

  • Oooh, the Spincycle yarns are on my wish list.

  • Oh, oh, oh! Some Zauberballs & Zauberball crazy; 3 skeins of Dyed in the Wool for a shift cowl (you pick the colors, please!) A Skill Set tote and pouch; Field Guide 18 and some Organic Studio DK; a Knitters Bucket Bag; a couple of MDK journals; a Ballband Thermal mug; a Revolution tote; Anne’ book, Bowling Avenue and Knitters Washi Tape!

  • My dream combo is the bucket bag with some Gleem yarn. Bucket bag has a great shape that would fit all my small and midsize projects while Gleem is soooo soft and has gorgeous colors and drape.

  • I’d love to try the Wonder Clips and some Spincycle Dyed in the Wool!

  • Akerworks swatch gage and letlopi variety pack!

  • Fantasy Combo Plate? Yarn: COLOR SHIFTING BUNDLE; Sundries: a copy of Confident Knitting.

  • The Log Cabin Cloths Kit in Rose and a whole lot of Felted Tweed 🙂 and some wonder clips 🙂

  • I am very attracted to Gleem lace, Dyed in the Wool, and Melanie Falick’s book. I love wonder clips and use them all the time for everything!

  • Definitely Zauberballs and Knitter’s Tote for me.

  • The Skill Set and Skill Set Tote would be a great combo for a new knitter as a holiday gift. Zauberball and Addi Turbo circular needles would be a great gift too.

  • A Kiki Marino kit, some Spincycle yarn, some Wonder Clips and a Kacha Kacha row counter.

  • Give me a field guide slipcase filled with my missing field guides, Uneek Sock, Caravan, and Slyph!!!!

  • The MDK city felt bag is on my wish list packed full of spincycle to knit as many Shifts as I can:)

  • Rowan Big Wool + a Metallic Pouch make up my combo!

  • I just love a good Zauberball Crazy

  • A light gray city tote overstuffed with Lopi yarn and Tulip needle set

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