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Friends, knitters, Norway lovers, please pause your needles for an important announcement.

If you’ve been hanging around here on Modern Daily Knitting for a while, you know that we guard the identity of the featured designer for each new MDK Field Guide like a state secret. We lock that treasure in the Tower of Atlas Drive with the MDK crown jewels until just a few weeks before the launch of the Field Guide—and then we scream our heads off with the glad tidings.

For MDK Field Guide No. 23, which will launch officially on January 27, things have gone a bit differently. Why? Because the designers for Field Guide No. 23 came to Nashville in November, for a glorious weekend of talks and workshops and general knitting togetherness and love, and we just couldn’t keep our delicious news under wraps. We had to let our guests know, so they could celebrate with us, and share in the excitement for a Field Guide that was on its way to the printer at that very moment.

That early announcement has only added to our excitement at being able to tell the world—officially this time, for real for real—that the designers for MDK Field Guide No. 23 are . . .

Arne & Carlos, the famed designing duo from Norway, hosts of the wildly popular weekly podcast Sit and Knit for a Bit.

Here they are in Nashville this past November, at the opening of the MDK Shop in the tiny house in the parking lot at MDK World Headquarters. Yes, Arne & Carlos just show up wearing amazing sweaters of their own design—that’s kind of their thing.

To see them floating around the room, connecting one-to-one with fans who were over the moon to be knitting with them, was a blast of inspiration for us. Their curiosity is uplifting. We have never been so proud of Nashville’s leading citizen, Dolly Parton, as when we learned that Arne is a devoted collector of Dolliana.

About Arne & Carlos

If you’re new to the world of Arne & Carlos, you’re in for a rare treat.

Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrisson are renowned as fashion designers, textile artists, authors, and podcast hosts. As designers for handknitters, they have created a deep, wide body of work, independently and for Rowan, that spans the whimsy and folklore of Christmas balls and knitted birds, runway-worthy sweaters, and home goods, using techniques rooted in Norwegian textile history and also ones they invented themselves.

If anyone could convince a non-Norwegian that they absolutely need the Norwegian purl in their life, it’s Arne & Carlos. We both went into their workshop in November saying, “We’re good with the good old U.S.-American purls we’ve been doing for a combined 60 years, thanks,”—and came out not just learning, but preaching the Norwegian purl to anyone who will listen. That’s the power of Arne & Carlos. (And the Norwegian purl truly is cool.) Their enthusiasm for knitting, fashion, art, and adventure elevates and enriches the lives of their legions of fans all over the world. They show up for knitters in a way we truly admire.

We’re smiling so big because we just learned the Norwegian purl.

For Field Guide No. 23, Arne & Carlos will be our guides to a collection of beautiful knits, inspired by Norway, that will keep us entertained through the dim days of winter. We can’t wait to show you, and knit with you.

Important Dates

Friday, January 27 is the official launch date for MDK Field Guide No. 23. By that date (and likely a few days before), both the print edition and the ebook edition of the Field Guide will be available for individual purchase, here on MDK and also on

On Tuesday, January 31, we’ll host a free launch party on Zoom, at 12 noon Eastern time—with Arne & Carlos with us to celebrate their designs. Keep an eye on your weekly Snippets newsletter for details when the event is nearer. (If you don’t get Snippets, sign up here, for free fun in your inbox every Saturday morning. We recommend you read it in your pajamas; everybody does.)

On February 1, we’ll kick off a month-long knitalong of a captivating accessory from Field Guide No. 23. Arne & Carlos will be knitting along with us, so their YouTube channel will have plenty of fun in store in February. (Go ahead and subscribe to their YouTube channel, you’ll love it.)

Would you like to start getting ready for the knitalong now? Of course you would—and we’ve got a great offer for you.

Subscribe to the MDK Field Guides of 2023 now, and in late January you’ll find Arne and Carlos in your mailbox, ready to take you on a glorious trip to their world.

We’ve stacked up all sorts of benefits for you when you subscribe to MDK Field Guides—please read on to see what’s in store.

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Print plus ebook editions

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Your subscription includes both print and ebook editions—a free digital download at Ravelry. Your unique download code is on the inside back cover.

To sign up for your 2023 Field Guide subscription, click here.

Thank you so much!

Subscribing now is an excellent way to support MDK’s free daily content and the team who make MDK a vibrant destination.

So much fun ahead! Starting off with Arne & Carlos is going to be epic good fun, and gorgeous knitting too. We hope you’ll join us.


  • Will Truffle Atlas yarn be available again in the future?

