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Dear friends,

Today we are thrilled to open registration for MDK Summer Camp 2023, a virtual event that will light up your summer. Grab your canteen and your autograph book, and join us—it’s going to be a blast. 

MDK Summer Camp 2023 is a virtual community experience that promises good company, learning, and a stack of snappy dishcloths. We don’t rule out singing a few verses of “500 Miles” together before we’re done. BYO s’mores! 

If, like us, your favorite part of any camp experience—whether it was sleepaway, day, or vacation Bible—was the craft hut, then MDK Summer Camp is for you.

What’s in Store

On Friday, July 21, 2023, in a three-hour virtual camp session on Zoom, we’ll be making colorful, modern dishcloths and leveling up our knitting with the expert guidance of our camp counselor, master knitting teacher Lorilee Beltman. The live session will be from noon to 3 p.m. Eastern time, but it will be recorded and sent to all campers afterwards, to watch at their convenience.

Lorilee’s Sinkmates dishcloth is a project you’ll want to make by the stack—it’s bright and modern, and it’s a fantastic tool for learning clever techniques to elevate all your knitting.

Starting with the basic version of the dishcloth, campers will learn a unique way to construct a mitered square that starts with an i-cord. With these fundamentals mastered, Lorilee will help us build our skills with three variations of the basic pattern—mosaic, stripes, and intarsia.

How will we learn all these different patterns and techniques in a single three-hour session? That’s the fun part: instead of swatches, our practice pieces will be four mini-cloths, in the basic, mosaic, striped, and intarsia variations.

These minis are the cutest things ever—Kay demanded to make all the photography samples herself. The mini-cloths set you up for glory when you knit the full-sized pattern, which is included with your camp package.

What’s in the Box?


Your MDK Summer Camp 2023 kit includes everything you need. You’ll receive:

  • Six skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton in a beautiful custom palette. Kay got eight full-size dishcloths and eight mini-dishcloths out of this set, and still had yarn left over for more scrappy dishcloth knitting.
  • A pair of Kay and Ann’s favorite dishcloth needles—classic bamboo straights—in size US 7.
  • A tapestry needle.
  • A printed class handout with instructions for the four mini-dishcloths we’ll be making at camp, plus Lorilee’s notes and tips.
  • A code for downloading to your Ravelry library the complete, full-size Sinkmates dishcloth pattern—the four patterns we’ll learn at camp, plus additional variations!
  • A handy kitchen gadget that we couldn’t resist.
  • Last but not least: a collectible MDK Summer Camp 2023 patch!

Register Now!

Your registration includes the three-hour virtual class and the kit. Reserve your spot in the craft hut right here

Last year’s MDK Summer Camp sold out quickly, and the feedback we got after the event was off-the-charts positive. 

Spaces are limited by the number of camp boxes we can make, so act now to avoid disappointment.

It’s always better when we’re together—and when our dishcloth drawers are fresh as a daisy. 

Did we mention there’s a patch? 

Peace, love, and dishcloths forever,

Ann and Kay

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  • This sounds wonderful, but I will be at another event that day. Will the event be recorded? I want that box!:)))

    • Yes, it’ll be recorded. It usually takes a bit of time afterwards to get all of that edited and processed for upload, so it might be a few days afterwards before you see it.

  • Pulling out my duffel bag and shower shoes now. Where is that flashlight? I am on the bus!

    • Please sew name tags into all your clothing.

  • Hurray! Camp!!!!

    • It’s not your first year so you’re Counselor in Training!

    • The minis could be used for facial care–removing makeup, washing the face, placing on eyes, etc.

      • Do you know what I use my minis for? Actual camping. They’re in my kitchen kit for tent camping. ; )

      • I am going to double-dog dare folks to post pictures with them on their eyes. Cool compresses!

        • Just add cucumber slices.

        • I’ll totally do it.

  • Looks like a lot of fun! Would you please list the colors of Rowan cotton in the kit? The two lightest colors are a little tricky to pin down and I want to buy a few more balls in different colors for maximum color mixing enjoyment.

    • Lisa R, you are my people. When I was riffing on designs during lockdown, I may have had a dozen colors. There’s p l e n t y in the kit, but I like how you think.

      • Bingo.. I too need no yarn.

        Is a patch similar to a GS badge that my Mom sewed on my sash?

    • Atlantic, Blushes, Flamingo, Goldfish, Lace, Thunder

      • Thank you so much for the color information…I’ve added “a few” additional skeins to my order. Looking forward to camp!

    • I like the way you’re thinking, Lisa. Huge debate in house about how many skeins would be the right number of skeins for the kit. Kay was at 18 and we had to talk her down.

      • 18 is my all-purpose lucky number.

    • Please hold! We should have thought of that. Will get you an answer asap.

  • I am IN! And I’ve packed FOUR swimsuits, just in case. 😉

    • Wait. Do we all wear swimsuits during zoom?

      • Does camp have a dress code? 😉

    • I get it! But you are only going to wear one of them!

  • Ohhh, fun! I’m in. Looking forward to it!

    • Yay! Saving a seat on the bus for you.

  • What if we just want to join in the fun but don’t want the yarn? Insane, perhaps, but I already have a lot of cotton that is intended for dishcloths!! 🙂

    • I also need no yarn, and can’t attend live, but jumped in anyway. I’ll arrive around visiting day!

    • Hi, Laura – you do have to grab the kit to participate in the Zoom event or access the recording of it afterwards.

  • I have another event that day as well. Thank you for providing a recording for those of us who can’t be there at the live event. I’ve taken classes from Lorilee before and learned so much. I’m in.

  • As a former camp counselor at a summer camp along Lake Michigan, I am looking forward to going back to camp! Also to Lorilee’s excellent instruction!

    • Camp Pinewood by chance? Muskegon Michigan?

  • I’m in, too! I’ve never been to summer camp, so this will be a first for me! Looking forward to this – a mini vacation on a Friday!

  • Bring on the bug juice and mosquito repellent!

  • So I’m going to be a newbie. Any embarrassing hazing I need to be prepared for? Do I need to brush up on a talent? Or can I be the quiet mouse taking it all in? Looking forward to jumping in with both feet… or should that be both needles?

  • I don’t know how I missed seeing this class! Bummed it’s sold out today before I clicked on it.

  • I missed it—and am so sorry! A camp waiting list? If there is one, I’d love to add my name!

  • Cost

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