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Dear friends,

With joy, we herald a batch of designs from the Doyenne of Des Moines, the Incredible Iowan, the designer who launched 18,000 Gaptastic Cowls.

The one and only Jen Geigley, take a bow. Welcome to MDK!

We’re thrilled to have you as the featured designer for MDK Field Guide No. 12.

Jen is many things: knitter, author, knitwear pattern designer, graphic designer, and knitting instructor. A modern sensibility, a ton of love in everything she makes—we’re gobsmacked by the world she is creating.

You can see Jen’s work in many publications, and most exquisitely in her six pattern collections she created herself, from start to finish: Weekend, Everyday, Visions, Visions Kids, Luna, and Chroma. Originally trained in the arts, she creates her own patterns, illustrations, schematics, and graphic design. She also designs for Quail Studio, and she has recently become a designer for Rowan Yarns.

Among the surprises of Jen, she’s a fan of metal and punk. We can’t wait to hear what she comes up with for her MDK Field Guide No. 12 playlist.

It’s going to be an amazing season of knitting.


We’ve already had a ton of fun with Jen, who has worked for months with our Field Guide creative director Melanie Falick. This is a Field Guide that makes us so happy. In fact, Ann opened up the first proofs and literally burst into tears when she saw this Field Guide.

What’s the Theme?

All will be revealed with Field Guide No. 12 launches on Friday, September 6. Please clear your calendar of all obligations for the next four months—we’re going to be knitting our heads off with the marvelous Jen Geigley. Can’t wait to show you everything she’s been up to.

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  • Cannot wait! Absolutely love Jen as a person and a designer. And that golden yellow COWL! WOW!

    • Thank you so much sweet friend – love you back!

  • Oh, MDK! How much I love you and your sense of Knitting-is-Fun! I love every word you write and so, THANK YOU for all the hard work you do to make us all a Community, a Family of supportive knitters who love going wherever you take us!

  • I’m always sooo excited when a new Field Guide is released. Even more so now that I know a fellow Iowan is the designer. Even though I’m a grandma now, my musical taste is stuck in the 90’s alternative rock era… so bring on NIN!

    • Awesome – yay Iowans! (And NIN knitters!) <3

  • I always get my fields guides on the day they enter the world. But I do want to bring it with me to Rhinebeck to get some autographs on it (will that be happening this year?). How do I do that without looking like I’m stealing it! Bring my receipt?

    • Yes, we’ll be at our usual perch in the book barn this year, and it’s coming up so so soon! I don’t think that will be a problem at all and if need be we will vouch for your good character. Thanks so much for being a first-day Field Guide fan.

      • Yay!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Love the way the pie decorations echo the ribbing in the cowl, which looks scrumptious!
    Will there be any pie recipes, or at least a reference to flavor? Looking forward to the new Field Guide!

    • A few more days and you’ll know….but there will indeed be pie.

  • How exciting ! I love the field guides !

  • WooHoo!! FUN!! How many more sleeps? It’s not September yet!?

  • EXTREMELY excited for Jen Geigley! Also that pie is epic and the leather jacket on that model is killing me dead.

    • Thank you so much (and I too am in love with that jacket!!)

  • Which of the field guides for beginners

    • There are a lot of beginner-friendly projects in the field guides. I’d suggest the most recent one, Wanderlust, as it’s great to walk you through your first socks. Sequences is another one where I think all the patterns are interesting but easily accomplished by a beginner.

      • ha! **walk you through making socks.

  • Just wondering if this field guide will contain items for all levels of knitting? I’ve never purchased one before, so want to make sure it is something I could use.

    • I have found that the guides are great for skill building and superb project explanations. You know where you are headed in these guides. And there is such support in the lounge you can ask as many questions as you want. This is a very supportive community. And the guides, slender and portable, are full of inspiration. I refer to them often. Start here and explore the previous ones as your curiosity strikes. The guides are superb!

      • Thank you!

      • Thank you for the kind words, Megan! We really appreciate it.

        Patricia, we aim for the Field Guides to be attainable for a knitter who has learned the very basics of knitting: knit, purl, cast on, cast off, increase, decrease, yarnover. Each Field Guide has a variety of projects—none of them beyond intermediate. You can have a look at all the Field Guide projects by clicking on each Field Guide cover, here:

        If you have not yet knit a sweater, then Field Guide No. 10: Downtown (Isabell Kraemer designs) and Field Guide No. 9: Revolution (Norah Gaughan designs) will give you sweater patterns that would be a good start, if you’re somewhat adventurous.

        • Thank you!

  • Stunning! Killer styling and photography – cannot wait!

  • I. LOVE. JEN. GEIGLEY! Cannot WAIT!!!!!

    • Thank! You! SO. MUCH!! <3 <3 <3

  • I love the field guides! I look forward to each one. I have learned so much from them! I can’t wait for #12

  • Can’t wait! Can we pre-order? Love Jen’s designs!

    • Thank you thank you!

    • I was also wondering if this can be pre-ordered?

  • I love baking pies, I love knitting, I love MDK field guides, snippets and all MDK does. Cant wait. I eventually want to own all the field guides.
    If you need (or knead) pun intended any pie tips, I am here for you. High pie and knitting season approaching here. I live in Massachusetts, foliage, too of course.

    • How do we make a knitting themed pie top like in the pic? Do you think that’s in the field guide? It’s so pretty!

  • Clear my calendar for the next four months—-I live it;)!!!!

    • oops Love it (Freudian slip?? I hope so!)

  • I love these guides and the patterns inside. I’m really wanting to make the cardigan but seeing how expensive each skein of Rowan big wool yarn is, not sure I can afford it! Given the amount of balls needed it would cost around $150 to make myself that sweater!? Is there any substitute for this yarn for us financially strapped people?

    • There are lots of yarns in this weight range. I’d start searching for the bulky weight yarns on Ravelry. You will find a lot of nice ones.

  • I love reading about an amazing young woman who follows her passion and shares her talent with all of us! Congratulations, and I can’t wait to see what you are going to give the world!

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