    • Yes it’s on order, we are in the queue at the dye house. We will let everyone know the happy news when all our Atlas colors are back.

  • Arne & Carlos have reinvigorated my knitting mojo! The Norwegian technique is working – even though I have not yet become fluent with the purl cha-cha-cha, I am motivated by my progress. Great choice for a design team for the Field Guide.

    • So very pleased about having the work of these two designers available to us through MDK!

  • Norwegian Purl is the BEST! I’ve always had difficulty mastering the continental purl stitch (I’m a thrower) but I can do the Norwegian purl. As a matter of fact, I find it quite fun! Arne and Carlos are awesome and I’m delighted that they’re the featured designers. Thanks!

  • Thank you for bringing us a little bit of Norway via Arne and Carlos. Very exciting times ahead!

  • I can’t wait I ordered a subscription because of these guys I love them so much they bring me joy! I can’t wait to get started on a project from the field guides!

  • I’m jumping up and down!

  • I love them so much – so exciting to have them be the FG designers! Their podcast is great fun.

  • This is the most excited I have been about a Field Guide… and I have all of them. Just love this Norwegian duo and envision them as the best-ever next door neighbors.

  • I’m so excited about this!!! I can’t wait to get started on all these fun projects!

  • I’m a first-time Field Guide subscriber, thanks to Arne and Carlos! They have made knitting feel more accessible to those of us who were intimidated by knitting, and they are a joy to watch. I look forward to their podcasts every week. I was actually born in Nashville, so I will have to make the trip from Minnesota to visit MDK as well.

  • i am a Norwegian Purl convert. Now I no longer HATE to purl.

  • Hooray! I can’t wait to see mine!

  • Cant wait to find out what the accessory knit along is! I’m eyeing all the lovely colours of Norwegian Wool and making colour combos in my head already!

  • I am a subscriber and Arne and Carlos are my men! I feel like subscribing to your Field Guides is sort of like my Patreon account for MDK. The least I can do to support all your wonderfulness.

    • Thank you so much, the Field Guides really do support everything at MDK in exactly that way. Thank you thank you!

  • I am super excited that Arne and Carlos are collaborating with the MDK team. Thank you so much for making this possible. My very first Field Guide is the one featuring these two amazing knitters, but you can be assured that it will not be my last. I can’t wait to start knitting along with all of you, though I know it will be a challenge.

    • Are we able to order just the no 23 booklet for the Arne & Carlos kal? I only see the 2023 subscription

      • Thanks for writing! You will definitely be able to order Field Guide No. 23 when it launches on Friday, January 27. It will be available as a print edition with an ebook download code in the back. Or you can just order the ebook digital download.

        This is going to be such a fun knitalong–I hope you’ll join in!

        • Hoping mine arrives soon! Shows it is processing since January 13, I’ve been looking at my digital copy while I wait! I’m so impatient lol! I love Arne and Carlos.

  • Norwegian purl, I must learn this technique. I’m looking forward to the new field guide. Thanks for creating excitement for new things.

    • I have been an A&C fan for a long time! So excited for this collab – I’ve already ordered yarn for the KAL! A&C have a lot to offer: hysterical YouTube videos, Norwegian culture, knitting tips, patterns, and Dolly Parton fandom. So excited!

  • i’m going back to practicing the Norwegian purl. I spent quite a lot of time one weekend learning it from a very good video but then ran out of head space. (I’m a slow learner, but occasionally, dogged.) Among all the fun banter and sneaky wit, Arne and Carlos will throw in the Best Tips so casually that they become part of your life (at least mine!) without the fear and trepidation of Learning Something New. Of course I will buy their Field Guide sight unseen. Can’t wait for January 27!

  • Do you have a place in Nashville??

  • Whatis in the field guide and how difficult are the projects?

  • I am thrilled that Arne & Carlos was chosen as the designers for MDK #23. They bring joy to all of us around the world. They bring humor, enlighten us with their Norwegian lifestyle, share their knowledge and truly care for everyone and the world. Since Arne & Carlos are worldwide designers, I propose to MDK that they figure out a way to offer the MDK Field Guide No. 23 to everyone period. They are a symbol of empowerment with warmth and friendliness and compassionate worldwide. Why not offer it to all?

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Arne & Carlos! From the moment I first watched them, I knew I was hooked 4eva!

  • Well DONE, MDK!!!! You have surpassed yourselves this time:)! I have every one of your field guides and just love all of them! I’m certainly not stopping:)!

  • Yes the Norwegian purl! I was hesitant but those two are patient (persistent) teachers and I ❤️ them! So glad I subscribed this year, and they are my 1st field guide designers!

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